October 14, 2019

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:40

Germany: Invigorating Feeling by Cascada

Cascada, a trio made up of a lead vocalist, a songwriter and a producer was actually devised as a project name according to Nathalie Horler who will be representing Germany at the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. In a press conference which she gave following her second technical rehearsal prior to the final taking place on Saturday evening, it was revealed that the opportunity to take part in this competition came directly from Universal Music Germany, the record label responsible for the release of their music. Nathalie jumped at the opportunity to do the Eurovision Song Contest because it is a once in a lifetime sort of opportunity and states the selection of Cascada as 'very lucky'.

Glorious, a radio hit in several countries prior to the performance of Cascada at the Eurovision Song Contest has also peaked at number #6 on the German charts making it the most successful single for the group in four years, since their worldwide smash hit, Evacuate The Dancefloor. Nathalie is clearly overjoyed at the idea of representing Germany but is keeping her expectations relatively low, stating that whilst succeeding and achieving one of the top positions will be positive, it is not the most important thing. Cascada have just released a best of album earlier this year, and this is one of the means of promotion. In a funny remark, Nathalie went on record stating 'If this goes to hell, I could work in a hotel', with reference to her background allowing her to learn both English and German. At the end of the press conference, she drew the allocation for Germany in the final and thus they will perform in the first half. Considering the several ballads in the draw, the producers might select Glorious as the opening number.  Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news updates about the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Press Conference, ARD, Eurovision.tv


Wednesday, 15 May 2013 09:25

Malta: 'Tomorrow' Released in Swedish

Tomorrow, sung by Gianluca Bezzina to the music and lyrics of Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek will be representing Malta in the second semi-final of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest as many have surely heard in recent weeks. Written in English, the song has been translated into Spanish and following a couple of rehearsals and promotional visits across the host city, it has also been translated into Swedish by television characters; Igo and Petter. The new track bears the name Imorgon. 

Dr Igor Zindovic is a doctor at Skane University Hospital (SUS) cardiac surgery department in Lund whilst Petter Oest is studying to become a doctor at Lund University. This doctor and soon-to-be doctor are both famous on television in Sweden. Igor is currently playing the leading role in a television series called ‘Junior Doctors’ and Petter hosts the show called ’Bacillakuten’.  The lyrics of ‘Imorgon’ are kept to the general feeling of the song, keeping faithful to the original version as much as possible. 

The video used for the promotion of this version features the several tour visits across the host city that Gianluca and his team of musicians have encountered including the visit to the SUS hospital which specializes in pediatric intensive care for children from really young ages to adolescents from all over Sweden. The same video also includes shots of Gianluca meeting other Eurovision Stars, including Loreen, last year’s Eurovision winner representing Sweden, and also other meets with various singers from this year. 

Amongst them being Koza Mostra (Greece), Sopho & Nodi (Georgia), Valentina Monetta (San Marino), Krista Siegfrids (Finland), Marco Mengoni (Italy), Eythor Ingi (Iceland), Cezar (Romania) and Bonnie Tyler (United Kingdom). Gianluca will be performing Tomorrow to the general public tomorrow evening within the second semi-final, where I will be leading the commentary team with guests bloggers including Davinia, the second runner-up of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and Christabelle, four time winner of the Best Solo Artist at the Bay Music Awards. Stay tuned to escflashamlta.com for more of the latest news.

Source: TVM


Good Morning! First of all, the editorial team would like to congratulate those countries which made it through the semi-final portion of the competition whilst showing solidarety with those who fell at the first hurdle this time round. Today, a brand new day but remarkably busy noting that this morning, all of the countries which had been directly qualified into the final; Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom will be having their second rehearsal, most likely with stage outfits. Later on this evening, two dress rehearsals, the first one will be a general run through of the show to see that it is coming across together well and the second one which will be used for the jury to award their points. Remember that Malta is competing in the second semi-final. escflashmalta.com in collaboration with Eurovision Ireland, escXtra and Radio International are bringing you all of the latest from the rehearsals.

escflashmalta.com thanks to Juergen Boernig, the Head of Press is currently also processing a couple of video interviews with artists who will be representing their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. As a matter of fact, stay tuned on our YouTube Page for all of the latest. In the meantime, you may also have a look at our photo gallery whilst staying up to date through both our pages on Facebook and Twitter. Coverage of the second semi-final tomorrow eveing will be led by Antoine Farrugia, Senior Editor for escflashmalta alongside special guests; Davinia Pace who was the second runner-up at this years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and Christabelle, a four time consecutive winner of the Best Solo Artist at the Bay Music Awards. We are committed to bringing you all of the latest news as the day unfolds so make sure to continue visiting escflashmalta.com as Gianluca takes to the stage with Tomorrow co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat

Spain (First Half)

A man playing the bagpipes on the edge of the catwalk is seen in the beginning of the performance as he walks back on the main stage where the rest of the group find themselves ready to perform. The staging is relatively dark in the beginning but nevertheless is lightened up as the song develops. Raquel looks stunning in a flowing white dress. An extremely warm audience for the rehearsal this morning as they keep on clapping throughout the chorus. There is nothing wrong with this performance and I have the feeling that Spain will not be lighting up the scoreboard but won't finish at the bottom of it either. 


France (First Half)

Think Great Gatsby! Amandine clad in a frilly 1920's ensemble draped in leather is joined on stage on stage by three female backing vocalists to give it more sass. The backdrop for this one is very slick and keeping line to the presentation although would have loved to see her moving round a bit rather than treating the microphone like a pole dancer. Mid-way through the song, it's like watching the Glennis Grace arm moves but angrier. The vocals actually sound really good and I have no clue why people have been commenting negatively. Stunning work from France but this will not light up the scoreboard either.


