December 14, 2019

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Nadine Axisa, one of the most verstaile vocalists in the local music industry will not be submitting any entries to the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, deciding to focus on the release of her debut album, one which is jazz infused and supported by the Malta Arts Fund. The last time that she had been in the final as a lead vocalist was in 2010 when she joined Clifford Galea in a duet for the song Once in a Lifetime composed by Jason Paul Cassar to the lyrics of Mario Farrugia.

Since then, she has taken a step back and participated as a backing vocalist, most notably with first runner-up Kevin Borg and his entry Needing You. Her debut album which is set for release within the month of the upcoming year is set to include a series of original songs within the jazz genre. She has decided to include her fans in every step of the proceedings which will see her record, and producer the collection of songs. Nadine is working with some of the most hard working individuals in the industry and is putting in a lot of effort to make sure that the release will be received in a positive manner. Stay tuned to for all the latest news.


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Nadine Axisa, considered by many to be a veteran of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest having participated with a total of nine (9) entries, the most recent being Once In a Lifetime composed by Jason Paul Cassar to the lyrics of Mario Farrugia and performed in a duet with Clifford Galea. In 2006, Nadine performed a different type of entry in the competition, one entitled Waves composed by Vinny Vella Jnr. and penned by Ray Tabone. Whilst the song was not appreciated in light of the competition, the vocalist exuded confidence in showing that jazz is the genre she enjoys the most.

At the moment, the renowned local artist is working on her debut album, one which will not incorporate former entries in the competition but specifically consisting of easy listening jazz music. All of the tracks will be completely original and have been created by a large team of musicians including; Dominic Galea, Paul Giordimaina, Paul Abela, Vinny Vella, Marc Galea, Marvin Gaerty and Kris Spiteri. Speaking to Nadine Axisa, she added that she is absoltely thrilled and happy with the way things are working out and progressing. 'I Can see myself in the tracks which are being developed and I feel very satisfied that finally I will have a showcase which truly reflects what I love most'.

Join the following facebook event or follow on twitter #nadinesjazzproject to acquire first hand information about the project. You will get the chance to experience the whole process, from composition to launch. The production of this album is supported by the Malta Arts Fund, Olimpus Music & Yamaha Pianos, Magro Brothers of Gozo, and The album which is still being recorded at the moment is set for release within the next couple of months but will be doing it's best to keep you posted with the latest progress.

Source: Press Release, Bernard Polidano (Photo)


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Monday, 28 January 2013 05:15

MESC 2013: More Backing Vocalists Revealed

The Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre will once more be playing host to this years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and with the event taking place in less than a week, preparations within the venue have well been underway for the past couple of days. The competing artists will start their initial rehearsals on Tuesday and will continue perfecting their act until Friday morning when a full run through takes place prior to the evening show. The editorial board of will keep you posted with all of the latest details from the event as it has been doing for the past couple of weeks. As a matter of fact, the teams of the respective entries are being revealed simultaneously and some names have clearly gained our attention especially due to their vast experience in the industry.

As expected, Kevin Borg who will be presenting the track Needing You has went for a number of renowned performers including the likes of Josef Tabone, Dominic Cini, Janice Mangion and Nadine Axisa. The latter is certainly the most intriguing having joined Thea Garrett at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2010 whilst also being a veteran in the local competition, with many past participations. Both Janice and Josef on the other hand managed to make it through to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest on one occasion each in 2006 and 2012 respectively. Another individual who has been rather well noted is Dario Bezzina who will be the backing vocal for Let Your Heart Talk performed by Franklin. The track features predominant male vocals and it is expected that more soloists will be on this respective team.

Klinsmann is the third individual to have had his on stage team revealed noting that he will be joined by two female vocalists in the form of Bay Awards Nominee; Lyndsay as well as Kylie Coleiro, who was a finalist in the 2009 edition of the Malta Eurosong competition. Nevertheless, as has been the case in recent years, Klinsmann will also have a guitarist for his rendition of The Remedy and joining him will be Ben who will also provide male backing vocals. That leaves the last two females to make revelations; the first being, Domenique and her entry Too Little Too Late requiring that extra additional aid to make it sound more atmospheric. The team will comprise of the aforementioned, Kylie Coleiro as well as Sarah Crystal and Christine Haber, who is the daughter of former commentator Eileen Montesin.

The second artist to reveal the team that will be joining her on stage is none other than Dorothy Bezzina who will be singing Starting from the End in the semi-final. She will be joined by a team of upcoming artists such as Martina Farrugia, and Nathalie Pace who performed with her during Voices as well as former Sfida contestants; Talitha Dimech, Samaria Bezzina and Tezara Camilleri. Honestly speaking, the amount of remarkable vocals backing the artists is just sublime. Rumour has it that Pamela will also make a welcome return with Amber and her entry In Control but this has not been confirmed. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news from the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013.


