September 17, 2019

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In just a couple of hours, the final of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is set to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan and the preparations for the show are still taking place even as we speak with the final rehearsal in motion for the acts to tune up in the best possible way although many will surely be holding back in order to give a sublime performance during this evening. The audience will of course be selecting their top favourites amounting to half of the final vote with the rest of the result decided last night by panels of jurors in each of the competing nations. Malta is in the final for the very first time since 2009 but suddenly Kurt Calleja and his band are really receiving a lot of attention apart from getting one of the loudest reactions in the hall last night when he spoke to them in Azeri.

The interest in the Eurovision Song Contest for Malta is definitely as high as it has ever been and the excitement and the tension are growing especially when fans speak through the medium of message boards stating that they believe that our country has become a dark horse and will most likely finish within the top ten marking the best result for Malta since 2005 when Chiara and her beautiful ballad Angel had managed to finish in the runner-up position. At this stage though, I would like to tell everyone that we have to believe and achieve so that we can keep uttering the words of Kurt Calleja through the end. We have to remain humble at all times whilst reminding people so that this evening they would vote for entry #21 meaning our very own This Is The Night performed by a remarkable Kurt Calleja and the rest of his stage entourage including Rebecca, Kevin, Amber, Christian and Warren. 

In the meantime, we have also been in touch with the Maltese Head of Delegation, Anton Attard, the man who has been keeping in touch with for the past couple of days and this is what he had to say in anticipation for this evenings' showcase 'Reaching the final from semi-final 2 is no mean feat and I praise the band and the team for that. We are convinced that the performance tonight will make all of the Maltese proud irrelevant of the final result.' This evening, you can follow the final of the Eurovision Song Contest through the medium of TVM and also TVMHD where the commentary will be done by none other than Ronald Briffa and Elaine Saliba who have been quite witty and funny during the first two semi-finals. The votes will also be given out by newscasters and former Malta Eurovision Song Contest host Keith Demicoli so stay tuned to as we cover this years' final.

UPDATE: We have just managed to garner a comment from Kurt Calleja himself who tells us 'Thanks to all for the continuous support. From my end I am committed to keep on giving my best.'


The Eurovision Song Contest has most recently been dubbed as the most popular non-sporting event in the world due to the fact that it is largely followed all over the mainland continent from which it has been titled meaning Europe as well as the United States of America and Australia who follow the competition with a lot of expectation. In the meantime though when it comes to Malta, the competition has to be one which manages to unite the people in the best possible way and this year should be quite special especially now that Kurt Calleja has made it to the finals of the competition with the song This Is The Night but whilst he has already overcome a hurdle, it seems that he has managed to garner another stone to his circle of success by charting in the regional iTunes store of Sweden.

The song that is representing Malta in this years' Eurovision Song Contest is actually written by Swedes and it seems that the people have recognized their traditional sounds in the track by virtue of going forth to by it through the digital medium of iTunes. During the night, the track has continued to rise and currently peaks in position #53 meaning just behind tracks like Waterline for Ireland (#51), Aphrodisiac for Greece (#50), Kuula for Estonia (#43), Nije Ljubav Stvar for Serbia (#42), Nar Jag Blundar for Finland (#28), Stay for Norway (#21), Loreen for Sweden (#5). This is a very good placing for Malta and definitely could be one of the songs to garner points come the final with Malta at the moment placing in sixth place out of the songs which are competing in the final. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: iTunes

The adventures of the Eurovision Song Contest began quite abruptly this year noting that the very first rehearsals for Malta were on the third day of proceedings despite competing in the second semi-final of the prestigious competition but nevertheless, the delegation was ready and found their ground in Baku, Azerbaijan easily with the team having been there before for a number of promotional activities. The time has come and this evening, Kurt Calleja, Rebecca Mifsud, Warren Bonello, Kevin Paul Calleja, Amber and Christian Calleja will be flying the flag for Malta with the song This Is The Night which has been written by Kurt himself alongside the music stylings of Johan Jämtberg and also Mikael Gunnerås.

The track has grown to become a well known song in Azerbaijan with a number of people humming along to it in the streets apart from making sure it receives ample promotion, a case in point being the flashmob organised earlier this week. The rehearsals have move swiftly and the team has been confident throughout, hoping to secure Malta a place in the finals for the very first time since Chiara had done way back in 2009 with the song What If We which was also written by foreign songwriters. Glen Vella was quite close last year with his track One Life, failing to garner that one point which would have been enough to secure us qualification. Tonight, I would like to call on the Maltese people to support our representatives during the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest as Kurt and the rest of his team take to the stage in the position #4 within the running order following The Netherlands and prior to Belarus.

