February 19, 2020

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The pre-qualified entries for the final of the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest have already had their technical rehearsal, spread over a period of two days, the first being on Saturday where they had forty (40) minutes of allocated time and the second being on Sunday where they were allocated another thirty (30) minutes in total as were all of the other competitors in the competition. One of the main features prior to each semi-final is that we will be releasing the results of the polls and the reviews combined in order to see whether they were close to the actual results, nevertheless, we can now also reveal the comments put forth for the six finalists which include the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Azerbaijan, Spain and Germany. The reviews were carried out by none other than Valerie Vella.


The female host on local television does not need a lot of introductory notes and this is because she is well known with the fans of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and also around Europe having occupied the role of spokesperson, commentator, national final host and also as the Head of Press during the actual competition. She has exclusively decided to voice her views with us and of course with you our readers about the tracks which have already qualified to the final due to their respective status when it comes to finances along with the honour of the previous winner and therefore host country. We would like to make it a point that these views are not those of escflashmalta.com but are personal views of an individual with years of experience within the field.

United Kingdom

The last time the UK came up with something decent in recent years was with Andrew Lloyd Weber’s composition ‘It’s My Time’ in 2009. Actually, they gave me the feeling they had given up on the contest altogether. I must say that the UK pleasantly surprised me this time round. Love songs rarely come more classic and soothing than this. Meaningful lyrics combined with a perfect diction and technique make it a surefire hit ….at least for me….but I must confess that I’m a big fan of good ballads, so I might be slightly biased here!



For France this year we’ll see the diminutive but very shapely Anggun. Famous in the 90s for her song "Snow on the Sahara", the Indonesian-French singer's entry is a sprightly pop entry. Whether it catches the imagination of European audiences remains to be seen however….I must say it hasn’t grown on me yet, but I like the whistling sound all throughout the song. Its interesting to note that songs in French have repeatedly failed to garner any significant placings in recent years, but that could well change this year if she manages to put up a good show. 



A quite unusual song that grabs you from the very first note. Nina oozes style with her stage presence and impeccable voice. I must say I’m surprised the Italians chose to sing in English after the romantic Italian language to have worked wonders last year as they placed second. It seems that after the 14 year absence from the ESC, the Italians are doing their utmost to keep away from the stereotypical Italian ballad. All in all … Like!



Although this is the only the 5th appearance of Azerbaijan in the ESC , they seem to be on the right track year after year. Strong entries, spectacular stage performances, and, let’s face it, big budgets, have landed them top ten placings every year. They seem to strike the right note whatever the style of the song. This year’s ballad has potential, but what are the chances of winning twice in a row? Besides, polished as it may be, it’s not really a winner to me. 



Where do I start? I like her voice and I don’t mind the melody line, but that’s just about it for me. It’s an average classical ballad. I doubt it will stand out, especially when faced with other, stronger ballads in this year’s festival. Had Spain not been one of the Big Five, I’m pretty sure the chances of seeing them in the final would be close to zero….yawn!


A young cool male after 2 years of cute Lena. A chill out song that tends to bore me by the time its over. A repetitive chorus which lacks creative lyrics....but usually that goes down well with viewers. I believe that a potentially winning song is one that people can hum or sing through parts of it the first time they hear it, because let's face it, most of the people voting on the day would have never heard the songs before even though they are widely available on the various media. Hopefully he will keep up his unwavering voice when singing live.
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Earlier this year, Germany had decided to come back to the Eurovision Song Contest with the same format that created a star in the form of Lena-Meyer Landrut ending up finishing in the top spot back in Oslo, Norway with the song Satellite and then managing a second top ten position with the song Taken By A Stranger when competing in her home country. This time round though, a man has been chosen over a woman and Roman Lob came into the competition with the belief that he could do well even though pundits where playing his entry down placing it within a mid-table position although that has all seemed to change now following two rehearsals.

The song which is representing the country bears the name Standing Still written by Steve Robson, Wayne Hector and Jamie Cullum. The three are synonymous to the world of music actually having penned a number of hits for the likes of One Direction, James Blunt, Carrie Underwood, Leona Lewis, Faith Hill, Blue, Westlife and Take That amongst others. Roman has been doing a great job in terms of performance and the simple staging is doing the track wonders. Earlier today Roman was taking interviews with the media actually and therefore, our team present in Baku, Azerbaijan also spoke to him about his performance and career thus far. We believe that Germany has truly become a contender amongst the six or seven entries that seem to be able to make a name for themselves this year.


