February 19, 2020

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The arts have become an important sector of society in general and music in particular has a unifying element and thus, whenever an upcoming artist shows promise, promotion is definitely key and this was the case a couple of years back with Lyndsay whose road to success has not been easy noticeably working her way through to the position she has attained. As a matter of fact, following local competitions, television performances and also being a part of a group, a solo artist has been created and the release of her newly anticipated single entitled Daphne is taking place in the early day of a brand new year.

There was a lot of work done within this respective project and in fact, perfecting the song in the recording studio has only been the beginning, considering that there was also the recording of a music video which escflashmalta.com is exclusively showcasing below, produced and directed by Dirty Iris. Lyndsay goes on record to state that the track is personal, emotional, and classy but somewhat edgy in accordance to the other songs which have become part of the repertoire. Daphne is co-written and produced alongside Kenny D'Ugo and Dave Calleja who have already had a number of song success on leading radio station 89.7 Bay. 

Lyndsay is known to strive for success and this brand new single is the fruit of what is yet to come off her forthcoming album, which is her main priority at the moment. Speaking to escflashmalta.com about the track, she went onto say 'I wanted to show another perspective of myself both as an artist as well as a song writer reflecting something deeper, artistic and much more emotional from a personal point of view in which I’m sure others can actually relate to. I’m finding myself through music at this stage and I feel that I’m developing myself in my talents through this journey' before reflecting on the lyrics of the song which 'talks about the betrayal of a friend and explains how frustrating and disappointing the situation can actually be. Different people in life have inspired me to write music as well as the experiences I've been through and generally my opinions about the world.'

Lyndsay has garnered a respectable reputation in the Maltese Islands following the success of the track Love Sick which saw her nominated for Best Solo Artist at the Bay Music Awards in 2010 and 2011 as well as the Malta Music Awards in 2011 respectively, missing out to the likes of Christabelle and Mikaela. This summer, she teamed up with Dimal Multimilliarsov and released the dance tune Let's Make It Happen which was performed live during the 2012 edition of the Bay Music Awards, garnering radio airplay in the local and foreign music scene. In recent weeks, Lyndsay got the chance to audition for the next season of Britain's Got Talent where she performed in front of an internationally acclaimed jury and got recognised by a number of producers, hoping that this could be her ticket to achieve success in foreign waters. The music industry is evolving in Malta and therefore, the continues to satisfy the taste of the public without going out of her way and still staying true to her music. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more exclusive news.

Published in Local Music News

Cryptic Street came to existence more than a year ago, starting out as a text message between two friends it seems before invigorating other individuals to join and ultimately form an all female pop/rock band which has been very much required in the local music scene having been lacking one for an extremely long period of time. Dedication is the key to success and just after a couple of rehearsals, Cryptic Street took to one of their premier events being a performance at the Notte Bianca where they performed a wide range of tracks including Sex on Fire and Valerie by Kings of Leon and the late Amy Winehouse respectively. This year though proves to be completely different for the group made up of Leona on rhythm guitar, Julia on drums, Chiara on bass guitar, Denise on keyboards and Janelle on lead guitars because they released their debut single entitled Indecisive. It is quite intriguing that all of the members provide vocals.

escflashmalta.com has been proud in recent weeks to bring you exclusive videos from the likes of Brooke, Funk Initiative and Muxu on two occasions and this marks the fifth official video release through our portal. We have spoken to Janelle, the lead guitarist with regards to the meaning behind the song and this is what she had to tell us; the song, on its most basic level, revolves around a two people who are in love, but one of them is indecisive. This incisiveness causes the other person to leave, and the lyrics are from the point of view of the person who is feeling guilty that she has lost her true love, but knows that regardless of her decision now, the other person has left. It also speaks about how in life we often have to take difficult decisions and we have to be mature enough to take them. It is important to note that the track was recorded and produced by Peter Borg of Red Electrick fame at Railway Studios.
In the meantime, the video has a slightly different meaning because it has a look at the individuality within each member of the band whilst also representing them as a whole. Janelle speaks that it was inspired by Foster the People's Pumped up Kicks since we felt that that type of video, without any gimmicks and any particular story line. Ultimately she adds we would present ourselves as an act to be taken seriously. Our aim is to encourage other young girls to brave their way into non-stereotypical industries. The track is currently on rotation on all major radio station including 89.7 Bay, 100.2 X FM, Radio 101, 92.7 FM, Radju Malta, Magic Radio and so forth. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest exclusive news items that we have prepared for you in the coming days before there are still a couple to be released. In the meantime, make sure to watch the debut video of Cryptic Street as directed and edited by Matthew James Borg with additional footage by Niky Chetcuti. 
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Thursday, 05 July 2012 07:50

Sweden: Video for Euphoria Released

Sweden does tend to take their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest seriously especially due to the fact that the representative is normally one of the upcoming or notable names in the country and thus signed to a major music label. Nevertheless, the music video to their entries has normally been recorded late on several occasions with the preview shows across the board showing the performance of the national final instead. Loreen was the sheer favourite this time round and when Euphoria picked up top honours, Warner Music Sweden wanted to make sure that promotion was done right and started working on a conceptual idea for a music video.

We have seen the video along with the extended version of the song as published by leading Swedish tabloid Expressen and one has to say that it reflects the artist more than it speaks about the song in general. Throughout her stay at the Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen was seen to be that type of mysterious figure who seems quite shy in front of the cameras when it comes to an interview but nevertheless, that sort of quirky character made it more interesting when she ended up being the winner. In the music video, the setting is a field along with terrible weather conditions which alternate from rain to sun and then finally snow keeping the effect as used in Baku, Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, her long stares at nothing and editing has made this track look visually stunning once more. The track has become one of the most successful winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in history.

Source: Expressen