September 21, 2019

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Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest has always been known to be organized on a huge scale due to the fact that the Scandinavian country can boast several resources but nevertheless, the results following a victory have almost always been disappointing with their last ever try going to Roger Pontare and his track Spirits Are Calling My Name which finished in a surprisingly encouraging seventh place in 2000 as opposed to what happened the previous time when Christer Bjorkman had done the honour in 1992 with the ballad entitled I morgon är en annan dag finishing in twenty second place with just nine points. The upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is being staged in Malmö and it seems that the broadcaster, SVT, does not only want to put up an exceptional show but also be represented by a great entry noting that the submissions reflect an increase in the quality of names rather than numbers. The provisional list as posted by Aftonbladet tends to be quite correct.

According to the initial reports, the main names to be included in next years' selection process are actually two former winners of the Eurovision Song Contest, the first being none other than three time representative Carola who last did her nation proud in 2006 with the song Invincible and the second being two time representative Helena Paparizou who last took part in 2005, winning the competition for her native Greece. Her mixture in terms of heritage is quite intriguing and Christer Bjorkman has been hoping to get her on board for quite some time. Amongst the others names who have been mentioned, there are the likes of multiple Melodifestivalen attendees such as Sarah Dawn Finer who played the role of hostess last year alongside Mans Zelmerow who was the host in the previous year and last but not least Linda Bengtzing who is known for performing Schlager uptempo songs in Swedish. There were a couple of other names from the last edition of the competition, those being David Lindgren and Sean Banan but former participants such as Cookies N Beans as well as Jessica Folcker and Jessica Andersson will surely be draw cards. One of the names which was not mentioned on the list by Aftonbladet was that of Tone Damli, but then again, Expressen, another Swedish tabloid did include her in their respective list. Stay tuned to as we follow the proceedings unravel in the days and weeks to come.

Source: Aftonbladet

Sweden has always been noted to be a country with a strong music industry and their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has always been almost always been treated with success missing the final only on one occasion, being back in 2010 when Anna Bergendahl and her entry This Is My Life failed by virtue of finishing in eleventh place. In preparation to the actual competition, they call upon leading names in the music and entertainment industry with the aim of listening and commenting on the entries that would have been put forward by all of the countries including their very own. The results of the first semi-final were released last week with Cyprus leading the board and that meant that the second semi-final entries were not far away. In fact, Malta is competing in the very first part of the evening and hence the verdict was passed.

Unfortunately the panel which is led by singers Lena Philipsson and Mans Zelmerow as well as commentators Gina Dirawi, Thomas Lundin and Lisette believe that Malta does not have the right entry to make it to the finals having received just nine (9) points out of a possible total of twenty-five (25) meaning that it did not even garner half of the required points and languished just slightly above the bottom of the board. The Swedish previews have been noted to have quite the impact of the public. The focus of the evening was definitely Sweden and their entry Euphoria who received the maximum amount of points but nevertheless, the songs which were given a second place were Serbia and Ukraine who will be represented by Zeljko Joksimovic and Gaitana with the songs Nije Ljubav Stvar and Be My Guest. Keep a close eye on in the coming days for more news about the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: SVT