January 21, 2020

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Tuesday, 04 February 2014 03:28

MESC ’14: Rehearsals Kick-Off at the MFCC

On the 7th and 8th February 2014, the Public Broadcasting Services will be hosting this years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali under the gaze of the local and foreign press, hence ready to put up a spectacular show as has been the case in recent years. In the week leading up to the competition, the competing acts along with the guest performers on both Friday and Saturday will take to the stage for a series of rehearsals.

escflashmalta.com plans to assess the outcome of the show by being present in the venue throughout various key points of the week, especially the run-throughs and dress rehearsals, respectively. This year, the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted by Moira Delia, Gianluca Bezzina and Ira Losco and foreign guests are set to include none other than Emmelie de Forest; winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, Maria Yaremchuk and Sebalter; representatives of Ukraine and Switzerland at this years’ international showcase.

Because I Have You - Amber (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

Oblivion - Chris Grech (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

Addictive - Romina Mamo (Ylva / Linda Persson)

Hypnotica - Jessika (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

Now and Forever - Andreana (Vinny Vella / Karl Spiteri)

One Last Ride - Daniel Testa (Stephen Rudden / Lawrence Peter Bridge)

Invisible - Raquel Galdes (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

Just No Place Like Home - Fabrizio Faniello (Johan Bejerholm)

Some Kind of Wonderful - Wayne William (Wayne Micallef)

City Lady - Ryan Paul Abela (Paul Abela / Ryan Paul / Joe Julian Farrugia)

Lovetricity - Christabelle (Magnus Kaxe / Gerard James Borg)

Take Me - Pamela (Boris Cezek)

Let The Sunshine In - Sophie (Sophie DeBattista / Adam Pakard / Alex Dew)

Love Will Take Me Home - Franklin (Glen / Beatrice Eriksson / M Frenell / Michael J Down)

Safe - Miriam Christine (Mark Scicluna / Emil Calleja Bayliss)

Until We Meet Again - Deborah C (Elton Zarb / Matt Mercieca)

Coming Home - Firelight (Richard Micallef)

Pin The Middle - De Bee (Peter Paul Galea / Debbie Stivala)

Brand New Day - Davinia (Elton Zarb / Matt Mercieca)

Ten - Corazon (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

At this point in time, we would like to wish all the very best of luck to all of the twenty (20) acts who are putting their first foot forward in the hope of representing Malta, and achieving another prestigious result, following up on the success of Tomorrow, co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat, with vocals provided by Gianluca. Another round of applause goes to Gordon Bonello, Rodney Gauci, Daniel D’Anastasi and Anton Attard for their hard work on this years’ competition. Stay tuned for all the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Public Broadcasting Services


On the official website of the Public Broadcasting Services, along with a simulataneous announcement on the hit television programme Xarabank, it was revealed that the star guest for both the semi-final and the final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will be none other than Emmelie de Forest. The Dane, winner of the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Only Teardrops co-written by Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin Jakobsen and Thomas Stengaard is also set to be a guest act at the German national selection later on this year, in what seems to be an extremely busy year for the singer/songwriter.

On the night of the semi-final, it is expected that Emmelie will perform her winning entry of the international showcase, but the Public Broadcasting Services has secured an exclusive performance of a brand new track entitled Rainmaker, which will in turn be used as the theme song for the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Also, the finalists of the national selection in Malta, meaning the fourteen (14) left after the show on Friday will get the opportunity to perform with the renowned vocalist. Emmelie will not be the only guest act during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with Winter Moods, The Crowns, Red Electrick, Gianluca, Ira Losco, Gaia Cauchi, Maria Yaremchuk and the winner of the Swiss national final this evening all taking centre stage. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: Public Broadcasting Services


Sunday, 23 December 2012 09:00

Ukraine: National Final - LIVE

Ukraine is poised for a victory at the Eurovision Song Contest for a second time in the near future noting that they are dedicated to achieving success and have managed to qualify to the final on each occasion whilst also managing to acquire consecutive top ten results, their last one coming back in 2011 with Angel performed by Mika Newton. Earlier this year, many were surprised to see Be My Guest performed by Gaitana languishing in a mid-table position, only achieved due to the support of the jury because the track was a fan favourite and the performer herself was well received by the international community. Another year has passed though and today, a successor for Gaitana will be chosen through a mixture of public and jury votes.

NTU, the public broadcaster in Ukraine has had a busy couple of days noting that preparations have been taking place all week with the jury releasing to the submitted entries and ultimately selecting the twenty which they believe have enough potential to garner some airplay on television and as a matter of fact rehearsals took place throughout the day yesterday with some entries slightly touched upon prior to a final mix which we would be recorded should one of the tracks eventually is announced as a winner. There are a number of favourites in this selection process to be honest but nevertheless, we do not want to point them out prior to the start of the show which is imminent and just under an hour away. We would like you to follow our live report by virtue of the webcast offered by the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest as well as well as giving us your thoughts through Twitter.

01. Oksana Pekun and Maxim Novitskiy – Zeleniy dubochok

The first singer is not the best one to start, a bit too dramatic ballad so no song for the Eurovision Song Contest in my opinion.

02. Mariya Yaremchuk –Imagine

The second track is already better but still not too well for the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest. Mariya is screaming at points way too much. 

03. Marietta – Wonder

Another ballad but it really doesn't suit Marietta well, her voice is quiet boring to hear. A great vocal could have lifted this much higher!

04. Dmitry Yaremchuk – Mamo

 Its clear the production team is still very sleepy as the next singer is restarting three times. However the vocals are least a nice surprise. However not for eurovision though. And look at the audience they need to wake up too still.

