December 09, 2019

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A small amount of countries competing in the Eurovision Song Contest are yet to realise their full potential and succeed by virtue of qualification and one of them is Montenegro. Since seperating from Serbia, the nation is yet to make an impact and in four participations, disaster has struck on each occasion. The closest to being successful was in 2009 when Andrea Demirovic performed the track Just Get Out of My Life co-written by the successful Ralph Siegel, the same man behind the San Marino entry in this years' edition of the international showcase. RTCG, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of the country is taking a different route this time round. 

Who See, with the aid of Nina Zizic will be representing Montenegro in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Igranka. Through their delegation, we had the opportunity to speak to them briefly about their participation. The hip hop duo are were clearly in favour of representing their country 'in the world's biggest music event' adding that they hope that their song 'will popularise hip hop culture not only in Montenegro but even beyond'. On the other hand, on the mere mention of Malta, they seemed extremely positive saying that the 'Eurovision needs to head into warmer areas in Europe' and that Malta 'have wonderful beaches and good parties'. Montenegro's disapproval across the years has been attributed to tracks which have not reached the mainstream idea of music but nevertheless, it seems that this could be the chance to move forward and succeed according to pundits and opinionists. 

Within the next couple of hours, as rehearsals for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest commence in Sweden, the duo will be meeting up with Gianluca especially for the simple reason that they 'support his entry' and will be hoping that they could succeed together as they head onto the final. Montenegro will be competing in the first semi-final of this years' international showcase where they will not be opening the show as has always been the case in each of their four previous participations but rather at a modest number #9 meaning, mid-way through the show. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news with regards to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: RTCG

Thursday, 11 April 2013 13:00

Montenegro: Reviewing the track 'Igranka'

English has always been a predominant language in recent years when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest and whilst it has kept the majority this time round, national tongues are becoming popular once more. The team of expert reviewers have listened to each entry competing in the international showcase. All of the information is obtained from the official website of the international spectacle and indeed, pertaining to the running order as decided by the producers, Montenegro will be performing in slot number nine (9) from the sixteen (16) entries which will be competing during the first semi-final. RTCG, the broadcaster resposible for the participation of Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest will be represented by the song Igranka co-written between Dejan Dedovic (Dedduh), Mario Djordjevic (Noyz), Djordje Miljenovic (Wikluh Sky) and performed by WhoSee ft. Nina Žižić.

The group was created in early 2000s, recording their first demo track titled Dim Po Dim (Puff After Puff). In 2007, the group released their debut album, Sviranje kupcu. After two years of preparation and recording, the band released their second album Krš i Drača in 2012, the WhoSee single Reggaeton Montenegro conquered the charts in the Adriatic region and spent five weeks at number one of the MTV regional Top 20 chart. This hip-hop duo is known for their humour and funny videos, and they are making history as the first band from Montenegro ever to be nominated for a MTV EMA! For song Reggaeton Montenegro, Who See won MTV EMA award for Best Adriatic Act 2012 and MTV Video Play Award 2012 – Double Platinum. 

Video for the song 'Reggaeton Montenegro' in 2012 were aired over 800 times on the MTV. Otherwise, Dedduh is married and works as a salesman in a toy store, while Noyz has his own studio in which he successfully works on video editing and graphic design. The official CD / DVD cover for the Eurovision song Igranka was made by Noyz. Nina Zizic started with musical career in 2003. Her first single was Odlazi and after this she recorded six more singles. She has participated in many music festivals in the region and won a few prizes. At 2006 she participated in Montenegro's selection for Eurovision Song Contest with the song Potraži me. Djordje Miljenovic was born on December the 10th 1980 in Belgrade. To the audience he is more known as Wikluh Sky, as one of the members of trio Bad Copy, beside Ajs Nigrutin and Timbe. Wikluh Sky works as a performer himself and lately as a composer for other artists. He is mostly into hip-hop, reggae, dub-step, R&B.

Montenegro is taking part in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest for the fifth time hoping that they will be able to encounter some form of success considering that they are yet to reach the final of the prestigious event. Since the split between Serbia and Montenegro, it seems that success has beckoned for the former as opposed to the latter especially when one takes into considering that they triumphed thanks to Marija Serifovic and her entry Molitva on their first solo outing. Internal selections have somewhat been characteristic for Montenegro with the broadcaster seeking international success without any over expenditure. The best result achieved at this point in time was back in 2009 when Andrea Demirovic took to the stage with the song Just Get Out of My Life finishing in eleventh place with a total of forty-four (44) points which were amassed from all over the continent.

