December 15, 2019

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Molitva, co-written Vladimir Graić and Saša Milošević Mare with vocals provided by Marija Šerifović brought back the importance of ballads in the Pan-European competition. Marija who was involved in the Serbian delegation at this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, is seemingly returning to music following a public life which involved several other projects away from her artistic platform. A new collection of songs will be released under the title Confession and the aim is to give an indepth autobiography of Šerifović. Apart from the album, she is working on a documentary, and a book, all of which will be looking at the ten years of her music career along with her early beginnings. 

'It’s time to celebrate ten years of my small career. I see it as small considering what I’m planning and expecting. A day has come when I feel that I should share all those moments, memories and thoughts, which I was writing down all the time, but I never talked about them. I want to share that with you all and the point is finally to understand who Marija really is'. Marija has also revealed that she has been in the studio working with Alexander Rybak, winning artst of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with the track Fairytale and also songwriter behind the fourth placed entry at this years' Melodi Grand Prix by Annsofi entitled I'm With You. The album which will be released towards the latter part of the year will be totally in English in order to continue introducing her music to the whole of the continent. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news. 


An exclusive piece of information released by our colleagues at shows that the Greek national final will be taking place on Monday 18th February and will be including a stunning line-up of international guests with spectacular surprises all throughout the evening. This will be the first time the selection is being organized in collaboration between two broadcasters; ERT and MAD TV who represent two of the most popular channels in the country. It is important to denote that Eleftheria Eleftheriou was the last representative of the nation and was the first not to achieve a top ten result in almost ten years, finishing behind their neighbouring country of Cyprus for the first time in an extremely long time.

The internationally renowned portal has revealed that the selection is set to be a huge event and this is all thanks to the collaboration between the two broadcasters with MAD TV producing the show. There will be a number of international performers who will collaborate with renowned Greek artists and the pairings have been decided in the form of; Helena Paparizou with Melisses, Dima Bilan with Demy, Alexander Rybak with Kostas Martakis, Ruslana with Eleni Foureira and last but not least, Marija Serifovic with the group Vegas. The first representative to make his way to the selection will be the Greek selection will be the Cypriot representative. More guest stars will be revealed shortly. In a press conference set to take place on the 4th February, more details about the show including the hosts and the venue will be revealed. The general artistic director for the show will be Fokas Evaggelinos, who has taken care of several entries for the Eurovision Song Contest in the past. This is sure to be a huge spectacle with a large viewership. Stay tuned to for more news from Greece.
Source: oikotimes

The Team of Radio International is back for the second week of a brand new year and would like to invite you to join the weekly Ultimate Eurovision Experience. The show is broadcast on 106.8 FM and Digital Cable 781 within The Netherlands but is also available through the official website where it will also be web-televised. Wednesdays have always been dedicated to music and from 20:00 till 23:00 CET, another packed episode will be aired. Features have always gone down well with the public and the Team of Radio International is gearing up with quite a couple including some which will officially be launching this week but nevertheless, the focus has always been on a particular individual and in fact, this weeks' interview will be with a two time Eurovision Song Contest representative, coming from a nation which has seemingly withdrawn from the upcoming edition of the continental showcase; this being Portugal.

As a matter of fact, the interview that will be aired this week is with none other than Simone de Oliviera who represented Portugal in 1965 with the track Sol de Inverno as well as in 1965 with her entry Desfolhada reaching lower-table positions in both years. This interview took place during the third edition of the Eurovision Live Concert, which featured a number of performers including Niamk Kavanagh who represented Ireland in 1993 and 2010, and Katrina & The Waves who did the honours for the United Kingdom in 1997. The actual interview took place during a special dinner organised by the OGAE branch of Portugal where the renowned performer sanf some of her most popular Fado tracks. During the interview, she speaks about the experience of representing her country at the event as well as commenting on how the competition has changed throughout the years.

In the meantime, now that the year 2013 has come forth, and with the national finals having already started, correspondent Ross Bennett will be commenting on the tracks that are being presented by countries which will be performing at the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Whilst a multi-entry national selection took place in Belarus, seeing to the victory of Alyona Lanskaya with Rhythm of Love, there were a host of possible winners, Belgium had a three song competition for just one performer with the track Love Kills emerging as the choice for Roberto Bellarosa who came to fame in his country following his victory on The Voice Belgique. As a matter of fact, this feature will run with the regular news brought about by both and as most of the countries reveal their selection process, possible representatives and also other selective issues.

Radio International is always keen to present songs during the show apart from the weekly features and therefore, collaborating the two ideas together will see the emergence of Eurovision UnverCover whereas tracks performed at the Eurovision Song Contest will be covered by other singers. The actual tracks will be played first followed by the cover and this will make things interesting. Apart from this feature which will officially commence as of tomorrow, there will be new material played on the show by a number of former representatives including; BLUE (UK 2011), Elena Risteska (FYR Macedonia 2006), Mika Newton (Ukraine 2011), t.A.T.u (Russia 2003), Marija Serifovic (Serbia 2007), Carola (Sweden 1983, 1991, 2006). Follow the show through the official website and also send your requests through the contact link which is found on the aforementioned website. 

