January 20, 2020

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Saturday, 15 December 2012 15:25

Lithuania: The Road to Malmö Continues

The first entry from the Baltic country of Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest was presented back in 1994 and since then, it seems that they have welcomed the participation in the event as something of a must with the right to promote local talent. Earlier this year, they managed to qualify with relative ease to the grand final with the song Love Is Blind sung by a blindfolded singer; Donny Montell. The country managed to finish in an extremely respectable fourteenth place with seventy points in total. The final of the upcoming selection is set to take place on the 20th December 2012.

Following the first semi-final which took place last weekend, half of the acts which will be competing to represent the country in Malmö have now been revealed by the Lithuanian broadcaster; LRT. In fact, whilst the tele-voting results showed which entries the public wanted to see make it through to the final stages, the jury also has to have a pivotal say and thus the results had to be announced later on during the week when the verdict was decided. This evening, the second semi-final in Lithuania will be taking place and hopefully, in a couple of days time, we will also be able to cover the final of the event, live through escflashmalta.com, so we urge you to stay tuned.


Gerai Gerai & Miss Sheep – War in the wardrobe

Ieva & Gabrielius – I fall in love

Božolė – Happy and free

Andrius Pojavis – Something

In the final stage of the competition, there will be a total of four acts which will qualify directly and apart from that, the broadcaster has also decided to select a wildcard from the eliminated acts as a lifeline, something which normally tends to go down well with audiences as they do tend to have a soft-spot for the underdog. Lithuania have not particularly had exceptional results at the Eurovision Song Contest but its neighbouring country, Latvia won a couple of years back whilst they have also managed to qualify to the final on the past two editions therefore, they will be hoping that it will be third time lucky.

Source: LRT


In the past couple of days, the focus of the music community with regards to the Eurovision Song Contest has been focused on the choice of the Belarussian entry which marked the beginning of a brand new season but nevertheless, one nation which has been rather busy with the proceedings is surely Lithuania. In fact, with Christmas around the corner, LRT which represents Lithuania in the music event will be selected their entry on Saturday 22nd December and we're hoping that many would be delighted with the final entry choice as they hope to reach the final for the third consecutive year as they compete in Malmo, Sweden.

Last night the first of two semi-finals was aired in Lithuania. Nine acts took part for a spot in the final. All acts sang one song each, and there was a tele-vote. The top three from the tele-vote were Gerai Gerai & Miss Sheep, Elvina Milkauskaitė and Neringa Šiaudikytė. This could be seen as an unexpected partial result, as Gerai Gerai & Miss Sheep only made the semifinal as a wildcard. The jury result will be out during the week. So the final result will be an amalgamation of audience and jury voting. The second semi-final is programmed on the 15th December and the final on the 22nd December. The editorial board of escflashmalta.com would like to wish all the participants the very best of luck as they compete for that elite ticket with the hope of succeeding Donny Montell whose Love Is Blind had finished in fourteenth place, the third best result for the country. Stay tuned for more news in the coming days.

Source: LRT


The semi-finals of the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest are just a week away and our reviewers have come full circle today to speak about the final entry in the running order and that is none other than Lithuania but their journey has not been easy noting that there have been songs which have been given positive remarks and praise with others failing to impress ultimately and therefore falling below the usual standard. Nevertheless, everything might change as from today onwards when rehearsals commence but the experts saw the songs through the official preview videos and thus, there will be differences. The final entry is being brought about by Donny Montell and bears the name Love Is Blind composed by Brandon Stone and penned by the same Brandon Stone alongside Jodie Rose.

For Donatas Montvydas, or Donny Montell (24), creating, singing and dancing is his passion in life, a way to discharge emotionally. "If there is at least one person in the world (including me), for whom my creative work gives pleasure, then I’d like to be a part of the music.” Donatas Montvydas was born on October 22, 1987, in Vilnius. The musical path of Donny Montell began in the song contest Dainų dainelė where he became the laureate. 