I would like to commend everyone for their hard work including the team behind it all which includes, the Artist Manager; Peter Carbonaro, the Head of Press; Daniel D'Anastasi and also the Head of Delegation; Anton Attard who have done as astonishing amount of work to make sure that whatever happens, Kurt would have made the right contacts to kick start a career. We spoke to the Head of Delegation and also the Chief Executive Officer at the Public Broadcasting Services about tonight and he gave us a set of very nice words saying 'I just want to praise the band, the team and the media like who collaborate with us.' The band have shown great chemistry between then and whatever happens tonight, they will remain to be Maltese and we should support them unconditionally throughout without saying that we could have done anything better. Let's keep positive though and remember that the Eurovision Song Contest is a great stepping stone for upcoming artists with millions of viewers all over the world.


In the past couple of days, the press centre has been brimming with excitement with people from all over the European and the Oceanic continent taking over to cover what is arguably the biggest non-sporting event to be held in European waters. With coverage of rehearsals, interviews, pictures and exclusive news, many people have to remember that the accredited media have their chance to cast their vote in the press centre and it seems that Malta has been doing quite well in the second semi-final noting that we have managed to keep our place in the top ten in quite a consistent format. The best placing which we have had is our current one, which actually marks sixth noting that there were days in which we had fallen to eight place. Kurt Calleja along with the rest of his entourage gave two astonishing performances of the song This Is The Night during the technical rehearsals and are now therefore looking set to qualify to the final stages.

Kurt Calleja was selected to represent the country with the majority of the public votes as it was the swing that he ultimately needed when winning the competition with just four points over Claudia Faniello, the lady who will be joining us this evening for the live commentary of the first semi-final. Our performer has been consistent with the media and his jovial character has come across very well noting several invitations to delegation parties across the city including those of Slovakia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia amongst others. The fact of the matter is that this list constantly updates and therefore, one has to see whether there is a consistent showing before reporting on it but the Maltese entry has garnered more than 300 votes and stands just below Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, Norway and Ukraine who are currently found in that particular order on the scoreboard. The Maltese delegation have to enjoy what could be their real last 'free' day but nevertheless, there are a number of things planned actually including a flash-mob in an Azeri square. Good Luck to Malta, Kurt Calleja, his entourage and delegation and stay tuned to for all of the latest news. 

Source: LIVE

There is no such thing as a real day off whilst at the Eurovision Song Contest, the only difference to other days is that they will not be at the Arena but other work would be done at the very same time actually. The team for Malta features a number of people including of course, Kurt Calleja as the lead vocalist and everyone was invited to a television programme on the state's broadcasting network known as Ictimai. This was a notable invitation and a great means of exposure actually. The programme in itself dealt with getting to know each member of the delegation along with the meaning behind the song itself.

In the meantime, today was quite a different day for the team with an outfit fitting for what they will be wearing at the Opening Ceremony this Saturday night at the Euroclub which is of course a huge sports centre in reality, converted into a large, modern club to accomodate the guests of the event. Later on, the Public Broadcasting Serices took place to book a private venue where the team rehearsed their entry before making their way into the press centre for a number of interviews with foreign media outlets.

This evening, Kurt along with his band have been invited to join two parties, first starting off with the one from Georgia and then the one from Slovakia. Both countries are also performing in the second semi-final and are therefore a good means to get late exposure. Nevertheless, the Maltese delegation has become very friendly with the foreigners and therefore have no trouble mingling with the people. We will be following all of the latest where Kurt and his team are involved so stay tuned to for all of the news as it becomes available.

Source: TVM

The focus of the day for the Maltese fans of the Eurovision Song Contest has surely been Kurt Calleja who will be honouring the small Mediterranean country in the esteemed music event in just a couple of days time as he competes in the second semi-final. The initial response to the rehearsal from foreign waters has been overwhelmingly positive actually which many saying that the song has come alive on a totally different level now that it has made the transition from a small stage to a huge stage. It will also be a sort of track that will feed off the energy of the people in general and therefore, might even be better on the night hoping that all the nerves are kept at bay on the side.

This was the very first time that Amber was part of the performance as well and we believe that she did extraordinarily well having come in as a late replacement. The performance on stage was noted to be good even through bookmakers who have shortened odds ever so slightly prompting us to climb a couple of positions on the possible winners list. Our team in Baku has obviously been making a lot of effort to cover the latest news about Malta and in fact, thanks to our very own Head of Communications, Juergen Boernig who is working alongside the beautiful Lilian Brunell, an exclusive video interview of Kurt Calleja has been shot during the allocated time for interviews. Stay tuned to escflashmalta. com for more news about Kurt Calleja and his endeavours as he competed in the second semi-final with his song This Is The Night.

Source: escflashmalta

Kurt Calleja is representing Malta in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which is taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan and his journey commenced early yesterday morning actually having departed from the small Mediterranean country with a flight to Istanbul, Turkey by virtue of the national airline, Airmalta. When at the airport in Turkey, the team was received by none other than Reuben Gauci who just happens to be the Maltese Diplomat in Istanbul. Along with an Azeri travel agent, the whole delegation was treated to a tour of the city which is somewhat popular for being a border between Europe and Asia intertwining the cultures together.

