September 15, 2019

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The Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is one of the most prestigious music competitions in the country noting that it promotes original songs written in Maltese. Some of the finest examples of winners throughout the years have included Annabelle Debono, Miriam Christine, Mike Spiteri, Ira Losco, Claudia Faniello and Eleanor Cassar with the most successful songwriters being Mark Spiteri Lucas, Joe Chircop and Ray Agius respectively. In recent years, the event has been supported greatly by with two board members present in the committee but for the first time in three years, coverage will be from an outsiders' point of view with the coverage being tweaked ever so slightly in order to promote the acts which will be selected.

The top three of last years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza were Deborah C with Jekk Nużaw Moħħna, Marilena Gauci with Bl-Ikbar Serjetà and Domenique with Tama u Kuraġġ. It is stunning to denote that all three made it through to the live stages of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year continuing on the success achieved on the stage of The Granaries in Floriana. Submissions for the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2013 will be received at Media.Link Communications against a fee of €50 for each entry. More details about the rules and regulations could be found through the official page of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza on social networking website, Facebook which could be accessed here. Entries will be received between 9am and 7pm.

The first of the twenty finalists in the Established Talent portion will be Karen DeBattista who won the Passport 2 Indifest competition organised by Spiteri Lucas Entertainment. It is expected that songwriters will be entering songs specifically for her which the jury will listen keeping her in mind noting that the vocals on the tracks will actually be by demo artists. It is important to denote that the tele-voting and the jury result is split up to accomodate different awards. We urge you to stay tuned to for all of the latest news about this years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and features which we'll be undertaking throughout the summer months.

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza

Jekk Nużaw Moħħna, composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas to the lyrics of Joe Chircop with vocals provided by Deborah C was the winner of last years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. Marilena Gauci was the first runner up with the song Bl-Ikbar Serjetà composed by Philip Vella with lyrics by Joe Chircop with the second runner-up being none other than the song Tama u Kuraġġ performed by Domenique to the tune of Philip Vella and the lyrics of Cher Vella. Preparations for this years' edition has commenced, albeit late and it is expected that the rules and regulations will be released throughout the course of the week. 

In 2010, Media.Link Communications announced that Mark Azzopardi would become chairman of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza replacing Frederick Zammit who had done an astonishing job in the previous years. The brand new logo of the competition has just been published on the official facebook page and seems to lack inspiration really, somewhat looking very much like something out of the nineties. Nevertheless, the quality of the songs will surely be important and it will be intriguing to see who is touted to return to the competition apart from which newcomers will sound their voice. The first finalist decided over the course of the weekend was Karen DeBattista who has already appeared on the Malta Hit Song Contest on ONE Television a couple of years ago whilst also made it through to the second phase of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the track Cold Whispers composed by Mark Scicluna to the lyrics of Emil Calleja Bayliss. Stay tuned to as more news about the local music scene is unveiled.

Source: Media.Link Communications

The 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest took place just a couple of weeks back with Gianluca Bezzina and his entry Tomorrow co-written by Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek announced as the winner at the end of the evening. Congratulations are always in order as we wish him all the very best in Sweden as he competes in the first part of the second semi-final. Nevertheless, prior to the final, initiated the public, media outlets and a set of music industry professionals to conduct their choices. The editorial board has always been a proud supporter of the local music scene and thus has always sought to include features from which artists would generally benefit. For yet another year, is giving out three awards; Public Award, Critics Award and the Media Award in collaboration with Sas-Sitta produced by Spiteri Lucas Entertainment and Bristow Potteries who sponsored the trophies.

One of the key elements behind the success of any country within the Eurovision Song Contest is democracy and the people have a right to have their decision heard loud and clear, in a manner where it is not deafened. The votes on the night of the final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest counted as one member of the jury and that was indeed a right decision because music industry professionals are required to select the best track. Our public poll received a total of 6454 votes, which is around two thousand more than the previous year and it has to be noted that whilst the top two were extremely close to each other, it seems like the others were somewhat far behind and fighting it out for a number of positions within the top ten and in some instances in the top five. It is important to denote that every individual had a vote per IP Address and therefore, we tried to limit the amount of double votes in this manner. It is important to always keep the public's opinion whilst voting because at the end of the day the song would be representing the country abroad but nevertheless, public perception about the artist is normally swayed according to the popularity figures, and this was something somewhat not attributed to our poll. The full results of the public may be seen in full below.

