January 18, 2020

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Wayne Micallef, now styled as Wayne William, following in the footsteps of his brother, Richard Edwards, first emerged in the local music scene as a solo artist back in 2009 during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, where he had been granted a finalists’ slot with the track Where You Belong, a co-write with Luke Ambrogio. The male vocalist, whose timbre is very much existent has gone on record stating that whilst he enjoys the thrill of the competition, he aims to get his music across all borders and such an event has always been a stepping stone for those who make use of it in a correct manner.

As often depicted, the life of an artist in Malta is seemingly unglamorous, due to the fact that there are no record labels supporting the artists, despite being extremely talented as seen with the success of Gaia Cauchi in the recent edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, where she was crowned as the winner. Wayne William, who has just recently got married to an American, has decided to give it a shot and compile the work that he has been creating in recent years in a studio album, one that the fans would appreciate and hopefully purchase through digital store, iTunes.

Album Title: The Parade

Released: 12th December (International)

Upon its release onto the digital music circuit, escflashmalta.com had the pleasure of obtaining a copy in order to conduct a proper review, and indeed, it was a delight to listen to the album in full, especially for the simple reason that it is very much laid back in terms of vocals, whilst incorporating a professional production and mix, worthy of international recognition. A debut album could never be easy to release, for the simple reason that you have to make sure that you are devoted to your fans, whilst still possibly giving a fresh edge, possibly winning over new listeners and appealing more to the masses.

Wayne William’s background is predominantly based on the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and his four entries as a solo artist, along with another two entries as part of the family trio, known as The Mics. In his debut studio album, Wayne has carefully co-written all of the tracks, and thus the selection had to be done in an extremely careful manner, in order to have the right balance in genre, taste and quality. On his official website, which he has also just launched, he has gone onto thank his sister and brother, Michelle Mifsud and Daniel Micallef for backing vocals and guitars respectively, James Bartolo for co-writing some of the songs and Tony Polidano on the bass.


Tracks to look out for:

The Parade - Honestly, I can understand why Wayne selected this song as the title track, because it does clearly stand out on its own, in a different genre from the others because it is more uplifting. There is a sound, which was somewhat amplified better in the seventies and made a comeback in the nineties through the song Torn by singer/songwriter Natalie Imbruglia. This is also one of the tracks in which Wayne is almost making use of his full vocal capabilities, altering between head and chest voice relatively easily. I found this track to be particularly pleasing because it did change the vibe of the whole collection whilst still remaining true to the devotees.

Tonight – I was relatively sceptic in selecting this song, due to the fact that the piano is very much in similar vein to the last track which is being presented but nevertheless, the focus here is rather on the lyrics than the music because there is so much emotion, that one could hear it seeping in through the music. Wayne William is known to have an emotive character on stage and I can very much picture him performing this against a black backdrop, on a grand piano with tears falling down his face. I would have kept it even simpler but I cannot say that the drums and guitars were too much of a distraction.

Time - If an artist would like to win me over quickly is by using a grand piano, or at least, making sure that the sound is pretty similar and that is where, Wayne William has managed to strike a chord with me. The eleventh and final track on the album has already been presented to the public at the 2012 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, managing a trip to the final, where it was greatly underappreciated and finished in twelfth place with ten points, all from the professional jury. The vocal range is ideal, and the merge with the music and the slight addition of backing vocals make it a timeless classic, and one of Wayne’s career highlights.

Final Verdict:

In listening to this first studio effort, I kept an objective view on the music, the lyrics and their prowess combined and all in all, I must say, this is a brilliant first album and there is no way to go about it. In a way, having listened to the whole eleven tracks in full, I find myself a tad disappointed about the choice of the first single, Don’t Fade Away which in my opinion is just an album track, especially in comparison to at least, about five songs which I would have clearly selected as other singles. Still, I am very much picking on titbits in order to make sure that I do not create a perfect view of this record which I do recommend you buy, especially if you’re in the mood of some relaxing music.


