December 08, 2019

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Saturday, 16 March 2013 14:18

FYR Macedonia: Brand New Song Presented

Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia has chosen their artists quite a while ago, these being Vlatko Lonzanoski & Esma Redžepova. FYR Macedonia had already presented an entry for this year which was called Imperija but MKRTV, the broadcaster responsible for the participation received negative comments about it, resulting that most of them were critical about the song choice. Due to this, MRKTV changed their minds and now presented a brand new song following their local version of Dancing With The Stars. The brand new track is entitled Pred da se Razdeni which translates into Just Before The Dawn.

"We found a way how to get the maximum from vocal capabilities of Esma and Lozano. This is a modern song with some elements of Roma music, that made Esma so popular and a well known artist. We combined two different styles and what we got in the end is a song that will represent our country in a very decent way. Esma's name, her style and quality in the performance of Roma music is very known worldwide. But Lozano is an amazing singer, too. All together, it will be a perfect way to represent FYR Macedonia in Malmö", the Head of Delegation, Ljupcho Mirkovski said.

Vlatko (Lonzano) is a famous pop-singer whereas Esma is a brilliant folk singer. The lyrics are written by Magdalena Cvetovska-Ena while the music of this song is written by no other than Lazar Cvetoski and Darko Dimitrov. The song is a great mixture of modern pop and romani music which is definitely not something we hear a lot but surely stands-out. Lonzano's voice in this song shows how strong it is and Esma shows how much of a performer she is in performing this song. This song is mainly to feature the voice abilities of both Esma & Lozano thus resulting into a powerful song.

Source: MKRTV

In recent years, one of the most recognisable artists in the world of classical music has surely been Joseph Calleja who hails from the Maltese Islands. This is definitely not an artist one would expect to be associated with the Eurovision Song Contest but nevertheless, has played his fair share in terms of support throughout the years. In 2011, when the international competition was taking place in Germany, he had been the one to introduce One Life performed by Glen Vella to the music of Paul Giordimaina and the lyrics of Fleur Balzan. With the release of the official music video of Tomorrow sung by Gianluca to the music and lyrics of Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek being extremely fresh, Calleja took to social networking website, Facebook to share his thoughts.

Despite the extremely busy schedule that Joseph Calleja is known to have throughout the year, he has always managed to fit in a number of regular appearances in Malta including his summer concert series in which he has duetted with a number of international stars including; Ronan Keating, Hayley Westenra, Lucio Dalla, Gigi D'Alessio and Dionne Warwick amongst others. In the meantime, just last week, he was also on the popular television programme; Xarabank hosted by Peppi Azzopardi which not only ran a profile about the artist but also saw him perform live on television and to the studio audience. With regards to Tomorrow, Calleja kept is short and simple by stating 'This guy has it period - like the song the video is fresh and unassuming. Love the retro look. I have a feeling this will bring the Eurovision to Malta.' Stay tuned to as we continue following all of the latest news with regards to Gianluca and his entry Tomorrow co-written by Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek.

Source: Official Facebook Page, Allen Venables (Image)

Tomorrow, co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat with vocals provided by Gianluca will be representing Malta in the first half of the second semi-final in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malmo, Sweden. In an extremely close competition during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, the juries spoke in favour of the bubbly, cheery entry which is bound to put the audience in a good mood as already seen during a promotional visit to Armenia earlier this year. Gianluca along with his team of musicians and backing vocals are looking forward to representing the country on an international platform as evidenced within the Official Music Video released by the Public Broadcasting Services a couple of minutes ago.

The preview video has become an essential tool of promotion throughout the years and therefore, the broadcaster has always managed to get the best possible people on board. As a matter of fact, the producers this year were none other than Angie & Duane Laus, the power couple who despite working independently on this project are known of their work with Where's Everybody. Speaking to the artist manager, Peter Carbonaro, the list of thanks goes on to the actors within the video, being Peter & Emma, as well as French Connection for the clothes of the band, Blush and Panic for the outfits of the actors, Marielle at Prive' for the hair, Louise Ann Bugeja Tate for the make-up, as well as Luke Engerer for the styling. The editorial team would like to congratulate the Public Broadcasting Services, Peter Carbonaro as well as Mediterranean Bank for the support that they're giving to the Maltese entry, Tomorrow. Have a look at the video below and stay tuned to for the latest news.

Source: Television Malta, Public Broadcasting Services

Qualification is somewhat an extremely difficult task for a number of nations especially for ones which are said to small and microscopic. San Marino are taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest for the fourth year, and third consecutive but have only managed to perform within the semi-final. Their best result was achieved last year by Valentina Monetta whose track The Social Network Song managed thirteenth place with thirty-one points. SMTV, the broadcaster responsible for the participation is somewhat vying to make the best of their representation and have thus made another internal selection from the several offers which were put forward to the board of directors.