  1. Never Walk Away - Chris Grech (1512)
  2. Needing You - Kevin Borg (1296)
  3. Overrated - Marilena Gauci (522)
  4. When It's Time - Claudia Faniello (498)
  5. Loverdose - Melanie Zammit (472)
  6. Tomorrow - Gianluca Bezzina (404)
  7. Ultraviolet - Jessika (396)
  8. In Control - Amber (207)
  9. Perfect Day - Janice DeBattista (167)
  10. Tides of Illusion - Ylenia (158)
  11. Starting from the End - Dorothy Bezzina (145)
  12. Betrayed - Davinia Pace (141)
  13. Keep Believing - Raquela (110)
  14. Let Your Heart Talk - Franklin (82)
  15. Us Against the World - Gianni (78)
  16. Love-O-Holic - Deborah C (66)
  17. Fall Like Rome - Richard Edwards (57)
  18. Fantasy - Danica Muscat (46)
  19. My Stranger Love - Corazon (35)
  20. Too Little Too Late - Domenique (23)
  21. Wonderful Today - Richard & Petra (15)
  22. The Remedy - Klinsmann (11)
  23. Superstar - Scar (10)
  24. No One's Home - Petra (3)
The professional members of the jury have always been pivotal behind the results not only during the Malta Eurovisoin Song Contest but also throughout the whole of Europe when national selections are concerned becuase people within the industry are somewhat ones which know the type of music which works abroad. They do not vote with an agenda as some people might denote as they would only come forth with the interests of the songs and the country which summoned them. has had the pleasure to work with a number of individuals in recent years and this time round, we were proud to have come up with panel of professionals such as; Martin Isherwood, a leading figure at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Roberto Meloni, a two time Eurovision Song Contest representative; Stano Simor, a notable producer from Slovakia who works with Universal Music; Lina Eriksson, signed to EMI Music Publishing and has written tracks for artists out of Idols and Popstars and last but not least; Sharon Vaughn, a premier songwriter who has worked with Joe McElderry, Agnes, The Wanted, Alcazar, Brian Kennedy, Jedward and Kimberley Walsh amongst others. In one particular instance, we also required the services of Knut-Oyvind Hagen, a talented songwriter who also works at NRK, the Norwegian broadcaster. The full results of the critics may be seen in full below.
  1. Needing You - Kevin Borg (35)
  2. Loverdose - Melanie Zammit (25)
  3. Tomorrow - Gianluca Bezzina (22)
  4. Starting from the End - Dorothy Bezzina (22)
  5. Ultraviolet - Jessika (21)
  6. Love-O-Holic - Deborah C (20)
  7. Fall Like Rome - Richard Edwards (18)
  8. The Remedy - Klinsmann (18)
  9. Never Walk Away - Chris Grech (16)
  10. Betrayed - Davinia Pace (13)
  11. When It's Time - Claudia Faniello (13)
  12. Let Your Heart Talk - Franklin (10)
  13. Tides of Illusion - Ylenia (9)
  14. Superstar - Scar (8)
  15. Too Little Too Late - Domenique (8)
  16. Fantasy - Danica Muscat (7)
  17. Wonderful Today - Richard & Petra (7)
  18. In Control - Amber (5)
  19. No One's Home - Petra (5)
  20. Perfect Day - Janice DeBattista (4)
  21. Overrated - Marilena Gauci (2)
  22. My Stranger Love - Corazon (1)
  23. Us Against the World - Gianni (1)
  24. Keep Believing - Raquela (0)

