January 20, 2020

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The focus of the day for the Maltese fans of the Eurovision Song Contest has surely been Kurt Calleja who will be honouring the small Mediterranean country in the esteemed music event in just a couple of days time as he competes in the second semi-final. The initial response to the rehearsal from foreign waters has been overwhelmingly positive actually which many saying that the song has come alive on a totally different level now that it has made the transition from a small stage to a huge stage. It will also be a sort of track that will feed off the energy of the people in general and therefore, might even be better on the night hoping that all the nerves are kept at bay on the side.

This was the very first time that Amber was part of the performance as well and we believe that she did extraordinarily well having come in as a late replacement. The performance on stage was noted to be good even through bookmakers who have shortened odds ever so slightly prompting us to climb a couple of positions on the possible winners list. Our team in Baku has obviously been making a lot of effort to cover the latest news about Malta and in fact, thanks to our very own Head of Communications, Juergen Boernig who is working alongside the beautiful Lilian Brunell, an exclusive video interview of Kurt Calleja has been shot during the allocated time for interviews. Stay tuned to escflashmalta. com for more news about Kurt Calleja and his endeavours as he competed in the second semi-final with his song This Is The Night.

Source: escflashmalta