December 11, 2019

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Rikki Lee, former lead vocalist of the band Gypsy Genes and now a solo singer/songwriter has recently chosen as the portal to unveil his debut solo single Lies, a pop/rock number which has also been given airplay by 89.7 Bay, Malta’s leading radio station for all the hits, peaking at number #5 thus far. The male vocalist has gone on record stating that he is going ‘to do his best to release hit records on a frequent basis’ having already shown what he can achieve when in a group as a lead vocalist. He is currently working with David Cassar Torreggiani of Scar fame on upcoming music releases.

In the past couple of hours, Rikki Lee opened a Facebook Fan Page, ready to take the local music scene whilst also unveiling a music video for his debut release. An official airing on television is being planned in the coming days according to close sources within his management team. Whilst Lies is somewhat typical to the interests of the general public in Malta, the next single will be somewhat bigger, better and more daring, possibly a tad more eighties, a tad more disco whilst still being current but more details about that in due course. We urge you to stay tuned to for all the latest news about promising artist such as Rikki Lee who make up the local music scene.

Source: Facebook Fan Page