Being a media outlet, has always felt the need to make sure that all of the respective entries competing in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest are heard beyond the four corners of the globe from a competition perspective. Each of the twenty-four (24) songs competing in recent years can manage to stand up on their own and be counted as individual tracks with possible success. Calling upon ten members of the foreign press alongside ten members of the local press, it was a deep priviledge to see what type of songs the individuals, the organisation and the nationality would realibly go for in the true sense of the word. I would like to thank all of the media outlets and their representatives who took part and they were; Nathan D (89.7 Bay), Vikesh Godhwani (Insiter), Dorian Cassar (89.7 Bay), David Debono (100.2 XFM), Clint Bajada (92.7 FM), Aaron Benjamin (92.7 FM), Eric Montfort (Radio 101), Toni Sant (MMI), Ian Scerri (, Michael Bugeja (Times of Malta), Ian Fowell (Eurovisionary), Liam Whelan (ESCDaily), Theofilos Toronidis (ESCDaily), Garrett Mulhall (Eurovision Ireland), Jaime Solloso (Oikotimes), Alexandru Busa (, Emma Backfish (escXtra), Darragh Reck (RTÉ), Juergen Boernig (Radio International) and Luke Fisher (escXtra). The full results of the media may be seen in full below.
  1. The Remedy - Klinsmann (680)
  2. Never Walk Away - Chris Grech (580)
  3. Starting from the End - Dorothy Bezzina (500)
  4. Tomorrow - Gianluca Bezzina (480)
  5. Love-O-Holic - Deborah C (480)
  6. Superstar - Scar (380)
  7. Fall Like Rome - Richard Edwards (340)
  8. Betrayed - Davinia Pace (260)
  9. Ultraviolet - Jessika (260)
  10. Needing You - Kevin Borg (260)
  11. Loverdose - Melanie Zammit (240)
  12. In Control - Amber (180)
  13. Fantasy - Danica Muscat (160)
  14. Too Little Too Late - Domenique (160)
  15. My Stranger Love - Corazon (100)
  16. Keep Believing - Raquela (80)
  17. When It's Time - Claudia Faniello (20)
  18. Tides of Illusion - Ylenia (0)
  19. Let Your Heart Talk - Franklin (0)
  20. Perfect Day - Janice DeBattista (0)
  21. Wonderful Today - Richard & Petra (-20)
  22. Us Against the World - Gianni (-40)
  23. No One's Home - Petra (-80)
  24. Overrated - Marilena Gauci (-240) would like to congratulate all of the winners and also the artists of each of the twenty-three entries in this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest. In the meantime, thanks to Bristow Potteries and Sas-Sitta on NET Television for their continued support towards our portal and we hope for further collaborations in the coming years and months. It has been a pleasure working with esteemed professionals for yet another year and we'll soon be announcing our features for the Eurovision Song Contest which will include professional reviews of each of the countries' representation as well as LIVE reports of the shows with special guest commentators. Once more, would like to wish the very best of luck to Gianluca with his endeavours in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.
Published in Local Music News
Friday, 01 February 2013 18:30

Malta Eurovision 2013: The Semi-Final - LIVE

Xarabank is the programme which normally airs on a Friday evening but nevertheless, since the introduction of the semi-final system during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, changes have been made to the overall broadcasting schedule. As a matter of fact, this is that evening and many that are anticipating a superb show shouldn't be disappointed because production values are through the roof. The Public Broadcasting Services has invested a lot of time into this venture and indeed, the results are showing at an international level, considering the almost qualification of Glen Vella with the song One Life in 2011 and the qualification of Kurt Calleja with his entry This Is The Night in 2012. Successful transitions have been made and the aim of the evening is to downsize and make sure that the public and the jury listen to the suitable sixteen (16) entries.

The evening will be hosted by Elaine Saliba and Gordon Bonello whilst Rodney Gauci will be taking on the role of backstage host whilst also doing the commentary with Norman Vella on TVM 2, for those who might not be that inclined within the forum of the competition itself. The official website of the Eurovision Song Contest will not be broadcasting the showcase this evening although showing the final tomorrow night. However, the foreign viewers should not fret because a live stream is being offered on the official website of the Public Broadcasting Services. Twenty-four (24) entries will be competing and eight (8) will have to be eliminated, despite the stunning talent that graces this years' competition. The judges coming from Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Croatia, Ukraine, Italy and Malta will have a tough decision to make whilst the public vote will count as one of the judges'.

1, 2, 3... Go! 


A collage of clips of last year’s winner, Kurt Calleja and his This is the night lead us to tonight’s show... And you get to think: really? Did we really do that?

And he’s now on stage; it looks impressive, indeed. The stage, not Kurt's performance, mind you. 


Elaine Saliba and Gordon Bonello appear on stage... and there seems to be an ugly problem with the sound. We can hardly understand what they are saying. Yay, brilliant start! 

And there is goes... we had to have a jibe at last year’s glove!

Everybody is sporting a Vileda glove. Not really funny, is it? Let’s not stretch it, please. It becomes lame. 

The judges are now introduced, with Maria Muscat and Carlo Borg Bonaci being the Maltese ones on the panel. 
 Off we go... not without a fair share of ads, of course.  

01. Fall Like Rome – Richard Edwards (Kaxe / Philip Vella / Gerard J Borg)

When Richard utters a couple of words you can’t but say “Yay, yay! He can pronounce them words properly!” He looks rather stylish and laid-back, with the unnecessary frills (which are usually predominant in this show). His captivating voice keeps you hooked all through. Yet, the song leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t quite do it, really. Too many metaphors and nuances there, so you can hardly follow.  He did give a nice performance, however, much more was expected of him. 

02. Tides of Illusion – Ylenia (Jason Cassar / Mario Farrugia)

Is it my impression or is she a bit off? Something isn’t working there. Also, the choreography seems a bit messed up: the dancers are sloppy and seemingly out of synch. On the whole, it was a rather boring show. The song is forgotten as soon as it finishes - unlike her dress; that we will surely remember. It hits you in the eye. 