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Tuesday, 11 December 2012 01:40

Malta: A Holy Night with Animae Gospel Choir

In February 2008 singer Glen Vella who represented Malta in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2011 with the song ‘One Life’ spoke about his dream of forming a Gospel choir to fellow singers and companions Pamela and Leontine. Instantaneously Animae Gospel Choir was a dream come true. By mid-March 2008, well-known Maltese entertainers formed the singing group as it is known today. With a lot of liveliness and never-ending rehearsals, the members of the choir have managed to put their voices and souls together to create an exceptional Gospel sounds. Animae Gospel Choir is now becoming a household name and they performed shows over-seas with immense success.

The mishmash of well-known Gospel songs together with other innovative tunes is what makes Animae Gospel Choir one of the premium musical groups in tiny Malta. The lovely harmonies produced leave a flawless impression, and together with their well-practiced moves performed throughout the songs, they persuade the audience to join in, clap and sing. Now, for the first time ever, the notorious singers and musicians forming Animae Gospel Choir are going to perform renowned Christmas Carols and sparkling Gospel Classics, during this unique season! The Christmas Shows will be on the 22nd December at St. Theresa Sanctuary, Birkirkara at 8.30pm and on the 23rd December at Good Shepherd Chapel (Taċ-Ċawla), Victoria, Gozo at 7.30pm

The Animae Gospel Choir includes a stunning list of performers including artists who have been in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest on countless occasions such as Pamela, Leontine, Janice Mangion and Nadine Axisa whilst Debbie Scerri also represented the country in the 1997 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with her charming entry Let Me Fly which ranked in the top ten. The performance lasts for about an hour and a half. All takings will go to the children of St. Joseph's home in St. Venera. More details on! To reserve please log on to or call 21 80 80 80. Stay tuned to for more news about local events which comprise of some of the best that the local music scene has to offer.

Source: Press Release

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Sunday, 11 November 2012 14:00

Malta: Another Spectacular Event Lined Up

Spiteri Lucas Entertainment have been gaining quite a positive reputation in recent years for organising shows of high prestige and ones which people talk about in the best of manner. Following their successful productions of Musicals in 2011 and 2012 respectively, they are back with yet another one which will definitely be bigger and better than what the previous two have offered thus far. In fact, running under the title name Movies In Concert, the production will be staged on Saturday 24th November at 19:30 CET and Sunday 25th November at 18:30 CET at the Catholic Institute in Floriana. No need to fret with regards to the acclaim of the cast because this will be one of the most star studded in terms of events organised this year.

The choices of the tracks that will be performed throughout the evening have been carefully made and they come from some of the most prominent movies to grace the cinemas including none other than; Footloose, James Bond Series, Sister Act, Mamma Mia, Pirates of the Carribean, Moulin Rouge, The Bodyguard, Blues Brothers, Fame, Shrek, Armageddon and many others. The star studded cast which we have already pointed out includes stars from the Malta Eurovision Song Contest such as; Pamela, Eleanor Spiteri, Ivan Spiteri Lucas, Nadine Axisa, Neville Refalo, former representatives at the prestigious event including; Debbie Scerri and Ludwig Galea. It is important to note that the team of backing vocals is made up of an intriguing selection featuring newcomers and established performers such as; Amanda Friggieri, Marie Claire Attard Bason, Simone Gauci, Abigail Galea, Cherise Attard, and Claudio Castelletti.
One of the most pivotal roles in the show has also been given to Neville Refalo, who has compiled together a forty strong children's choir who will also be giving a performance during the evening. The artists will be accompanied a live seven piece band under the direction of musical director Mark Spiteri Lucas who is also responsible for all musical arrangements to be performed throughout the show, while Celaine Buhagiar and her Dancel Dancers are responsible for Choreography. This is a show which should not be missed and therefore, encourage you to book online through the official website of the Catholic Institute or by phone the booking office on 21238429, 21242551, 9989668, 99468429. Should you require anymore details, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Movies in Concert is supported by: HSBC, Nexos Lighting Technology, Dermalogica, Eva Garden, Bestprint Co. Ltd, La Lumiere Photography, Sas-Sitta TV Programme, Torre Paulina, Beautique Parlour, Birkirkara, Logografix Signs and Radio 101, the official radio station of the show.
Source: Press Release,
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Friday, 02 November 2012 08:04

Malta: Ira Losco headlines Innovative Soiree

When George Cremona, my secondary Maltese teacher and nowadays, a great friend of mine, told me about this innovative idea … I was already thinking about writing this article about this great event which I’m sure, will delight both the young audience, but also, the older generation. Cremona, casually encountered Trevor Zahra’s book “Il-Ktieb tal-Fenek l-Ahmar” (The Red Rabbit’s Book), which was written in 1986. Trevor Zahra is one of the most popular Maltese writers, who adapts his stories to the young generation, but also writes books and novels for the older ones. The book’s main character, the Red Rabbit, became a very close friend of Cremona, and thus, they built such a strong bond, that they started to work on this project together, back in November 2011.

