January 18, 2020

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In 2009, Eleanor Cassar was the first runner-up at the Malta Eurosong with Someday composed by Paul Giordimaina to the lyrics of Fleur Balzan. It was the vocalists' sixth participation within the national selection and was then followed by another three entries; Choices (2010), Hypnotized (2011) and I Want to Run Away (2012). Her final appearance last year was thought to be a slight fall from grace with many stating that the song did not really suit the stunning vocal capabilities that Eleanor is known to offer. In an interview on TVPM, it was revealed that she did not intend to submit for the 2013 edition of the festival and she did keep to her word, taking up a residency on the programme Ħadd Għalik aired on Television Malta in the meantime.

In recent weeks, the editorial team at escflashmalta.com has been speaking to a number of artists with regards to their intentions for the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, of which the Public Broadcasting Services will be receiving submissions at the end of the month. One of the artists who will indeed be putting her name forward is Eleanor Cassar because following a year away from the madness, she believes that she has the right track to return. The last time that Eleanor Cassar was away from the festival, back in 2007, she returned with the stunning Give Me a Chance, a ballad composed by Paul Giordimaina with lyrics by Fleur Balzan which spoke volumes and had several underlying themes within the lyrics. The editorial team of escflashmalta.com will be making several revelations over the next couple of days, so we urge you to stay tuned whilst we wish Eleanor Cassar the very best of luck with her endeavours.

Source: escflashmalta.com


Published in Local Music News

In recent months; SkyCity, The Crowns and Skinny Genes have been amongst the newest bands to enter the local music scene providing music which has been enjoyed by the masses either during a series of gigs or on the radio. As of today, that list will add at least one new name, that of The Madhatters, a foursome of young talented males who have come forth with their debut single My Remedy. This track which they co-wrote together will get it's first exclusive airing through escflashmalta.com as part of the commitment to promoting new and upcoming talent, which shows promise.

At this present moment, the song is currently being set to radio stations across the country in hope of finding solace in the ears of the public. The Madhatters is made up of Robert Muscat on lead guitar, Ismael Bonello on drums, Daniel Cachia on bass and escflashmalta.com's very own Senior Editor, Antoine Farrugia on lead vocals. On first listen, the realisation of the band seems to have been very much inspired by one of the most successful groups in the Island, that being Airport Impressions because there is the typical element of pop/rock with a slight tinge of country. That particular sound should make them stand out in an industry which has been said to be extremely alternative. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com in the coming days, weeks and months for all of the latest news from the music industry.

Source: escflashmalta.com, The Madhatters on Twitter and Facebook


Published in Local Music News

Nadine Axisa, one of the most verstaile vocalists in the local music industry will not be submitting any entries to the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, deciding to focus on the release of her debut album, one which is jazz infused and supported by the Malta Arts Fund. The last time that she had been in the final as a lead vocalist was in 2010 when she joined Clifford Galea in a duet for the song Once in a Lifetime composed by Jason Paul Cassar to the lyrics of Mario Farrugia.

Since then, she has taken a step back and participated as a backing vocalist, most notably with first runner-up Kevin Borg and his entry Needing You. Her debut album which is set for release within the month of the upcoming year is set to include a series of original songs within the jazz genre. She has decided to include her fans in every step of the proceedings which will see her record, and producer the collection of songs. Nadine is working with some of the most hard working individuals in the industry and is putting in a lot of effort to make sure that the release will be received in a positive manner. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: escflashmalta.com


Published in Local Music News

Rhiannon, originally known behind the scenes as the female backing vocalist in My Dream composed by Jason Paul Cassar to the lyrics of Sunny Aquilina with lead vocals by Thea Garrett. As many remember, the track eventually went onto represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest with Pamela, Nadine Axisa and Jacqueline Pace Delicata appearing as female backing vocalists. The problem for Rhiannon at the time was that she was just sixteen years old and unable to take to the international stage. Almost four years later, the young female vocalist is set to take the local music scene by storm as she plans to reveal her debut single on Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D which airs weekly on 89.7 Bay.