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Yesterday had to be one of the most intrguing days in the world of the Eurovision Song Contest with many fans and accredited media looking forward to seeing the rehearsals of the prequalified finalists who have all put in a lot of effort with regards to their entry. The day did not run extremely late and kept in tow with the schedule as much as possible and that is why, many had the time to get ready for the Official Opening Party which was of course held with splendour in Baku, Azerbaijan. This is the very last time that people have to wake up early to follow the days' latest ventures noting that as from tomorrow things change and rehearsals become dress rehearsals in the late afternoon when it comes to Central European Time. Amongst the rehearsals which many are looking forward today, there are surely Estonia, Norway, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany. So stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news live from Baku.

All of our team members have put in a lot of work to make sure that you get the best experience possible when following escflashmalta.com and therefore, a round of applause for our main members including Juergen Boernig, Lilian Brunell and Šira Carolyn Bezalel for the pictures and the interviews as well as to our head of operations in Azerbaijan, Garrett Mulhall who has been busy dealing with the rehearsals amongst other things. Yesterday, there were eleven acts who took to the stage and this will be the same case today with the rest of the countries in the second semi-final perfecting their respective entries whilst the finalists making sure to improve on their first rehearsals yesterday. Everyone might be a little bit a little tired following the official welcome party last night. We are yet to hear how it went but we will be keeping you posted with all of the latest, so as I said before, make sure to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com throughout the day.

Schedule of Rehearsals 

08:30 - Estonia

09:00 - Slovakia

09:30 - Norway

10:00 - Bosnia & Herzegovina

11:30 - Lithuania

13:00 - United Kingdom

13:30 - France

14:00 - Italy

14:50 - Azerbaijan

15:20 - Spain

15:50 - Germany



Sorry for not being here earlier people but as you can expect, very rough morning it seems for people in Azerbaijan because the rehearsals began extremely late and we are like in the first day where we are somewhat an hour more than originally scheduled. Estonia seems to have concluded their rehearsal just now and we will be reviewing it just now whilst uploading the video of the rehearsal in this article.



The baltic nation is the one up today and Ott Lepland is for the second time wearing his blue waistcoat and trousers along with a white shirt and a dark blazer matching his trousers. He is joined on stage by a female backing vocalists whom we have already seen the outfit she will be wearing but has decided to stay casual today. The backdrop is one of the most visually stunning of the competition being yellow and white throughout the first bit before changing in a pink one full of petals. Ott Lepland has decided to start improvising this morning and some of it actually sounded very good. He certainly seems to be enjoying himself on the stage and this song will not only qualify to the finals but once there it can get their best result in years being the only real ballad which stands out this year for just being different. 


Video Courtesy of escXtra



Astonishing light show at the beginning which is further more shown on the screens also through a spectrum of lights. Max Jason Mai on stage and in full costume it seems with make up included. He is joined on stage a band as predicted and making sure to show Europe his physique by wearing an open black leather jacket joined by very tight black leather pants. The song is a typical rock song and is the only one in this years' competition. The staging of this is perfect because the performer is not staying in one place but going around the stage for the best possible effect ont he cameras. The vocals are strong but I am not sure that this song will completely appeal to the people even if he is doing everything in his power to interact with the people. I am almost sure that this is not their year to qualify once more this time round.


Video Courtesy of escXtra



The lighting in the beginning is awesome with purple, blue and red being very high featured. Tooji is wearing his costume from the national final this morning with a hood on his head which he quickly removes heading into the first chorus. He is joined on stage by four dancers; two of which are male and the other two are female. There is also some additional vocal help with a male backing singer on the left hand side of the stage. The choreography is exceptionally slick and this is looking very strong on the screens. We had the opportunity to speak to Tooji and he is really nice and shows that he does put in a lot of work in whatever project he takes up. Vocally this sounds almost perfect today but it is visually amazing. Norway are back into the finally and might also finish in the top ten.


