November 16, 2019

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Saturday, 07 April 2012 04:05

Malta: Brand New Single by Lyndsay

One of the most prestigious industries in Malta is surely that of music and one has to note down that in the past couple of years, the amount of musical releases has increased by a heavy number with their respective promotion on the local airwaves apart from some bands and soloists giving it a go abroad, into the wider world. The artist who comes to mind at the moment is none other than Lyndsay who is back with a brand new track entitled Run Away, which is written by the renowned Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat as well as produced by Kenny D'Ugo and Dave Calleja. The response has already been pretty positive and the track has also been accepted by all of the major radio stations including 89.7 Bay which is the leading one in the country at the moment following a number of changes made in recent years. 

Lyndsay has steadily been growing into a renowned performer and still has some way to go before becoming the true artist she would like to become. She has worked her way up through a number of local festivals before taking up the radio scene, which has been much nicer to her in the long term noting a number #1 hit single on 89.7 Bay with Love Sick apart from a nomination at the Bay MusicAwards for the past two years along with one at the Malta Music Awards. In recent months, Lyndsay was part of the charity project entitled Reach Out. The track was a huge hit and all of the proceeds from it went to charity so definitely, a worthy cause. Speaks to the media, this is what Lyndsay had to say about her career ' I believe it’s all about delivering the right package combined with a mixture of attitude, wild style and diversity all at one go!'

Lyndsay’s influences varies from different genres of music starting from modern pop culture to soulful sounds to classical jazz and inspiring rock bands as she believes there’s always something new to learn in her career and thus proves herself to differ in such music abilities. With so much yet to offer, Lyndsay continuously tries her best to bring out the right elements to satisfy the diverse music taste in this industry, being that her main ambition is that she ends up leaving a major impact and making a successful mark in the music scene as an established in the local area, and better yet, the international one. Lyndsay’s planning more upcoming gigs at the time being so rehearsals and preparations are underway! Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about local artists.

Published in Local Music News
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