Kurt of course was in Turkey just a couple of weeks ago where he met the representative Can Bonomo who will be competing in the second semi-final with Malta. The song along with the performer were well received and it is somewhat hoped that this will show on the night itself. Later in the afternoon, the whole delegation left the city of Istanbul to head to their final destination which is the host city of the 2012 edition of Eurovision Song Contest. This route is not the typical one actually with most participants going through Germany but on their flight, they met up with the delegations from Serbia and Bulgaria along with a number of journalists and other fans. Kurt Calleja will be rehearsing for the very first time later on today so stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Public Broadcasting Services Press Release (Daniel D'Anastasi)

Earlier this year, during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, the public convincingly decided to send Kurt Calleja and his team over to Baku, Azerbaijan in order to carry the flag with the track This Is The Night which is both penned and composed by a trio of songwriters including Johan Jämtberg, Mikael Gunnerås and Kurt Calleja himself. The track faced stiff competition during the event but after coming on top, there has been a lot of mixed reactions from negative camps yet hope is an important asset which should never be lost and I speak for the majority of the public in saying that the country is behind Kurt and his song hoping to achieve qualification for the very first time since Chiara did the country proud during the 2009 semi-final with the song What If We when the event took place in Moscow, Russia.

As has been the case for most of the participants in recent years, the team for this years' Eurovision Song Contest was given a send off through the programme Ħadd Għalik, hosted by Angie Laus, a leading lady of the production house Where's Everybody known for being the brainchild behind the official preview videos for Malta in 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012 apart from offering their equipment and their studios during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in both 2011 and 2012. Kurt was playing with his family against his band and managed to win by just three points. Whilst his plane departs for Baku during the wee hours of the morning, he is expected to arrive late in the evening ready to take on the stage for the very first time on Tuesday morning for his very first rehearsal. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about Kurt Calleja's experience in Baku being the only national media alongside the Public Broadcasting Services to be present on location this year.


Kurt Calleja and the rest of the team which will be heading to Baku, Azerbaijan in just a couple of days time are making that final push prior to representing Malta in the esteemed music event which is seen by millions all around the world including Australia and the United States. Nevertheless, This Is The Night will be hoping to capture the hearts of the viewers during the night of the second semi-final in hope of making it to the finale on Saturday night. Despite an apparent surge in polls, odds and even viewers' positive reactions, Kurt and his team will still be working hard to overcome the current with latest pundits stating that the falsetto he included in his last two performances were unnecessary. In fact, one particular comment posted on Social Networking Website, Facebook by music theatre performer; Joseph Zammit stated if this is not his worst performance, then it doesn't say much about his talents with clear reference to his performance on RAI DUE during London Live 2.0 where Kurt was a guest earlier this week. This evening, Kurt will be giving one of his final interviews to international media prior to the Eurovision Song Contest.

This interview will be featuring during this evenings' show on Radio International hosted by frontman Jurgen Boernig. It will not be the only one which will be played during the show which can also be followed online through noting that there will also be interviews with none other than Can Bonomo who will be representing Turkey, Rona Nishliu who will be performing for Albania, Joan Franka who will be representing the colours of The Netherlands, Valentina Monetta who will be representing San Marino, Eleftheria Eleftheriou who will represent Greece and also Pasha Parfeny who will be doing the same on behalf of Moldova. Therefore, tonight do not forget to tune into Radio International hosted within The Netherlands where several interviews as seen above will be aired along with music requests, a quiz, and also Eurovision Song Contest news with our partners escXtra. Stay tuned for more information about the last promotional efforts by this years' participants only on

 Source: Press Release

The preparations for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest have been ongoing for quite some time and the Maltese Delegation led by Kurt Calleja and Amber have been quite busy preparing their performance for the second semi-final at this years' event with the song This Is The Night. In the past couple of weeks, their has been a number of people who have been naming Malta as their most preferred entry and things are looking much more optimistic than they were last year when Glen Vella took to the stage with One Life composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan. 

The Maltese delegation has been quite busy promoting their entry all around Europe noting a tour that has included countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Italy, and The Netherlands. The song is also written by a pair of Swedes and therefore that might also be an interesting addition. In the meantime, the host country has been quite prolific noting that the OGAE Club there put the song in thirteenth position whilst the Luxembourg region voted for Malta in tenth place. These are all good signs actually because diaspora played an important role. One last ounce of support has also been seen in the general sense of the betting odds as the nations' entry has rise some seven places moving out of the bottom five for the very first time in quite some time. Stay tuned to for more information about the Maltese participation in the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Source: Betting Odds, OGAE

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