03. Perfect Day – Janice DeBattista (Boris Cezek / Dean Muscat)

Janica has a nice voice, almost soothing. Yet, this isn’t really evident in the performance she is giving today. I don’t like the dress much, I think she could have done more with the attire; it looks way too sombre.

04. Never Walk Away – Chris Grech (M Borg / P Borg / D Cassar Torreggianni / C Grech)

So there was a lot of hype surrounding this song. Let's see. All right, he’s a very good voice. I’ll grant that. They are having very serious problems: it is not even synced. We are getting a very crappy version of the song. From the bits and pieces we could get at home, it is very evident that the song is one of the best ones thus far. Yet, it does lack a certain climax I believe - though that could easily be fixed. Indeed a good one here!

05. Overrated – Marilena (Philip Vella / Gerard J Borg)

Marilena comes on stage and your eyes start bleeding. Your eyes urge you to chop them off. What can I say? This is the typical song you have to have at such competitions. You will just get it out of your system once it’s over. The show is crap - the dancers/backing are more of a distraction - they surely don’t help the act. Yes, Marilena, totally Overrated. (Again, it was not even synced.)

06. No One’s Home – Petra (Wayne Micallef / Richard Micallef)

So do we have a vintage blues chic here? Well, if we do, she’s vocally stable and the voice is indeed remarkable. I would dare say that, vocally speaking, she’s been the best one so far. The whole act is, to be honest.  Petra has good stage presence (well, apart from her channelling Katy Perry a bit too much) and makes you follow her all through. A strong contestant - it would be a pity not to see her through. 

07. Starting from the End – Dorothy Bezzina (Kaxe / Gerard J Borg)

Dorothy’s impeccable mastery of vocals is impressive. The backing really makes the voice reverberate and blends really well. The acoustics are not doing her voice any justice; it sounds too tinny. Yet, the song is a strong one and, needless to say, makes you listen to it attentively. The whole act was a good one... even though her cheesy hand/arm moves could have been spared. Dorothy should definitely make it.

08. Too Little Too Late – Domenique (M Paelnick / M Strasser)

Domenique looks like a wrapped present in that dress and she’s looking twice her age. Jewellery, hair-do and makeup have totally overpowered her. She’s a really pretty girl, but the whole thing totally ruined that. The voice is nice one, but the song is weak. 

09. Ultraviolet – Jessika (T G:Son / Philip Vella / Gerard J Borg)

At first I somehow liked the looks. But then, the whole thing looked as if they’re two different things stuck together (OK, they are ultraviolet, but still...). I must say I don’t particularly fancy the song. Jessica strives to give a great performance, however it does come across as if she is straining her voice. All in all, she tries too hard and it shows. She'd have a better chance if she were to tone it all down and opt for softer and more mellow vocals. 

10. Let Your Heart Talk – Franklin (Ray Agius / Alfred C Sant)

If there’s something you can’t criticise about Franklin is that he is always impeccably dressed, wherever you see him. Yet, he didn’t really convince me here. He has a marvellous voice which hooks you and make you listen to each work attentively. He is having some tiny problems with the base notes; they need to be supported a little better. And perhaps a little more work on the breathing.. but then you say: “who cares?” That ending was superb!

11. When It’s Time – Claudia Faniello (Errol Sammut / C Faniello)

Where’s Carina when you need her? Claudia’s dress was fabulous last year... this year it just won’t do. That outfit looks, well, out of place. She should totally have gone for more of an Annouk sort of look. Which is an absolute pity! She is also wearing too much makeup. The song is beautiful, with gorgeous music. Claudia is actually one the very few singers who seem to improve with each passing years... This song is great for her kind of voice. She seems to have found her genre and range!

12. My Stranger Love – Corazon (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

Corazon looks like the innocent girl you would want to do well. Then you think that she writes her own songs and you say that’s a good bonus. She sits there, and she sort of reminds you of Alicia Keys: sleek, pony tail, long dress, chunky earrings. And then she stands up, and you see that dress. No, it really wasn’t the best option; yet one could say it’s something a bit different. The song would need some more syncopation. I think it would go well with a bit of a blues feel to shake off that classical Eurovision-sort-of-ballad and make it a tad more original. 

13. Needing You – Kevin Borg (Borg / Gribbe / Thornholm / Attlerud / Clauss)

They say Kevin is going to sing and most of the audience goes clapping and shouting - positive sign he needn’t worry much? Well, they surely weren’t clapping for that hairstyle. There is harmony on stage; the backing and Kevin are doing a great job. Yet, the song is not as strong. It’s very pop-band-goes-mushy-in-a-Christmas-special. And what’s with the dancer that joins him on stage? Isn’t she more irrelevant than Franco Debono? (to keep the comedians’ joke going, you know...) Nothing special, really. 