Germany (First Half)

The visuals for this years' Eurovision Song Contest are incredible and Germany decide to let the spotlight shine on Nathalie Horler considering that they have gone for a generic backdrop. The rewowned female star starts her performance on top of a flight on steps as she is clad in a sparkling salmon dress with a frill at the back. This looks great with the wind machine. She is joined on stage by two female backing vocalists. Mid-way through the performance, she decides to walk down the steps and this might harm the vocals if not done properly. She sounds fine but am sure she could do it better. At the end of the performance she just struts her prowess on the catwalk. We have pyrotechnics and whilst this might not have been the best rehearsal, Germany might still cause the upset.


Sweden (#16 in Final)

Robin Stjernberg for the host nation with a track that was first put into the second chance stage of the national selection but thanks to the international jury, it was the final pick. Robin is wearing a white/grey outfit for the performance and is joined on stage by six dancers, some of which also carry out backing vocals. The song in itself is a mixture of pop/dance. The shots are translating well on screen and this choreography does seem to be working. The diction is perfect and the vocals are well on tune this afternoon. This is a positive rehearsal for Sweden and whilst I cannot see them winning once more, this is surely heading for the top ten!


United Kingdom (Second Half)

The stage is lit in different shades of red and orange and sees to several people on stage including a five piece band; guitarists, keyboards and drums. The legendary Bonnie is wearing black trousers, and a black shirt with tassles. This is somewhat a static performance especially until the mid-part of the song when she decides to take the microphone off the stand and starts to walk towards the band and ways with the music. She is literally singing to the cameras before she takes on the stage in full capacity and walks on the catwalk during the second chorus and bridge. In high heels, Bonnie walks to the tip of the catwalk where a platform takes her up, elevating her where a wind machine kicks a full effect. The vocals were warm and the United Kingdom should be proud of this performance.


Italy (Second Half)

RAI, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Italy is definitely trying to keep the setup similar to the one used in the Sanremo competition but nevertheless, the stage there was more occupied with the orchestra rather than the performer. Marco is taking to the stage alone and he is wearing casual clothing for the performance today, rather than a suit as is expected. His vocals are brilliant as always and it seems that he is playing around with the notes ever so slightly. Prior to the final chorus, he skips onto the catwalk (literally). This is coming across beautifully on screen and Italy are sailing into the top five. 


The first semi-final of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest might have proven to be a slightly subdued affair in terms of song qualify but nevertheless, the host broadcaster being SVT should be commended on the production of the show. There were a total of sixteen performances in this evenings' showcase and when it comes to analysing the qualifiers into greater detail, it seems that the typical blocks which have become popular at the Euroviison Song Contest might be breaking down with the respective divisions in the running order as created by the producers. escflashmalta.com covered the show through a live commentary with Emil Calleja Bayliss, Claudia Faniello and Simon Casey.

On their fifth participation, Montenegro have not managed to get through to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest but what is surprising is that their neighbours, Serbia who have always been in the final apart from one occasion, have also failed. Moje 3, one of the most popular groups in the country were being coached by Marija Serifovic and thus this is quite a disappointing result. In the meantime, the other two countries from the Former Yugoslavia also failed to get through, these being Croatia and Slovenia. The other two countries which did not get through were Cyprus and Austria, the latter of which has not managed for two consecutive years and the former following a pretty successful year in 2012. 

  • Estonia - First Half
  • Denmark - Second Half
  • Russia - First Half
  • Ukraine - Second Half
  • The Netherlands - First Half
  • Belgium - First Half
  • Belarus - First Half
  • Moldova - First Half
  • Ireland - Second Half
  • Lithuania - First Half

Belgium and Lithuania were definitely the surprises of the evening with many not predicting them to qualify but nevertheless, their generic entries were met with great reception and might have been aided by the late draw. There were a number of expected qualifiers, including none other than Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Moldova and Ireland with the ones in the toss-up definitely including Belarus and Estonia respectively. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for coverage of the second semi-final dress rehearsals later on in the afternoon as Gianluca rehearses Tomorrow with his team on behalf of Malta. It is important to denote that the second semi-final will be covered on our portal by Antoine Farrugia, Davinia Pace and Christabelle.

Source: eurovision.tv


Good Evening! Welcome to the live coverage of the first semi-final of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest being held in Malmö, Sweden. Members of the European Broadcasting Union had to confirm their participation in the international showcase by December and as a matter of fact, during this period some nations had selected both their artist and entry for the event. Sixteen (16) countries will be performing this evening with six (6) of them being eliminated at the first hurdle noting that the other ten (10) will be going through to the final stage on Saturday night where they will compete with another ten (10) qualifiers from the second semi-final and the countries which have already qualified due to their respective financial status.

In recent years, social media has become an important tool to get a message across and escflashmalta.com has been proud to keep you updated through both Facebook and Twitter whilst bringing you exclusive content through Flickr and YouTube respectively. This evening, the special coverage that is annually planned is set to be conducted by our Head of Press, Emil Calleja Bayliss as well as guests; Claudia Faniello, a two time first runner-up at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and Simon Casey, a former first runner-up in the Irish selection as well as a successful recording artist with Universal Music Ireland. All of the three are extremely professional in their line of work and their interests in music have been duly recorded over time.

The Show (Part 1)

Good Evening! Welcome to Sweden and to the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest. This year, the arena is relatively small in comparison to other years but nevertheless, looks jampacked noting that it was sold out in less than half an hour. An extremely large choir is currently on stage as they perform Euphoria, the winning entry of last year before being joined by Loreen herself. This is a first to see the winner of the year before performing in the first semi-final but nevertheless, she will also be performing a brand new song in the final. Petra Mede, the only hostess for this evening takes to the stage in what seems to be a silver like colour although the material is very much like tin foil. 


Emil: She looks so scared. Her eyes look it and her voice is a tad shaky but she slowly picks up. The backing have a cool yet strange choereography. The staging is interesting and the small arena looks great on screen. The viduals are impressive. The song is a modern R&B number which should go down well but perhaps it is a bit too early for the viewers to remember. A good one.

Claudia: I think that this is a little bit average especially to kick off this evening yet the performance was good enough.