The song which was written by Bernd Meinunger, José Juan Santana Rodriguez and Ralph Siegel, the latter known for winning the 1982 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was thought to be a draw card but nevertheless, opening the show did not help and thus failed to pass through to the final, albeit by a couple of points. The market that the broadcaster is trying to reach is extremely difficult because alternative genres are yet to receive a lot of attention at the international spectacle despite high acclaim from pundits. This year, they are sending hip-hop infused into dubstep, a true formula which might not be well appreciated when performed live. Nevertheless, one could instantly note that there has been a lot of effort put into the track to make it sound both professional and international. The fact that Montenegro will not be opening the show is also a positive sign but nevertheless, coming after a string of favourites might also be troublesome.

Professional Critics Voice their Opinion

Rating: 37%

Magnus Kaxe: Combined male rap in the verses and female vocals in the chorus with a modern house touch. I listened to it five times but I can't still remember a single note. The video is disgusting and focuses more on female body parts than the artists. This is the video one gets when there is no song to speak of.

Lina Eriksson: There aren't any words to describe this song in my opinion. I just have no real opinion about it so I'd rather not even say, No!

Matt Mercieca (Muxu): This is such a Guilty Pleasure, I LOVE IT!!! the guys kind of make me laugh, and remind me of Goerge u Pawlu, but the beat is so current, very dub step , and I love her voice. I'm curious to see how eurovision fanatics react to this, I really like it, when the guys rap its a little funny though. but this girl is Banging , and the song is so cool. Definitely one of my faves this year.


Published in Editorials
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 16:10

Montenegro: 'Igranka' is a Commercial Hit

Montenegro is one of the most unsuccessful countries to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest with their best result thus far being an eleventh place finish within the semi-final of the 2011 edition having been represented by Andrea Demirovic and her entry Just Get out of My Life. RTCG, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of the nation at the internation spectacle has been looking at several options to change the records and came up with the idea of sending dubstep infused within rap. The group WhoSee have sought the vocals of Nina Žižić, a notable star on the track Igranka and it seems that the whole package might just work.

It has been somewhat important for the countries in the area to select known individuals so that they could rack up the points from their respective fans and this is something which is being utilised by Montenegro this time round considering that WhoSee, winners of the Best Adriatic Act at last years' Music Television Awards, are extremely well known in the Balkans. The same aforementioned station has also playlisted the track and following a public vote, finds itself at the eighteenth slot within the video charts. It is also worth noting that the track has racked up a hefty load of hits on YouTube, the main element behind this is surely the fact that traffic is directed there and thus, no other versions are gaining to same amount of exposure. WhoSee alongside Nina are hoping to take Montenegro into the final for the very first time since the split with Serbia and could do it in such an open year. They will be competing in the second part of the first semi-final, and thus not opening as they have done in almost every occasion. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: MTV, Risto Bozovic (image)

Thursday, 14 March 2013 19:25

Montenegro: 'Igranka' Officially Presented

Qualifying to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest is made to look extremely easy by a couple of nations but nevertheless, not everyone is as lucky to have either competent performers or enough support in overseas territories and one of the unsuccessful remains to be Montenegro. The best result returned to the Ex-Yugoslavian nation is an eleventh place finish back in 2009 when Andrea Demirovic took to the stage with the track Just Get Out of My Life. Following last years' disappointment, they will be hoping for a different outcome with their internal choice of the group Who See who will be performing the song Igranka.

Who See, winners of the Best Adriatic Act at the Music Television Awards a couple of months back, joining the likes of former Eurovision Song Contest representative, Laka will be performing the song during the second half of the first semi-final, meaning that for the very first time in their respective history, they will not be opening the show. They will not be performing on their own having enlisted the aid of Nina Žižić in the performance of the song Igranka. The song which is a mixture of rap and dubstep might actually qualify to the final not only based on the merit that the production is relatively professional but also for the simple reason that the first semi-final is full of ballads. You can judge the song for yourself just below. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: (Image)