November 12, 2019

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Sunday, 21 September 2014 18:12

Malta: Sophomore Single Release from Norbert

Norbert, a male singer/songwriter has just published a brand new single, "Find a Way", co-written and produced with Ramzi. The upcoming vocalist, nominated for Best New Artist at this year's edition of the Malta Music Awards alongside Maxine Pace, Andi and eventual winners Plan Zero, has been on an extremely busy promotional campaign, with the release of an accompanying music video, and a series of radio interviews.

"Find a Way" offers a glimpse into a music direction which best suits the young singer/songwriter, showcasing his abilities in the best possible way. It is extremely radio-friendly and will surely find no problem in garnering airplay. A definite thumbs up! There is sheer quality in the way that both the song and the accompanying music video have been executed, largely signally the local music industry into a new modern forum. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Norbert (Official Facebook Page)

Published in Local Music News

On the 9th February, the Public Broadcasting Services in collaboration with Mega Music Management will be hosting this years' edition of the Malta Music Awards. at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre. In line with last years’ proceedings, the Malta Music Weekend will return, with the event coming hot off the feels of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, which in turn would have taken place on the previous two (2) nights. During the course of the evening, six (6) awards will be given; Best Album, Best Song, Best Band, Best New Artist, Best Solo Artist and Best Video with a number of artists taking to the stage for a series of special performances.

Announcement of nominations is expected in a couple of days, but those wishing to be considered, are to submit their interest, through the form found on the official website, by clicking here. Whilst the line-up of guests is yet to be finalised, one could denote that the organisers are putting in a lot of effort to ensure that the best local artists take to the stage. Gaia Cauchi, winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be joined by NORBERT, Winter Moods, Plan Zero, Airport Impressions, The Crowns, Red Electrick, Ira Losco and Andi. Tickets for the Malta Music Awards can be purchased through Ooii at just €10, but those who have already purchased tickets for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest are entitled to free entrance. Stay tuned to for the latest news.

Source: MMM

Published in Local Music News

In 2010, the editorial board of came together for the first time and one of the aims sought out was to represent the local music scene in the best possible way. At the same time, Gianluca Cappitta on guitars, Jean-Paul Mollicone on keyboards, Chris Ciantar on bass, Luke Vella Clark on drums and Victorio Gauci on vocals had just come together, forming a band known as The Crowns which we endorsed and promote. Best New Artist nominations came quickly at both the Bay Music Awards and the Malta Music Awards respectively and original music just became a passion rather than work. Their debut album entitled Someone Else will be launched on the 20th April 2013 but nevertheless, Home precedes the album release and it is currently playlisted by all major radio stations in the country.

The fourth single off their anticipated debut album is also being aided by an official music video as has been the case with Never Ends, which was the third single release. Temple Studios, home to The Crowns since their inception have worked really hard to produce yet another professional track, one which is immersing an international sound within a local product without losing authenticity. Character is always vital in music and considering that the local music scene offers several bands including Scar, Airport Impressions, Red Electrick, Winter Moods and Planet Seed amongst others, one has to stand out whilst remaining true to the music. invites all fans of the industry to attend the launch of the group for which more details could be seen on the Facebook event. Stay tuned for all of the latest news.

Source: The Crowns,

Published in Local Music News

Ira Losco, one of the leading female artists in the local music scene has been credited to achieving a lot of success but what makes stand out from the rest is the element of being humble about any of the projects she takes on. The past couple of months have been somewhat of a revival for the iconic figure having been somewhat missing since the release of her remixes album entitled Mixed Beats back in 2009 but many have come to learn that she has been working extremely hard on perfecting her new record, with the idea that despite achieving a status over the years, there is still an image to keep up and being true to ones self will always remain important.

Ira Losco has always remained grounded and that is surely one of the elements why she has succeeded over the years because whether performing at the Eurovision Song Contest, or with Claudio Baglioni, she is still the same individual, one who is honouring her country. Following the success of What I'd Give, winning the Best Video Award at the Malta Music Awards whilst also allowing Ira Losco to be recognised as the Best Artist in the eyes of the DJ's during the Bay Music Awards, comes a brand new studio album entitled, The Fire produced and mixed by Howard Keith of Jagged House. An official launch event took place last night at Villa Bologna in Attard, a gala supported by Jugs and Island Caterers which was extremely well attended by various members of the press. 

Personally, I feel like the title of the brand new album speaks volumes about the comeback with Ira noting down in just one way that there is something which re-ignited the spark towards making music. As a matter of fact, when speaking about The Fire, Ira stated that 'there was a time when I didn't want to write anything. I was overcome by fear and I was reluctant to bare my soul. Then when I started writing, I had no inhibitions, I didn't set myself any parameters. I definitely have an album I am proud of.' Whenever Jagged House come up with a brand new album, they send shockwaves into the industry and with Ira Losco just releasing her sophomore single off this album entitled The Person I Am featuring David Leguess, one would understand what I am referring to.

