September 21, 2019

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Kurt Calleja and his band managed to make it through to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest with his rendition of the song This Is The Night which he co-wrote alongside Mikael Gunnerås and Johan Jämtberg making him the first act to reach the coveted stage since Chiara gave it a go for the third time with the ballad What If We composed by Marc Paelinck and penned by by Gregory Bilsen. Strong voices have a tendency to do well abroad and henceforth, a sort of classical approach would definitely do the trick and one of the individuals who can surely perform a strong track is none other than Franklin Calleja, the recent winner of Don't Stop Me Now hosted by Eileen Montesin on NET Television who confirmed to his submission earlier this month. Nevertheless, it seems that apart from a solo entry, he is set to submit a duet with none other than Ludwig Galea.

Ludwig Galea does not need a lot of introduction in the local music scene having already been to the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2004 alongside Julie Zahra in the track On Again .. Off Again composed by Philip Vella to the lyrics of Gerard James Borg. The two have already performed together during the final of Don't Stop Me Now, a performance which won a lot of positive critique from the present jury. The exclusivity that Ludwig would be entering the Malta Eurovision Song Contest was taken up by our colleagues at Oikotimes but then again, we had heard about the duet long before that from very close sources to this web portal. Unfortunately, we do not have any more details of this entry for the time being but this will definitely be a cracker should it qualify considering the stunning vocals the two men have been known to provide. Ludwig has been no stranger to wanting to the return to the competition which his last efforts coming in the vein of Inferno and Lament back in the Malta Eurosong in 2009 although he did make it through to the live phase earlier this year with Aquila's Theme. Stay tuned to for more news in the coming hours.

Source: oikotimes,, NET Television

Published in Local Music News

The music scene in this country has always been somewhat divided between the technical terms of entering a competition and airplay on a radio station but it seems that things might finally be changing according to recent statistics which have seen the emergence of a dual force noting the recent Bay Music Award nominations which include the likes of Kurt Calleja who represented Malta in this years' Eurovision Song Contest as well as former representatives; Glen Vella and Ira Losco amongst other national final participants including the likes of Kelly Stelfox, Scar and Klinsmann who is the lead vocalist of the band Planet Seed. in recent days, there has been a whirlwind of announcements from artists who will be submitting their entries forward into the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and can now officially confirm that a major radio artist in the vein of Thomas Hedley has written a song for the competition.

The disappointing announcement of the non-submission from Eleanor Cassar has somewhat been  heavily featured by many individuals but then again, there is renewed hope with artists such as Rachel VerzinKayaDanica MuscatFranklin CallejaDomeniqueMarilena GauciStefan GaleaGloriana Arpa Belli and Corazon respectively who all but once made their exclusive announcement through our web portal. Thomas Hedley does not need to be introduced to people affluent on the local radio stations because his latest endeavours in the music scene led to two nominations at the 2011 Malta Music Awards; one for the best male artist and the other for the best video; the latter of which was given by myself and  to none other than Glen Vella for his 2011 Eurovision entry; One Life. Despite not managing to either of the coveted awards, Hedley has been an artist whose tracks have been heavily featured abroad as well and has worked with a host of foreign individuals to help promote his music even further. He had been pondering on the submission for quite a while noting that had posted his thoughts through an article dated back on the 26th June 2011 as you can view. The Public Broadcasting Services will be receiving entries for the competition on Tuesday and Wednesday between 09:00 and 12:00 as well as 14:00 and 16:00 CET respectively. The editorial team would like to wish Thomas Hedley the very best of luck with his endeavours and urge you to keep following all the latest news.


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One can earn a place within the local music industry through talent and credentials and that is exactly what Gloriana Arpa Belli brings to the table because apart from justifying her vocal performances, she is the daughter of Helen Micallef and also the niece of Renato; both of which represented the country at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1972 and 1975 respectively. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that the female artist would like to follow in their footsteps having such family history within the respective event. In yet, another exclusive, we can officially reveal that Gloriana Arpa Belli will be submitting not one but two tracks in the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Her best result at this point in time though has been a semi-final back in 2009 when she entered the track Our Love Was Made of Clay composed by Renato Briffa and penned by Doris Chetcuti. She will be hoping to make it through to the stage performance this time round amongst the twenty-four semi-finalists which will be announced on the 30th November 2012.

The very first time that Gloriana made an impact on the local music scene was when she took part part in The Best Singer Award competition organised by Peter Busuttil on his programme Red which used to air on NET Television. She bagged the top position and became a resident singer on the show leading to a variety of other performances including the television programme Siesta also on NET Television. She started to take part in competitions starting as fro 2006 by virtue of entering the Golden Cross International Singing Festival with local and foreign performers and once more, she as awarded first place and was offered to sing abroad. Her success was picking up quickly and in 2007, she performed all around the Maltese Islands before giving back to society as a teacher  Following her participation in the Malta Eurosong competition, she went to the Universong International Singing Competition with the same track and finishing in fist place before returning to finish in second place at the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the track Fil-Mużika composed by Renato Briffa and penned by Doris Chetcuti. Currently, Gloriana has just took up the vocalist position of Rock Band; The Posh Beggars whilst also being given artist residency on ONE Television through the programme; Affari Tagħna hosted by John Bundy.


