November 17, 2019

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"Mary Jane", the brand new single released by The Crowns, a pop/rock band which features; Gianluca Cappitta, Chris Ciantar, Victorio Gauci, Jean Paul Mollicone and Luke Vella Clark is the first track off the continuation of a journey, one which started in 2010, eventually leading to the release of the debut album "Someone Else" in 2013. Spawning 7 successful singles, including a remix, The Crowns have never looked back, and it seems like this new release will only lead to an extremely busy 2015.

Co-produced by David Vella from Temple Studios, and mastered by Fred Kevorkian from Avatar Studios in the United States, “Mary Jane” is fresh, modern and finds itself promoting a lyrical twist, a twofold-meaning so to speak, due to the fact that it primarily refers to a woman, whilst secondarily referring to that same woman as a drug, which is addictive, and eventually destructive.

In support of the release, a music video has been directed, produced, filmed and edited by Matthew James Borg. The main aim was to create a party scene, where everyone is having fun. The Crowns would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this project, including Marc Calleja Bayliss of Ironic PR & Artist Management, Luke Engerer for styling the guys with brands from IQ at Baystreet, Charmaine Gauci for the make-up as well as Keith Shaw and Josephine Abela for their hospitality. Stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the local music scene.

Source: Press Release

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ONE Radio 92.7 and ONE Television merge into a professional broadcasting house, whose output is of extremely high quality. One such programme delivered through this system is "Clint on ONE" hosted by Clint Bajada, which aims to brings musicianship back into the term artist, promoting the singer in a setup where being comfortable is a necessity.  Following a much anticipated return, this week, the programme will be welcoming, The Crowns.

The Crowns, a pop/rock band which features; Gianluca Cappitta, Jean-Paul Mollicone, Chris Ciantar, Luke Vella Clark and Victorio Gauci, released their debut album, "Someone Else" on the 3rd May 2013, receiving several positive reviews. At the moment, they are in the process of co-writing their sophomore album, along with all the preceding singles.  Having signed an agreement with Ironic PR & Artist Management late in 2014, the pop/rock band will be entering what should be a busy 2015.

"Clint on ONE" airs every Saturday morning as from 11am onwards, so make sure to tune into ONE Radio 92.7 and ONE Television. Any foreign fans will also be able to follow the show through the LIVE streaming portion which is offered through the official website of ONE. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from the local music industry.

Source: Clint on ONE

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Friday, 15 August 2014 16:37

Malta: The Crowns Unveil Comeback Single

"Someone Else", co-written by Gianluca Cappitta, Jean-Paul Mollicone, Chris Ciantar, Luke Vella Clark and Victorio Gauci as The Crowns, has been officially unveiled as the new single off the debut album which bears the same name. Recorded at Temple Studios, the sound that the band have been known to promote is a mixture of pop and rock, a successful formula which has seen them top the local radio charts on more than one occasion.

In support of the brand new single, the band have even gone one step further in releasing a music video, created specifically for the song by Ivan Saliba, Daniel Spagnol and Sirach Borg. Encompassing a 3-Dimensional motion picture which tells a story, all the characters are tall and explaining the difficulties of life amongst other things. We urge you to watch the video below, and purchase a copy of the album "Someone Else" through iTunes. Stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from the local music scene.

Source: The Crowns (Official Facebook Page)
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Someone Else, the debut studio album by The Crowns was officially released on the 3rd May 2013 and has received rave reviews across the board for a pop/rock/acoustic infused sound. Each of the five members of The Crowns has a specific role but when they come together, it is like a stroke of genius. Gianluca Cappitta is on guitars and backing vocals, Jean-Paul Mollicone on keyboards, Chris Ciantar is on the bass, Luke Vella Clark plays the drums and ultimately, Victorio Gauci provides vocals. had the pleasure of being the first online media to promote the group when they first burst out into the scene as they released their debut single, Memories. Since then, they have released another three singles; Out of Nowhere, Never Ends and Home and are now preparing for their fifth single release, that entitled Midday Crisis. The collaborative feel of the group is very much felt throughout the album and their brand new single which is very much in the vein of their fourth release encompasses an edgier sound. Victorio's vocals are haunting, because they are seemingly thumping against the backdrop of strings and drums. Once more, are pleased to reveal a forty second clip from the fifth single, Midday Crisis whilst inviting you to stay tuned for more news only here on this portal.

Sources: The Crowns (Facebook)

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Sammy Bartolo and Mary Rose Mallia are iconic stars within the local music industry and have released songs in Maltese which will be performed for several generations to come. Following an astonishing rendition of Xemx by Gianluca and Joseph Calleja during the latters' annual concert, it was time for the band headlining this years' edition of Akustika to give it a go, and indeed, they succeeded into making it intimate and enjoyable for everyone. A first performance with the theme Leħen Malta took place last Friday night at the Cottonera Resource Centre in Vittoriosa but fear not because a second performance will be taking place at Quadrangle within the University of Malta in order to represent the core values thought at the same institution through the value of song.

For those slightly green about Akustika, it is a musical project coordinated by ŻĦN Symphonik with the aim of combining the talents of nine (9) musicians from different musical backgrounds. Amongst the current crop of artists being used for this event, there are none other than former Malta Eurovision Song Contest participants; Janice DeBattista (2013) and Jean Claude Vancell (2008) as well as Sean Borg from The New Victorians and Luke Vella Clark from The Crowns. We shot a number of videos during the first performance held on Friday but have opted on uploading the one for Marija l-Maltija, the first entry to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1971. For more details, visit the Event Page on Facebook and stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Event Page on Facebook

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Memories, an aptly titled debut single for the group, The Crowns when they had just started out in the local music scene just two years ago and indeed, the success of that particular track has somewhat been emphatic, so much so that the group is going strong and will soon be releasing their debut album, a collection of original songs. Gianluca Cappitta is on guitars and backing vocals, Jean-Paul Mollicone on keyboards, Chris Ciantar is on the bass, Luke Vella Clark plays the drums and ultimately, Victorio Gauci puts in a solid vocal performance. The release of their premier collection is being preceded by a brand new single entitled Home which as has always been the case is co-written between themselves.

Temple Studios have been the home for The Crowns since their inception and one could instantly note on a first listen that there was a lot of attention put towards the production of this track. Professionalism is key and the fourth single is just a continuation of the stunning sound which the group has come to create together. Whilst the effort is still considered to fall under a pop/rock genre, one would get the slight feeling of indie coming in, that sound which has become characterised by groups such as Of Monsters and Me as well as Mumford and Sons. The vocals are stunning and the whole production comes across as masterful. The official release of Home is expected in the next couple of days and whilst XFM had the first airplay a couple of hours back, is proud to offer you an exclusive snippet of the track. Stay tuned for more local releases in the coming days, weeks and months!

Source: The Crowns,

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