During the launch event, a visibly emotional Ira Losco thanked everyone for the input within this record and for supporting her throughout the years. She also gave a resoundingly stunning performance of a couple of songs during the evening accompanied by the people who have come to garner attention as her band including Peter Borg on Electric Guitars, Alex Mallia on Acoustic Guitars, Ivan Borg on Bass Guitar, and Steve 'Cannibal Muscat' on the drums. Other people who were involved within the album where Adrian 'Ir-Russu' Brincat on the Trumpet and Simon Vella on the Violin. The brand new album could be bought either through iTunes, Jagged House, Ira Losco's Official Website, or even Exotique. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Jagged House, Emil Calleja Bayliss (Image)

Published in Local Music News
Thursday, 28 February 2013 17:23

Malta: 'The Person I Am' Hits the Charts

The Fire is set to be the fifth studio album released by Ira Losco, one of the most high profile artists to grace the local music scene. The female singer is teasing her fans with material off the record by releasing debut single What I'd Give featuring a mixture of funk and reggae, and more recently The Person I Am, a pop/rock track which is aided by David Leguess as a rapper. Many have thought that maybe variety will not be the key to this comeback noting that Ira might have decided to play it safe but this is certainly not the case when one considers how different the two tracks are in terms of genre.

Since returning to the scene during this past summer, Ira Losco has been giving out a lot of interviews and making a number of headlining performances, all of which have been live including at the Bay Music Awards, The Summer Music Festival, Christmas in the City and The Malta Music Awards. Faithful fans and followers have been extremely positive with regards to the recently released material but it has to be noted that a new generation of people is somewhat following the brand new tracks due to the fact that there has been progression. 89.7 Bay, the most followed radio station in the country for four consecutive years has been playing the song in the past couple of days and with a commitment to the local music scene, it seems that Ira Losco continues to be receiving airplay, charting as a new entry at number #8 with The Person I Am. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about Ira Losco and the local music scene.

Source: 89.7 Bay, Shane Watts (Image),

Published in Local Music News
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 17:15

Malta: Brooke is back with a Ballad

Brooke, one of the female artists who ranks highly above many others in the local music scene has somewhat surprised her fans with her latest release and this because, she has gone for an acoustic setting in the track Something That I Said. In recent weeks, the renowned local star managed to beat another three nominees for the Best Solo Artist accolade at the Malta Music Awards and this seems to have given her the courage to continue releasing professional music whilst studying vocal technique in the United Kingdom. Emerging as a prime artist throughout the years, it has to be noted that the vocal acrobatics have become very popular in music and thus, this element is very much prevalent in this track.

Brooke has had an extremely hectic past couple of months with the release of her comeback single Fairytale which was also supported by a music video exclusively published through and featuring Pretty Little Liars actor, Brant Daugherty. Following the positive acclaim by fans in Malta, which saw it rise to significant positions on local radio, Brooke decided to change the vibe ever so slightly and as a matter of fact, went onto release a second song entitled B.I.N.G.O which she performed at the 2012 Bay Music Awards, a performance which many will remember for the energy and the several hundreds of fake dollars thrown towards the end of the performance. Have a listen to the brand new song released by one of the artists who certainly has a bright future and stay tuned to for more of the latest news in the coming weeks.

Source: Soundcloud

Published in Local Music News

Maltese Eurovision representative, Gianluca Bezzina was better known as the lead singer for upcoming band Funk Initiative which took everyone by surprise by presenting a new genre which few would have thought to explore but at the end of the day this collaboration between friends who happened to be musicians worked well. Their success started by winning the KSU Singers and Songwriters showcase held between 2009 and 2010, whilst they finished as runners up at the MKSU Battle of the Bands. Not just that but their what started as a University venture took them well beyond that as they were also nominated for the best upcoming talent in the two most  prestigious music awards on our islands – the Bay Music Awards and the Malta Music Awards.

They describe their style as indie alternative with hints of jazz, funk, rock but the main element in their music is fun. The band is made up of Gianluca Bezzina on vocals, Paul Torpiano on keys and backing vocals, Daniel Cassar on guitars, Fabian Bonnello on saxophone and tambourine, Daniel Buttigieg on drums and percussions and Shaun Abdilla on bass guitar. Previous releases by the band which were very well received were Paris, The Liberators and My Robot Monkey Army is Better Than Yours - the latter was released in the hot Summer months. Their videos are always intriguing and different from what anyone would expect; that's what makes Funk Initiative the band they are; different and fresh.