Video Courtesy of escXtra


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Beautiful melody right from the start for Bosnia & Herzegovina who are being represented byt he wonferful Maya Sar who seems to be wearing the dress for the semi-final this morning. She is clad in a dark black sparkling gown with shoulder pads. She starts at the piano playing it to the music whilst performing with a dark background right behind her. It seems that there has been a change in backdrop for this one with the old ruins of a Greek city not appearing anymore. Mid-way through the song, she stands up revealing the dress in it's full entirety. A flawless vocal performance from Maya but despite the beauty of the song, I am just not so sure that all of the Balkans can make it through and I would be sad to see this one go unfortunately. 


Video Courtesy of escXtra



The second rehearsal from the second Baltic nation competing in the second semi-final actually comes from Lithuania and Donny Montell is wearing a white shirt with black trousers and a matching blazer. The graphics behind him are kept dark with just blue lighting shining on stage but then, they commences and it shows what seems to be empty void rooms. He is working the cameras well and this could well be a song that qualifies in the manner that is being presented. Mid way through the song, he removes the blindfold which he starts with and carries out with flip as he has always done. The backdrop features people dancing in the uptempo song. The vocals were impressive indeed. I am very uncertain about the result of this song though.


Video Courtesy of escXtra


United Kingdom

A slight change of scenery for the performance of the United Kingdom today with one main spotlight on the guitarist in the beginning before moving onto the main performer, the most popular entertainer to compete in this years' Eurovision Song Contest. The backdrop for this seems to have been slightly altered as well featuring what seem to be magical rays. The dancers are back on the stage although they do seem to be too much on the far left side. The colour scheme is kept dark but the music and the lights work well and suddenly there is some red on stage as they are heading towards the first key change which is whoa, amazing! Engelbert is hitting all of the notes and this is definitely a top ten performance now. I am impressed by this and I hope he can manage to hold it off towards the final later on this week.


Video Courtesy of escXtra



Anggun is back on stage for her second rehearsal and the stage is bathed in red lights today and it seems that she might actually be wearing something which she might wear during the final today when it comes to the top although she is still sporting that cape. She is joined on stage by three acrobats who carry out the choreography and also two backing singers who are really putting in a lot to aid the performance. The staging has pretty much everything thrown in it at this stage. The background features several men doing sports as well as musical bars. The choreography is very elaborate as Anggun is even carried like a queen at times. The vocal performance is good but not flawless but I just cannot imagine this track troubling the top eight at this stage.


Video Courtesy of escXtra



Nina Zilli returns to the stage for her second rehearsal and there have been changes such as the fact that the backing singers, three in total have been moved to the left hand side of the stage as opposed to yesterday. Their movements are more coordinated today and they are definitely enjoying themselves. The beautiful Italian singer is clad in a shimmering silvery blue design which looks astonishing on her and she is wearing her hair in a bun although this will most likely be changed yet she does look great. The singing is as it was yesterday, right on key and she is improvising today which is great as she is making the song more personal. The backdrop has stayed the same keeping with the modern black and white touches. This looks great on stage and on the monitor. Sweden be afraid, very afraid as Italy is in the mix!


Video Courtesy of escXtra



As we reported yesterday, Sabina will be rehearsing in her beautiful white gown in each and every rehearsal due to the special effects that is carries noting that it does change colour along iwth the backdrop. The focus is on the performer with a white spotlight but she is joined on stage by three female backing vocals and one male backing vocalist and this is looking very well on screens. The dress is looking immaculate and the vocals are very strong as they were yesterday. The idea with the dress is a first for the Eurovision Song Contest and whilst it is impossible for Azerbaijan to win twice in a row, I predict a top ten finish, even a possible top five finish because this ballad is just beautiful and has been written to interact with the audience. 


Video Courtesy of escXtra



Pastora has decided to keep her dress for the final night hidden it seems as she dons more casual clothing for her second rehearsal. The backdrop is quite simple but suddenly there seems to be a stream of water going down behind her. She is alone on stage for more of the time actually and just lets her vocal range do most of the performance. She walks to different parts of the stage noting that she is an experienced performer. The vocals are astonishing and as she heads into the chorus prior to the key change, the backdrop becomes a flurry of stars with strobelights all over. She is joined by five backing singers after this and they help her give the song a choir effect. The staging also features a brand new design. Stunning performance from Spain and this is also a contender this year.


