September 21, 2019

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Sunday, 01 September 2013 16:20

Malta: Olivia Lewis Kept Busy During Summer

Olivia Lewis, Malta's representative at the 2007 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Vertigo composed by Philip Vella to the lyrics of Gerard James Borg has somewhat been busy in the past couple of weeks with several guest appearances. One of her most recent was on the programme Indifest hosted by Christine Haber and Mark Azzopardi and broadcast on NET Television. The programme which accompanies the annual Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is supported by and invites special guests to add to the entertainment. Olivia Lewis has the opportunity to perform one of her signature tracks and she decided to sing Fil-Fond tal-Qalb composed by Paul Abela to the lyrics of Joe Julian Farrugia.

Amongst the guests which have been invited to the programme in recent weeks, there have been one other than former Eurovision Song Contest representatives; Gianluca and Kurt Calleja who both promoted their debut albums, Waiting for Tomorrow and Love on Mars as well as Kevin Paul Calleja, Amber, Maxine Pace, Mary Rose Mallia, Christabelle, Lyndsay and The Greenfields. Olivia Lewis is reportedly set to return to the local music scene with rumours going round stating that she might be looking to submit within the International Festival of Maltese Song. In the past couple of days, she was an instrumental figure within the Pink Floyd Show in Żabbar as a backing vocalist alongside the likes of Talitha Dimech, Rachael Tedesco Triccas and Cheryl Camilleri amongst others. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.


Published in Local Music News

One of the most pivotal competitions in the local music scene is surely the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza having the honour of being one of the two leading competitions in which songs submitted into it feature in the Maltese Language which in itself is a merge of Anglo-Saxon, Semitic and Latin in reality. We have been going through a number of statistics and it seems that since the year 1997, there has been one artist who has entered the competition with more songs than the others and this is a woman in the form of Eleanor Cassar who has even won the competition during one of the occasions. We will be going through the vast history of this exceptional performer.

Eleanor Cassar has grown to become an exceptional artist with multiple accolades to her name both in Malta and abroad where she has come out as a winner in each and every competition. Within the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, since the year 1997, she has managed to make the finals with eleven tracks in total but being the one with the most solo performances, those amounting to ten (10) due to the fact that one of them was a duet with the renowned Glen Vella who would ultimately go onto represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 with the track One Life composed by Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan.

  • 1998: Ħallini Ħdejk (Renato Briffa / Joe Chircop)
  • 2000: Min (Renato Briffa / Joe Chircop)
  • 2001: Emozzjonijiet Imdallma (John David Zammit / Paul Callus)
  • 2001: M'Hawnx Bħalek (Chan Vella / Paul Ellul)
  • 2002: Ħdejk (John David Zammit / Joe Chircop)
  • 2002: Sisien Il-Ħajja (John David Zammit / Paul Callus)
  • 2003: Tgħid Min Jaf (Renato Briffa / Joe Chircop)
  • 2003: Nisma Biss (John David Zammit / Joe Chircop)
  • 2004: Għat-Tnejn Flimkien (Philip Vella / Joe Chircop)
  • 2005: Ix-Xemx Mill-Ġdid (Paul Abela / Joe Julian Farrugia)
  • 2007: Fil-Fond tal-Qalb (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

Eleanor Cassar has quite the long lasting presence in the local music scene noting that apart from doing well in this competition, she was also the winner of the Għanja tal-Poplu in 2000 with Glen Vella on the track It-Tfal tal-Llum which was composed by Chan Vella and penned by Paul Ellul. She has given the country some of the most iconic tracks in our language and she was of course, the winner back in 2005 with a track which boasted stunning lyrics with a charming musical accompaniment, something that Paul Abela and Joe Julian Farrugia are known for. It will be interesting to see whether Eleanor would return to the competition for yet another time especially having decided to try one more time following her victory in 2007 where she placed third in the final competition and she performed a ballad in which one could hear a pin drop. This was the first informative artist about the competition throughout the years, but it will not be the last. Stay tuned to for more such features.

Source: KKI Compact Discs