February 20, 2020

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'The Celebrity Night' is the new Saturday night show which will be broadcast at 20:30 on F Living Channel. The series which officially kicked off a couple of weeks ago, revolves around the one-to-one interviews, which speak of class, decadence and wit, and have become synonymous with Deo Grech's presenting style.

Christabelle,  a female vocalist, who gained notoriety as a result of her first runner-up finish in the 2015 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Rush", written by Elton Zarb and Matthew Mercieca, is clearly on a high, and the most current guest on this evening's programme. She will be joined by another female guest, Angie Brown, a legendary singer/songwriter from South London, whose hit singles include "Took My Love" and "I'm Gonna Get You", the latter of which she performed on The Voice UK just a couple of months ago.


The third personality to feature this week is none other than male singer/songwriter, Kurt Calleja who knows all too well the pressures of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, having taken part on three occasions, before eventually winning the ticket in 2012. His entry "This Is The Night", co-written with Johan Jämtberg and Mikael Gunnerås was a surprise winner, yet also won the hearts of Europe when  it qualified to the final in Baku, Azerbaijan. This week's final personality is Andrew Zahra, a composer who requires no introduction whatsoever having been responsible for songs such as "L-Arka tal-Libertà", "Fomm il-Vjolin", "Stejjer", "Topsy Turvy" and "Let it Shine".


This and much more during this week's episode of 'The Celebrity Night' which airs tonight at 20:30 on F Living Channel. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the local music scene.

Source: F Living, Press Release

Published in Local Music News

ONE Radio 92.7 and ONE Television merge into a professional broadcasting house, whose output is of extremely high quality. One such programme delivered through this system is "Clint on ONE" hosted by Clint Bajada, which aims to brings musicianship back into the term artist, promoting the singer in a setup where being comfortable is a necessity.  Following the inauguration of the autumn/winter schedule, the programme made a much anticipated return, and later on, will be welcoming, Kevin Paul & Kurt Calleja.

Kurt Calleja, representative of Malta at the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with "This Is The Night" is a singer/songwriter who knows what it means to succeed on the international stage.  Having amassed a hit record, he ensured that his career flowed in the proper direction with his debut album "Love on Mars" comprising of a series of catchy tunes, all of which sought out to merge the concept of pop with another genre.


Kevin Paul, accompanied Kurt at that same edition of the international music competition but most recently coming into his own element, having signed a contract with Ironic PR & Artist Management, having the opportunity to showcase his music to the masses through his guest spot on 'Ħadd Għalik', while working on a series of a brand new projects, including original material.


"Clint on ONE" airs every Saturday morning as from 11am onwards, so make sure to tune into ONE Radio 92.7 and ONE Television. Any foreign fans will also be able to follow the show through the LIVE streaming portion which is offered through the official website of ONE. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from the local music industry.

Source: ONE Television, ONE Radio 92.7

Published in Local Music News
Monday, 01 September 2014 18:00

SHSC 2014: Eurostars Aplenty in Duets Phase

Tonight! The Summer Hit Song Contest continues. A music competition which originally took place between 2008 and 2011 and featured Miriam Christine, Neville Refalo, Romina Mamo, Minik and Siconix as winners, with a brand new selection of original songs. The celebrity-packed show is set to host leading singers from the local entertainment scene.

This week's edition of the Summer Hit Song Contest sees the return of several local stars for the Celebrity duets phase. The show, which airs on Monday at 20:30 on F Living Channel, has a very strong following this Summer.  The past editions of the same festival were also nominated for the Malta Television Awards in the Best Entertainment category, and one can understand why!

Fiona Vella from Fiona Couture will spice up the show with her critique on the artists' fashion sense. Miriam Christine, the very first winner of the Malta Hit Song Contest (2008) will return to the show with a specific role ... one, which will be revealed duing the show. During this week's show we will be able to follow the following Celebrity Duets:

Malcolm Pisani will feature in Mauro's entry, 'Fire Spell';

Renato will feature in Odessa's entry, 'Pretend';

Kurt Calleja will feature in Kelly Cassar's entry, 'One Precious Mile'

Kurt Cassar will feature in Christian's entry, 'Another Night in Heaven'

Rosman will feature in Domenique's entry, 'Back To..'

Brooke will feature in Dayle's entry 'You'

The guest artists will also perform songs from their own repertoire, whilst the Summer Hit Song Contest participants will draw their own place in the final's running order.

