January 28, 2020

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'The Celebrity Night' is a weekly television programme which has become somewhat synonymous with Saturday evening, is broadcast on F Living Channel. The series which officially kicked off at the beginning of October revolves around the one-to-one interviews, which speak of class, decadence and wit, and have become synonymous with Deo Grech's presenting style.

Janice Mangion, an exceptional female vocalist, whose emergence onto the local music circuit was established through "L-Isfida", a talent show which brought together the three artistic disciplines; singing, dancing, and acting, in hope of finding a true all-rounder. Since then, she has never looked back and has gone onto reach the latter stages of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, apart from making the finals of the Summer Hit Song Contest, Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, and L-Għanja tal-Poplu.


The second guest of the evening is, Julie Pomorski, also a female singer, whose ascent to notoreity was during the 2004 L-Għanja tal-Poplu, emerging victorious with the song "Żewġ Qagħqiet" written by Augusto Cardinali and Giovann Attard. Since then, she has put her name forward to compete in a number of local music competitions including the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Summer Hit Song Contest and Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. It is fair to say that she has a contemporary look and sound, making her a truly all-rounder from an artistic point of view.


The third and final guest who will be accompanying Deo Grech this evening is Lara Dimech, recently part of the annual charity event Rockestra, having had the opportunity to perform "I Love Rock and Roll". Apart from being a talented singer, she is also a brilliant actress, having had lead roles in television dramas such as "Katrina" and "D.R.E.A.M.S", both of which air through channels run by the Public Broadcasting Services.

This and much more during this week's episode of 'The Celebrity Night' which airs on Saturday night at 20:30 on F Living Channel. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the local music scene.

Source: F Living


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On the 27th September, Rockestra in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund will be returning for a sixth consecutive year, this time under the patronage of Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, 9th President of Malta. What is different about 2014 is that there was a public call for artists who wanted to be a part of the spectacle, a call which in turn led to 118 submissions, all of which were heard by a professional panel of judges and shortlisted to represent the best possible talent that Malta is proud to offer.

Rockestra, a spectacular event which encourages the general public to donate money to a charitable cause whilst listening to live music played by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Sigmund Mifsud will offer a stunning line-up with artists such as; Franklin Calleja (MESC 13, 14), Raquela (MESC 09, 11, 13), Tiziana Calleja (MESC 10), Paul Borg Bonaci, Francesca Borg (MESC 12), Daniel Cauchi, Konrad Pule (MESC 00, 03, 07, 13), Gianluca (ESC 13), Matthew James Borg, Justin Galea, Ivan Filletti, Gianni (MESC 00, 12, 13), Simaria Galea, Lara Dimech, De Bee (MESC 14) and Brooke Borg.

Tickets for the Rockestra are available at €10 (standing) and €15 (seated) although the latter are almost completely sold out except a couple here and there. You may purchase yours through Ooii and thus ensure the experience of a lifetime, or rather a year. Rockestra is taking place at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre. We hope that you stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from the local music scene.

Source: Press Release


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Wednesday, 12 June 2013 17:28

Malta: Tonight Marks More Sneaking Around

Maestro Ray Agius is one of the most formidable songwriters in the local music industry having won the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza a record six times, the last of which coming in 2011 when he had written both the music and lyrics to the track B'Rieda Tal-Azzar. Amongst his most well known numbers, there are definitely Fjura Fil-Kantina, Fejn Tħobb il-Qalb, Let Me Fly and Keep Me In Mind, the latter two performed by Debbie Scerri and Mike Spiteri on behalf of Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest. At the moment, his latest project is composing the music to the lyrics of Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba la Rosa for the series D.R.E.A.M.S which airs every Wednesday on Television Malta at 20:45 CET. escflashmalta.com has always been proud to support this project due to the fact that it gives space to the younger generation of performers. This evening will mark the twenty-eighth (28th) episode of the series are the recent developments in storylines continue to develop and evolve accordingly.

Alex (Luke Brincat) was kidnapped two weeks ago whilst on a double date with Jade (Rachel Genovese), Andre (Jervis Galea) and Katia (Jade Cini). Mr.Francalanza (Joe Tanti) seems to have been the one who ordered the kidnapping in the first place and that is why he questioned the knowledge in relation to the Romanovs. For those who might require a quick history lesson, the family was responsible for ruling over Russia prior to 1917. The whole situation has been rather shady at best but nevertheless, the audience has been given a vibe about the whereabouts in terms of background where Alex and his family are concerned. Jade calls Andrè who assures her that everything is fine but nevertheless, her gut feeling is telling her otherwise considering that he did not turn up to school and is not answering his phone. Flavia (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa) is working hard to try and clear Frances (Sabina Attard) of the wrongdoing which she had supposedly committed. Of course, in order to do this, she has to break into the office of Pamela (Lara Cushcieri).