Video Courtesy of escXtra



Germany have went from a mediocre entry to a very strong song and Roman is clearly taking in every ounce of this experience with him. In his native country, he has already become quite popular with his entry for the competition charting at number three (3). Once more, focus in this song is on the lights instead of the backdrop as was the case within the preview video. He is joined on stage by a band which includes the piano, drums, bass and also a guitar. Despite this looking very strong on the screens, I am not actually understanding everything that he is uttering and this can be quite problematic actually. Nevertheless, the refrain is catchy and this track is going to be a hit outside of the Eurovision Song Contest. This will most likely finish between eight and twelfth place on the night! A good rehearsal but it has dropped ever so slightly although this will not effect it.


Video Courtesy of escXtra

The difference in time zones has somewhat affected a number of sleeping patterns for individuals and whilst weekends are normally used for sleeping in, things do eventually look up once one is gearing up for another day of attending rehearsals, press conferences and also shooting interviews with participants. Most of the participants competing in the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest have already taken to the stage for two rehearsals including the ones of the first semi-final but nevertheless, there are some acts in the second semi-final who will take to the stage between today and tomorrow whilst the very first rehearsals of the host nation and the big five are expected to take place today as well marking a very special element about the days' proceedings. One of the most interesting areas that has been affected daily is the timing which has never been kept well noting late starts and late finishes with some people spending a whole day in the press centre in order to wrap up their daily coverage. Despite the fact that Malta will not be rehearsing today, the interesting rehearsals surely come from Slovenia, SwedenTurkeyGermanySpain and the United Kingdom.


The work and promise that our team members in Baku, have shown in the past couple of days has been beyond extraodinary and I thank them daily for their hard work so once more, a shout out to Juergen Boernig, Lilian Brunell and Šira Carolyn Bezalel for the pictures and the interviews as well as to our head of operations in Azerbaijan, Garrett Mulhall who has been busy dealing with the rehearsals amongst other things.Today, eleven (11) countries will be taking to the stage in total but the pre-qualified finalists have forty minutes on stage because it is their first rehearsal actually. Keeping things in mind, when the first rehearsal is staged, there will be a number of issues and therefore, when they take the stage for a second time tomorrow, one will be expecting them to perfect the act therefore, this is to be kept in mind before drawing up a complete opinion of the track. Kurt Calleja did Malta proud yesterday and currently ranks in seventh place, when it comes to the present press in Baku, Azerbaijan. Stay tuned with escflashmalta.com throughout the day for all of the latest updates about the proceedings.

Schedule of Rehearsals

08:00 - Slovenia
08:30 - Croatia
09:00 - Sweden
09:30 - Georgia
10:00 - Turkey
11:30 - Germany
12:15 - France
13:00 - Italy
14:00 - Azerbaijan
14:45 - Spain
15:30 - United Kingdom

Only ever so slightly late today but not too bad indeed considering the long day that does lie ahead. Each of the second semi-final participants still have thirty minutes on stage instead of the initial forty minutes. First there is a vocal run to see that everything is working well and then, the rehearsal in full commences.



The youngest performer in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is back on stage and she does not seem to be daunted to perform in front of millions on the night. She is wearing a beautiful white dress with flowers stitched onto it. She is joined on stage by five female backing vocalists also clad in white who have a simple choreography to carry out. The backdrop features a shimmering piece of material along with beautiful white lighting which acts as a form of series of stars. The vocals are perfect from Eva and the accompaniment of the backing vocals is also sounding beautiful. This is going to be in the final hands down coming at the middle of the semi-final and is completely walking over Croatia which comes right after it.


Video Courtesy of escXtra



The second rehearsal of the day as mentioned above comes from Croatia and there are a number of similarities between the two tracks. From what I have heard, Nina is very much a star in the Balkans and she does transpire that on stage actually which she is using from the middle. She is clad in a black dress with a white ruffled bow at the back. On stage she is joined by three female backing vocals and two dancers who seem to be holding onto a piece of drape which they use to perform with during the latter bit of the performance. The backdrop features clouds, very similar to the preview video once more. The basis of the lighting is blue and white. The vocals are good but there are some notes which do not sound too well unfortunately. I will hold onto my nerve and say that this will not qualify and leave room for Slovenia to pounce in and take the votes despite her popularity in the Balkans. 