The competition aims to promote the local music artists in search of a true hit song. The show is produced and hosted by Deo Grech and Ignatius Farrugia. Stay tuned escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for the latest news from this year's edition of the Summer Hit Song Contest. Show is aired on Mondays and Sundays at 20:30 CET on F Living channel, your favourite tv channel for the best music this summer.

Source: Summer Hit Song Contest


In a shock announcement made during the 8 o'clock news bulletin a couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that the Public Broadcasting Services will be hosting the 2015 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest on the 21st & 22nd November at the Marsa Shipbuilding. What this meant though, is that singers and songwriters alike did not have ample time to get their material ready for Vienna, Austria with several opting out of the submission process which kicked off yesterday and officially comes to an end later on today.

Pamela (MESC 05-10,14), Davinia (MESC 13-14), Ruth Portelli (MESC 10), Kurt Calleja (ESC 12), Claudia Faniello (MESC 06-13) and Raquela Dalli Gonzi (MESC 09, 11, 13) have officially confirmed to the editorial team of escflashmalta.com that they will not be part of the submission process, for various reasons. On the other hand though, other artists whom we confirm to be part of the process are; Daniel Testa (MESC 14), Izzy (SHSC 11), Fabrizio Faniello (ESC 01, 06), Franklin Calleja (MESC 13-14), Domenique (MESC 11, 13) and Kaya (MESC 00, 10, 12). 

It is expected that the top female singer/songwriter in Malta, Ira Losco, who had also been to the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2002 will be making a scintillating return, on the back of an extremely successful year with "The Fire" topping the iTunes album chart for more than two consecutive months. The Public Broadcasting Services will continue receiving original and cover songs as submissions till 16:00 CET at the Creativity Hub in Gwardamangia. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook & Twitter.

Source: escflashmalta.com


Published in Local Music News

Kurt Calleja, the male singer/songwriter who represented Malta in the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with "This Is The Night", a song he co-wrote with Johan Jamtberg and Mikael Gunneras, has been in touch with the editorial team at escflashmalta.com to deny possible submission into the 2015 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, which is officially set to take place on the 22nd November at the Malta Shipbuilding in Marsa.

"I wanna return one day to Eurovision with a bang - give it my all - at the moment I have so many projects at once that I will end up doing it with very little energy - Eurovision requires focus, determination and a positive message ... which I generally have but it is scattered on my one thousand and one different projects going on. So as much as I would love to be on that stage again very very soon - as much as I love it and miss it - 2015 is gonna be a miss for me ... good luck to all the participants - wishing them all the very very best - may the best man, woman or duo or group win."

In recent weeks, Kurt Calleja has been extremely busy promoting his latest single release "Vertigo", off his debut album "Love on Mars" for which you may see the recently launched music video. The song, produced in a pop/dance manner has also entered Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D on 89.7 Bay by peaking at number #8. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2015 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: escflashmalta.com


In 2012, Kurt Calleja was the name on everyone's lips, having been chosen unanimously by both the public and the professional jury to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest with "This Is The Night" which saw the Mediterranean Islands head into the final for the first time in two years. Since then, the male vocalist has been relatively busy working on his debut album "Love on Mars", which was unveiled during a concert in aid of Inspire Foundation.

The latest single off his album which bears the name "Vertigo", written by Tim Laws, Steve Lee and Chris Madin, is being support through a music video. Like Ira Losco, the premise is also seemingly dedicated to the seasonal outlook in Malta at the moment with Kurt being at the beach and on a boat, somewhat always surrounded by water. We urge you to stay tuned into escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from the local music scene.

Source: Kurt Calleja (Facebook, Twitter)


Published in Local Music News

Lyndsay, fresh off the release of her eighth single, "Letter 25", a collaboration with Lulu Agius, had the pleasure to meet me for a chat in recent weeks, for a special feature interview for The Sunday Times of Malta. It was revealed that Lyndsay is currently flirting with the idea of entering the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, should the competition still exist, denoting the recent rumours going round that an internal selection is a possibility.

Speaking highly with regards to the production of both the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, as well as the song quality in recent years, Lyndsay states 'never say never as they say, although I am very much tempted, having had loads of fun as a backing vocalist to both Ally and Klinsmann when they competed', in direct reference to her participation in 2011 and 2013, joining the entourage of "Numb" and "The Remedy".