Thus, Cremona manages to merge two main roles of his everyday life. First and foremost, that of a dedicated teacher and educator, always on the lookout for the latest and most innovative teaching methods to reach out to his students, and secondly, his other role, that of an experienced broadcaster, who in the past eleven years, produced and presented programmes as a tribute to Maltese songs. The synergy of these two different roles in continuous collaboration with well-known author Trevor Zahra led to the development of this thoroughly researched, carefully studied unique production for the Maltese islands. Consequently (and mainly, so that the rabbit himself, who might be reading this write-up will enjoy it because it makes him feel so famous) one can honestly say that the friendship between Zahra and Cremona, whose roots date back to many years ago, was further strengthened as a result of this chance encounter with the rabbit. Cremona was all the time being assisted by Marisa Aquilina and Tanya Caruana, with whom the rabbit.

The soiree will network theatrical, creative art, under the able direction of veteran actress, Josette Ciappara and Maltese hits thereby giving the audience a taste of musical history to be enjoyed by all and sundry. The main roles will be played by Renato Dimech (the rabbit) and his companions Thea Farrugia and Craig Roy Vella, two children who love the rabbit, but at the same time like to tease him and make his life ‘harder’, because let’s face it, the rabbit has some decidedly strange ideas about us humans!!! t collaborated even more fervently! What makes this soiree totally different to all the many other intelligently and enthusiastically produced musicals in Malta and Gozo, is the fact, that this time, the singer themselves will sing those hits which have endeared the ears and touched the hearts of generations of Maltese of all ages. Besides doing what they can do best, these singers will be the main guests of the rabbit, and we leave it to your imagination to think what is actually in store for all of them. Whilst all this will be happening on stage, the audience will not remain passively silent but will be playing an active role all through the evening. It will sing along, participate actively and above all… we are afraid we have to stop there, because the rabbit explicitly warned us not to reveal any more!

The participating singers include some of our most popular ones the likes of Augusto Cardinali, David Azzopardi, Debbie Scerri, Eleanor Cassar, Enzo Gusman, Fr. Karm Debattista, Freddie Portelli, Ira Losco, Janvil, Jade Vella, Mary Rose Mallia, Mike Spiteri, Nadine Axisa, Philip Vella, The Greenfields u Vince Fabri. They will surely guarantee a most enjoyable evening adorned with the greatest Maltese past and present hits. Apart from these, there will also be a group of able dancers under the direction of Jade Schembri and two children’s choirs, one belonging to Sant Iermu School in Valletta and the other being none other than the ‘Mirabitur’ choir under the masterly direction of Simone Attard. The latter won the gold medal at the International Choir Festival held in 2011.

This activity will mainly serve to better promote the wealth of good which “Dar tal-Providenza” is doing for Maltese society at large and will be presided by the Director of the same home, Fr. Martin Micallef. All participating artists voluntarily offered their time and different talents free of charge in aid of this home and its residents. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the death of the home’s founder, Mons. Mikiel Azzopardi (1910- 1987). For this reason, during this activity a special tribute will be devoted to this noble and generous personality, whose dedicated and untiring work has resulted in such a wealth of good for Maltese society at large, especially in aid of the handicapped. This tribute will be in the form of an original song entitled ‘Wisq iktar mill-kliem’(more than words can say), lyrics by George Cremona, music by Philip Vella.

A second aim of the activity is to create a better awareness in the general public of traditional texts written in Maltese like the above-mentioned book written by Trevor Zahra (Il-ktieb tal-fenek l-ahmar). The people in the audience will be introduced to the book in various ways in a way that they can better understand what the author had in mind when he put pen to paper and gave birth to it and to its intriguing protagonist. A third but surely not less important aim is to help the audience to better appreciate Maltese music as written by competent Maltese composers and sung by Maltese able singers. Unfortunately, Maltese songs have long had a poor reputation. The soirée will show very clearly that this is based mainly on prejudice. The audience’s constant and active participation during the whole event will dispel all this and prove that the Maltese heart of whatever age can thoroughly enjoy an evening of lively Maltese music and will be ready to participate actively by singing along to its heart content. It will be truly an evening to remember!

