February 19, 2020

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The Earth Garden 3-day festival will this year be returning on Friday 31st May till Sunday 2nd June after last year’s break. The 6th edition of this festival will be taking place at Ta’ Qali national park, as in previous times. This festival , which has been described as ‘the local green finger festival’, uses Arts, Music and Culture as means of holistically showing an interest in the state of the environment. Attracting locals and foreigners alike, the Earth Garden Festival has increased in popularity since the first edition and is now more abundant in terms of attendance, artists’ participation, performers, organisation and production. In fact, the first weekend of June has now been marked permanently on the national cultural calendar as the Earth Garden Festival weekend.

The theme for this year’s festival, in collaboration with the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, is ‘every breath we take’. This EU slogan relates to air quality and intends to bring awareness to an issue which affects a healthy environment. Earth Garden will consist of 2 main area: The Greek Theatre Main Stage and the Open Village which includes The Roots Stage, The Electronic Sphere, Camping Area, The Remissa Chill-out Corner, the Why Not?Jamming Area, The Arts Area, Ethnic Market and the Kid’s Area. There will be an entrance fee of 5EU for the Open Village, which will be valid for the whole weekend, while the fee for every show held at the Greek Theatre Main Stage will be 15EU (children under 15 FREE).


The festival will kick off on Friday at the Open Village at the Roots Stage, with a party hosted by ‘Juuls’. Together with this reggae vibe, internationally successful local band Mana Tapu will also be performing. Also on the night, Espionage will be hosting the Electronic Sphere. In the meantime, a Pink Floyd tribute show will take place at the Greek Theatre. Malta Music Awards winners Tribali will be performing at the Greek Theatre on Saturday 1st June. The band is expected to carry out a spectacular show which will leave the audience wanting more.  16 other acts, featuring Spanish, Latin rhythmic bands,  will be performing on The Roots Stage while the Electronic Sphere will feature world’s known German  Boom Shankar and some other locally outstanding acts such as Duncan F, Rod Minus and more. 


On Sunday, the closing day of the festival, YADA will put up a dance show named ‘The Summer of Love Woodstock Edition’ which is directed and produced by Felix Busutil. UK’s  girl band and ‘frontrunners of the new British acoustic scene’ Moulettes will be taking over The Roots Stage in the Open Village that afternoon together Manu Tapu, The Creepers, the Busker, Zalza Kukkanja,  Irie Flo and locally renowned indie band Stalko. Perpendicular has once again been invited to close off the Earth Garden Weekender at the Electronic Sphere.  Perpendicular’s new guest Danjeli will be Opening the afternoon to a more chilled vibe and the Perpendicular boys Carl Lautier, Nicky SLiM & MATO will follow, showcasing different genres throughout the day and night. 

The Remissa Corner: This is the new corner where one can simply chill and relax in a laid-back ambience. This captivating environment will be accompanied by different music selections and live acts such as ‘Bibita’ .

The Why Not? Jamming Area: This is a space where all music and all art forms are explored and enjoyed. It is the area where it ‘all started’ and where artists get to express themselves. 

Ethnic Market: This consists of vendors displaying an abundance of ethnic items such as paintings and sculptures.  The Ethnic Market offers much more to the visitors than the chance to stock up on beautiful ethnic items. The Holistic Section, located within the market itself, will give the visitors a peaceful heaven to sit down and relax. Workshops, NGOs and educational stands will be present in this section.

This festival that voices care for the environment through Arts, Music and Culture in a holistic way should definitely not be missed! In the meantime, it is important to note the main sponsors for this years' event, these being; FCM BANK, the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Cisk Export Premium Lager, V18, Vamp and Bay Radio. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news about such local events.

Source: Press Release


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