Simon: Our first semi-final is under way. Didn't really enjoy this performance and it didn't go anywhere, which is a shame as she a really good voice. Natália's Irish roots may not be enough for her to qualify tonight.


Emil: A black and white start and surely an interesting trick for the viewers to remember. Kudos on the Estonias but the Maltese had done it first in the Junior Eurovision. The sweet simple ballad is performer strongly. She starts from the catwalk and walks back to the main stage. A flowing dress to hide her pregnancy  It is a typical Scandinavian ballad. The climax is a strong one, but I can't see the viewers voting for this one - the jurors would have to save this one. Interesting number.

Claudia: For the second time in a row, we have another average song and this does not really look to be the best of starts for this years' Eurovision Song Contest.

Simon: Nice ballad singer and she looks great but I'm looking for something special from a ballad these days and I just didn’t enjoy the song. I was waiting for big finish but a in fact it was a little boring for me. 


Emil: An electro dance number which would help making it a summer hit. Would it be a eurovision hit? I doubt it. She might get a number of votes for her looks or her dancers though. The song is average and nothing that we haven't heard before. The vocals could be much better and sounded shrieky in a number of parts. I'd guess it is game over for Slovenia already. She needs a miracle to get through.

Claudia: This clearly remind me of an extremely famous club song and whilst it is a good track in itself, the vocals are clearly weak this evening. Unfortunately these type of songs are dominating the charts despite not being my cup of tea. 

SimonA good dance track. Hannah put in a great performance and a really catchy chorus. I enjoyed this performance and it has an outside chance of qualification. She sounds like Madonna.


EmilThis sounds like music to my ears after Slovenia. Pure class with six great voices. This is what Eurovision should be about - countries presenting something traditional and strong. The only criticism I might have is that it is a bit static or sound a tad repetitive but the voices are impeccable with great harmonies. If viewers forget this, I can't see the jurors doing the same. Let's hope they manage to save it if that is the case.

Claudia: I must say that this is definitely not my cup of tea and the only thing that I can point out from this performance are their awesome boots. I am sorry Croatia!

Simon:  This is a little different, the Croats answer to Il Divo. Nice performance and good harmonies. I like it but I don't know how it'll translate European wide considering that it might be respected by minorities.


EmilThe ULITIMATE Eurovision favourite - the odds are shortening like mad. A military tattoo feel and this song has WINNER written all over it. Can't see any other song beating this. The performance is interesting and the she sells it well even though she might not be giving her strongest vocal performance. The cheers she's getting in the audience suggest that this is hers to loose - although she's quite close to home so that helps loads. Winner of 2013!? I think so.

Claudia: First things first, it seems that this definitely a crowd favourite this evening and apart from that fact, they have also borrowed my outfits without asking, haha. This is a feel good with great lyrics. This is the second year in a row that they have a great song!

Simon: Good performance by Emmelie, I really like this song. Catchy as hell. I think it's a little reminiscent of last year’s winning song and the strongest performance so far tonight. Think this song has a real chance in the finals.


Emil: Her clear vocals are beautiful and she carries the song with such grace yet the excitement get the best of her in the beginning. The harmonies with the backing sound great though and the way the whole arena lights up during the key refrain is impressive. Another great stomper. Can't see it beating Denmark but Russia will possible fight to be in the top three this year. 

Claudia: This is definitely a Eurovision Song Contest entry because the key-change is extremely typical. It is also very much like an X Factor winners' single. Nevertheless, Dina is an extremely strong performer.

Simon: Vocally a great performance from Dina and one of my favourites. Certain to qualify. Really strong message here as well. There is a slight feel factor of Katrina and the Waves 'Love Shine a Light' (which is good). No need to bring back the grannies this year!!


Emil: Ruining a good song with a giant!? Well Jack and the beanstalk has been a great inspiration. Another great number which picks up as soon as she starts singing although her vocals sounded a bit low at first. She oozes charisma and she connest well with the camera. Will this gospel number appeal to the viewers at home? Considering it is Ukraine, and the song is a strong one it should do well. Ukraine can expect another top ten result. Three strong numbers after each other. Will someone suffer?

Claudia: Whoa! The giant is clearly an impressive touch and he is somewhat part of the choreography. The visuals are just stunning and the vocals on stage are coming across really well on the sound system. This is well performed! Not a winner though!

SimonThere's a real Disney feel to this song, certainly one of the strongest performances tonight and really should qualify for Saturday night.

The Netherlands

EmilThe famous Anouk is next. She looks beautiful on screen but she avoids eye contact with the camera and stays with her eyes closed during most of the performance. Clearly not the way to connect with your audience. It is the slowest song in the competition and although it has a classic feel to it and Anouk gives a strong interpretation it will be up to the jurors to save this one tonight I feel. It is a bit boring I fear.

Claudia: Anouk, a vocal genius and once more, another strong performance for this evenings' competition. The song in itself is nothing too extraordinary but nevertheless, the versatility is the key behind it's success.

Simon: Don’t like being too critical but I just didn't get this song, it certainly was very different and she has a very decent voice but can't see her qualify for the final. (She's for the birds)


EmilSpacemen make their way to the Eurovision stage too and they are joined by an alien. Not my cup of tea and can't see whether this song will have any appeal whatsoever. It is different to the one that came before it and that is the only reason I see her picking up some votes. I guess it is a bit too modern and the Eurovision stage is not the place to showcase this kind of music. Noise pollution? Quite close.

Claudia: Whilst I respect several genres of music, this is too electronic for my taste. The costumes for the performance definitely remind me of the ones used during one of Fab's latest videos.

Simon:  A very forgettable performance apart from its raunchiness, this song is going nowhere.


Emil: Lithaunia present a good modern pop song with an electronic feel to it. I feels a bit too generic but it is a good entry performed by a very likable guy which will pick up a few votes for his charm. The song might be a little mid table but with some neighbourly help, some luck and a good performance it might actually make it.

