February 19, 2020

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One of the most anticipated events on the Maltese musical calender surely has to be the Konkors Kazunetta Indipendenza which is an open air event held in the Floriana Granaries during the Independence festivities. Several local stars participate in the event promoting Maltese culture and lyrics. It is expected that this years' edition will be bigger and better and this is due to the fact that the festival is moving within its twentieth year and therefore, this marks a little bit of a milestone.

We are in an exclusive position to reveal that this years' edition of the Konkors Kazunetta Indipendenza received a total of 103 Entries, 14 of which have been submitted within the Teen Category, showing a decrease of 18 submissions from last year whilst a total of 89 entries were submitted in the Established Category, a decrease of 4 from last year. I believe that the reason for the decrease all owns up to the lack of studios in Malta and also the Secondary and post-secondary level education exams which are currently taking place. Next Saturday, the songs which have been submitted within the Established Category will be witted down to 50 and those chosen will perform live in front of a different panel of judges later on where the final decision are then made known.

Source: KKI Committee