The debut single entitled Take a Look is a co-write between Rhiannon and Ramzi, the latter of which has already found success in recent weeks with the track Fed Up by Maxine Pace, a former participant within the Malta Junior Eurosong competition. In recent years, this portal has helped promote the local music scene to the best possible capacity and therefore made contact with Rhiannon prior to the full release of her debut single. Following a quick discussion about her upcoming plans for the near future, we came to an agreement to exclusively preview forty-five (45) seconds of her debut single which remember will be available to listen to through all major radio stations within the next couple of days. We would like you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the local music scene.

Source: escflashmalta.com, Tonio Lombardi (Image)

Published in Local Music News

You're My Home, composed by Elton Zarb to the lyrics of Matt Mercieca (Muxu) is the latest single to be released by vocalist Davinia, who in turn achieved considerable repute following her second runner-up finish at this years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Betrayed was somewhat dark and edgy and whilst the sultry vocals are ever so existent in this track as well, the message and the vibe are completely different. Receiving airplay on 89.7 Bay along with other local radio stations, one hopes that this track will achieve as much success as her previous songs including Sail Away and Feel Good Song, the latter being a duet with Muxu. 

In recent months, escflashmalta.com has been proud to exclusively unveil a series of music videos including those of Brooke, Funk Initiative, Muxu, Jean Claude Vancell and Lyndsay. Today, we are proud to be the first to showcase the preview video accompanying You're My Home composed by Elton Zarb to the lyrics of Matt Mercieca with vocals provided by Davinia and backing vocals by Rachael Tedesco Triccas. Davinia is currently extremely busy working in the studio on a number of tracks for more released in the next couple of months whilst still being somewhat coy about possibly re-entering the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in 2014. In the meantime, should you wish to listen to her perform, make sure to visit the Hush Lounge Cafe in Portomaso on the 24th July at 21:30 CET for an intimate performance. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Official Facebook Page


Published in Local Music News

Stefan Galea, one of the youngest artists in the local music scene has just released his sophomore single entitled Heart Go Wild written and produced by Jonathan Essex and Daniel Spiller on behalf of Acorn Publishing / Peer Music and A4F Music. The track is being marketed a summer release due to the pop/dance genre which is very popular during the season where temperatures soar relatively high. Heading into his teenage years, Stefan Galea is currently re-branding his image and this latest release follows his first single Disco Lemonade co-written by Charlie Mason and the Crush Boys. The track was relatively successful, peaking at number #12 on the local iTunes charts whilst also making it up to number #4 on the Reverb charts.

'I am really pleased with the end result of this song, and happy to have worked with such talented writers', the first phrase that Stefan has to say with regards to the release of Heart Go Wild. The track is quite different to it's predecessor and thus sees the young artist continuously growing and striving for success. The song transmits an element of love which is very much portrayed in the deep sentemental lyrics of the song. The dance beat surely has the right ingredients to become a summer hit. Stefan Galea started his career at the young age of 8 taking part in various music festivals and also the international American ISC songwriting competition.

Stefan Galea is quickly establishing a reputable name having started from the stage of the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2009, before performing with leading female artist Ira Losco and also supporting the British girl group, The Cheeky Girls whilst on tour in Malta. Stefan is currently working exceptionally hard to make it through to the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest having made it through to the second phase with the track Meant for More earlier this year. We would like to wish this young artist, the very best of luck with his new track and hope that he succeeds in achieving his dreams in the future. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: Official Website (Stefan Galea)

Published in Local Music News

In recent years, two senior members of the editorial team at escflashmalta.com were part of the committee behind the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza but a stunning three year experience, they have called it a day resorting to the promotion of the competition in the best possible way. The readers of the site have spoken highly of the comments passed on by professional members enlisted to review tracks for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and the international showcase which just came to an end and thus it has been thought to introduce such a feature to a local competition. 