Claudia: A Pet Shop Boys attempt. Actually enjoyed this tune but I think the vocal was quiet poor tonight.

Simon: The crowd is really warm this evening and that is very positive for the performers. The track itself seems to have taken us back through time, back to the 80's in a genre similar to the one made popular by AHA, including the blurred visuals. 


Emil: Belarus go with a cheesy cha cha number which would have been fit in the Eurovision Song Contest back in the 1990's. It is a bit too late. The performance is strong but the same cannot be the said for her vocals. They sound strained and weak in places. The outfits are cool though and her PR strategy was amongst the strongest. Will that help her pass? I doubt it.

Claudia: Typical entry from the Eurovision Song Contest, the outfit along with the staging has been done a million times before. Hmm, there is something about Alyona which reminds me of Charlotte Perelli although her figure is definitely more intriguing.

Simon: She reminds me of Shakira, and he tune is a little similar to the Turkish 2003 winner. Certainly has potential to qualify tonight, really think its a song that will grow on people. 


EmilThe music is strong for this one and so is her voice but the fact that we can't understand what she's singing about is a distraction. The dress is spectacular though and the overall visuals are amongst the best in the competition. I wouldn't count this one out especially after that performance.

Claudia: The piano and the strings definitely catching my attention and the dress in itself is very similar to the one used by Olivia Lewis during the 2005 Malta Song for Europe. This song in itself does not really go anywhere and that is relatively disappointing. Good performance though! I would never see myself in such a dress!

Simon: A great vocal from Aliona, really good singer. Nice power ballad and the best we've heard from Moldova ever. I think she’ll qualify.


Emil: Ireland haven't done well recently and they think that the best thing to do is go with an uptempo number with half naked men on stage. Will it work? I guess it will take them to the finals tonight. The song came to life on this stage and the drum beats sound and look great. Not your typical Irish sound but it's kind of good. Ryan gives a strong performance and surely merits the final.

Claudia: Well, I am not too sure of the graphics being used in this performance or the clothing for that matter but nevertheless, this is done well in it's respective genre.

Simon: Well done Ryan, this song has been growing in me the last few weeks and tonight he's given a great performance. A very different entry to what we're used to. I'm really hoping Europe vote or us tonight. Congrats Team Ireland.


Emil: This song is so beautiful, she performs it with such grace and her look reminds me of Celine Dion. Her vocals are strong and the traditional ballad leaves everyone haunted. One of my personal favourites for tonight and I think it should sail with ease to the finals. Touching. Well done Cyprus. Pity the Greeks aren't here to help you out tonight as you truly deserve all the help you can get.

Claudia: Whoa! What a choice of outfit! This looks amazing on screen. She does look a little bit like Celine Dion from far away. You need to have a really good song to succeed in a foreign language. I am not too sure.

Simon: Unfortunately this has been my least favourite performance tonight, just lacking pretty much everything. The weakest by far.


Emil: He looks like a scared little boy on that stage. The backing are truly amazing but his voice is just weak. Pity as the beat of the song is quite good and if it was performed stronger it could easily make it but he literally kills it. One big car crash vocally. Sorry Belgium, next time think about sending a singer who can actually sing. Do not blame the lack of neighbours this year.

ClaudiaBelgium, I have to denote this as to having an extremely modern sound but the choreography is not too my liking unfortunately. It also has the feel of a radio song rather than a track that succeeds within the Eurovision Song Contest.

Simon: Good pop song and well performed. Roberto has a strong voice. Nice vibe to it and I'm thinking the Irish entry is a little similar (obviously we're tops)


Emil: Barbies gone wrong. I guess they let a weird niece dress them up who has spent her life under lock and key by her insane parents. Whoever decided on the outfits should be SHOT! The song ain't bad but it ain't good either. They look stupid and the whole act looks ridiculous. Pity as the song would have had some potential if they had a decent performance. Thank God the vocals are in place cause it would have been miserable.

Claudia: I am quite disappointed with the songs in this years' first semi-final. This was yet another forgettable song but nevertheless, the vocals are well performed throughout the whole entry.

Simon: Good uptempo song to bring the the first semi final to a close. Has to be said its one of the stronger songs tonight. Three strong vocalists and there'll be plenty of young lads voting for them tonight. Serbia should qualify.

The Show (Part 2)

Petra Mede, the hostess for the evening hast just opened the tele-voting and a recap of the songs has just been shown on screen. A series of interval acts will be taking to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest and first up is Petra Mede who takes us through memory lane and enters a number of performances. Well, the voting has just come to an end and now we have the proper interval act which is a choreographed set of movements to a magnificient backdrop known as Aurora or rather, the Northern Lights.

Emil:  Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine

Claudia: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine

Simon: Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia,  Slovenia, Ukraine

We just had Lynda Woodruff and she was epic in her sketch. A recap of the six direct finalists is currently being shown on screen. One has to note that they have an amazing set of songs especially compared to the quality of the songs performed this evening. Bonnie Tyler, Robin Stjernberg and Marco Mengoni are in the arena representing the countries directly in the final which are voting in this semi-final! The time for the qualifiers is here!










The Netherlands

Tonight! The time has arrived for the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest to take place and following two dress rehearsals last night and another one this afternoon, the excitement is definitely there and people are somewhat intrigued to be so close to the first evening. The first semi-final will consist of sixteen songs, with the countries ranging from all over the contintent. The main favourites for this evening have somewhat been drawn alongside each other and that may prove to be difficult. A non-scientific analysis is seen below to hopefully predict the qualifers of the evening pertaining to two different factions. Remember that escflashmalta.com will be having a live report conducted by Emil Calleja Bayliss and guest writers; Claudia Faniello and Simon Casey.

