November 17, 2019

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It has long been noted that successful ventures do indeed go a long way in the music industry and our premier collaboration with 89.7 Bay in an exclusive interview with Carlo Gerada proved to be quite a promising start securing support for the performer and his track My World from all spectrums of society through our portal. Therefore, we will be moving forward with the next interview focusing on Christabelle who has most recently also been featured on for the release of her new single Say which is already topping the chart in fact. It seems that things are really moving into a good direction for her especially when considering that it has all been an ascension throughout time.

Christabelle is one of the most consistent artists in the local music scene having been around for quite some time working around a variety of genres including rhythm and blues, pop and even swing noting that she is quite versatile so to speak. Nevertheless, this single has something different from anything she has released in the past and therefore holds a high personal regard to her and to her followers. The track Say managed to dethrone Paul by Red Electrick from the number #1 position following four weeks at the top as announced earlier this week on 89.7 Bay on Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D. Should you have missed the programme, make sure to visit the official page and listen to the podcast recording of the whole show. In the meantime, we had the opportunity to ask a couple of questions to Christabelle.

Each artist grows and adapts genres to particular features in vocals or even at times public perception but how has Christabelle changed over the years through her music?

Well since I started singing at a very young age, the music I used to listen to back has evolved. Since I experienced the States I feel that my music has evolved in a way that it has matured me.
Your latest single entitled Say has just been revealed to be this weeks' number #1 on Malta's Local Top Ten with Nathan D following a couple of weeks in the runner-up position because of the success of the track Paul by Red Electrick having kept the top spot for a month. How does it feel that yet again, you are leading the pack?

The track Paul from Red Elektrick is probably one of my favourite maltese tracks, infact whilst Im driving and Paul starts playing on the radio I always put the volume up hehe. To be honest It was enough of a priviledge being no 2 as at the moment there are so many new artists with a whole lot of potential and talent that even though I have been in the scene for quite a while now I always say that talent here is continuously getting better. Now that my Single Say is no 1 for it's first week Im over the moon because as I mentioned before the talent is extraordinary for such a small island, nevertheless I always have faith in the songs that I co-write and perform so I m really grateful SAY is number #1.
Many feel that your latest single is very different to what has been released in the past signally a new start for Christabelle as a performer. Have you encountered anything different in life that made you turn to this type of genre?
SAY is my 6th single which I have released and Its my favourite one of the bunch. Why? Because it's so catchy it makes you wanting to keep singing it even after the song finishes. Well at least thats the feedback Im getting from a lot of people. Its a new step towards the right direction in my opinion. The lyrics behind this track are extremely powerful and gradually the song becomes as powerful showing a bit of the aggressive side of my voice. What I really wanted to showcase most in this track is my voice. I am a very emotional singer and I tend to feel every single lyric as if it's happening at that very same moment.
You have released quite a large amount of singles in the past couple of years as you grew into the artist you have become today but will people get the chance to see you release an album sometime soon and what is the general plan for your music in 2012?
My plan for this year is definitely going to be to start working on an album, trying to incorporate my previous singles along with new ones. My other plans are that as always I love performing, trying to get to perform at a number of events and doing my best to please the crowd watching.
Source:, 89.7 Bay

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One of the countries that has not been lucky in the Eurovision Song Contest since the introduction of the semi-final system has surely been The Netherlands who have only managed to get through this hurdle on one occasion, being back in 2004 when their entry entitled Without You ended up garnering a disappointing result in the finals of that years' edition held in Istanbul, Turkey. Since then the outlook has been bleak and in recent years, they even changed their broadcasters in an effort to bring back a fresh sound. For this years' edition of the music competition, they went for a huge national selection which was professionally organized by John Del Mol, known for creating hit shows such as The Voice and in the long run, Joan Franka and her track You and Me ended up being the final.