Flavia has suggested a number of changes within the office but Pamela might prove to be wary especially if she suspects any wrongdoing involved. Jeremy (Mikhail Attard) and Karen (Lara Dimech) will be waiting for Diane (Michela Galea) to appear at school in order to have a proper chat with her with regards to the history of their mother with her father considering that Karen and Diane are practically half-sisters. On school premises, Damian (Andre' Mangion) makes an unexpected appearance in order to speak to Antoinette (Annalise Psaila) and the conversation might be slightly heated. The focus will definitely remain on Alex this evening though and as matter of fact, the kidnappers will be seen in a different light as the past is uncovered. Trouble seems to follow in every corner as a matter of fact and that is why, we urge readers of escflashmalta.com to switch on to Television Malta this evening at 20:45 CET for another episode of the hit series D.R.E.A.M.S.

Source: Rewind Productions


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Television Malta, the main means of transmission for the Public Broadcasting Services has always extremely supportive of local talent throughout the years noting the broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals, as well as the preselection in which the entry is chosen from. One of the leading dramas which is aired on the same station is none other than D.R.E.A.M.S which is returning for the twenty-sixth episode this evening. Apart from a scintillating storyline created by Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa, there are original songs performed each week, all composed by Maestro Ray Agius who is the most successful composer in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with a total of six victories. The storylines of the major characters have been twisted and turned several times but that is what grips the audience and therefore, one should expect even more this evening. 

Antoinette (Analise Psaila) was seen to be extremely talented when the series commenced more than a year ago noting that singing seems to be one her traits. Her talent is being appreciated by a Mr.Trapani (Dominic Cini) who represents a leading record label in the world and would like Antoinette to join him as they continue training her vocals abroad. This is the scene which brought an end to the episode last week. She is very much enticed by the offer but is yet to make a decision apart from having to discuss the situation with her parents, doctors by profession. Singing was always seen as a hobby for them and thus this might prove difficult. In the meantime, keeping focus on the students, attention turns to Diane (Michela Galea) who is still trying to untangle the situation surrounding Karen (Lara Dimech) and indeed, she manages and faces her with the reasoning. 

The reaction is definitely going to be one which the viewer might not expect but we will not be unveiling more about this regard. The students of the English class which of course include a large segment of the major characters including Jade (Rachel Genovese), Katia (Jade Cini), Jasmine (Rachael Tedesco Triccas), Alexei (Luke Brincat), Brandon (Jean Pierre Cutajar and others have a test which they do not score well in and Alexei seems to have the right answer for Mr.Francalanza (Joe Tanti). The answer is not met with a positive note though and Mr.Francalanza tries to extract some information about history. Is this somewhat related to the background which is supposedly meant to be kept secret? In the evening, Alexei and Jade head to dinner together but Alexei receives a phone, a stange one indeed. Tune into Television Malta at 20:45 CET for the latest episode and stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news. 

Source: Rewind Productions


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Despite busy weeks of Eurovision, TVM decided to keep their local dramas going on regularly. One of the most watched television dramas right now is obviously D.R.E.A.M.S which airs every Wednesday at 20:45 CET on the Maltese official channel TVM. After a huge success last year, Rewind Productions came back to another year and season 2. This night, this local musical televised drama hits it's 25th episode from season 2. Every week, this series is getting bigger and the stories seem to get always a bit more mixed up into each other leaving quite a positive impact on the audience. Nevertheless, this week many stories will continue and this episode is one to get many sense from, so it is better not to miss it in a couple of minutes.

The story will continue with quite a good vibe and mysterious actions going on. Helen Pillow will be seen going to knock Betty's door to ask about Paul, Diane's father in the series. She, then, gets to know that her teenager kids, Lara Dimech playing the role of Karen and Mikhail Attard being Jeremy were already searching for the same man while finding Karen's biological father. Another scene will involve the grown ups, Greta and Jessica, where Greta goes knocking Jessica's door to give her something. This will quite sum up their story or open their story once again since Greta and Jessica broke their friendship a while ago fighting about another man. The twin sister Hilda, mostly known as  Finnigin, is out of jail and is trying to help an unjustified woman that was sent to jail being innocent. 