Source: Press Release

The seasonal changes that are brought about during the year very much reflect a variety of things including the elements of scheduling with fall somewhat heading into winter and therefore signifying that whatever has been planned will most likely continue to be put into action. Following that break during the summer months in which a prerecorded set of programmes where presented to audiences all around the continent, the Team of Radio International returns for yet another week. They would like all of the readers of and beyond to tune in to enjoy an Ultimate Eurovision Experience. The show is broadcast in The Netherlands on 106.4 FM as well as Digital Cable 41 but people can also follow through the internet on the official website where the programme will also be webcast through a video channel. The show will as always be running between 20:00 and 23:00 CET on Wednesday evening. There a number of surprises during this weeks' edition as Juergen Boernig and the rest of his team have made it their task to prove the show special on a weekly business.

Premier focus on this weeks' edition of Radio International is definitely on Sirusho who many will surely remember taking to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2008 with the track Qele Qele  helping to achieve the best result for Armenia at the continent event thus far, that being a very respectable fourth place finish. The nation which she representative has an impeccable record at the event having reached eighth place in 2006 thanks to Andre, another eighth place in 2007 with Hayko, then fourth position with Sirusho, tenth place for Inga and Anush in 2009 and seventh place for Eva Rivas before Emmy breaking the trend and failing to qualify in 2011. Sirusho is a well known performer in her native country and has released a number of tracks since participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. Many people in Malta will remember her for being a guest during the Malta Eurosong in 2010 and also as the interval act of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. It is also worth pointing out that OGAE Portugal invited Sirusho to the Eurovision Live Concert which took place last September in Setubal, as she is quite popular. This is where we had the pleasure to interview the beautiful singer.

The second interview in the show this week is actually with the Vice President of the OGAE Club in Germany where the annual club convention is set to take place on the 24th November, days before the announcement of the semi-finalists of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013. This is a point to be noted down due to the fact that one of the guests is none other than Fabrizio Faniello who represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest twice but is back with another track entitled An Everlasting Dream. Amongst the others guests woh will be presented are Darja Svajger who represented Slovenia in 1995 and 1999 and Ott Lepland, the Estonian representative earlier this year. In the meantime, Dr. Thomas Schreiber from ARD, will also be present to introduce the Germany National Selection in 2013 which is rumoured to include around twelve finalists in a multi-artist and entry song selection. The Vice President, Anke Jonschker will be in the studio to talk about this years' convention as well as future plans.

Despite the fact that Malta is not competing in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, more coverage of the event is now expected on Radio International and due to the fact that the date is growing closer. This year, the event being held in The Netherlands is set to take place on the 1st December and will comprise of twelve countries;  Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Georgia, Israel, Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine. Three of the aforementioned nations are actually making their debut and therefore, it will be interesting to see how they fare as this could be the element of why they would ultimately return next year. The show will be starting at 20:15 CET and will be televised by all of the participating countries as well as the official website of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest where most information about each of the acts could be found. Members of the Team of Radio International will be present at the event and conduct interviews with the young artists which you can hear during the shows around the 01 December 2012.

Sweden have had quite the history in the Eurovision Song Contest, having only failed to make it through to the final only once, that coming in 2010 when Anna Bergendahl had performed the track This Is My Life finishing in eleventh place. The Scandinavian country won the competition five times kicking off with ABBA's Waterloo in 1974, followed by The Herreys ten years later in 1984 with Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley. Then with Carola in 1991 when she won with Fangad Av En Stormvind before more success continued in 1999 as Charlotte took the honours with Take Me To Your Heaven and of course most recently in 2012 noting the Loreen victory with Euphoria. Apart from these successes, Sweden has managed to finish in the top ten on a large number of occasions becoming one of the most notable nations when it comes to the event. Make sure to tune into the programme tomorrow night to witness all of the happenings live as soon as they are broadcast in The Netherlands. Stay tuned to who will be bringing you all of the latest news about the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in the coming hours, days, weeks and months. 

Source: Team of Radio International

This years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is now just a couple of days away and therefore, the final announcements are now being made public by the host broadcaster of the 2012 event being Ictimai Television following the victory of Ell and Nikki with the song Running Scared during their time in Dusseldorf, Germany. There have been a number of rumours going about with regards to the interval act but it seems that it has now been revealed to be none other than the last five winners of the esteemed event. This will be the first time that they will be brought together on stage. It is not yet known what songs they will be performing but they will surely sing the tracks that took the Eurovision Song Contest to their respective nations. 

This years' competition will be taking place in the Baku Crystal Hall to which the constructed was completed just days ago. In fact, the technical team has already been making use of the equipment through a number of rehearsals to make sure that everything is spot on and working perfectly. The very first official rehearsals are set to begin on the 13th May when the first set of participants in the first semi-final will take to the stage. The interval acts are also being put into the schedule now in fact noting that they include Alim Gasimov; Natiq rhythm band; singer/songwriter Emin and last but not least the National Dance Ensemble but then, the European Broadcasting Union made this surprise revelation this morning including performers; Marija Serifovic (2007), Dima Bilan (2008), Alexander Rybak (2009), Lena (2010) and Ell & Nikki (2011). It will surely be an interesting spectacle which will be including in the same semi-final in which Malta and Kurt Calleja along his team will be competing. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.