Video Courtesy of escXtra



Sweden comes into the competition as the huge favourite with a lot of media attention and many find themselves in the hall for this rehearsal. The initial strobelights work so well with the beat of the song and are coming across so well on screen. Loreen seems to be in much better shape vocally today and she seems to be wearing her semi-final outfit today which features a black dress hidden under a black cape. She is joined on stage by three female backing vocals and also a male dancer who comes in towards the latter part of the performance. They co-ordinate the moves together at one point and this looks stunning but what is really beautiful is the background of strobelights. The people in the hall love it but am I convinced this will win, not entirely sure but it has a fate in the top three definitely sealed given it has already become a hit all over the continent. 


Video Courtesy of escXtra



Anri is clad in a red robe as he performs the operatic bit of the track but he removes it to unvile a very smart suit with a glitter shirt. He is joined on stage by four female backing vocalists/dancers who have a simple choreography task to carry out. The backdrop for this one seems to have been altered just a bit and it seems that the star is now missing. On stage, there is also a white piano which he plays mid-way through the song. At the latter end part of the track, a dancer dressed in red also comes forth. The vocals are good even though crazy and this song might be getting on the nerves of some people but I believe it might actually qualify with this staging. They are enjoying the whole performance, and well this is just mad but I guess mad enough. Just for the record, it is not my personal cup of tea and I would not like it to qualify but hey, the majority speak for themselves.


Video Courtesy of escXtra



Turkey is getting a lot of attention in Malta with Can Bonomo appearing on the most popular show in the country last night. He is back on stage for his second rehearsal and there have not been a lot of changes with this one actually with the backdrop still showing the cartoonish sea along with a dark storm which lies ahead in the rough seas. The singer who is wearing a white shirt and black jeans is also sporting a long tailcoat cardigan and is joined on stage by five male backing dancers. The choreography is enegetic but very slick indeed. Turkey has returned with what they do best and this song is not only going to qualify to the final, but once there will reach the top ten. I am singing along to this quite easily. At the latter end of the song, the cardigans are put together to form a sailing boat and there level of excitement and enjoyment is very apparent.


Video Courtesy of escXtra



The very first rehearsal for Germany in thsi years' Eurovision Song Contest and this is the first time that it is actually being fully staged noting that Roman Lob had performed it by himself during the national final. He is joined on stage by a drummer, bassist, pianist and a guitarist. The focus on the stage performance is definitely on the lighting with the spotlights used very effectively as they had been during the preview video. The backdrop seems to be experimental but features a red three dimensional set of spots going round. The vocals are stunning and Germany are sending a typical pop entry which could well be a great radio hit noting that it has managed to peak at number three in Germany, one of the biggest charts in Europe. 


Video Courtesy of escXtra



Anggun came on stage with casual clothes and a white train. Three (3) big cubes were brought onto the stage. The French Team consisted of 2 backing singers, one male and one female and three (3) acrobats performing gym movements throughtout the song . A windmachine was used to create a Carola effect. The vocals went perfectly, however the acrobatic part looks far too hectic and is totally distracting the viewers from the singer and the song. On the other hand the blue background with gymnastic effects is not attractive enough. Nevertheless, this did not come across too badly on the screens and it seems that Anggun was not too happy with the performance, stating that there was a lot of room for improvement during the press conference which was very well attended by the media present considering her stardom across the continent. 


Video Courtesy of escXtra



Nina Zilli takes to the stage for her first rehearsal wearing a white dress very much reminiscent of what they used to dress like way back in the sixties. The backdrop for Italy is a mixture of black and white lines and this is also used as a colour scheme. She is joined on stage by three backing vocals, two are female and the other being male. This song is kept simple and one has to add that her movements are just adorable with her hands kept in the right place during the performance. The backing need to coordinate better in terms of movements though. Mid way through the performance, spots are coming across along with diamonds. The shots are still slightly messy but this will most likely do better with long shots. She owns the stage and Italy are contenders for victory especially after such a strong first rehearsal.


Video Courtesy of escXtra



This host country is being represented by the beautiful Sabina Babayeva and my my what an outstanding performance this was. It is important to note that as published earlier on today, the performer is wearing a white dress which changes colour according to the stage background. She is also joined on stage by a male backing vocalist and three female backing vocalists who are also dressed in white.There might be the issue of this being a static performance but we have come to know from our colleagues that this is really looking great on the screen because at the end of the day, the focus of this track is the voice of Sabina and her accompaniment are doing their best to compliment her. I must say, this is another strong rehearsal considering it is the first one. The backdrop was slightly too laid back but they might be deciding on what to put on it.