14. Superstar – Scar (Konrad Pule)

I always like Scar, really. I think they break the routine kind of thing. They always come up with a good song and structure; the presentation is simple - as should be. The leading singer is very laid-back, as the song demands. It’s a rhythmic song you need to have. Less is truly more in this case. 

15. Loverdose – Melanie Zammit (N Lundin, M Lundin, Gerard J Borg)

As much as stage presence is important, it is ultimately a song contest. I wouldn’t want to sound too harsh, but Melanie came off as one who hardly has any vocal ability. A pretty face, cool attire, fancy dancing and psychedelic projections in the background just won't cut it. No. The song left much to be desired, which is a pity as was expecting a great performance by melanie. 

16. Fantasy – Danica Muscat (Paul Abela / Joe J Farrugia)

That hair made her look much older than she actually is; but the rest seems to work really well together. Th performance was a good one. She has a good voice and masters it well; though it needs refining. The whole act was positive... BUT, why did you have to ruin it with that “tenkkjuwww” at the end, Danica? 

17. Wonderful Today – Petra & Richard (Wayne Micallef / Richard Micallef)

What’s happened to Petra? The leather skinny trousers don’t do her justice, do they? Also, the duet didn’t work out the way they must have thought it would work. Her voice is literally too domineering: she also comes off as hey-I’m-super-confident-ok?. When they sing together, their voices clash - she sounds flat and he becomes sharp. I surely preferred their individual songs. A poor act. 

18. Love-O-Holic – Deborah C (Bejerholm / Gerard J Borg)

She shrills and belts from the throat, her diction is pitiable and her moves leave much to be desired. The song was so boring and repetitive that I found myself wondering about how they would cope if her extensions were to catch fire.

19. Us Against the World – Gianni (Boris Cezek / Dean Muscat)

Gianni is cool and it’s a pleasure to have on stage, yet he has a weak vocal range. in fact he suffers with some notes. On the whole, the song various on the fun-decent song to sing along. It’s not boring, though it does get rather repetitive. Other than that, the stage presence is good and the whole act made sense together. Not a strong one, though. 

20. Keep Believing – Raquela (Raquela)

Quite a pleasantly different style for Raquela. However, it does get boring at some point, and then, all of a sudden it finishes and it leaves you expecting more to come. The song definitely needs more working. Also, the dress, too reminiscent of a disco ball gone wrong on her, isn’t working all that much here. 

21. Tomorrow – Gianluca Bezzina (Boris Cezek / Dean Muscat)

Gianluca's smile is infectious, as is his song. It's a cheeky sing along song without that typical Eurovision stamp to it. The stage setup is simple, as is his outfit which match the easy breezy mood of the song brilliantly. Having said that, I can't help but feel that the beginning, as well as the bass line and harmony resemble train's 'Hey Soul Sister' a tad too much. 

22. In Control – Amber (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

Amber is coming across as too nasal. Her singing is good, but that high note sort of hurt the ear. It was a rather good act on the whole, pleasant to follow. I found nothing special in it that will make me think of the song afterwards. Also, the attire wasn’t really the best they could go for. Her dress did not really and truly suit her, and the the backing vocalists’s dresses being didn’t fully complement the idea there. 

23. The Remedy – Klinsmann (Kaxe / Philip Vella / Gerard J Borg)

Kinsman seems to be another artist who strives to improve every year; it shows that he's growing and maturing. Then again, as always, he's a little too 'Busted', yet the song is decent. The tune is Catchy yet nothing to write home about. "Woow woow" seems to be his motto, he always finds a way to sneak it into his songs, year after year. All in all, though, a decent performance. 

24. Betrayed – Davinia (E Zarb / Muxu)

I have this ambivalent feeling about Davinia. I think the dress could have been better, as this one had a bit of a tacky feel to it. She has a surprisingly appealing and sultry voice. I admit I liked the whole act. It was good all through I believe. She should make it through as I think it is a strong one. 


The Show (Part 2)


Now that we are done listening to the songs, the hosts have opened the tele-voting. People have 15 minutes to vote for their favourite act. And what do the televiewers get during this time? You get ads on end... and it seems this interval is turning into a rather prolonged one. Though I’m not that keen on it, I believe it would have been much better to have some sort of filler. 


The filler seems to have been sorted - we have a recap of the 24 songs.  