The event will be held on Sunday, 4th November at Catholic Institute, Floriana. Tickets may be bought directly from the institute, or otherwise through at a donation of 10 Euros (Hall) or 8 Euros (Gallery). All proceedings in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza. Stay tuned to for more news items with regards to a number of local events in aid for Charity.

Source: Press Release, Brian Grech (Image)

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Friday, 02 November 2012 07:17

Malta: Animae Gospel Choir Travel to Italy

Projects come into existence thanks to ideas which flow from one individual to another an in fact, the Gospel Choir which has today become known as Animae was originally the fruit of thought of Glen Vella, Pamela and Leontine who have somewhat gained fame in their own right through competing in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the male counterpart eventually finishing as the winner back in 2011 and thus representing Malta on an international scale. Nevertheless, the focus here is on the choir which is currently abroad in Assisi, Italy for the first time in order to participate in a music workshop. Gospel is the genre which is being covered during this particular event which brings about together several artists from Italy, who aim to learn from a set of tutors from the United States of America including Pastora Ronald Ixacc Hubbard, Pastor Keith Moncrief, The Fabolous Five, Rodney Hubbard and Dereque Withours. It is an honour to see our Maltese counterparts present as they continue to grow musically.

Music is important in spirituality and hence forth why Animae have taken this stance to learn more about what they could do not only within the area of music in which they have excelled throughout the past couple of years but even throughout other specific areas of religiosity. The workshop will include a number of performances, original works which will most likely only be exhibited at the Gospel Connection workshop. This is the tenth year of this project, and therefore, a prestigious goal was put in pace and reached, with top level in quality and artistic excelled at the proposal of the committee behind the workshop. Gospel Connection has been organized with leading artists in recent years including Richard Smallwood, Bob Singleton, Trini Massie and Kellie Turner. The successful workshops have been highly critically acclaimed, so much so that it has become renowned all of Europe for sheer dedication and success. Our very own Gospel Choir, Animae is currently preparing to host another show during Christmas time where festive tracks will obviously be taking precedence over others. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Christian Borg, Animae Gospel Choir
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Friday, 28 September 2012 14:24

Malta: Nadine Axisa Heading off to Poland

Nadine Axisa has recently gone on record stating that the festival scene is not featuring her typical genre of music anymore and that she prefers following her gut instinct by virtue of focusing on what she believes she does best and that is surely Jazz. In fact, the last solo entry from the veteran performer at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest back in 2006 entitled Waves composed by Vinny Vella Junior and penned by Ray Tabone was more inclined towards a jazz and blues kind of genre fitting the sweet vocals that Nadine has come to feature quite perfectly. We have just received word that Nadine Axisa has just been invited to perform in a selected number of venues in the eastern country of Poland making her the second artist in a space of a couple of days to head on a mini promotional tour.

In fact, she will be performing in three cities; Kraków, Kępno and Wrocław next week as from the 3rd to the 6th October. It is quite intriguing that Jazz Music is actually quite popular in Poland and receiving such an invite was surely a huge honour for Nadine. She will not be going alone at this respective venture though because she will be joined by Christian Borg on the keyboards. Apart from being an accomplished soloist, the performer is also part of the popular Gospel Group Animae led by former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Glen Vella as well as multiple time national final participant; Pamela. We would like you to stay tuned to in the next couple of days, weeks and months as we continue to feature the ventures of local musicians in the foreign spectrum as well as following all the latest news interrelated to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malmo, Sweden.

Source: Press Release

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The Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza has firmly established itself as a leading competition in the local music scene with the culture calender singling out the occasion as one of the main days in which the national language of the country is promoted through the medium of music. In fact, it is to be pointed out that the showcase is only one of two which promotes the respective language and will surely remain popular as the years go by due to the fact that the long list of participants represents the positive outcome of the industry. There aren't many things which could be said to be common between the likes of Claudette Pace, Claudia Faniello, Eleanor Cassar, Mike Spiteri, Miriam Christine, Amber, Lawrence Gray, Ira Losco, Kaya and Annabelle Debono but one of them is surely that they have all been crowned winners of the event since it returned way back in 1997 following a break of ten years. Those who have gone onto finish in high placings have also established their position amongst the elite going onto represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest for example. The committee behind the competition is led by leading television host Mark Azzopardi who is also acting as producer of the flagship programme Indifest which airs every Tuesday night hosted by Christine Haber and Ronald Briffa with special interviews done by James Cassar.

The Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza will be hosted for the twenty-first time this year actually and features a host of new, upcoming talent, especially individuals who were part of the teenage category just a couple of years back, rightfully earning their place in the local music industry in recent months. Apart from meeting four (4) people each week, three (3) from the Established Category and one (1) from the Teenage Category, there are also a number of weekly special guests. Last weeks' edition of the programme featured none other than Georgina who represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1991 alongside Paul Giordimaina with the song Could It Be securing sixth place before returning as a composer in 1992 for the track Little Child, then as a backing vocalist for This Time performed by William Mangion in 1993 and finally as a composer for the track Another Summer Night which represented Malta in 2001. Also joining Georgina was Janvil who has most notoriously finished in the runner-up position at both the Malta Eurosong as well as the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza in the past.

As one could note above, this will be quite a special week actually because there will be not two (2) people from the established category but three (3) and this is due to the fact that there was a particular week in which the programme was not broadcast due to a holiday. This years' programme is being produced by none other than Media.Link Communications and thus NET Television but the individuals concerned are Lisa Libreri as well as Mark Azzopardi, who as mentioned above is also the chairman of the committee behind the competition. The decision to have him on a dual role is one of the best ones that has ever been taken and this is because the competition is best promoted in this manner. The first act to take to this stage this evening during Indifest will be none other than Roseanne Cordina who will be performing the track Id-Demm ta' Raymond composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas and penned by Paul Ellul. The second guest during the evening who will also be competing is Corinne Caruana who is set to perform the track Dan Mhux Tmiem composed by Mark Scicluna and penned by Rita Pace.

The third track to be performed during the evening will be the one by Danica Muscat who is also a returnee from last years' competition. She will be performing the track Indipendenti composed by Philip Vella and penned by Cher Vella. In the meantime, there is also a performance from the teenage category and that will be quite important so to speak due to the fact that the performance will be assessed by a panel of appointed judges in the coming weeks. The entry to be performed this evening is Bil-Bnadar F'Idejna composed by Miriam Christine and penned by Joe Chircop with a vocal performance by Sarah Bonnici. It is to be noted that despite the fact that tele-voting plays a very important role in this latter category, this year, there has been a reduction in the respective percentage owing to the final outcome with just 40% attributed leaving the other 60% to the jury as already mentioned above. The idea is to make sure that the people who make it through to the final stage of the competition ultimately deserve to be there.

The programme will as always have a special guest or two and is proud to exclusively reveal that NET Television has managed to attract none other than Natasha and Charlene back to the world of television as they intend to comeback for a special appearance tomorrow having been past winners of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, first time in 2004 with the song L-Arka Tal-Liberta' and second time with the group Is-Sitta performing the song Iva Nistgħu Nirnexxu in 2008 respectively. They have not appeared since the 2009 Malta Eurosong and this will be their first major television performance in three years. In the meantime, another former winner of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza will also be present tomorrow with Nadine Axisa dropping in for a special performance having just officially gone in hiatus from local competitions a couple of weeks back. Make sure to tune into NET Television tonight at 20:30 CET to watch another filled programme of Indifest. 

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza,

At just thirty years of age, Nadine Axisa could be dubbed as the youngest veteran in the local music scene noting that she has been participating in local festivals since around 1997 having entered the Malta Song for Europe with none other than Elisa and Alywn. The result might not have positive but it did set the tone for the success that would follow considering that she would reach the finals of the esteemed event on an astonishing six times throughout the same period. Her moment in the spotlight came during the 2003 edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza when alongside the musical styling of Roger Tirazona, she managed to finish at the winner with the track Inħarsu 'l Quddiem composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas and penned by Joe Chircop. In a recent interview which sae gave to the new and improved, she stated that she is concentrating on live performances outside of the festival scene.

Her last performance in a local competition came during the twentieth edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza last year where alongside Fiona she performed the track Malta Ġrajjietha composed by Chan Vella and penned by Alexia Schembri and prior to that, she was also a finalist in the Malta Eurosong back in 2010 alongside Clifford Galea with the song Once in a Lifetime composed by Jason Cassar and penned by Mario Farrugia. Nadine Axisa has represented Malta also at the Eurovision Song Contest as one of the three backing vocalists that accompanied Thea Garrett within the track My Dream and indeed, she performed a host of songs during the press conferences alongside the rest of the team. She is very much happy with her role in the group Animae, the Gospel Choir who have been giving nationwide concerts in the past couple of years. She spoke very positively about her experience there, ultimately saying 'It's great to work with such an amazing team'. It is quite unfortunate to see Nadine Axisa quietly moving out of the scene we have grown accustomed to seeing her in but nevertheless, wish her all the best. Stay tuned to for more of the latest news.


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