In recent weeks, escflashmalta.com has collaborated with a number of professional personnel from all across the world with vast knowledge about the music industry. The sixteen entries which will be competing in the first semi-final this evening were thoroughly analysed and graded both on an individual basis and also within the context of a competition. The latter scoring system was taken and added to the result of the public poll to create ten qualifers based on the system used at the Eurovision Song Contest which gives 50% weighing to the public and another 50% weighing to a professional jury. We are glad to reveal the results of the qualifiers according to this result in alphabetical order. The system was explained in order to answer any queries with regards to why countries may be missing from the poll on the right hand side of the screen which has now been closed.

There was a general consensus between the public and the professional panel of experts on eight tracks in total whilst noting that both factions predicted a song each which the other did not, leaving a song out in the process which had received the same type of result. In the meantime, out of the six (6) non-qualifiers predicted, both sides agreed on a total of four (4) entries and awarded them no points. escflashmalta.com would like to denote that this is not the opinion of the website with each of the professional panel as well as the public casting their personal votes. In the first semi-final the panel consisted of Magnus Kaxe, Lina Eriksson and Matt Mercieca (Muxu). Stay tuned to our portal in the coming hours for more of the latest news. Remember that Malta will be competing in the second semi-final. All shows will be shown on TVM with commentary by Rodney Gauci and Gordon Bonello.

Source: escflashmalta.com, eurovision.tv (image) 


Good Evening! SVT, the host broadcaster of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest hosted all of the delegations present to an official welcome party last night where artists had the opportunity to meet their fans whilst wearing formal attire and strutting on the red carpet. 50% of the result will be decided thanks to a panel of international judges found in each respective country competing in this years' competition. This evenings' rehearsal is listed to commence at 21:00 CET and set to run for two hours until around 23:00 CET. For the first semi-final, there will also be three of the direct qualifiers casting their votes including Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom respectively. escflashmalta.com in collaboration with Eurovision Ireland, escXtra and Radio International are bringing you all of the latest from the rehearsals.

escflashmalta.com thanks to Juergen Boernig, the Head of Press is currently also processing a couple of video interviews with artists who will be representing their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. As a matter of fact, stay tuned on our YouTube Page for all of the latest. In the meantime, you may also have a look at our photo gallery whilst staying up to date through both our pages on Facebook and Twitter. Coverage of the first semi-final tomorrow eveing will be led by Emil Calleja Bayliss, Head of Communications for escflashmalta.com, Claudia Faniello who is a two time first runner-up at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest as well as Simon Casey, former runner-up in the You're a Star competition in Ireland who has sold hundreds and thousands of records during his time with Universal Music Ireland. The clips present in this article are the ones from the second technical rehearsals last week.


The show has just started. Euphoria, winning entry of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is currently being performed by a huge choir of kids who are definitely giving the track an edge. Loreen, one of most popular artists to win the competition in recent years is now on stage and she is helping out the kids with her vocals. This is coming across beautifully on screen and it seems that the audience is singing along with the children and the lady herself. The first test of this performance took place during the final of the Melodifestivalen and they just decided to amplify it for the Eurovision Song Contest. Petra Mede, the hostess for this years' competition is wearing a stunning purple gown as seen in the photograph above. It is important to note that the designer is none other than the notable Jean Paul Gautier.


The opening entry of the first semi-final is an extremely catchy track noting that the title, being Shine is repeated several times throughout the performance. Natalia is still wearing a white top and sparkly silvery trousers and is joined on stage by both female and male backing vocalists who come together in the form of a circle mid-way through and stay at it until the end. Natalia is definitely enjoying herself on stage and this sounds really strong. There are no pyrothechnics for this performance which is disappointed but this is not getting through to the final unfortunately because it is coming on way too early. 



Birgit got the opportunity to represent Estonia with the wrong song in my opinion noting that she had an amazing track a couple of years back. Nevertheless, the performance kicks off in black and white for the people watching on television. When the colour does indeed come on, it is shown that Birgit is actually wearing a long white dress in order to accomodate her growing belly due to the pregnancy. This is vocally strong once more, something that has never been an issue. This was a stunning rehearsal and the press are really enjoying this. I will go ahead and say that this will indeed qualify to the final based on a dark horse status. 



Hannah Mancini just canont sing and dance at the very same time, this has been a proven point throughout all of the rehearsals all week. As a matter of fact, when she did sing well back in Slovenia, she definitely was not dancing. The song itself is really strong but nevertheless, the vocals are just horrid this evening and this is definitely killing all of it's chances with the juries this evening. The public might go for it but it is definitely out of the running. Slovenia will not be qualifying to the final, and this is somewhat definite. It is quite disappointing as they did deserve qualification last year. 



This is not the typical balkan entry but is kept extremely traditional. The group is clad in traditional costumes used by Knights in Croatia and this might be looking a tad too static although the focus is definitely on the vocals which have been superb in every rehearsal. This is definitely trumping Slovenia's chances even more but nevertheless, this is going to be one of the most critical parts of the draw and despite this coming across beautifully, I am not sure the public will be going for it and therefore, am going to call this a non-qualifier but I would extremely love it if it managed to get through. 



Lise Cable, one of the most notable songwriters in Denmark is behind this entry, the favourite of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. This is coming relatively early in the running order but nevertheless, it is coming across well especially after the calm performance of Croatia. Emmelie is wearing a white dress, similar to the one used in the Melodi Grand Prix and which could be seen on the album cover. There are drummers and backing vocalists and it seems that this song in itself is a mixture of Fairytale and Euphoria. This is really strong vocally and thus sailing into the final but still not sure about this winning!



This is the typical ballad given to the artist who ends up winning a talent show such as the X Factor. Dina Garipova, winner of The Voice in Russia is currently on stage in a pink/salmon dress and there seems to be a lot of support in the hall. On the stage, there are a number of balls, or somewhat huge lightbulbs. Four backing singers on stage, two of them male and two of them female and suddenly, the males have ballas which they throw into the audience. I am guessing that this is done for some sort of interaction. The idea of the balls is silly but this is definitely the typical Eurovision ballad by number and thus, will be qualifying with relative ease. 



