February 16, 2020

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The focus of the day for the Maltese fans of the Eurovision Song Contest has surely been Kurt Calleja who will be honouring the small Mediterranean country in the esteemed music event in just a couple of days time as he competes in the second semi-final. The initial response to the rehearsal from foreign waters has been overwhelmingly positive actually which many saying that the song has come alive on a totally different level now that it has made the transition from a small stage to a huge stage. It will also be a sort of track that will feed off the energy of the people in general and therefore, might even be better on the night hoping that all the nerves are kept at bay on the side.

This was the very first time that Amber was part of the performance as well and we believe that she did extraordinarily well having come in as a late replacement. The performance on stage was noted to be good even through bookmakers who have shortened odds ever so slightly prompting us to climb a couple of positions on the possible winners list. Our team in Baku has obviously been making a lot of effort to cover the latest news about Malta and in fact, thanks to our very own Head of Communications, Juergen Boernig who is working alongside the beautiful Lilian Brunell, an exclusive video interview of Kurt Calleja has been shot during the allocated time for interviews. Stay tuned to escflashmalta. com for more news about Kurt Calleja and his endeavours as he competed in the second semi-final with his song This Is The Night.

Source: escflashmalta


Last weekend marked the initial phase of the upcoming edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, one of the few remaining music competitions which promotes the Maltese language noting that there is a strong sense of commitment with regards to the National language of the Maltese Islands. The history of the competition has also boasted some of the best talent that is on offer noting that artists who have done well have gone onto greener pastures with more success in the following competitions. This time round, the list of participants who made it through to the second phase showcases a change in guard with the most popular performers gaining their credibility in recent years noting that their stardom is still somewhat recent. Nevertheless, songwriters are still seemingly strong and have continuously been branding new talent to perform their respective compositions. 

The second phase of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza will be taking place during the morning and most of the afternoon noting that a five member panel of judges will be listening to the songs competing in the Talent Stabbilit amounting to forty-nine (49) in total and also the tracks competing in the Talent Żagħżugħ portion amounting to sixteen (16). They will be respectfully brought down to nineteen (19) and ten (10) with Simone Gauci already winning her place through the Passport 2 Indifest competition held on the programme Sas-Sitta produced by Spiteri Lucas Entertainment and shown on NET Television every Saturday afternoon. The programme will be playing an important role tomorrow noting that the committee of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza will be exclusively presenting the finalists in both portions of this years' competition on the show due to the involvement which has been noted throughout in terms of promotion. On behalf of the whole editorial team at escflashmalta.com, I would like to wish everyone the very best of luck!

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza Committee, Media.Link Communications

The Public Broadcasting Services is currently preparing the team which they will be sending to Baku, Azerbaijan for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest where Kurt Calleja and his song This Is The Night are set to take to the stage during the second semi-final amongst a flurry of nations who seem to have their participation favoured by the critics including Sweden and Serbia amongst others. It is mostly known that the team in itself will include the main performer, the band, the backing vocal, the Head of Delegation being Anton Attard, the Assistant Head of Delegation normally Anna Dalli and then the Head of Press Daniel D'Anastasi. One member who is definitely not going to Azerbaijan according to exclusive sources is the commentator who this year will be none other than Elaine Saliba.

Looking back through the years, Elaine Saliba started through the means of production with Where's Everybody before moving onto acting, landing a leading role on a television series that aired on Television Malta entitled Għada Jisbaħ Wkoll (Tomorrow Dawns As Well) but from then onwards, she grew in confidence, strength and experience going onto present and host the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza last year alongside veteran Charles Saliba aired on NET Television and then also taking up a programme entitled Kwiżż (Quiz) on the same station. Following her successful stint, she was asked by the Public Broadcasting Services to host the Malta Eurovision Song Contest alongside Television Malta presented and former host of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, Ronald Briffa creating controversy in the first night over a choice of outfit but shining in the final in a sleek blue floor length gown. She did a great job and critics were pleased with the outcome of the competition in terms of hosting duties therefore it comes to no surprise that the likes of Antonia Micallef, Eileen Montesin and Valerie Vella have been dismissed owing to various reasons. It seems that Elaine is quickly becoming a golden girl at the Public Broadcasting Services for her talent, charm and beautiful smile. We would like to wish her luck as she commentates during both the semi-final stages and the final from the Public Broadcasting Services Headquarters in Gwardamangia.