Hilda attends her first day of work at her new job while her twin sister Flavia is in jail where she changed the roles with her sister. Paul, the previously named character, took his daughter to school where in the car she asked him about Helen Pillow, the same one who Karen and Jeremy asked about. She is suspicious what Helen had to do in her father's life and what will Paul tell her? Another story that is one of the main ones right now  is that of Antoinette, being Annalise Psaila in real life, Brendon, Jean Pierre Cassar, and Tiffany, acted out by Kristen Camilleri. Antoinette gets to meet Brendon and Tiffany together. What will happen about Brendon and Antoinette's relationship? What about Tiffany and her dad? What will Antoinette tell them when she sees them? Watch tonight's for many of the answers. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com, also on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Rewind Productions


Published in Local Music News

Fejn Tħobb il-Qalb and Fjura Fil-Kantina are two of the most recognised songs in the local music industry and tend to be played heavily either on radio or through guest appearances. They were both composed by none other than Maestro Ray Agius, one of the most renowned songwriters in the country. Despite being known mostly for writing the music, he has also been the individual behind some fantastic lyrics, making him a true all rounder. Nevertheless, his role in the series series entitled D.R.E.A.M.S is that of composer with lyrics being written by Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa. The duo are also responsible for writing the script for the series, dictating the way that it evolves and creating a couple of loop holes along the way. escflashmalta.com has always been proud to support upcoming artists and this is one series which promotes the future of the local music industry. The series which airs on Television Malta, the main organ of transmittion for the Public Broadcasting Services will return for a twenty-first episode this evening.

Jade (Rachel Genovese) was surely the individual providing most of the comic moments in the past episode noting that she had to create a diversion in order for Katia (Jade Cini) to swipe the phone off Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar). Indeed, this was a success when she almost suffocated him. The idea was to try and reveal Tiffany (Kristen Camilleri) as a completely crazed lunatic whose affections for Brandon have clouded her judgement in a bid to reclaim him from Antoinette (Annalise Psaila) who has been left out of this respective plot. In a close knit meeting, Jade alongside Katia and Jasmine (Rachael Tedesco Triccas) succeed but nevertheless, their plans might be foiled when Brandon realises what happened. It will be intriguing to see what reaction he will have especially as he confronts them with regards to the possibility that they might have his phone. Amber (Celine Cuschieri) was the second teenager involved in last weeks' storyline as her life is seemingly becoming public thanks to her friends, Chloe (Michela Dalli) and Lara (Petra Bugeja) being relatively nosey. In the past episode, Samwel (Joseph Fenech) was seen reuniting with Pamela (Lara Cuschieri) but nevertheless, it seems that the female counterpart in the equation is not feeling the moment and is trying to confront him. 

The reality of it all is that the public actually knows that it is Amber who is lying in this situation in an effort to lure his father away from Amber as her mother, Frances (Sabina Attard) is soon to be released from prison. At this point in time, Amber is going to be seen as extremely frustrated with the situation now that her friends know the truth about her mother. Chloe and Lara try to reach out and do their utmost to ease the situation but Amber won't have any of it unfortunately and thus the problem will continue to grow. The final individual who will surely be involved this time round is Karen (Lara Dimech) who most recently found out that the individual she thought to be her father was not and therefore, she is setting out on a father hunt with or without the help of Jeremy (Mikhail Attard). She did wake him up in the middle of the night but he seems to have a plan for more issues to come to light, ones which would resolve other issues. Another scintillating episode of D.R.E.A.M.S awaits on Television Malta right after the evening news bulletin at around 20:45 CET. Remember that every part of the episode bears a lot of importance and thus it is vital that one sees it through.

Source: Rewind Productions


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Keep Me In Mind performed by Mike Spiteri and Let Me Fly sung by Debbie Scerri were both written by Maestro Ray Agius, one of the most accomplished songwriters in the present generation. Apart from penning the aforementioned tracks which represented the country at the Eurovision Song Contest achieving success within the top ten internationally, he has also written tracks such as Fejn Tħobb il-Qalb and Fjura fil-Kantina, both sung by Mike Spiteri. Original music has been put forward to Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa, who in turns have been writing lyrics and creating a storyline, which is transcended to the audience in a television series entitled D.R.E.A.M.S which airs on Television Malta, the main organ of transmittion for the Public Broadcasting Services. escflashmalta.com has always been proud to support upcoming artists and this is one series which promotes the future of the local music industry. Rewind Productions in collaboration with Television Malta will be airing the twenteeth episode this evening.

