September 21, 2019

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At the moment, we are gearing up for the upcoming season accompanying the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest but that does not mean our coverage of former entrants stops there. Robin Stjernberg, representative of Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year, has recently revealed his sophomore album, Pieces. The release of the collection along with a single of the same name is being promoted through a promotional video, attached at the bottom of the page.

Robin Stjernberg, signed to Lionheart Music Group, and distributed by Universal Music, also home to artists such as Sonja Alden and Anna Bergendahl is looking to launch his career following his runner-up finish in Idol and his participation within the Eurovision Song Contest. His sophomore release peaked at number 2 in the Swedish charts and has already been certified gold following a surge in sales during the first week of release. Both the single and the album could be purchased through digital store, iTunes. We urge you to stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Press Release

Tonight! The fourth and final semi-final of the Melodifestivalen will be taking place in the same city which is hosting the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, not only that but also in the same venue, albeit worked to fit the smaller scenario of the Swedish national final which despite lacking slightly in quality this year is still very much strong in terms of production values. Earlier this week, had the opportunity to speak with the group, Army of Lovers who are staging their comeback through the competition and today, we are bringing you a chat with none other than Robin Stjernberg who was the Idol runner-up a couple of years back behind now Melodifestivalen 2013 eliminated participant, Amanda Fondell. Have a look at what he had to tell us just below.

Following your participation of Idol, you were signed to Lionheart Music Group and released your debut album entitled My Versions featuring covers which you performed during the reality television show and which you made your own, including Halo, California King Bed and Breakeven amongst others. What was the main idea behind the compilation and what was your reaction when it managed to peak at number #1 in the official albums chart in Sweden?

The main reason we released the album was to salute and celebrate my journey in the competition, it was a closure album. Like closing a book to read the sequel. I was very happy when it peaked at number 1! I couldn't believe it myself and how much love I got from the fans all over Sweden!

One of the most predominant reality shows in the Scandinavian country of Sweden is surely Idol broadcast on TV4 and considering the kick-start it has given many people, it seems that it might be an extremely positive platform and indeed, you entered the 2011 edition and not only managed to progress to the live stages but was the first runner-up to Amanda Fondell who like you was relatively young and still at the very beginning of the career. What was the idea behind taking up such a platform and would you have done anything differently?

I got a phone call from TV4 when I was studying music. They told me they'd seen my covers on YouTube and wanted me to audition. I don't think I’d do anything differently. I loved being on the show and I loved working with all the good people there.

One of the contestants in this years’ Malta Eurovision Song Contest is none other than former Swedish Idol, Kevin Borg who is also signed to Lionheart Music Group as a songwriter and is apparently working on a couple of tracks for your sophomore album which will be including original tracks as you are launched into the music industry in the best possible way. Have you heard his entry Needing You co-written with Thomas Thörnholm, Simon Gribbe, Michael Clauss and Dan Attlerud and if so what are your thoughts?

I’ve heard the song; I think it’s good but a bit cheesy. Though Kevin sings like a GOD and can really perform well on stage so I think he will do really well in the contest!

The song that you are presenting in the 2013 edition of the Melodifestivalen is entitled You co-written with Linnea Deb, Joy Deb and Joakim Harestand Haukaas which have been in the music industry for quite some time and having worked within the selection process in previous years, two in last years’ edition on the song Soldiers performed by Ulrik Munther. The song-title in itself is not giving anything away so would it be possible to tell us what the lyrics aim to achieve in terms of a storyline and in what genre the song has been written?

The genre of the song is POP with a touch of Coldplay atmosphere and playful sounds. The song is about being thankful to the ones you love, to show your family, friends and in my case fans that you appreciate everything they do for you. I relate to my father who raised me and my younger sister alone and always helped us and supported us to do what we love.

Sweden has always been one of the most successful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest but nevertheless, following a series of mid-table results and even a non-qualification, there has been a second runner-up finish with Popular performed by Eric Saade in 2011 and a victory thanks to Loreen with the song Euphoria.  Many critics have somewhat positively criticized the notoriety of Swedish songwriters with the industry garnering fame internationally. What do you believe has led to this general success and what can others do to follow such a model?

I think it’s because of the broad genres Sweden is starting to launch. A couple of years back Melodifestivalen only had the standard "schlagers" but now all kinds of genres are entering the competition.

In this years’ edition of the Melodifestivalen, you will be seemingly facing a familiar foe due to the fact that the winner of the 2011 Idol competition, Amanda Fondell who managed to beat you in the final will also be competing for the right to represent the country at the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest but she will be in the third semi-final as opposed to the fourth semi-final where you will be competing. How will you be treating such a fact noting that you could both meet up once more at some stage of the competition?

I’d love to meet her in my semifinal! Hehe, I want my revenge... No but I think it’s fun that she's in the competition. We’re good friends and I'm very excited about seeing her number!!

Several artists have been known to use the Melodifestivalen competition as a platform to launch either a solo career or even more a comeback yet it has to be noted that you already have a strong fan base and thus showing great sportsmanship in competing in such a renowned event. Do you believe that the track you will be presenting has an international quality that can ultimately succeed and will it feature a predominant sound which will be the focus of your sophomore album which should be out in a couple of months?

I really do believe my song has an international quality. It’s original though pretty basic. A hard combination to crack nowadays. Yet it has much love and sensitivity even though it’s a big track. The songs on my album will be kind of similar. Its organic, lots of focus on my voice in a playful way.

Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers at

Thank you for reading this interview, I hope to see you all in ESC and I hope you'll love my song!

Source: Lionheart Music Group

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