Zlata Ognevich is currently being carried by an extremely large man who has been termed as the giant and what the artists tries to create is a fairytale. There is a lot of dry ice on stage and as soon as we get the first key change in the beginning, the lighting is transformed. She is joined on stage by four backing vocalists as well. Zlata is wearing the tight white dress that she has used for the earlier technical rehearsals. The vocals are beyond amazing and I daresay, that she is far stronger than Dina this evening. Zlata is impeccable but the idea of the giant is clearly putting people off. I think that this will be picking votes like Russia, and this will definitely head through to the final. 


The Netherlands

Anouk is represent a country which has not qualified to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in eight years and is definitely sounding really strong throughout the whole performance. She is joined on stage by three backing vocalists, two of which are females and another one being male. The whole set up is relatively dark but the idea was definitely well received. They wanted to create an intimate concept. In the backdrop there are also Birds flying upwards and this looks really great. Whoa! Anouk has brought her A-Game this evening and the curse of four qualifers in a row but well be broken tomorrow evening. 



Ouch! The vocals in the beginning of the song were absolutely awful and that will cost them a couple of points. The hip/hop artists known as Who See are clad in astronauts and they come out of dry ice which seems to have garnered colouring. Nina Zizic definitely has improved her performance from the original notes and seems to be in good form at the moment. Montenegro have never qualified to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest and I thought that this could very much make it following the earlier rehearsal. I am less sure because not sure the juries will be going for this. This is not a qualifer in my books. 



This is not a typical single from an album of any musical artist noting that it somewhat falls in the category known as an album filler. Lithuania have somewhat never been expected to qualify in recent years despite the stunning performances on both counts but nevertheless, this is not really coming across well especially due to the fact that it is competing in the difficult semi-final. Andrius Pojavis just made two mistakes during the performance, both related to shots and that is definitely going to cost them some points. The vocals of both the lead and the backing are good but this song is just too average. 



Alyona Lanskaya is still coming out of a glittery disco ball and she seems to wearing whatever was inside the ball considering she is clad in yet a glittery outfit. The choreography is definitely interesting and this type of performance will surely get the attention of the public. SVT, the broadcaster is seemingly having slight difficulties with the camera shots this evening considering that the shots this time round are also being a bit off course. The pyrotechnics though look stunning on screen and that will most likely help this uptempo number across the finish line. The vocals are good but they were much better during the afternoon rehearsal. This will be qualifying and taking Belarus through to the final for the third time. 



The hairstyle for Aliona Moon is still weird but nevertheless, it is really attributed to the whole idea of the song being based on something out of this world. Aliona is clad in a huge white dress which changes colour according to the background. The vocals are good but I just cannot help feel that they could still be better. I am waiting to hear the high note and indeed, it comes and she does nail it this evening. The performance itself is based on the dress but nevertheless, there is a choreography going on as well and it is quite interesting. Moldova, you will be in the final and you will most likely be challenging the top five positions on the night of the final. 



Ryan Dolan has definitely improved in the past couple of days noting that he has gone on from a marginal qualifier in my books to a definitely qualifier. This entry is an uptempo songs which follows a ballad as already been noted in the song before. Ryan Dolan is a newcomer to the Irish music scene and is seen on stage wearing a black outfit whilst keeping it casual. His dancers have been receiving a lot of publicity as they are good looking in the eyes of many whilst the female vocalists are a weak factor in the song as they cannot seem to get it together. Nevertheless, this is looking and sounding good for Ireland.



Despina Olympiou is clad in a nude dress embroidered in black lace and the camera work for this one is just impeccable. Her interaction with the camera is coming across brilliantly and she is all alone on stage. The vocals are really strong and there is no fault in this performance. This badly needs to pick up votes from the jury this evening and I have picked it as a qualifier because it is far too beautiful. Wind machine towards the end of the song. The higher register is just brilliant and I have goosebumps. I must say that the vocal gymnastics towards the end could have been slightly better. It should qualify!



Tedious! Roberto Bellarosa just cannot get a grip on this performance as his vocals are dropping notes all over the place at the moment. The backdrop with the title of the lyric is looking really good on the monitors. The juries will not be giving this song high points this evening because it is just going wrong and mid-way through the song, it seems that Roberto realises as he is picking up slightly. Ohh! he just removed his earpiece and that is definitely not a good sign. It seems that he has been encountering technical problems. Belgium looked better earlier but this is awful tonight and will not be getting thorugh to the final, definitely!



Prior to the performance, it seems that the general consensus is that this is a definite qualifier. Moje 3 are clad in outfits that resemble delicious desserts. The song is relatively original and something that has not been at the Eurovision Song Contest, at least in recent years. Serbia have been playing about with their representation. The vocals are really good this evening and somewhat better than they were in the afternoon but I am still not sure with the silly choreography. There are three backing vocalists, all female and they help support the girls. Nothing to add to this one except that it is indeed qualifying. 


The Show (Part 2)

Petra Mede is back on stage and she is introducing the tele-voting porition of the competition before announcing to the public that out of the sixteen (16) entries performed, a total of ten (10) will be getting through to the final.  A recap of the songs is currently on screen as the public makes the decision. I believe that the definite non-qualifers will be Slovenia, Croatia and Lithuania whilst those being close but not making it will be Austria, Montenegro and Belgium. I think that the definite qualifers are Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Moldova and Denmark with those getting through after them are Ireland, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Belarus and Estonia

Seems like Belgium have requested a second performance due to technical issues and the European Broadcasting Union have accepted the request. This could make or break with the juries and could steal a spot from someone else, most likely Cyprus from my list! The interval act is first before the performance as music composed by Kleerup is being performed. Clips of the songs competing in the final are currently being shown following a script by Lynda Woodruf, a comical person played by Sarah Dawn Finer.