The band is riding high after Gianluca’s triumph at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest but all their fans know that the teaser for their upcoming video has been circulating for quite some time now and this is actually the best time to release this track. Architects is brought to you by Funk Initiative, in collaboration with SACES, ELSA and INSITE. A university project in all sense – in the video of the song you will be watching a yearly tradition that takes place between two rival faculties at the University of Malta. You can find more information about Funk Initiative on Facebook, Twitter and their YouTube channel. Stay tuned to for all the latest news from our shores and beyond. 

Source: Official Facebook Page

Published in Local Music News
Tuesday, 02 October 2012 04:30

Malta: New Single Release by Aaron Benjamin

Aaron Benjamin could easily be described as homegrown talent considering the amount of time he has resided in the Maltese Islands despite being born in Great Britain where he has made a number of acquaintances which have helped me grow his career through time. In fact, he has won over legions of fans since his debut release In My Head which was succeeded by two top ten local singles; Let It All Go and Break The Silence. Critics in the local music scene have rewarded his efforts in the Malta Music Awards on a number of occasions being the reigning Best Male Artist in the ceremony presented last winter. Nevertheless, the lion never sleeps tonight as it says in the Motion Picture; The Lion King henceforth why Aaron Benjamin is back with a brand new single release entitled Live Forever which will be showcasing a brand new direction in terms of genre, much more in the vein of last single Lets Dance.

Speaking to Benjamin goes onto state  'I wanted to take a new direction. I love pop rock and have done well with it, but what a lot of people don’t know is that it has always been my passion to do dance records. I have always loved pop rock music and with my previous release Let’s Dance, I wanted to experiment with Dance music, and feel we have a really good product with this new track. I am blessed to be working with such renowned writers and producers. I was inspired by Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, David Guetta and Fatboy Slim and so this list goes on. I can't wait to share it with everyone, and I am really excited about it! Thanks to all my Benjamites!' The song is receiving a lot of interest from major recording labels abroad actually and is already receiving airplay on local radio stations whilst being available through all of the major digital download stores including iTunes.

The track speaks volumes in terms of Aaron's personal life actually because he asks his listeners to make the most of their respective lives, enjoying the moment because ultimately, tomorrow is still unknown as part of the future. The reality of it all is that, he is forwarding this message because he lost his best friend in a motorcycle accident. 'Life is not about your possessions, about what you have and what you hold, it is about you, what you make of it and what makes you happy to be alive, so take your life in both hands, and live. I never realised how profound and meaningful that conversation would be'. Live Forever has been written by writers who tend to work with a number of X Factor finalists but whilst working with renowned songwriters and producers from the United Kingdom, he also worked with none other than Peter Borg of Red Electrick at Railway Studios.

In recent years, Aaron Benjamin signed a Publishing Deal with Warner Chappel Music in the United Kingdom and this gives him the opportunity to vent out his material with other notable songwriters as well. Speaking about Peter Borg though, he is somewhat astonishing at the talent the man brings forth saying that there is something 'magical' about the guy with the single just flowing. He went onto add that he has a 'special' trait which he should really look after. Live Forever will be heavily promoting through a series of high profile television and radio appearances in the next days and weeks. For more information about Aaron Benjamin, visit his official website and stay tuned to for all of the latest news about new releases and so forth from the local music scene.

Source: Press Release

Published in Local Music News

There have been a number of acts that have decided to somewhat lay low following their result at the Eurovision Song Contest but this is surely not the case for Glen Vella who did his country proud back in 2011 with his song One Life composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan. The track only failed to make it through to the final at the expense of just one point behind Switzerland whose Anna Rossinelli and her track In Love for a While only finished in last place in the final held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The fact of the matter remains that the artist has maintained his popularity in Malta through a number of extremely commercial songs noting his success when it comes to dance music by virtue of reaching the 89.7 Bay Music Charts on a number of occasions. Coming back to Malta following the event he released a song entitled Lie and this track is currently being sold through iTunes.

The upbeat track entitled Lie written by Noy Alooshe and Saar Badishiwas first previewed on but the very first performance came at the Malta Music Awards before Glen was handed the coveted award for the Best Music Video produced by Television Malta and Where's Everybody. It is quite interesting to see that the Recording Label CAP Sounds is investing in Maltese talent quite a lot noticing artist potential in the long term. The very fact of the matter remains that the company is a sub-division of Universal Music Germany and therefore whenever there is a good proposal put forward it should definitely be taken up. The single of Glen Vella which could have been heard over viral website, YouTube can now be bought through the programme iTunes. Stay tuned to for more of the latest releases by local artists amongst other things.

Source: CAP Sounds

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