And now that the 15 minutes are over, the tele-voting has been closed be followed, of course, with another long list of ads. 


After a longish chit-chat with the contestants, when everybody was expecting the finalists to be announced, Chris and Moira take to the stage. And hey, why do we even need to have tomorrow’s final? Moira sounds brilliant tonight - let’s all vote her in, shall we? 


After two great performances by Chris and Moira, Alex Alden performs a cover of Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony. I personally think this wasn’t a very wise choice; you don’t have an unplugged performance as one of the fillers in a national contest.  




Betrayed – Davinia (E Zarb / Muxu)


Love-O-Holic – Deborah C (Bejerholm / Gerard J Borg)


Never Walk Away – Chris Grech (M Borg / P Borg / D Cassar Torreggianni / C Grech)


Us Against the World – Gianni (Boris Cezek / Dean Muscat)


Perfect Day – Janice DeBattista (Boris Cezek / Dean Muscat)


Ultraviolet – Jessika (T G:Son / Philip Vella / Gerard J Borg)


Too Little Too Late – Domenique (M Paelnick / M Strasser)


Starting from the End – Dorothy Bezzina (Kaxe / Gerard J Borg)


Wonderful Today – Petra & Richard (Wayne Micallef / Richard Micallef)


Tomorrow – Gianluca Bezzina (Boris Cezek / Dean Muscat)


Fall Like Rome – Richard Edwards (Kaxe / Philip Vella / Gerard J Borg)


Needing You – Kevin Borg (Borg / Gribbe / Thornholm / Attlerud / Clauss)


Superstar – Scar (Konrad Pule)


My Stranger Love – Corazon (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)


When It’s Time – Claudia Faniello (Errol Sammut / C Faniello)


In Control – Amber (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)



For televiewers, what proved to be the highlight of the show was the dismal sound quality throughout the first half of the show. Yet, all in all, I admit this evening showed a true improvement on previous years, probably due to the fact that artists who are not synonymous with the show participated for the first time, which improved the quality of the songs offered drastically. This also offered a bigger diversity in terms of song styles and genres, since lyricists and songwriters who used to write most of the songs in previous years seem to have lost their monopoly...


On the other hand, I must say the presenters did a better job this year. Yet, this is not because they were wittier or anything of the sort: they were just lucky that the elections are  round the corner. In fact, just to make sure that they combine two of the Maltese population's obsessions, they went all out with snide election remarks/jokes. It seemed funny at first, but then it all went floppy when they started stretching it. In a post-show press conference, it was revealed that the opening act in the final will be Superstar by Scar whilst the closing act will be Domenique with Too Little Too Late. The rest of the running order will be decided by the producers in the next couple of hours.


Source: TVM,

Thursday, 03 January 2013 14:00

MESC 2013: 'Overrated' Preview Video Published

The 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will be taking place in the opening weekend of February and it seems that preparations are currently ongoing at full swing noting that the twenty-four preview videos of the tracks will be participating have now been published on the official website of the Public Broadcasting Services for the public to enjoy. The last edition to the preview videos has been the replacement entry Overrated performed by Marilena, composed by Philip Vella and penned by Gerard James Borg, keeping the songwriting duo with the same amount of entries that they originally had noting that they had also been behind Dress Rehearsal by Saska Hunt. You can watch the full preview video here.

The festive break surely reflected why the video took longer than expected to be uploaded whilst the Public Broadcasting Services have to be commended on how they approached the situation of withdrawal by virtue of inviting the first alternate to compete in the semi-final alongside another twenty-three entries on the 1st February at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre. Marilena was overjoyed at the opportunity and it seems that the people have quickly grown fond of her entry placing her in fourth place on the poll, in which each person is entitled to one vote per IP Address. The preview video is slightly different to the other ones due to the fact that it took place exactly after one of the live shows of the popular television programme Xarabank but it is still a positive promotional use and will put her on sync with all of the other competing entries. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about the 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest in due course.

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We are officially less than a month away from the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and as the excitement looms closer, two particular entries keep on gaining momentum in the poll on our web portal.. The song Never Walk Away interpreted by Chris Grech has managed to pip Needing You performed by Kevin Borg out of the top position thus far. Things can still change and therefore we encourage all our readers to vote in our poll and share the poll with family and friends – it is a case where the more votes the merrier. One can vote from every IP address, this guarantees a fair ground for all the participants. 

It seems that the rest of the positions have somewhat been the same in the last couple of weeks but each and every vote counts as the positions are fairly close. Apart from Chris Grech who gained the top position over Kevin Borg’s entry, it has to be noted that even Ylenia Vella garnered a number of votes and thus moves up a number of positions in the last couple of days. The top five though remain unchanged and although the race is close each song has kept its own respective position – with Loverdose in third, Overrated in fourth and Ultraviolet in fifth place. 