In 2011, Glen Vella represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest with the track One Life composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan. It was rather unfortunate not to see him qualify by a mere one point especially following such a brilliant performance on the night. Glen has increased his fanbase over the past couple of years and at the moment, he is in Sweden supporting Gianluca, this years' Maltese representative. Glen is a major fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and has gone on record stating that he would absolutely love to return to the competition in the future should the right track come along.

SVT, host broadcaster of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 invited Glen Vella to attend the reception held last night in accordance with this years' competition. The festivities were incredible and Glen had the opportunity to meet quite a large number of fans with whom he also took the liberty of speaking to apart from posing for some pictures. This evening, as already mentioned on escflashmalta.com, Glen will be performing the EuroCafé in the Malmö City Centre alongside the likes of former winners; Bobbysocks and Linda Martin whilst there will also be the representatives of Armenia and Albania who are known for their rock numbers in the second semi-final. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: Press Release


Good Afternoon! SVT, the host broadcaster of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest hosted all of the delegations present to an official welcome party last night where artists had the opportunity to meet their fans whilst wearing formal attire and strutting on the red carpet. This is an extremely important day considering that there will be two dress rehearsals taking place, the first one one commencing at 17:00 CET and set to run until at least 19:00 CET, bearing in mind that everything goes as supposedly. This will be important for the artists and their respective delegations in preparation for the evening dress rehearsal commencing at 21:00 CET which will be voted upon by the juries in the sixteen participating nations as well as Sweden, the United Kingdom and Italy. escflashmalta.com in collaboration with Eurovision Ireland, escXtra and Radio International are bringing you all of the latest from the rehearsals.

escflashmalta.com thanks to Juergen Boernig, the Head of Press is currently also processing a couple of video interviews with artists who will be representing their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. As a matter of fact, stay tuned on our YouTube Page for all of the latest. In the meantime, you may also have a look at our photo gallery whilst staying up to date through both our pages on Facebook and Twitter. Coverage of the first semi-final tomorrow eveing will be led by Emil Calleja Bayliss, Head of Communications for escflashmalta.com, Claudia Faniello who is a two time first runner-up at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest as well as Simon Casey, former runner-up in the You're a Star competition in Ireland who has sold hundreds and thousands of records during his time with Universal Music Ireland. The clips present in this article are the ones from the second technical rehearsals last week.


Euphoria, winning entry of last years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is seemingly being transported across the continent in the opening sketch which is being shown by the broadcaster. Suddenly, we're in the inside of the arena, and there are a number of children on stage who are set to perform the song with Loreen set to follow in a couple of minutes. This is a brilliant verson of the song and was seen during the Melodifestivalen Final. It was well received and indeed, the people across Europe will enjoy it. Petra Mede is on stage following the performance and indeed, it seems that she has decided to go without any make-up on apart from the fact that she wearing what seems to be an extremely weird costume.


Natalia Kelly is clad in a white top and silvery trousers. She is clearly a stunning vocalist and the fact that she has been put on first is actually quite important because it seems that the public is warming up to it. There is a mixed reaction for this one from both the fans and the media because she has been performing it well. She is joined on stage by a number of backing vocalists who are also having a strong performance. At the moment, I just cannot see Austria getting through to the final unfortunately being unsuccessful for the second year running. 



Stunning! It starts off in a very monochrome sort of effect with the idea that this is back into the sixties especially due to the fact that it is in black and white. She is clad in a white outfit is attributed to her pregnancy extremely well. The vocals are just amazing this afternoon and I just cannot help think that this will surprise many by virtue of qualifying. The male backing vocalists are enjoying themselves and are performing brilliantly. The song is a bit bland but she definitely pushes it up the rankings system. 



Hannah Mancini was selected internally for this years' competition and it seems that the choice is somewhat received in a mixed manner. This is an extremely difficult song and she definitely cannot sing and dance at the same time. I have no clue how the juries will be ranking this tonight but nevertheless, this has to be one of the better performances from Hannah. Straight Into Love has an amazing choreography and this is coming across brilliantly on screens. Visually appealing but vocally disappointing especially towards the end of the performance and the bridge where she completely goes off key and shouts her way.



Klapa s Mora are the next act on stage and they are wearing traditional costumes which they have already stated to be outfits worn by Knights in Croatia. Another internal choice from the Balkan nation and this is definitely standing out after Slovenia. The vocals are strong and they cannot be overlooked by the juries this evening but I am not sure that the public will enjoy this as much especially after listening to Slovenia's last part of the song which was completely off key. Croatia are the dark horse and remain a marginal qualifier, especially if they managed to collect points from all across the balkan region if predicted.



Emmelie de Forest is still the outright favourite to triumph in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and as a matter of fact, she is clearly enjoying the status. Clad in a white flowing dress, she has decided to thump down the wind machine effect in order to have hair going everywhere during the performance. The vocals are really strong this afternoon and this is definitely making it through to the Saturday final and could very much finish in the top three but I am still not convinced that this will be the winner for some reason. It could be that I never really got into the full element of liking the song all that much.



Dina Garipova, winner of The Voice of Russia was clearly a smart choice especially considering the amount of votes that she received in the talent show. She has astonishing vocal capabilities which somewhat resemble the ones that Chiara, three time Eurovision Song Contest representative for Malta has. Dina is still wearing the pink/salmon lace embroidered outfit. Male and female backing vocalists all round to create a choir effect. This is really looking good on screens although, one has to denote that the meaning behind the use of the balls on stage is pretty much mis-understood. 



A major prop from this performance is definitely the giant who is walking onto the stage with Zlata Ognevich in his arms. The female artist is joined on stage by two female and two male backing vocalists and this is actually looking pretty slick on cameras. This was definitely a wise decision in terms of attire, as she is wearing the white tight dress seen during the first technical rehearsal. I must say tthat this is sounding the best that it has been thus far. The higher vocal register sounds incredible and Ukraine is really giving me shivers this afternoon. Well Done! This could be the winner tomorrow night unless the giant completely ruins the performance in the eyes of the public.