Published in Editorials

The Public Broadcasting Services and the European Broadcasting Union might have just come to an understanding with regards to the hosting of next years’ edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, yet it is pivotal to denote that certain details are also being decided by both parties over the next couple of weeks, including the venue, the dates, and of course, the hosts. It comes as no surprise that most of the current roster at Television Malta are seemingly interested in this gigantic opportunity and the general public are putting forward their favourites, according to a doodle poll in which anyone could select anyone of three (3) sets of presenters, a male and a female.

At this current moment, the winning team is quite simple, the female host being none other than former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Ira Losco who is yet to ever be appointed host and, the male host being the experienced, Keith Demicoli who has already hosted the Malta Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions; in 2010 and 2011, with Pauline Agius and Valerie Vella respectively. The renowned newscaster, Keith is running away with the others on the list, including Pablo Micallef and Janvil, both of which were also hosts of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in the past, and both currently hosts on Television Malta. Who would you like to host the upcoming edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know and stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.


Dorothy Bezzina, a female vocalist who reached the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest on four occasions, the most recent being earlier this year with the track Starting From the End composed by Magnus Kaxe to the lyrics of Gerard James. Despite the disappointing result, she accompanied her brother, Gianluca at the Eurovision Song Contest as a vocal coach as he saw the country finish in eighth place with the track Tomorrow co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat. During a recent marathon broadcasted on major local channels, Dorothy had the opportunity to perform the track Don't Know Why, originally sung by the outstanding Norah Jones.

Dorothy, a teacher by profession is also professional trained in musically theatre having had the opportunity to star in some of the leading musicals organised at the Manoel Theatre including Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, a Masquerade Production. Dorothy Bezzina is also hoping to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest in the near future and the success of her brother will surely spur her onwards especially after achieving her best result last year with her entry Autobiography garnering support from the jury and the public to finish in eighth place. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Eurovision Fest (YouTube Channel), Emil Calleja Bayliss (Image)


Published in Local Music News
Monday, 13 August 2012 14:45

Malta: Audrey Marie Shines in Spain

The World Association of Festivals and Artists has always sought to promote talent and in the past couple of years, Malta has been somewhat included in the roster due to the fact that two of the committee members of the same aforementioned organization are Maltese, those being, Norman Hamilton and Robert Cefai who are known for being former executive members of the board behind the Malta Song for Europe back in the nineties. One of the competitions which is very much held in high regard is surely the one organized in Tenerife, Spain known as the Universong featuring talents from all around the world including those from Mexico, Russia, Cuba, Thailand, Malaysia, Romania, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, El Salvador and of course Malta. Success for local artists in this competition has somewhat become accustomed to and therefore, it comes to no surprise that for the second consecutive year, Malta has been awarded with the Bronze Trophy after being represented by Audrey Marie.

Audrey Marie is not a new name to the local music industry noting that she has gained credibility over the years through the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, a competition which promotes original music in Maltese. She has made it to the finals of that respective competition six times, including five consecutive ones with her best result being a fourth place achieved on two counts, including her last participation coming last year with the song Ir-Ruħ tat-Tejatru composed by Rita Pace and penned by Deo Grech. In Tenerife, she had to perform a song in English and indeed she did performing the original track Shivers composed by former Eurovision Song Contest representative Miriam Christine and penned by Deo Grech who was also part of the Malta Eurosong advisory team. Audrey also managed to reach the finals of the Malta Eurosong competition back in 2010 with the song Good Intentions composed by Miriam Christine Warner and penned by Rita Pace. In the Universong competition, Malta has managed to reach the top three positions on each and every occasion with past representatives including Rosman Pace, Eleanor CassarNeville RefaloRomina Mamo, MorenaGloriana Arpa Belli and Corazon amongst others. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news about successful local artists in international competitions.

Source: Universong Official Website


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