Joan Franka is not a complete newcomer to the music scene actually having participated in her nations' version of the ever popularity growing competition known as The Voice although she did not win finishing as the runner-up. The track that she is presenting in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which is being staged in Baku, Azerbaijan is one which she wrote with Jessica Hoogenboom and despite being an underdog in the final and even failing to garner the most amount of jury votes at last part of the selection process, she managed to convince the viewers that she was the choice. Our team in Baku including Juergen Boernig and Eric Lehmann caught up with the performer prior to the first dress rehearsal and spoke to them about the experience.

Source: Juergen Boernig, Eric Lehmann

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Nina Badric is one of the most popular artists in the Ex-Yugoslavian regions having amassed a lengthy career from 1995 onwards which have included multiple successes. This is the fourth time that she has put her name forward to represent her country having been the most successful prior to this year back in 2003 with the track Čarobno Jutro by ranking in second place to Claudia Beni and her song Više Nisam Tvoja who went onto achieve the third worst result of the country by finishing in fifteenth place despite having been a favourite. She was internally selected by Croatian Television; HRT to represent the country and save them from two years of unsuccessful results.

Nina Badric feels honoured to have got the chance to represent her country this time round and will be looking forward to addressing the song to her people and the audience at the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest where she is competing alongside Malta and their entry This Is The Night performed by Kurt Calleja and the rest of his band which includes Warren, Chris, Kevin, Rebecca, and Amber. Up till now she has given very good rehearsals but the problem lies with the fact that it is coming opposite Slovenia in the running order with a very similar song and might therefore fall off the map. Our team which now includes Eric Lehmann, the President of OGAE Luxembourg spoke to Nina about her performance, entry and career heading into the competition.

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One of the most intriguing nations to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest is surely Denmark noting that they have become quite successful in recent years with top five finishes in a row, something that France did during 2001 and 2002 thanks to Natasha St Pier and Sandrine Francois. This year, their hopes lie on the ever so charming Soluna Samay who is performing the song Should've Known Better written by Chief 1, Remee and Isam B. They are posed to qualify and the betting odds as well as the polls suggest that this could yet be another positive result for the Scandinavian country even though the song is once more very middle of the road and making me lose interest in it every time it is performed. Nevertheless most of the people who hear it in the semi-final would be listening to it for the very first time.

Despite a large amount of positive results during the years, Denmark have only won the competition on two occasions, the last one being in 2000 thanks to the Olsen Brothers and their entry Fly On The Wings of Love which surprised everyone by running to victory. The following year, their entry had been my number one with Never Ever Let You by Rollo & King featuring the typical Scandinavian Pop sound which was very much in vogue at the time. As already mentioned, their success in recent years has prompted the nation for the possibility of another positive result. In this interview with Soluna Samay, Juergen Boernig and Lilian Brunell discuss the fact that she is representing Denmark, see more facts and details about her background and ultimately analyse the name of the singer and where it comes from. Make sure to stay tuned to for more exclusive interviews.

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This year, Finland has to be one of the most underrated countries in the Eurovision Song Contest considering the great performance that Pernilla has been giving during her respective runs which have not been too easy considering the nature of her song which might be simple yet is still extremely emotional. The track which she is performing bearing the title När Jag Blundar was written by her brother as an ode to their mother and therefore, the sentimental feeling will surely be astonishing when it is performing following the likes of Belgium on the stage of the first semi-final. It will be quite interesting which ballad will ultimately stand out the most on the night.

Finland have quite the history in the Eurovision Song Contest and until a couple of years back, they were the longest participating nation not to score a victory but Lordi did change that with their track Hard Rock Hallelujah. Pernilla is quite different and following years of rock and metal, the genre that YLE has been represented by has been calmer, different and somewhat enjoyable noting last years' entry Da Da Dam by Paradise Oskar. They kept to the same formula with such a beautiful ballad. In this special interview on the bus of Finland, Pernilla speaks about the message of the song, the rehearsals and how she manages to keep so calm throughout.

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