The Netherlands

Anouk, a true star from the music industry is taking to the stage for The Netherlands. She is wearing extremely casual clothing with a dark top and jeans which adds to the idea of an intimate performance. Anouk is a strong vocalist although this is not the best of performances in my opinion but it is definitely getting better. She is joined on stage by three backing vocalists, two of which are female and another one which is male. The bridge is absolutely wonderful and the majesticism of the music is wonderful. This is sailing through to the finals based on the votes of the juries and a decent tele-voting tomorrow night. 



This has to be the first up-tempo song in an extremely long time. The running order has been adapted well to help Montenegro stand out and most likely see them through to the final for the very first time. The whole performance is definitely bordering on crazy but nevertheless, it does look visually amazing on screen. The fact of the matter remains that should there have been more up-tempo numbers in the competition. Nina Zizic is the best thing about the song in my opinion as she has attributed strong vocals to the songs. The rappers are wearing astronaut outfits and have a tendency to emerge out of the smoke. This is sounding really good!



Andrius Pojavis is in relatively casual clothing for this performance. This is one of the songs which will definitely not qualify for the final and is just making up for the numbers in the competition. Despite saying that, my foot is thumping along with it because it is slightly catchy but the draw is not helping and the fact that it is competing in the strong semi-final, isn't either. There are four backing vocalists who are somewhat choreographed. The vocals are really shaky this afternoon and it seems that he completely lost it. This is definitely bordering on the possibility of reaching last place unfortunately. 



Alyona Lanskaya is nowhere to be seen but nevertheless, as soon as a disco ball is pushed onto the stage, she comes out of it and is set to give the audience the show of a lifetime especially following Lithuania which has not been receiving outstanding comments. The delegation has really put in a lot of effort for the performance and as a matter of fact, the choreography is coming across brilliantly from a visual perspective. Alyona is enjoying the performance and it seems that she will most likely be taking Belarus through to the final for the third year. At the end of the performance, there are pyros. 



Aliona Moon was the favourite to represent Moldova during the national final especially having been a backing vocalist for Pasha Parfeny at last years' Eurovision Song Contest. The female artist is wearing a huge dress which changes colour according to the backdrop. This is actually one of the most intriguing performances on stage because she is coming across as extremely professional and living up to the artistry of the song itself. The vocals are relatively strong although one could easily note that she is holding back for the performance this evening which we remind you will be in front on the juries. Moldova will also be getting through though. 



The stage is relatively dark in this performance noting that the backdrop being used is made up of symbols which correspond to Gaelic traditions. Ryan also keeps to the element of the song, one which is casual and fun at the very same time. The female vocalists are somewhat finding it difficult to stay in line with the track and it seems that this is an annual problem for Ireland. The vocal performance from Ryan is actually good considering that it has been having mixed reaction in recent days. I still believe that the uptempo track will get through to the final and continue the recent success of Ireland. 



Despina Olympiou is kicking off this performance in acapella form and sounds on form during the first dress rehearsal. She is wearing a long nude dress with black lace embodied around it. This is coming across as absolutely beautiful both in terms of vocals and presentation but one can also note that Despina is keeping back a tad slightly for tonight. Many people have discounted Cyprus across the past couple of months but nevertheless, I am almost sure that this will be picking up enough jury votes to get through to the final. The tele-voting could be detrimental but it should be mid-table on that count. Beautiful!



Roberto Bellarosa was winner of The Voice of Belgium and I just cannot understand how that actually took place considering that the vocals are extremely disappointing especially when it comes to performing in English. Love Kills is a pop-infused entry which is getting applause today and that is because this has to be the best rehearsal thus far. I think this is very much a marginal qualifier and could make it through pertaining to how excited Roberto is on the night of the semi-final, tomorrow.



Moje 3 will be the final act on stage tomorrow night and one cannot help but sing along to this track for the simple reason that it is extremely fun and catchy. The three ladies, all equally beautiful are enjoying this performance and the vocals have definitely continue to improve this afternoon. Serbia have an almost perfect record and this is definitely making it through to the final where they will most likely be managing a mid-table performance. This is definitely a strong end to the semi-final though and the audience in the hall is definitely loving it. 


The Show (Part 2)

The performances have officially come to an end, and Petra Mede is on stage to introduce the tele-voting portion of the competition which will amounting to 50% of the final result. The recap is kept in a standard format and it seems that the graphics are quite intriguing. Petra Mede is back on stage and she is hosting in English and French apart from throwing in a couple of Swedish phrases. It seems that the tele-voting time is going to close early for this afternoon and that means that the mock qualifers will be revealed releatively quickly. Before that though, there seem to be a couple of features supporting the Eurovision Song Contest. In the interval act, there is a sketch with Petra Mede included in all historic features as well as music which is performed through the medium of dance.

Gianluca, the artist who will be representing Malta in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the track Tomorrow co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat spoke to the media in a press conference following his second technical rehearsal speaking about various topics in relation to his career as an artist and a professional doctor. Prior to leaving for the international showcase, Gianluca was present for a recording of the popular television programme; Xarabank hosted by Peppi Azzopardi and produced by Where's Everybody. It was revealed that Gianluca had the full support of world renowned tenor, Joseph Calleja who also took the opportunity to invite him for a performance during his annual summer concert held on The Granaries in Floriana.

Patrick Strouk, one of the members of the editorial team who is present at this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest asked Gianluca about such an opportunity especially considering that Joseph Calleja continues to grow in popularity across the world. Gianluca was gobsmacked by the invite and stated that he could not believe his ears when the idea was put forward by Joseph Calleja himself. Nevertheless, he gladly accepted and is very much looking forward to the outcome. This summer concert is well attended by the Maltese noting that they turn up to hear the stunning vocal prowess of Calleja who has a tendency to invite a number of foreign guests who in the past included; Ronan Keating, Lucio Dalla, Dionne Warwick and Michael Bolton amongst others. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: escflashmalta.com