December 11, 2019

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Ira Losco, one of the leading female artists in the local music scene has been credited to achieving a lot of success but what makes stand out from the rest is the element of being humble about any of the projects she takes on. The past couple of months have been somewhat of a revival for the iconic figure having been somewhat missing since the release of her remixes album entitled Mixed Beats back in 2009 but many have come to learn that she has been working extremely hard on perfecting her new record, with the idea that despite achieving a status over the years, there is still an image to keep up and being true to ones self will always remain important.

Ira Losco has always remained grounded and that is surely one of the elements why she has succeeded over the years because whether performing at the Eurovision Song Contest, or with Claudio Baglioni, she is still the same individual, one who is honouring her country. Following the success of What I'd Give, winning the Best Video Award at the Malta Music Awards whilst also allowing Ira Losco to be recognised as the Best Artist in the eyes of the DJ's during the Bay Music Awards, comes a brand new studio album entitled, The Fire produced and mixed by Howard Keith of Jagged House. An official launch event took place last night at Villa Bologna in Attard, a gala supported by Jugs and Island Caterers which was extremely well attended by various members of the press. 

Personally, I feel like the title of the brand new album speaks volumes about the comeback with Ira noting down in just one way that there is something which re-ignited the spark towards making music. As a matter of fact, when speaking about The Fire, Ira stated that 'there was a time when I didn't want to write anything. I was overcome by fear and I was reluctant to bare my soul. Then when I started writing, I had no inhibitions, I didn't set myself any parameters. I definitely have an album I am proud of.' Whenever Jagged House come up with a brand new album, they send shockwaves into the industry and with Ira Losco just releasing her sophomore single off this album entitled The Person I Am featuring David Leguess, one would understand what I am referring to.

During the launch event, a visibly emotional Ira Losco thanked everyone for the input within this record and for supporting her throughout the years. She also gave a resoundingly stunning performance of a couple of songs during the evening accompanied by the people who have come to garner attention as her band including Peter Borg on Electric Guitars, Alex Mallia on Acoustic Guitars, Ivan Borg on Bass Guitar, and Steve 'Cannibal Muscat' on the drums. Other people who were involved within the album where Adrian 'Ir-Russu' Brincat on the Trumpet and Simon Vella on the Violin. The brand new album could be bought either through iTunes, Jagged House, Ira Losco's Official Website, or even Exotique. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Jagged House, Emil Calleja Bayliss (Image)

Published in Local Music News
Thursday, 28 February 2013 17:23

Malta: 'The Person I Am' Hits the Charts

The Fire is set to be the fifth studio album released by Ira Losco, one of the most high profile artists to grace the local music scene. The female singer is teasing her fans with material off the record by releasing debut single What I'd Give featuring a mixture of funk and reggae, and more recently The Person I Am, a pop/rock track which is aided by David Leguess as a rapper. Many have thought that maybe variety will not be the key to this comeback noting that Ira might have decided to play it safe but this is certainly not the case when one considers how different the two tracks are in terms of genre.

Since returning to the scene during this past summer, Ira Losco has been giving out a lot of interviews and making a number of headlining performances, all of which have been live including at the Bay Music Awards, The Summer Music Festival, Christmas in the City and The Malta Music Awards. Faithful fans and followers have been extremely positive with regards to the recently released material but it has to be noted that a new generation of people is somewhat following the brand new tracks due to the fact that there has been progression. 89.7 Bay, the most followed radio station in the country for four consecutive years has been playing the song in the past couple of days and with a commitment to the local music scene, it seems that Ira Losco continues to be receiving airplay, charting as a new entry at number #8 with The Person I Am. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about Ira Losco and the local music scene.

Source: 89.7 Bay, Shane Watts (Image),

Published in Local Music News
Thursday, 27 September 2012 14:34

Malta: Airport Impressions to Tour in Sweden

The strides of improvement that the local music industry has underwent in the past couple of years has been beyond overwhelming noting that Jagged House alone now represents some of the most professional and successful artists around including the likes of former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Ira Losco who is currently planning to release a brand new album following an extended quiet period as well as other groups such as Tribali, The Rifffs and of course, Airport Impressions who continue to impress their ever growing fan base. A couple of days and weeks back it was revealed that the latter band who scooped all of the major accolades at the Malta Music Awards as well as the Bay Music Awards were invited back to Sweden, not for just one performance but a four date mini-tour.

Airport Impressions have become a popular name to many in the local music industry especially after releasing their debut album Minutes of a Lifetime with tracks written by the groups themselves as well as worked upon under the typical pop/rock genre which many have come to enjoy. Amongst the standout tracks from the respective collection, one will surely mention the likes of Walk With MeBorderline, and their hit single Freedom which is still regularly played on local radio stations. Four dates have been setup starting as from tomorrow as the band leave for the Swedish capital, Stockholm later on this evening alongside their Manager, Howard Keith. The editorial team at wishes them the very best of luck as they represent the very best that the country has to offer musically. Stay tuned for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available. 

Source: Facebook,

Published in Local Music News
Friday, 17 August 2012 17:20

Malta: Jagged House Represents Success

In the past couple of years, there has been a lot of talk with regards to the growing amount of artists that the Maltese Islands are producing especially ones which somewhat deserve attention. The scenes are different but they represent a typical diverse music culture, one which has been surrounded by the success achieved on foreign shores. Production and songwriting is key though because otherwise, artists would be stuck to performing tracks which others had released during their respective careers. One of the main elements for the change in succeeding within the local music scene has surely been Jagged House, a company which represents management and production first and foremost led by none other than Howard Keith, the director who initial affiliations with music came during a time when Chiara was set to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest way back in 2005. Having worked with the renowned songwriter/producer turned photographer Paul Zammit Cutajar, they turned the successful Farmhouse Studios into a reputable business which has somewhat saved our music industry.

In this present day and age, Jagged House has worked hard into creating leading names in the local music industry including none other than; pop/rock artist Ira Losco who is just about ready to launch her next album following the release of her single What I'd Give which puts the performer in a completely different light to what many have seen of her; Tribali whose world music just got somewhat more complex with the addition of lead vocalist Eliza whose pipes are well adjusted to on the number #1 hit album known as The Traveller; The alternative rock band Airport Impressions whose debut album entitled Minutes of a Lifetime was a huge success in the country leading to the band going onto perform on foreign shores and last but not least, the alternative ska band known as The Riffs whose comeback has been more than endearing so to speak working with some of the most notable names in the industry to make sure that their original sound never goes away.

There have been a number of side projects which Howard Keith has taken up in recent months as well with former protegees Red Electrick looking to launch a brand new sound following their successful unplugged sessions which were promoted live in the theatre. Another interesting project which he has taken up on behalf of Jagged House is with Bletchley Park who have become somewhat more popular in just a space of a couple of months. Their work is best represented in their debut album bearing the title My Body Fighting actually. The lead single off the album is currently a leading radio hit and will continue to earn airplay as long as the listeners keep to their typical sound. Jagged House represents some of the most successful individuals in the local music industry and that is because they are known to be professional, take everything into consideration and take their time before making decisions. Stay tuned to for more news about the local music industry.

Source:, Jagged House

Published in Local Music News
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