Published in Local Music News
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 00:43

MESC 2013: Corazon Joins the Submission Fray

A week from today, the Public Broadcasting Services will be brewing with activity as established and upcoming singers and songwriters or rather at times their family members, friends or producers will be submitting tracks for the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest as closely observed in recent years by members of the editorial team at who will be on hand this year as well within the vicinity of the respective offices weather permitting to keep you posted on the acts that intend to try and represent the country in this years' edition of the continental event. One of the artists that has been somewhat of a question mark in recent weeks has surely been the talented Corazon who has just taken up a presenting role on Television Malta alongside Peter Carbonaro who is known to many as being the artist manager during the actual competition. Through a status posted on social networking website Facebook, the stunning vocalist confirmed that she is recording.

In fact, many people might think that she is recording an album of original Maltese songs and indeed she is with none other than Manolito and Dominic Galea, the sons of Doreen Galea but through this public status, she went onto state that she 'spent the afternoon recording at Tone Studios with Andrew Zammit, Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan'. Technically, this should not come as a surprise to many actually noting that these particular individuals got her into her first ever edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and have a successful history in the competition, even winning the ticket with Glen Vella and his entry One Life in 2011. Andrew Zammit of Tone Studios, a close friend of Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan has helped produce all of the tracks of the songwriting duo including Whispers by Pamela in 2008, Hypnotized by Eleanor in 2011, Walk On Water by Isabelle in 2012 as well as Mystifying Eyes by Corazon herself earlier this year which was the only song of the dynamic team to make it through within the final sixteen. We would like to officially wish the trio, the very best of luck with the competition as we believe that Corazon has a great vocal and could really shine with the right track. Stay tuned to for more news about the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Source: Facebook

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Monday, 22 October 2012 01:46

MESC 2013: Eleanor Cassar Confirms Absence

The preparations for the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest have already begun with a number of songwriters having prepared their compositions and their lyrics with producers finalising their work on the tracks prior to the submission dates which as set by the Public Broadcasting Services will be held next week and do not fret everyone because will be present on Tuesday and Wednesday outside the place of submission to witness all of the possible names that will ultimately be trying to make it through to the final stages of the competition. Nevertheless, the focus here is definitely the fact that one of the most pivotal names in the industry, Eleanor Cassar has now went public through TVPM that she will not be submitting into the competition in 2013, taking at least one year off.

Eleanor Cassar came into the Malta Song for Europe competition back in 2003 with the beautiful ballad Someday You Will See composed by Marco Debono to the lyrics of Doris Chetcuti and has taken part ever since, not making it through to the live stages in 2007 but finishing as the first runner-up in 2009 with the track Someday composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan. In recent years, the renowned performer has been mixing it up quite a bit, coming into the competition in 2011 with a gospel inspired entry bearing the title Hypnotised but went fully blown disco/pop in 2012 with the track I Want to Runaway which the judges did not take through to the final stage of the competition despite Eleanor putting in her heart and soul into the performance. She does not intend to slow things down during this year off though having given a spectacular concert in memory of the late Whitney Houston a couple of months back, being a resident singer of the television programme Ħadd Għalik on Television Malta hosted by Angie Laus and making numerous appearances around the country.

Eleanor Cassar had the pleasure of speaking to today with regards to her decision and this is what she had to say, 'After participating for a total of ten years at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, I decided to have a break from this festival which requires lot of energy, time and dedication to end up with a good song and a great performance on the night. This is what I always aimed together with the team behind every song. I am sure I will miss the preparations, the rehearsals,  the performance week, and last but not least the feeling on stage during those those minutes. Also I'll be missing all the other participants and friends of mine who will take part and the Eurovision fans whom I meet regularly during the festival period. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans who always believe in me, for their continuous support throughout my career.' We would like to wish Eleanor Cassar the very best of luck in her endeavours throughout the year and encourage everyone to stay tuned to for all of the latest news with regards to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malmo, Sweden.

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Thursday, 18 October 2012 23:29

MESC 2013: Who Is The One To Beat?

As the preparations for this years’ Malta Eurovision Song Contest are underway with the composers, authors and singers finalizing their entries, the common public have already started discussing who they think is the clear favourite to succeed Kurt Calleja in Malmo, Sweden. Big names from the local radio industry have been mentioned throughout but attracting them to the local competition is always challenging but if any of them submit and make it through to the finals they will surely stand a good chance to do well and possibly win.