05. Inesh – Delayu shag

Inesh is doing a dance song, she has a very low voice at parts. One hand one would think this might be not a bad track, but it seems that the production is still very poor. But one cannot expect more as the deadline for entering for the song was only some days ago. A missed chance unfortunately.

06. Zlata Ognevich – Gravity

The next track is one of the favourites to win, Zlata Ognevich. She tried before for Ukraine and was Alexander Rybak's favourite to represent the country but it was Mika Newton with Angel who won eventually. A not bad song and definitely the best of what we heard till now. Great vocals too, but still work to do on the act should it make it. Potential winner though!

07. Emotion – Saviour

The next group is Emotion with Saviour. The lead-singer would surely be followed closely by the euro-fans in case this song would represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest  But now to the song itself: the singer has unfortunately not the vocals to stand out on a Eurovision stage especially in the lower notes. Somehow in the chorus he makes me think at one point to Sinplus from Switzerland  with one big difference, the Swiss brothers are vocally much better. So one advice to the lead singer of this song: start a model career and quit singing.

08. Gvozdivchanka – Naleteli gusenyata

Next one, Gvozdivchanka! Wow the Russian grannies have sent their nieces to Ukraine!  Only accompanied by an accordion they do a likely very authentic song which would be great surely at a folk-festival or something similar but for the Eurovision Song Contest ? No sorry, we had the grannies last year, this would fail surely big time.

09. RealIvanna – You Gave Me Everything

The next singer is RealIvanna on stage already, Ukrainian tv want to be home for lunch at this speed! The song and singer is again nothing special unfortunately. One would start to wonder why NTU bothered to make a final with so many singers but a very low level overall until now. Sorry Ukraine but I just cannot get most of the songs.

10. Tatyana Shirko – Feeling Like A Sir

The next act on stage is Tatyana Shirko with 'Feeling like a sir'. Only the title is already warning me to pay extra attention. This girl has a very very fragile voice but the notes seems to be too high for her that makes it somehow annoying. A good effort though and one of the better, or let's say one of the less bad tracks.

11. Trinity – Belym po belomu

Now Trinity on stage with Belym po belomu. They should be careful with the name as the groups name belong to a popular Belgian group who was very popular in the seventies mostly. But this said, three beautiful women who don't sing that bad, that's a nice surprise. One of the better song but not a winning track in my opinion.

12. Ana Stesia –Dare To Change

Ana Stesia is the next one on stage. The perfect song to listen on a late night in a lounge bar after too many drinks, but quiet boring in my opinion. This would definitely ruin Ukraine's chances to get to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

13. Alina Grosu – Let Go

And now the other top favourite of today, Alina Grasu. Alina comes from the city of Cernauti in western Ukraine, which used to be a part of Romania. Her name is also 100% Romanian, so definitely high points from Romania and Moldova would be guaranteed. About the song now: this is in my opinion the song that might be winning this years final. Very good singer, good song and a good performance! The only one that could take victory is Zlata. But with a good finalisation on the production this could be doing good things on stage in Malmö!

14. Dasha Medovaya – Don’t Want To Be Alone

Dasha Medova is the next one on stage after Alina's performance. Another ballad which is maybe full of good intentions, but Dasha's vocals are not up to standard for a national final, and definitely not for a Eurovision stage. Sorry Dasha, but this is not going to make it for sure.

15. Lena Korneeva – You’ll Be The Winner Forever

Olena Korneva is the next one to come on stage of the Ukrainian National Final, we are getting to the end of the songs. On the first look of the singer i was afraid really this would be something awful  Call me crazy or having a bad taste, but I kinda like this! Ok the vocals are not really how they should be but i believe her what she is doing on stage. It won't win but it's nice to see it on the finals in Ukraine.

16. Angeliya – Love Is Life

Angeliya with love is life is next on stage. A dance song which unfortunately doesn't suit the singer at all. I don't believe at all what is happening on stage and the voice is not fit for the song too unfortunately. No no good points for Angeliya unfortunately from my part.

17. Eduard Romanyuta – Get Real With My Heart

Eduard Romanyuta is next on stage with 'Get real with my heart'. A not too bad good lucking guy who tries to sing a Bilan like song, but he fails unfortunately. The vocals are again not good enough to stand out and fight for a good placing in the Ukrainian National Final. So a definite no for Malmö.

18. Matvey Vermiyenko – Otkryvay menya 

Matvey Vermiyenko with Otkryvay menya is the next track on stage. Ooohhhhhhhh an alien has arrived from outer space! For sure the singer has decided for this strange outfit in order to take the attention away from his vocals who are really bad. No way this can win the ticket for Sweden.

19. DiOfilmy – Medlyak

DiOfilmy with Medlyak is the second last song of today's final. An uptempo song by two male singers who cannot hold really well notes. The song itself might have some good intentions, but it sounds very very cheap. So please next one!

20. Dima Skalozubov – Davno

The last track of today is Dima Skalozubov with Davno. A strange song and act where at first his hands are tight. Not my cup of tea at all.

The Show (Part 2)

We will be awaiting the results from the Jury but the sms-voting is definitely putting Zlata in pole position for victory thus far. Nevertheless, we will announce the full result in accordance with NTU, the broadcaster. Recap of the songs performed throughout the morning and early afternoon is currently being shown on screen. Local artists are lining-up the stage at the moment whilst Zlata is confirmed as the runaway winner of the public with more than 8000 votes this afternoon leaving Eduard Romanyuta in second place with just over a 1000 votes. Zlata has just been confirmed the winner of both the public and the jury vote.