It is important to note that Overrated has not been officially released by PBS, although its release is now imminent and it should be online in a couple of days. Marilena joined the other 23 semi-finalists after the withdrawal of Saska Hunt and the announcement was done more than a week and a half ago. The page of the singer has been uploaded on the official page but the video with the full version of the song still looms on the horizon. This somewhat gives the entry a slight disadvantage in terms of views online but it would be very difficult to say that it will have a direct effect on the actual result.

Mentioning online views on the internet – it seems that this is simple a one way race. Never Walk Away by Chris Grech has almost garnered double the views of Kevin Borg’s entry Needing You which stands in second place. The rest of the pack follows and it seems that ultimately the views acquired on YouTube are in a way a reflection of the results the poll on has at the moment. There are only slight differences but in general it seems like the general public is in consensus on who are the favourites to represent the country in the city of Malmo, within the Scandinavian country of Sweden. 

Another song which has attracted a massive following on YouTube is the song Hot & Famous by the comedic pairing of Gorg & Pawlu which was announced on Xarabank as the 25th entry in the competition as a wildcard. During Xarabank, it was never said that this was a joke but few expect the duo to officially compete on the night especially since the singers’ profiles was not updated with the rest of the competitors. A video accompanying the clip has also been issued but no official statement by Public Broadcasting Services was released to say that this song will not be competing. If this video had to be compared with the other songs in contention, it ranks second after Chris Grech’s Never Walk Away.

We might be in for a surprise in terms of their participation but if not, probably Gorg & Pawlu will feature in some way or another, at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre on the 1st and 2nd of February. There are a number of possibilities for the popular comic duo to make an appearance – either as part of the opening or interval act or more importantly as part of the presenting team who will present this years’ competition. Keep following for all the latest updates, rumours and news in the lead up the one of the biggest music showcases the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Commotion doesn't being to describe the discussions that have been ongoing within the music industry for the past couple of days noting that the withdrawal of Saska Hunt with the track Dress Rehearsal composed by Philip Vella and penned by Gerard James Borg has raised eyebrows although rumours have said that due to exams in the United Kingdom where Saska resides, she was unable to continue her journey within the competition and therefore, the first placed individual not to make the cut, being Marilena Gauci with the song Overrated has eventually been revealed as the twenty-fourth semi-finalists in a Xarabank programme which was celebrating the festive season.

It very much seems that the artist had not even known about this decision with the host, Peppi Azzopardi saying that this was planned a week in advance but due to the show cancellation, the announcement was delayed even further. Several people unfortunately missed their chance to watch the preview of the song Overrated which is intriguingly being said to resemble the popular track Domino by Jessie J. There might be some slight similarities but one has to remember that there are only so many notes on the piano and therefore, resemblance is not really an issue. We could only denote that the track is an uptempo one, adding to the several already in the competition and somewhat seemingly written for the vocals of Marilena noting that she seems to perform it well. The live performance will definitely be a different story but the editorial team of would like to congratulate her on making it through and would also like to extend their wishes for an extremely festive season for the days which lie ahead. Stay tuned for more news as soon as it becomes available.

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There have been a number of reports in recent days with regards to the withdrawal of Saska Hunt and her entry Dress Rehearsal from the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest but nevertheless, the Public Broadcasting Services was mum about the news prior to this evening as it was revealed during the programme Xarabank that the 24th semi-finalist has had to be replaced due to undisclosed reasons with Marilena Gauci taking the role with her track Overrated composed by Philip Vella and penned by Gerard James Borg. The 2013 edition of the competition will be taking place on the 1st and the 2nd February at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali.

Marilena Gauci reached the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest back in 2011 with the track He's A Demon which was written by Michael Henry and penned by Anthony Grech. The performer has been quickly gaining a lot of critical acclaim noting that she finished as the first runner-up at the 2012 edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the track Bl-Ikbar Serjetà following her fourth place finish last year in the same competition with Dil-Qalb Kbira. Marilena is also known to many for having represented Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2004 along with the Young Talent Team and their entry Power of a Song. A withdrawal has never been experiences in recent years but nevertheless, following the non-publication of the clip rumours were surfacing quickly. Now the Public Broadcasting Services has officially unveiled 24 entries in the competition and thus, the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 continues. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes possible.