Video Courtesy of escXtra



Beautiful backdrop with shimmering lights, sort of like a waterfall before they become more like shooting stars. Pastora takes to the stage alone and as she enters the chorus, there is a new element of a pyramid on stage. The cameras are keeping a lot of track on her and she is enjoying the element of the close ups. Mid-way through the performance, the backing singers, five in total come out onto the stage and they give the song a special touch. Spain seem like contenders for the very first time in years with this song actually and what a performance. Pasotra is flawless vocally and hits the high notes of the song beautifully. I am sure that Spain will be in the top ten but can they pull out a victory? Huge reaction in the hall!


Video Courtesy of escXtra


United Kingdom

Engelbert has got to be the most famous performer at this years' Eurovision Song Contest followed by Jedward and Pastora Soler and his rehearsal has been expected for quite some time noting that he was supposed to perform first due to this running order position but due to a number of scheduling conflicts this was not possible. He is clad in casual clothing today and is joined on stage by a guitarist as in the preview video and also a couple who are dancing along to the beautiful tune. The vocals need a lot of work especially in the upper register as when he changes the tone, it is not really sounding well and that would definitely detract votes from the juries, an element which the United Kingdom should be playing with. This was a first rehearsal and they will have a second one tomorrow but work is definitely required.


Video Courtesy of escXtra

Wednesday, 04 April 2012 01:48

Germany: Roman Lob speaks to escflashmalta

One of the most successful countries to compete in the annual Eurovision Song Contest in recent years has surely been Germany since securing their second victory at the esteemed event back in 2010 at the hands of Lena Meyer-Landrut with the song Satellite written by John Gordon and Julie Frost. She returned to defend her title the following year with the track Taken By a Stranger written by Gus Seyffert, Nicole Morier and Monica Birkenes finishing in a respectable tenth place. This time round though, they initiated a call for artists as they had done the first time Lena was selected and ended up coming up with Roman Lob who will be representing the Western country with the song Standing Still written by one of the most prolific teams in songwriting including Jamie Cullum, Steve Robson and Wayne Hector. He has since been signed to Universal Music Germany who have coordinated with the respective promotional resources coming up with a set of questions which have been answered by Roman himself.

How do you feel about representing your country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku and what does the musical competition actually mean to you as an artist?

It’s a great feeling and I’m really excited. It means a lot to me. All this is really thrilling and I‘m mainly looking forward to making music in another country with artists from all over the world.

You took part in the German TV show “Unser Star für Baku” looking for this year’s ESC contestant. Could you tell us something about your experiences during that time?

I made lots of new experiences. The panel gave us great and helpful hints and I also learned lots of new things from the other candidates.

Right after winning the pre-selection process known as “Unser Star für Baku” – what kind of thoughts came to your head first?

I couldn't believe it – at that moment my mind went completely blank!

Could you talk to us about your Eurovision entry; what is the song about, was it your favorite one, who`s the writer?

Standing Still was my favourite from the first second! It was written by Jamie Cullum. The song is about a couple who unfortunately split up. The guy has to come to terms with the fact that the woman has left him.

What are you looking forward to the most – in respect of taking part at the Eurovision Song Contest and could you speak to us about the way that your stage performance will look like whilst in Baku?

I’m really looking forward to getting to know other cultures and meeting new people. It’s still at a very early planning stage. Probably a fairly straightforward show.

Did you have a chance to listen to any of the other entries? Do you have any favorites?

Yes, I've seen a few of them. But I don’t have a favourite yet. Each one of them is good in their own way and it’s really difficult to decide on a favourite at this early stage.

What is your favorite Eurovision song of all times and what is your favorite one from your home country?

Lena with Satellite was absolutely amazing, and I thought Lordi were pretty cool, too!

What are you going to do while staying in Azerbaijan? Do you have any plans besides the Eurovision Song Contest?

I’d love to get to know the country and its people, and of course I want to go to the beach.

Do you have a musical idol?

Yes, I really like the band Paramore and Xavier Naidoo.

What do you expect from the Eurovision Song Contest 2012? Do you think it will have a great impact on your career?

I'll take things as they come. It will definitely be a great experience!