Albeit this, though it seems that the front runner for this years’ contest is none other than last year’s second runner up Amber. Amber made a name for herself after managing to come second in the local talent show ‘ID’ and from then on she never looked back. She participate in the Malta Hit Song Contest and the year after went on to win the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with Trid Tapprezza. The same year she made it through the semi-finals of the contest with two songs Touch Wood and Catch 22, with the latter making it through to the final stages of the competition. 

Last year, it was Amber’s second time in the contest and she captured the judges’ attention achieving a third place thanks to her power rendition of Answer with Your Eyes. From this experience onwards, Amber was presented with a number of opportunities. She was approached by PBS to accompany Kurt Calleja in Baku as his main backing vocalist. This experience gave her a taste of the Eurovision world and having carried a vital role last year, some people thing that this could be her year; all this assuming that Amber is submitting an entry to this year’s competition but if she does she will surely be the main front runner.

The other favourite will surely be Claudia Faniello who was last year’s first runner-up with her magical song Pure. A lot of people think that Claudia Faniello’s year was last year but if she decides to return to the competition for the eighth time expect her to return with a something strong and original. It will take something special to surpass Pure but Claudia showed what she is capable of achieving last year and few would be surprised if she manages to come back with something even stronger. So, if she returns no one should count her out, especially considering the strong results she’s had in recent years.

The return of former entrants is always possible. Fabrizio Faniello has been trying for a number of times and he has always done well. He is just one of two singers who represented Malta on more than one occasion and if he succeeds, he will emulate Chiara's feat. Other entrants who tried again after their win include; Paul Giordimaina  Georgina, Mary Spiteri, William Mangion, Moira&Chris, Mike Spiteri, Miriam Christine, Debbie Scerri and Ludwig Galea. The return of some of these is remote but others have kept in touch with festivals and haven't ruled out a return. These mainly include Olivia Lewis, Miriam Christine and Ludwig Galea; if any of these return, they will surely pose a significant threat.

Having mentioned the two main front runners one cannot forget other talented individuals who have been participating in the contest for a number of years. The finalists in recent years have all presented strong entries and none should be underestimated in such a competition. After all this is a song contest which should reward the best song at the end of the night and not a popularity contest. Two years ago, an unknown Thea Garrett won the hearts of the local public and the judges’ votes with her power ballad My Dream. So who knows, it might be someone new who can repeat the same feat, although it is not an easy one, surely it isn't impossible. 

Well, there are a lot of questions that are left to be answered, most of these questions will be answered in the upcoming days when the submissions come to a close at the end of this month but until then we have to play the waiting game. We cannot really comment either before we hear the final versions of the songs that will be submitted this year but we would like you to share your views with us on which singer, singers or bands you think should be the ones succeeding Kurt Calleja. In the meantime, keep following for all the latest updates about the local music scene.


Published in Editorials

Submissions for the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will officially take place in around three weeks time actually and therefore, it is somewhat supposedly obvious that several artists are currently recording their entries in local and foreign studios with the hope of making it through to the final twenty-participants who will then take part in a televised showcase on Television Malta sometime at the end of January or the beginning of February respectively according to several factors. It will be quite interesting to see who will ultimately submit a song or two into the selection process with the hype definitely on 2007 Eurovision Song Contest representative; Olivia Lewis who has made her intentions clear that she does intend to return but does not know whether this will be the year. Other people who have already confirmed their participation include Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 and 2012 participants; Marilena Gauci and Danica Muscat respectively alongside the likes of Don't Stop Me Now winner; Franklin Calleja and Junior Eurosong 2009 Finalist; Stefan Galea. Joining this list now is none other than Domenique Azzopardi, another eighteen year old with high hopes in making it big in the music industry, both on a local and a foreign scale.

Introduction for Domenique is somewhat unneeded having worked her way up through a number of local competitions throughout the years including the Junior Eurosong competition where she has been close and yet so far in representing the country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Making it through to the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 was surely a highlight performing the track I'll Follow The Sunshine written by a former winning composer of the prestigious event back in 1982 with Nicole and her track Ein Bischen Frieden. In the meantime, more recently, Domenique has just come forth from a second runner-up finish at the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the song Tama u Kuraġġ penned by Cher Vella to the composition of her father, Philip. The number of tracks that she will be submitting into the competition seems to be unclear but then again, considering that Domenique has worked with foreign and local songwriters in the past, there could definitely be more than one with a variety of styles beckoning to be released out of the box so to speak. Stay tuned to in the coming days as we continue revealing the latest news exclusively.