There we are pleased to announce that all of the entries competing in this years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza will be reviewed by Chris and Moira. The renowned duo are best known in the local music scene for representing Malta at the 1994 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest held in The Point Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. They finished in fifth place, the only time that the country managed that position as they sang their hearts out to the beautiful More than Love which they co-wrote. Chris & Moira have never shied away from a challenge and as a matter of fact, their recent material is best encompassed through a visionary set of genres, ones which are very much appreciated by the general public. 


Their latest single entitled Flight 170 has been played on 89.7 Bay where it also entered the local charts. In the meantime, it is important to denote that they gave a public performance during this years' semi-finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest as many were awaiting the results. We await NET Television to unveil the songs in due course, noting that preview videos are expected but we would like to welcome Chris & Moira on board and hope that you enjoy their constructive critism. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about this years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. 

Source: escflashmalta.com


escflashmalta.com has somewhat been focusing on the participation of Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest in the past couple of days as expected but nevertheless, we are proud to announce the exclusive launch of a brand new single entitled Superhero by Jean Claude Vancell. 'Quirky, subdued and reserved', the track will be hitting the radio stations in the next couple of days as Jean Claude Vancell continues to prepare for a couple of new releases in 2013. The message of the song is rather intriguing as it looks at the unspoken thoughts of a stalker, and a new found obsession for the stalker's love interest narrated by Vancell.

The track is also a stepping stone for Jean Claude, marking the launch of his first solo music video. With a self-written storyline, artistic direction by Monica Farrugia and photographic direction by Alistair Farrugia, the video is a small journey into the stalker's world. The video also features Michelle Mifsud. Jean Claude's summer will be as busy as ever as he takes the stage as one of the singers of Akustika's summer concert to be held in August, together with solo appearances and new releases. For more information about the release of the single, we encourage you to visit the official website of Jean Claude Vancell whilst the single can also be downloaded for free only for a limited period through this website. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news about local artists, even those who are part of the editorial team.

Source: Press Release


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Betting Odds and Polls have become increasingly popular across the years but nevertheless have always had a somewhat bittersweet element when they end up being somewhat off from the final mark. Nevertheless, another poll which is highly publicised is that of the General Organisation of Eurovision Fans, also known as the OGAE. In Malta, the branch is led by Adrian Refalo and Deo Grech, the latter being a successful lyricist as well as former member of the committee which took care of the nations' representation. Today, escflashmalta.com is proud to exclusively reveal the points of the OGAE Malta.

Malta represented by Gianluca and his entry Tomorrow co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat have fared respectably thus far, always garnering a placing just outside of the top ten, being the only reason why points have not been racked up. In the meantime, the poll as conducted by the members has somewhat been accurate noting that they have managed to predict three winners from the past six years, these being none other than Euphoria performed by Loreen for Sweden in 2012, Fairytale sung by Alexander Rybak for Norway in 2009 and Moltiva performed by Marija Serifovic for Serbia in 2007 respectively. The full points are seen below. 

  • 1 point: Austria
  • 2 points: Azerbaijan
  • 3 points: Ireland
  • 4 points: FYR Macedonia
  • 5 points: Serbia
  • 6 points: Ukraine
  • 7 points: Germany
  • 8 points: Norway
  • 10 points: San Marino
  • 12 points: Denmark
We would like to remind the public that the representative of Denmark is Emmelie De Forest with the song Only Teardrops. Denmark, San Marino and Germany have somewhat been performing well across the board and are seemingly fan favourites even with non-members of the General Organisation of Eurovision Fans. We would like to thank Adrian Refalo and Deo Grech on behalf of OGAE Malta for providing us with the points for this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more of the latest news as soon as it becomes available. 
Source: OGAE Malta


Gianluca is surely busy with the preparations for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which is now less than two months away. Although things have been quite quiet because of the local elections in Malta, the work was still being done by all the team to ensure that the local entry is promoted appropriately and the song will have the best possible presentation during the second semi-final on the 16th of May where Malta will be sixth in the running order.