Roman Lob is a upcoming performer who was chosen through a selection process which included hundreds and thousands of applicants from all over the country. He won the selection process in a tight final against Ornella de Santis despite having been the favourite as from the second show in which he had competed in. Due to the fact that Germany is a member of the elite five in the competition, they will be competing directly in the final and it seems that the bookmakers see them as potential winners by virtue of putting them in eight position with their pop track which is also being very much well received by the fans of the esteemed event.

Source: Universal Music Germany


Published in Interviews
Saturday, 31 March 2012 13:50

Germany: Roman Lob to Release Debut Album

Germany is one of the most interesting countries to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest especially in recent years when results had dwindled before the representation of artists such as Max and Lena Meyer-Landrut turned the results around especially noting the involvement of Stefan Raab, who clearly is the equivalent of Simon Cowell in the Western Country. Following the second participation of Lena just last year with the song Taken by a Stranger which finished in tenth place, the broadcaster being ARD had to renew their search for a newcomer just like that had done with her and at the end of the day, the final individual to come out on top was none other than Roman Lob, the clear favourite from the very beginning.

The German performer is still twenty one years old and he won the preselection with the song Standing Still written by Jamie Cullum, Steve Robson and Wayne Hector and the person he defeated was none other than Ornella De Santis who competed with the song Quietly. The fact of the matter is that the Western nation secured the services of the British songwriters who have quite a vast background behind them having written for the likes of Simon Casey, Enrique Iglesias, One Direction, Susan Boyle, Clay Aiken, Westlife, Olly Murs, Kate Winslet, Rhydian, Gareth Gates and All Saints amongst others. He will be releasing his debut album entitled Changes on the 13th April 2012. His debut single which is also the Eurovision Song Contest entry peaks at number #3 in the German Charts. Stay tuned to www.escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about Roman Lob and the 2012 edition of the music showcase.

Source: Roman Lob Official Website


Saturday, 19 February 2011 15:05

Italy: San Remo 2011 Won by Roberto Vecchioni

Ciao Tutti e Bonasera, welcome to our live coverage of the annual San Remo competition which is being staged at the beautiful Teatro Ariston which is situated in the city which bears the same name at the events' name. A total of fourteen acts were competing at the start of the week but following the elimination and the re-entry of some acts, we now stand at ten. I think that it is nice to see Italy really putting the effort this year and it shows with viewing figures improving quite a bit.

The hosts of the evening are singer/songwriter Gianni Morandi along with the ever so beautiful models Belen Rodriguez and Elisabetta Canalis who has been making headlines with her high profile relationship with actor George Clooney. We have been keeping you posted over the last couple of days about the shows but this evening marks the grand finale with the act to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest Final on the 14th May 2011 to be announced. You can watch the show through RAI UNO which could also be found through satellite.

Here we are for a long and surely exciting evening as we will finally know the first Italian entry in Eurovision since Jalisse magnificent 4th place in the 1997 Eurovision with 'Fiume di parole'. The show is starting with a dance act and looks very nice. The presenters come on stage and an act is being performed in honour of the presenters, but obviously we are all waiting for the finalists to perform their song. The presenters are opening the televoting, so just like in Eurovision one can vote from the very first moment.


01. La Crus – Io Confesso
02. Giusy Ferreri – Il Mare Immenso
03. Davide Van De Sfross - Yanez
04. Luca Madonia ft Franco Battiato – L’Alieno
05. Nathalie – Viva Sospesa
06. Anna Tatangelo - Bastardo
07. Modá and Emma - Arrivera
08. Albano – Amanda e libero
09. Roberto Vecchioni - Chiamami ancora amore
10. Luca Barbarossa & Raquel del Rosario – Fino Il Fondo

We are off for the first performance...

01. Davide Van De Sfross - Yanez
A nice opening for the festival but in my opinion in view of Eurovision not the song to go for. I'm pretty sure we are heading for better songs.

02. Roberto Vecchioni - Chiamami ancora amore
I really adore Italian music, it's one of my favourite languages to listen to, but with all respect to Roberto, i don't believe for a minute that this would be a wise decision to send for Eurovision. Undoubtably a good performer, but in terms of Eurovision no way.

03. Anna Tatangelo - Bastardo
Comparing to the first two songs the song is already much more appealing to me. Quiet good performance although i believe Anna is forcing a bit too much herself. But overall not a bad performance.

A first commercial break is currently done.