As a matter of fact, taking on the role for the second consecutive year is Valentina Monetta, one of the reasons being that she is an actual native of the micro-state and thus represents it with pride and honour. Crisalide (Vola) composed by Ralph Siegel to the lyrics of Mauro Balestri is the entry that she will be performing in the first half of the second semi-final. The track which leaked out on YouTube earlier this afternoon kicks off as a ballad and keeps to the genre for the first two minutes before turning into uptempo for the final minute. The comments thus far have been mostly positive and many believe that this is going to be the best chance for San Marino to qualify especially should the staging be done in an organised manner. The official music video will be made available this evening! Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: SMTV

In just a matter of days, all of the entries competing in this years' Eurovision Song Contest would have presented to the public whilst the final arrangements along with the respective preview videos would be submitted to the European Broadcasting Union during the Heads of Delegation Meeting this coming Monday. There has been a lot of talk over the quality of the songs but nevertheless, it has been relatively improving with the broadcasters seeking renowned producers in their nations to work on the songs which they will be competing with. The official website of the Eurovision Song Contest has already been slaving away publishing the official videos as received by the broadcaster so that people could enjoy them as early as possible whilst decreasting their work load for countries who leave till the very end.

Kicking off the proceedings this morning was Roberto Bellarosa with the song Love Kills on behalf of Belgium. The male vocalist gained recognition in his home country following victory within the debut season of The Voice of Belgium which saw him sign a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment. His debut album entitled Ma Voie was a modest success managing to reach number #11 in the charts with the first single Jealous Guy managing to peak at number #4. Love Kills co-written by Jukka Immonen and Ian Farquaharson will be performed in the second half of the first semi-final. It managed to beat another two tracks in the radio selection held in December. The track has been substantially reworked after negative criticism and it seems that the final product is being well appreciated.

Following Belgium this morning was Russia, one of the most successful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest, having managed to qualify on every successive event. This time round, an internal selection of both the artist and the song took place but nevertheless, the broadcaster being Channel 1 stated that this is still the choice of the public considering that she was the winner of The Voice of Russia with almost one million votes. The announcement of the name came as a shock to many who have known that this particular broadcaster has a tendency to go for renowned artists but nevertheless, it has been pretty good thus far with the song What If performed by Dina Garipova officially presented to the public in it's final version earlier this morning. The song is co-written by Fabriel Alares, Joakim Bjornberg and Leonid Gutkin.

The third entry to be presented in these past couple of days has somewhat been done in stages as one of the Big FIve members has decided to play it's cards in the right manner despite going forward with internal selections since 2009. France internally selected Amandine Bourgeois to take on the task of achieving a good result and indeed, the former Star Academy finalist will be hoping for the very best. People within the music industry have likened her to last years' Italian representative; Nina Zilli but the song she will be presenting at the Eurovision Song Contest entitled L'Enfer et Moi is completely different. It is sassy and has a certain again. Co-written by Boris Bergman and David Salkin, it will be performed within the final. Stay tuned to for the latest news.


Friday, 15 March 2013 01:18

Moldova: Fourteen Finalists Selected

Moldova, taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2005, has had several good results noticeably making it to the final almost every single year they participated. Last year, Moldova ended up in the eleventh place by getting 81 points. This year, Moldova has confirmed in entering once again and now the Moldovan week to pick their act is upon us. This year the Moldovan entry will be chosen by a mix of 50/50 jury and tele-voting, with seven acts getting to the final from two semi-finals and ending up with (fourteen) 14-act final on the 16th of March.

Last Night as well as on Tuesday, Moldova has picked its finalists. From 24 semi-finalists, we are left with fourteen (14) acts to compete against each other next Saturday to a win a ticket to represent Moldova in this year's Eurovision. In the first semi-final we watched Zdob si Zdub performing both their entries in 2005 and 2011 which represented Moldova in the Eurovision. In the second semi-final we saw Geta Burlacu, who represented Moldova back in 2008 and after we saw Dina Garipova performing her entry this year 'What If' for Russia. After the jury had finalised their verdict and the tele-voting lines were closed, we ended up with the seven finalists of each semi-final leading us to the 14 final acts which are:

Amongst the songwriters competing within the final of this years’ Moldovan pre-selection is Vasco Cardoso from Portugal who penned the lyrics of the song A Brighter Day. Vasco is one of the contributors of the editorial board and thus it is an honour for one of ours to be competing to go to the Eurovision Song Contest. Don't forget to tune in with us on Saturday for our live review of the show which will later on lead us to see who will be winning the ticket for Malmö in May.


