January 23, 2020

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It was almost six years ago, when Natalie Gauci took to the stage of the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre as a special guest at the Malta Eurovision Song Content. On that occasion, she had performed Here I Am, a number #2 single in Australia along with Angel, the entry that represented Malta at the international spectacle back in 2005. This particular duet alongside balladeer Chiara was legendary and denoted as one of the most wonderful memories of the selection.

Due to creative differences, Natalie left Sony Music Australia and started working on her follow-up material with an indie record label based in Europe. As a matter of fact, this led to the release of a digital album entitled HA HA HA which received positive critical acclaim. escflashmalta.com is in a position to exclusively reveal that in 2011, the singer/songwriter had been looking at several options to submit for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, ultimately deciding against it at the very last minute with other musical endeavours seemingly garnering more importance.

Natalie Gauci is looking to re-launch her career in music through another entertainment showcase, the Eurovision Song Contest. The song she is presenting to the public, entitled Grow Up is co-written with Peter Busuttil, known to many as a former television host of the programme Red on NET Television and also as the present Film Commissioner. The first hurdle to represent Malta at the international showcase though is to garner the support of a professional panel of judges, and the general public, should she manage to get through the second phase. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the 2014 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: escflashmalta.com