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The twenty-first edition of the annual Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza was organized on The Granaries in Floriana more than three weeks ago with many somewhat surprised at the final result as announced by Ronald Briffa and Christine Haber whose sheer professionalism shined throughout the whole evening broadcasted on NET Television. In the lead up to the competition, many had been talking about who the eventual winner would be and our poll is somewhat reflecting that opinion once more although it is to be noted that most of the votes for Deborah C and her entry Jekk Nużaw Moħħna came from Gozo, the Maltese sister island from which, the performer comes from. According to the readers of though it seems that it is the only point of agreement with two stars emerging out of their shadows to take centre stage finishing in second and third place in our poll, despite somewhat finishing in the second part of the top ten in the official results as revealed exclusively by this media outlet, the morning after the competition.

In a quick analysis of the results, it seems that the first major winner is none other than the eighteen year old; Danica Muscat whose reputation in the industry is quickly starting to precede her. She gave a masterful performance of the song Indipendenti penned by Cher Vella to the music of her father, Philip. Overall, the track finished in sixth place but our readers seem to believe that it should have been the one to challenge Deborah C for the victory noting the eventual runner-up; Marilena Gauci with the song Bl-Ikbar Serjetà composed by Philip Vella and penned by Joe Chircop could only manage seventh place in our poll. The statistic is somewhat extremely intriguing when one notes that the experience of the two performers is somewhat similar with Danica having a slighter edge having been to Italy on the show Io Canto on Canale 5 and thus gaining the opportunity to perform with some of the most well known names in the Italian music industry whilst receiving advice from world wide stars in the form of James Blunt as acknowledged in our recent exclusive interview. Both performers will be submitting tracks for the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

The second biggest winner in the poll seems to be the rather unknown Rachel Verzin whose sheer talent evolved quickly on stage as she gave a rousing performance of the track Dell L-Istilel composed by Dominic Cini to the lyrics of Stephen Baldacchino. This was the first ever nationwide competition for Rachel and it almost did not happen when the backing track played and stopped in the first couple of seconds. Remaining calm and relaxed though, she performed with confidence, enough to earn her eight place with the jury on the evening. The actual third place was given to Domenique with the song Tama u Kuraġġ composed by Philip Vella and penned by Cher Vella which ended up in fourth place within our poll meaning that the people somewhat agreed with the official placing that the young, upcoming performer achieved during the evening. Another notable mention when taking this poll into consideration is the result achieved by Julie Pomorski with the song Għidli Int written by Augusto Cardinali which finished in fifth place as opposed to the tenth place result given by the jury on the night. A stunning performance left several people blank and it seems that her comeback has hit the right note already. The opinion in the poll only reflects the opinion of the readers and not of the editorial board behind this website.


Kurt Calleja alongside his band and also backing vocalist Amber did what many before him could not manage to achieve and that is make it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest with his track This Is The Night which he co-wrote alongside Johan Jämtberg and Mikael Gunnerås, both hailing from Sweden which ended up being the winning nation of the event. It will not be an easy feat to follow for any artist who will be doing the honour for the country in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea actually but then again, it will definitely not hurt to try because following the achievement of qualification, other artists might be hoping to do something better and that is acquire a better placing in the final round of the competition and it seems that the names or people preparing their respective material are now coming forward as the deadline draws to a close at the end of the month. The latest name for confirm to the editorial board that she will indeed submit a track in the hope of honouring her country is Marilena Gauci.

Marilena has quite the background in the local music industry having started out in an ample amount of junior competitions before finally representing the country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 with The Young Talent Team and the track Power of a Song. The result might have not have been the one that everyone could have hoped for but the performance was strong and dynamic nevertheless. Marilena was one of the lead vocalists in the group alongside Charlotte DeBattista, the elder sister of local music star; Sophie. In the years to come, the blond haired performer; Marilena would continue to carve out a name for herself appearing in the Teenage Version of the Għanja tal-Poplu in 2007 with the track B'Fommu Sieket which she would go onto win before ultimately making her major international mark by virtue of winning in Alexandria, Egypt amongst a host of performers from all over the world.

In Malta though on the other hand, she made it into the finals of the Malta Hit Song Contest 2008 on ONE Television with the song One Goal. Following a slight break from music, she returned to huge success in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest of 2011 with the track He's A Demon featuring Michael, earning a positive response from the critics all round and leading the way to two consecutive final performances at the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, first with Dil-Qalb Kbira and then Bl-Ikbar Serjeta finishing in fourth and second place respectively. Trying to enter the Malta Eurovision Song Contest for the second time will surely be a feat which she would like to achieve and whilst not confirming to the number of entries she will be submitting, we are pleased to know that she will be indeed giving it a shot once more because more she does indeed have the grace and the looks of a genuine pop star. Stay tuned to for more exclusive news in the weeks to come.

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