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Several names are being touted as possible semi-finalists when the list for the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is revealed on the 30th November but then again, many have to note that the submissions date for the competition is at the end of this month and that is when the journey will officially start for the people who do intend to submit a song or a couple into the procedure. In the past couple of days, has learnt that acts such as Stefan Galea and Marilena Gauci will indeed be trying their luck but now it seems that up and coming faces including that of Franklin Calleja is also interested having just come forth from a resounding victory on the reality television music programme Don't Stop Me Now hosted by Eileen Montesin on NET Television and featuring Maestro Dominic Galea as well as former Eurovision Song Contest representative Moira Stafrace as judges. 

The name of the respective performer had already been circulating a lot in recent days and weeks before a foreign intelligence unit came forward with the news that Franklin was indeed going to submit a track into the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and therefore, the editorial board at spoke to the perform to get things clear and making sure that everything is published in the right manner. He confirmed his intentions of submitting a track into the competition and is working on something as we speak therefore, it will be quite intriguing to see what the young vocalist can indeed come up with noting that he has given sterling performances of a great songs. During the final of the programme, he also performed with Ludwig Galea, one half of the 2004 representative duo at the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Malta. The renowned artist is acting as a mentor to Franklin Calleja whose initial major experience came back during the Junior Eurosong competition a couple of years back. With stunning vocals and a good image to help promote him, Franklin is a definite shoe in to reach at least the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Several other names are being touted this year so stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon at it becomes available.


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Kurt Calleja alongside his band and also backing vocalist Amber did what many before him could not manage to achieve and that is make it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest with his track This Is The Night which he co-wrote alongside Johan Jämtberg and Mikael Gunnerås, both hailing from Sweden which ended up being the winning nation of the event. It will not be an easy feat to follow for any artist who will be doing the honour for the country in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea actually but then again, it will definitely not hurt to try because following the achievement of qualification, other artists might be hoping to do something better and that is acquire a better placing in the final round of the competition and it seems that the names or people preparing their respective material are now coming forward as the deadline draws to a close at the end of the month. The latest name for confirm to the editorial board that she will indeed submit a track in the hope of honouring her country is Marilena Gauci.

Marilena has quite the background in the local music industry having started out in an ample amount of junior competitions before finally representing the country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 with The Young Talent Team and the track Power of a Song. The result might have not have been the one that everyone could have hoped for but the performance was strong and dynamic nevertheless. Marilena was one of the lead vocalists in the group alongside Charlotte DeBattista, the elder sister of local music star; Sophie. In the years to come, the blond haired performer; Marilena would continue to carve out a name for herself appearing in the Teenage Version of the Għanja tal-Poplu in 2007 with the track B'Fommu Sieket which she would go onto win before ultimately making her major international mark by virtue of winning in Alexandria, Egypt amongst a host of performers from all over the world.

In Malta though on the other hand, she made it into the finals of the Malta Hit Song Contest 2008 on ONE Television with the song One Goal. Following a slight break from music, she returned to huge success in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest of 2011 with the track He's A Demon featuring Michael, earning a positive response from the critics all round and leading the way to two consecutive final performances at the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, first with Dil-Qalb Kbira and then Bl-Ikbar Serjeta finishing in fourth and second place respectively. Trying to enter the Malta Eurovision Song Contest for the second time will surely be a feat which she would like to achieve and whilst not confirming to the number of entries she will be submitting, we are pleased to know that she will be indeed giving it a shot once more because more she does indeed have the grace and the looks of a genuine pop star. Stay tuned to for more exclusive news in the weeks to come.

Source:, Emil Calleja Bayliss (Image)

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In recent days, the Public Broadcasting Services released the rules and regulations of the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with potential submissions to be handed in at the end of the next month and there seems to be growing interest amongst some of the younger talented artists on the Maltese Islands. It has to be pointed out that the jump from the Junior Eurosong to the senior competition is not easy and not many have accomplished the feat with the past two years seeing the likes of Marilena Gauci, Sophie Debattista and Danica Muscat succeed in making it through to the live shows. The latest name who wishes to join the elite list is none other than Stefan Galea who took part in the Junior Eurosong competition back in 2009 with the uptempo track Shake Up, Wake Up. He has spoken to about his intentions to submit in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

Since taking part in the Junior Eurosong competition, Stefan has gone onto accomplish several feats in the local music industry by virtue of signing a record deal with Aiming 4 Fame Music which is led by none other than Malta Music Award winner; Maddee Dargue. As a matter of fact, in the past couple of months, Stefan has gone onto release at least three singles in the market; Can't Wait, Take It Or Leave It as well as The Fittest Girl In History. All of the songs are relatively catchy and get the listener humming along instantly but then again, Stefan has accomplished more noting that in recent months, he was also part of the cast in the hit musical drama series; D.R.E.A.M.S which will be returning to Television Malta as from this Wednesday night with the full support of as always. Stefan Galea confirms to the editorial team that he will be submitting three entries for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in hope of making it at least to the live stages of the competition. We would like to wish him and anyone else submitting, the very best of luck as this journey commences.


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