The competition seems to be high this year and qualification is a barrier we need to overcome, so in order to boost our chances, the Public Broadcasting Services has decided to have a trick up our sleeves. The Public Broadcasting Services believes that the media is a sucker for a sweet unusual story, so if you manage to sell them this you will stand out. It has been made clear prior and after Gianluca’s win that his family is musically gifted and since this is something rather unusual – the team decided to use this to our advantage.

The film and musical The Sound of Music made a hit because of this and having a real life story would surely go down well with the media in Malmo – maybe this might be the actual trick that the country needs to finally bring the Eurovision Song Contest to Malta. The Bezzina family is quite big, in total they are nine – seven siblings, the mother and the father. The only problem which arose was when the family found out that the Eurovision rules state that each song can have up to six performers on stage as this meant that three members were going to be left out!


Whoever knows the Bezzina family, knows how humble and down to earth they are but with a shot at stardom in sight, it seems that the family has become more competitive than ever, in order to get one of the six slots available to perform in Malmo. Gianluca brings the number of members to be chosen down to five because since he won he has to be the performer on stage, but the other places are up for grabs. Big sister, Dorothy Bezzina has basically assured herself of a place when she was appointed as the vocal coach for the song by the team. 

That means, that in actual fact there are four places left. Close sources to our website told us that the decision is going to be taken by Dorothy and Gianluca since they are the stars of the family. Gianluca is somewhat reluctant on making the choice though but Dorothy decided to grab the bull by its horns and decide who is going to make the cut herself. Distant family members told us that right now, Dorothy is being considered as the queen in the Bezzina household as all the other members are trying their best to impress the oldest sibling in choosing them. 

The idea of the Family Von Trapp from The Sound of Music puts the parents in pole position to grab two of the places in the final six and that would mean that there would only be two places left. Samaria, the sister who accompanied her brother in Malta is in outrage as her place is definitely at risk - a close friend of hers stated that she completely lost it when she found out the news. She cannot compete as much as the others since she is living abroad but she had been going mad on buying flowers to her older sister and sending all kinds of gifts to her.


Close sources to the Public Broadcasting Services state though that she shouldn’t worry much as they plan on keeping her in the song for the sake of some continuity since she was present in the national selection and also in the video. This would leave two brothers and two sisters fighting for the last spot – quite awkward I would say but no one has a clue to which sibling this spot will go to. It seems that Dorothy will be making her decision solemnly based on who manages to serenade her with gifts she likes. The talent is strong and therefore any member would be fit to take a place in Tomorrow.

Gianluca is over the moon that instead of his friends, he is going to have his family on stage with him and he commented that it is unfortunate that the Eurovision Song Contest rules allow only six members on stage as he feels this is discriminating big families and music groups. The original members of the band seemed to be rather tolerable with the idea, although sources stated that Louise Ann threw a huge tantrum when she found out that her second Eurovision experience came to an abrupt end. 

The family version of Tomorrow was well received by critics and thankfully the team decided beforehand to put the family version on the official single. To give the idea of a united family front, the background of the Maltese song will feature ALL the members of the family going round different parts of Malta – similar to the idea of what we see in The Sound of Music in Austria but this time with the blue sea and clear skies of the Mediterranean island. Let us all hope that all this havoc leaves the impression we want and next year we will all be waving the Maltese flag in Malta. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more updates as they come forth.

UPDATE: Without a shadow of doubt, this was one of the many jokes that have been going round in celebration of April Fools Day. The editorial team of escflashmalta.com would like to thank the Bezzina Family for being so positive towards the story whilst stating that Gianluca will be joined on stage by Louise Ann Bugeja Tate, Samaria Bezzina, Chris Tate, Kenny D'Ugo and Gabriel Cassar. Also thanks to the Public Broadcasting Services for their support with regards to the story.

Source: escflashmalta.com


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