Source: escflashmalta


One of the most interesting factors about the local music scene is that it never sleeps and mostly moves from one event to the other with the blink of an eye, therefore keeping things flowing regularly. Next up is the competition known as the Għanja tal-Poplu which is being revitalised to a successful venture by virtue of a change in regulations, a new appointment to the organisational committee and also more media support noting that news outlets like escflashmalta will be covering the event more in depth hence, a closer look at the competitors in the coming days. Nevertheless, the committee have decided to entrust us with the exclusivity of the running order of this years' music competition.

As the preparations for the event started, there had been talk about who will be playing the role of special guests and ultimately it was decided that one of the most popular groups in terms of Maltese folk music would be tipped and these are none other than Brikkuni who will be doing a number of tracks with extremely social lyrics. Nevertheless, for the first time ever, the committee of the Għanja tal-Poplu have decided to bring a foreign singer/songwriter in the form of Sarah Class who has worked with the likes of former Eurovision Song Contest winner; Eimear Quinn and also the outstanding Hayley Westerna who was in Malta just a couple of months ago to perform with Joseph Calleja, the tenor. In the meantime, the running order for the competition could be seen below.

1. Bâħħar - Kantilena (Drinu Camilleri)

2. Kwadru jew Tond - Rita Pace (Rita Pace)

3. Blokk Appartamenti -Tale Kwali (Antonio Olivari) 

4. Ħsad Qabel iz-zmien - Jeff Scicluna (Paul Callus / John David Zammit)

5. Ittra ta' Omm - Blackjack (Mark Agius)

6. Mhux illum - Maria Debono (Rita Pace / Mark Laurence Zammit)

7. Il-Kappar - Christabelle Curmi (Alfred E Baldacchino / Renato Briffa)

8. Umani - Clive Muscat (Paul Attard / Anthony Camilleri)

9. Irrid Ngħix - Janice Mangion (Deo Grech / Heathcliff Balzan)

10. Faċli - Charles Dalli u l-Ħbieb (Charles Dalli)

11. Kemm Aħna Kbar - Maria Carabott (Paul Callus / Conrad Briffa)

12. Tal-Komma Twila - Grecia Bezzina (Emil Calleja Bayliss / Dario Bezzina)

13. Malta Tiegħi - Kultural (Kultural)

14. Barnuża Bajda - Corinne Caruana (Rita Pace)

15. Isma' Bilfors - Mistura (Antonio Olivari)

We would also like to announce that the competition will be opened by none other than Corazon, the singer/songwriter who has won the Għanja tal-Poplu the most times in recent years. She decided on taking on a Press Relations Role this time round and also guest start in the opening part instead of competing giving other artists, the chance of garnering victory. The competition will be taking place on Saturday 21st April at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall within the University of Malta in Msida. You can obtain your tickets and the disc compilation by visiting this website over here. Stay tuned for more exclusive news on www.escflashmalta.com on the Għanja tal-Poplu and other festivities.

Source: Għanja tal-Poplu Committee 

Published in Local Music News

The general aim of this web portal is to bring you the latest news with regards to the local music industry from across the board and the foreign one where it concerns the Eurovision Song Contest. Apart from that though, we love to make this experience even more special when it comes to the live reporting whereas we bring in heavy weight names from the local and foreign music industries to comment on the songs prior to the competition and then even for the live shows. Earlier on this week, we announced the first commentator to be none other than Raquela, a Maltese singer who takes ones breathe away but today, we unveil our foreign commentator for the second semi-final, a man who hails from the country of Ireland, the stunning Simon Casey.

Clearly he is a man who does not require a lot of introduction having joined the panel for the past two years making this a third time. Without a doubt, we are always honoured to be working with such a professional artist. Simon first appeared on the Irish music scene through the competition You're A Star which was selecting the Irish representative and entry for the Eurovision Song Contest between 2003 and 2005 owing to mixed fortunes. The songbird took to the stage of the finals of the competition with a song entitled The Better Plan, a song which was finish second yet still top the charts and also receiving a triple platinum certification. This would lead to a record deal with Universal Music Ireland which released his first two albums, one entitled The Heart and Not Like Me both which received a certification, one platinum and one gold. Following a different direction in creativity, he parted ways with Universal Music Ireland and is soon ready to release his third album as an independent artist. His latest music is astonishing because it truly comes from within the soul and the talent that makes him special is still very much existent. Stay tuned to www.escflashmalta.com for the last name to come out within the next couple of days.


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