04. Luca Barbarossa & Raquel del Rosario – Fino Il Fond

Luca Barbarossa, the 1988 Italian ESC entry is back with Raquel and it's clear the level is going only up tonight. Quiet a nice performance of the two singers. In terms of Eurovision, i'm not sure if this would be the song, but i like the performance. It has a nice build-up, like it! And a big compliment that the orchestra is here, how much we miss it at the Eurovision!

05. Albano – Amanda e libero
And here we have the great Al Bano, he represented Italy in the seventies together with Romina Power and being a backing singer in 2000 for the Swiss Entry in Eurovision. This week he first got eliminated but through a second chance still got into the finals and it's clear why: still a great performer and definately a great Italian artist. A nice song however i don't think this is a song for Eurovision.

We have a break with a guest peformance by Belen Rodriguez and Fernando Alonso, the Fomule 1-driver is asked on stage.

06. La Crus – Io Confesso
A nice performance by La Crus, a male singer accompanied by an opera singer. I like it, but again in terms of Eurovision i don't think it would work completely although i think one of the better songs though, kinda confused.

07. Giusy Ferreri – Il Mare Immenso
Giusy Ferreri is bring a rock-ballad. I don't know about this one, i might be totally wrong but i dont' have any connection with this song and performance. It's not bad in terms of performance but i think this would  not be a good entry for Eurovision.

08. Nathalie – Viva Sospesa
Now this is an interesting entry. The last Italian winner of X-Factor is performing playing the piano. I like this a lot, this has Eurovision all over it and i believe this could be a great entry for Italy in Düsseldorf! Nathalie is leaving the piano and performing strongly on stage. This could work out very good for Italy in Germany! And i admit i was expecting a lot on this as Nathalie is half belgian (her mother is belgian) but objectively this is the best entry for now in terms of Eurovision.

And we are off again for a commercial break.

09. Modá and Emma - Arrivera
This duet is not bad at all, i'm happy to be able to judge the songs on a first hearing so without any prejudice. This is really well done and i believe this entry could be a dangerous contender for the Eurovision Contendor.

10. Luca Madonia ft Franco Battiato – L’Alieno
The last participant is not bad either bad with all respect for the performers we've heard better songs. Especially in terms for Eurovision i don't believe this would work at all, for this the song is too much ordinary and has nothing special.

We had all the songs for now and we're off for some typical talking and comic talking. Hopefully this is not taking too long and they'll tak us to the important part of the show...the results!

There is again a call for televoting and the cd with all songs of this year's festival is being promoted. And now we are off for a interval-act with many dancers, amongst only one female, looks pretty good actually! We are having another guest performance before waiting results for the superfinal!

The presenters are now talking about the selection for Eurovision we'll be seeing now any moment the entry for Eurovision!

And there it is, it's Raphael Gualazzi who will represent Italy in this years Eurovision Songcontest! He is the winner of the new coming category! Very funny though that this is briefly mentionned during this show! I wonder about the real interest of the Italians for the Eurovision actually. If 'Follia d'amore', Raphael's song in San Remo is really the song for Eurovision, this is a HUGE disapointed for the returnal of Italy in Eurovision. Actually i honestly believe they'd better had been out for another year. Shame on you RAI!

In the meanwhile, the televoting has stopped for determing the winner of this years San Remo Festival.

Avril Lavigne is called on stage now to give a performance. With all respect to this singer but in the past we had more big stars in the festival, i expected more about it.

The top 3 are announced... They are:

Al Bano

Moda and Emma

Roberto Vecchioni

On the first two i can agree, but such a pity Nathalie didn't make it, especially in terms for Eurovision! And a long talking from the presenters we are off again for a dance-act. Well the italians surely know how to keep on dragging a show for ages!

And again the top 3 are performing again: first Roberto Vecchioni, then Moda and Emma and finally Al Bano! Hope this will not take too much long anymore! At least Maltese Television learned how to keep a show more compact this year, my compliments on it, but shame on RAI!

After another performance televoting has finally come to an end. Let's cross fingers this never ending story is coming to end soon now!

Finally!!! The results are being announced!

Third place is: Al Bano

Second place: Moda and Emma

Winner is Roberto Vecchioni!

So that concludes this never ending evening. A very disapointing evening in regards for the return of Italy in the Eurovision Songcontest. There were much better songs that could have given Italy a great result in my personal opinion. We'll see now, goodluck anyhow!

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