The female singer/songwriter went onto add that the boundaries between the competition and radio airplay have almost been brought down completely, quickly pointing out the success of Kurt Calleja with "This Is The Night" in 2012, and Gianluca with "Tomorrow" in 2013. "As an artist, I think it was pretty unfair to see fellow friends of mine face difficulties in getting their songs played on the radio knowing the amount of time and work which goes into creating a song". 

Lyndsay and Lulu will be unveiling the official music video accompaying "Letter 25", a co-write between Lyndsay, Lulu and Boris Cezek, during an acoustic session at The Villa in St Julians. The entrance to the event is free of charge, and we are sure that you will have a splendid time in a beautiful atmosphere. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: The Sunday Times of Malta


Published in Local Music News

Kurt Calleja, Malta's representative at the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with "This Is The Night" has just released a brand new single, "Vertigo" off his debut album "Love On Mars" which is available in all leading music outlets. Since his return back from the international competition, Kurt has been extremely busy, going onto release his follow-up single, "Boomerang", a radio hit which also led to a nomination at the Bay Music Awards. 

This was followed by a debut album "Love on Mars" which included further singles "Leap of Faith" and title track "Love on Mars". At this moment, the male vocalist is working on releasing a music video to accompany his latest track "Vertigo" with WE Media, led by Duane and Angie Laus, leading the production team. This is the same company which took care of the preview videos to accompany Malta's entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and 2014. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Kurt Calleja (Official Facebook, Twitter)


Published in Local Music News

Spiteri Lucas Entertainment, in conjunction with Media.Link Communications retired the format of Sas-Sitta in favour of a fresh take on a Saturday afternoon programme, Sibt Familja, which also incorporates light entertainment, interviews and a lot of laughter. Ray Attard, is joined by Debbie Scerri, 1997 representative in the Eurovision Song Contest as hosts and are known to welcome a number of personalities from all walks of life. The programme kicks off at around 13:30 CET and finishing at about 17:30 CET, meaning around four hours of pure family entertainment for all. It is broadcast on NET Television.

In aid of Puttinu Cares, this is a special broadcast of the weekly programme, featuring a large number of well known vocalists, including none other than; Janvil, Victorio Gauci, Kurt Calleja, Federica Falzon, Krista Spiteri Lucas, Ludwig Galea, Ivan Spiteri Lucas and Neville Refalo. Other guests will include; Stellina, Ruth Frendo and William Chetcuti together with the Toni Busuttil whose humor will definitely be required. This afternoon's edition of Sibt Familja will also feature various human interest stories of people who got help from the Puttinu Cares organisation. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Press Release


Published in Local Music News

CAP-Sounds, a record label based in Germany and distributed by Universal Music, known for publishing most of the entries that Malta has sent to the Eurovision Song Contest has prepared a special surprise for all fans of the international competition. escflashmalta.com is proud to exclusively reveal that the company has been busy speaking with artists, songwriters and label executives about getting the rights to each of the songs that represented Malta in the past, from the first ever entry in 1971 to the most recent one in 2013.

Unfortunately, despite all their efforts, some songs are missing either due to unclear legal issues or personal reasons but that should not marr the cloud of the compilation album, the second ever to be put on disc and digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. It is a must have collection for all fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, and of course, of Malta’s participation in the international competition. This compilation includes none other than; Marija l-Maltija (1971), L-Imħabba (1972), Could It Be (1991), Little Child (1992), This Time (1993), Keep Me In Mind (1995), In a Woman’s Heart (1996), Let Me Fly (1997), The One That I Love (1998), Believe ‘n Peace (1999), Desire (2000), Another Summer Night (2001), 7th Wonder (2002), On Again ... Off Again (2004), I Do (2006), Vertigo (2007), Vodka (2009), What If We (2009), My Dream (2010), One Life (2011) and This Is The Night (2012).

A further suprise by CAP-Sounds are the inclusion of four (4) bonus tracks, all from this years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, with Safe (Miriam Christine), Just No Place Like Home (Fabrizio Faniello), One Last Ride (Daniel Testa) and Because I Have You (Amber) all making the final cut. escflashmalta.com would like to thank Manfred Holz, owner of CAP-Sounds for taking up such an initiative, one which we had been personally hoping to happen for a very long time. Stay tuned for more of the latest news.

Source: escflashmalta.com / CAP-Sounds


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