Sue Busuttil (Ruth Sammut Casingena) was the main focus in the past episode noting that she had somewhat single handedly foiled the plot for her sister, Cynthia (Stephanie Attard Vella) and Edward (Manuel Cutajar). This unveiling might actually lead to the re-uniting of a couple in the form of Robert (Andre' Penza) and Gloria (Joanne Busuttil), The spotlight this week is mostly on the teenagers though especially for the simple reason that they seem to have been out of the loop apart from the storyline which features Karen (Lara Dimech) who has discovered that the man she believed was her father is actually not and therefore has to find out who her true father is. Nevertheless, in recent weeks, the stories surrounding the teen relationships have been very much exclusively breaking down and it seems that things have not taken a turn for the better where Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar) and Antoinette (Annalise Psaila) are involved. There is hope though that the relationship could eventually improve with a certain aid being brought in, one in the form of the dynamic trio.


Jade (Rachel Genovese), Katia (Jade Cini) and Jasmine (Rachael Tedesco Triccas) are working hard to make sure that Tiffany (Kristen Camilleri) does not get away with breaking up the power couple of Brandon and Antoinette. On the other hand, going back to the first years, Chloe (Michela Dalli) and Lara (Petra Bugeja) join Amber (Celine Cushcieri) in the library where the latter ends up meeting with Philip Roger Triganza III (Damian Buhagiar). The tension between these two is just hilarious and therefore another encounter could very much get the people raring to go. The possibility of a brand new couple is also existent but nevertheless, a lot of work is required. Chloe and Lara might also be learning of this new found love and as a matter of fact, this is the reason why this relationship could ultimately go public. Tonight! Another scintillating episode of D.R.E.A.M.S awaits on Television Malta right after the evening news bulletin at around 20:45 CET. Remember that every part of the episode bears a lot of importance and thus it is vital that one sees it through.

Source: Rewind Productions


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Fejn Tħobb il-Qalb and Fjura fil-Kantina are two of the most popular compositions in the music industry and have long become a part of the music heritage that the country has to offer. The individual behind them was none other than Maestro Ray Agius who also contributed to the nations' success in the Eurovision Song Contest with Keep Me In Mind in 1995 and Let Me Fly in 1997. He is currently writing brand new tracks for what has been coined as the popular music drama known as D.R.E.A.M.S with both the lyrics of the songs along with the script written by Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa. Both have garnered experience of scriptwriting throughout the years and their projects have somewhat always proven successful. In the meantime, With original tracks performed each week to a scintillating script, it is no wonder why this series has proved popular finally giving those teenagers a proper line of drama to follow on television. Rewind Productions in collaboration with Television Malta will be airing the eighteenth episode this evening.

Turmoil. Clearly the word that needs to be used to describe the current state of the relationship between Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar) and Antoinette (Annalise Psaila) especially after a meeting with Damian (Andre' Mangion) which was not perceived in the manner it was truly conducted. This was nevertheless another plan set-up by Tiffany (Kristen Camilleri) who is starting to get on the nerves of many of the audience for the simple reason that her plot of bringing Brandon and Antoinette apart is working. Still, it seems that Katia (Jade Cini) is seemingly getting to the bottom of things. Karen (Lara Dimech) is visited by her mother, Helena (Roberta Briffa) after several years of no communication whatsoever and it seems that conscience is becoming more of an issue over what Jeremy (Mikhail Attard) heard his grandmother (Maria Attard) say on the phone whilst passing by her room on his way to bed late at night.


Sue (Ruth Sammut Casingena) has somewhat become a protagonist and an antagonist at the very same time for the simple reason that despite the fact that she has clear feelings for Robert (Andre' Penza) she has never acted on them but others are doing so on their behalf and have led to the dissolution of the marriage to Gloria (Joanne Busuttil). Edward (Manuel Cutajar) is doing everything in his will to make sure that this takes place and thus is working closely with Cynthia (Stephanie Attard Vella). Turning attention to prison where Hilda (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa) is serving her sentence having been part of a robbery, she was visited by her identical twin sister, Flavia (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa). The conversations are far less intense nowadays after the truth of the past was revealed. Hilda cannot do anything from prison and therefore she asks Flavia a favour, one which might be a bit too difficult to carry out but nevertheless, possible. Tune in tonight at 20:45 CET for another stunning episode of D.R.E.A.M.S only on Television Malta.

Source: Rewind Productions, escflashmalta.com


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