Thursday, 14 March 2013 20:19

Spain: Warner Music Unveil Final Version

El Sueño de Morfeo, the representatives of Spain in the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest held a national final earlier this year in which both the public and a professional jury which included Italian representative; Marco Mengoni selected Contingo Hasta El Final. The reasoning was simple, it was the best out of the three songs offered but not only, it has a special something in the music, the opening notes and the whole melody. Warner Music Spain, the record label of the group have greatly supported the brand new production as heard within the official music video.

As one of the members of the Big Five, Spain will be competing directly in the final of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest alongside France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Sweden for hosting the event on basis of winning last year. Their return to the top ten thanks to Pastora Soler and Quedate Conmingo meant a great deal to the broadcaster, TVE and whilst not on the same rank, El Sueño de Morfeo are renowned in their country managing three top ten albums and several successful singles apart from being nominated for the Best Spanish Act at the Music Television Awards on two seperate occasions. Listen to the final version below and stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Warner Music Spain

Azerbaijan is always one of the last countries to select their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in a format that has worked resoundingly for them in the past couple of years. This is a nation found in the east which has always managed to qualify and rank within the top ten, more so in the top five for the past four years. Ell & Nikki managed to triumph with the song Running Scared in 2011 and as a matter of fact, the capital city of Baku was host to the international spectacle last year which saw to the victory of Sweden with the track Euphoria performed by Loreen.

This time round, Azerbaijan will be taking part with a male soloist, Farid Mammadov who will be performing the original song Hold Me co-written by John Ballard, Ralph Charlie and Dimitris Kontopoulos. The latter name mentioned is one of the most predominant in the Greek music industry having worked with a number of renowned artists including Anna Vissi, Kary Garmbi and Elena Paparizou whilst also being the man behind This Is Our Night performed by Sakis Rouvas at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in a respectacle ninth place. According to Euromedia, the nation has chosen the artist and the song which he or she performed and thus Farid with Hold Me seems to be the winning act. You may listen to the song below. Azerbaijan will compete alongside Malta in the second semi-final. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source:, Ictimai

Thursday, 14 March 2013 00:55

Germany: Successful Comeback for Cascada

Glorious, the song that will be representing Germany in the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is voiced by Nathalie Horler of Cascada with the whole act credited within the songwriting element. The group is one of the intriguing names in this years' competition alongside that of Bonnie Tyler who will headline for the United Kingdom and Anouk who will be hoping to save The Netherlands from more disappointing results. Many thought that big names might not be associated with the international spectacle anymore but for the German group, it seems that the competition and the exposure have been a blessing.

It has to be noted that throughout the years, Cascada became notable for changing the genre of some of the most notable songs in the industry and releasing them onto the market and this led to the success of tracks such as Truly Madly Deeply and What Hurts the Most? but nevertheless, they did release original material such as Everytime We Touch and Evacuate the Dancefloor in 2005 and 2009 but their success in Germany has somewhat dwindled. The release of Glorious gave the group their very first top ten success in Germany since 2009 with the public being at the centre of a campaign headed to continue to success of the nation within the event. As a matter of fact, charting at number #6 is seen to be pretty good by Zooland Records who will be releasing the track in the United Kingdom in a couple of weeks under the All Around The World imprint. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: German Charts, European Broadcasting Union (Image)

Thursday, 14 March 2013 19:25

Montenegro: 'Igranka' Officially Presented

Qualifying to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest is made to look extremely easy by a couple of nations but nevertheless, not everyone is as lucky to have either competent performers or enough support in overseas territories and one of the unsuccessful remains to be Montenegro. The best result returned to the Ex-Yugoslavian nation is an eleventh place finish back in 2009 when Andrea Demirovic took to the stage with the track Just Get Out of My Life. Following last years' disappointment, they will be hoping for a different outcome with their internal choice of the group Who See who will be performing the song Igranka.

Who See, winners of the Best Adriatic Act at the Music Television Awards a couple of months back, joining the likes of former Eurovision Song Contest representative, Laka will be performing the song during the second half of the first semi-final, meaning that for the very first time in their respective history, they will not be opening the show. They will not be performing on their own having enlisted the aid of Nina Žižić in the performance of the song Igranka. The song which is a mixture of rap and dubstep might actually qualify to the final not only based on the merit that the production is relatively professional but also for the simple reason that the first semi-final is full of ballads. You can judge the song for yourself just below. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: (Image)