Later he studied at Balys Dvarionas music school. “That was the time when I understood that music was going to be a part of my whole life” states the young singer. Donny is a successful participant of various TV-shows: his voice mesmerized both the audience and jury at Duets Of The Stars and he won the Lithuanian version of the Dancing With the Stars. He competed at prestigious festivals as well, like Slavianskij Bazar and New Wave. He's also taken part in the national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 and 2011.


Meanwhile Donatas also found time to participate in the TABAMI project, where he performed songs of Michael Jackson.“It was one of my dreams that came true – to sing Michael Jackson’s songs on the big stage”. Donatas began 2012 successfully as well. He participated in the national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest, where he became the favourite of both professionals and TV-viewers, and received the right to participate in the the biggest musical event in Europe with the song Love Is Blind.

The Critics Voice Their Opinion

Magnus Kaxe

  • A Lithuanian version of Zorro gets on stage wearing ribbon over his eyes and singing “Love is blind”. The first half of the song is a ballad; second half is a B-side of single from the 80’s by Rick Astley. This is the most terrible song of the evening. Love might be blind and I wish I was deaf. At least during this song. I cannot give this one more than one (1) point.

Marion Welter

  • The final song does feature a good looking lovely sunny boy with the most beautiful looking eyes I have ever seen btut the song is nothing special actually as it is somewhat dedicated to all the girls he loved before. Nevertheless, three (3) points for the effort.

Tobias Larsson

  • A ballad that turns into a disco stomper that turns into a complete mess of a breakdown before finding its way back to the disco. Most confusing, as the whole song tries to hard to be something that it is not. And the over-excited performance does nothing to help either. Four (4) points from my end.


Entry Background

Performer: Donny Montell

Composer: Brandon Stone

Author: Brandon Stone & Jodie Rose

Song: Love Is Blind

Language: English

Broadcaster: LRT

History of the Nation

This year marks the thirteenth participation for the Lithuanian nation in the Eurovision Song Contest and they have had somewhat of a disappointing history throughout the years unfortunately. Their first entry way back in 1994 proved to be a negative trial as the country did not even score one point and ended at the bottom of the board with Lopšinė mylimai but nevertheless, their comeback in 1999 was much more successful scoring thirteen more points with Strazdas but then in 2001, they managed their best placing to date with You've Got Style finishing in thirteenth place. Ultimately as the years would go on their best result would come in 2006 with the happy go lucky song We Are the Winners which would achieve sixth place after qualifying from the semi-final. Last year, they did surprise people when their ballad C'Est Ma Vie finished in fifth place within the semi-finals and therefore making it to the finals where a mid-table position was also achieved adding to the positive results of the country.

Source: Eurovision.tv for the Biographical Information and all respective media


Published in Editorials

Earlier this month, in a slightly lengthy national selection process, Donny Montell ended up being announced as the representative of Lithuania with the song Love Is Blind, which is actually starts as a big emotional ballad before becoming a rythm and blues type of number with jazz elements. There have been mixed comments about the entry and whether it will ultimately qualify and in fact, this idea is also reflected in the bettings odds where the best ones are at 50/1 with the lowest at the current moment being those at 100/1, meaning that the result could sway in both ways. 


There has been a lot of talk on whether the studio version of the song will be released anytime soon and it seems that the day has come because the submitted version to the European Broadcasting Union, meaning the one shown on the video was also a live performance and therefore, one had to see whether the new, remastered version had any particular differences but this does not seem to be the case. Apart from releasing the studio version in English, the singer who is quite renowned in his country released two other language versions, one in Russian and one in his native Lithuanian tongue which you can listen to by pressing on the respective languages mentioned. Lithuania will be competing alongside Malta in this years' Eurovision Song Contest within the second semi-final where Kurt Calleja will be performing his song 'This Is The Night' alongside the vocals of Amber as confirmed last night by the Public Broadcasting Services.

Source: LRT