December 15, 2019

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 02:50

Malta: More Drama Airing This Evening

Five years ago, a student reading for a degree at the University of Malta was still in secondary school, preparing to sit for the Ordinary Levels which in turn lead to post-secondary education and this particular element denotes that whilst the years speed ahead, the individual grows older and wiser. At this particular point in time, students are getting ready to sit for their examinations, ones which will make or break the future and sitting down on the sofa or an armchair at the end of a hard working day will surely be pivotal to the relaxation of the being. One of the best ways to relax is surely through watching the hit drama musical series known as D.R.E.A.M.S written by Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa with production credit going to the notable company, Rewind. Original compositions by Maestro Ray Agius are a definite aid to getting the whole point across and considering the questions that have been raised since the beginning of the series, it is not wonder why the audiences just cannot help but tune in and watch. This evenings’ episode, the fourteenth of the series will be airing at 21:30 CET on Television Malta, the national broadcaster.

On this weeks’ episode of the series, the focus will be on the students attending sixth form noting that they continue to face situations which are true and very much real. Amber (Celine Cuschieri) is a first year student and part of the trio that are emerging as quite dynamic but she seems to be the one missing out on all the positives in life and as she continues to explain her bruises to her father, Samuel (Joseph Fenech), belief might be too strong a word. Speaking about first year students, then comes Saidah (Drizilla Bakoush) whom as many have realised in the past couple of episodes, has shown a lot of interest towards Keith (Leander Schembri), although the male teen definitely has something else up his sleeve having started conversations which instil him as a true racist and unwilling to accept diversity in society. This relationship, if it could be really called that is just a ploy which she is falling to rapidly despite the positive advice given by her best friends. 

In the meantime, Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar) and Antoinette (Annalise Psaila) are feeling very uncomfortable as they come across each other in classes after dinner with the parents and the relationship is very much hanging by a thread at this moment in time. It will be quite interesting to see how it will evolve in the next couple of episodes. The story behind Alex (Luke Brincat) will be evolving more in this weeks’ episode with his mothers’ confidante Alistair (Karl Schembri) seemingly analyzing his every move. The last four individuals who will seemingly be involved this week are Patsy-May (Analise Mifsud) and Maria (Marie-Clare Sammut) whose relationship might be rekindling as well as Letizia (Cherylis Camilleri) and Mandy (Nakita Grima), the latter who has been told to stay away from the formers’ house but somewhat disobeys orders. Do not miss this evenings' episode which is set to air just after the news bulletin at around 21:30 CET on Television Malta. Stay tuned to for more news about the musical drama series.

Source: Rewind Productions

Published in Local Music News
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 11:07

Malta: Social Situations Deepen This Evening

2012, a year which many people would relate to due to different experiences but nevertheless, it might not have been as feasible with certain sitatuations that came about but one has to denote that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand, 2013 is already posing a challenge but one has the possibility to write out their daily life as each being is given a brand new book with blank pages. Difficulties should be faced head on, and no one should run away because that would prove the individual o be cowardly and costly in the long run. For the past couple of weeks, several individuals are tuned to Television Malta on a Wednesday evening in order to watch another episode of the hit musical drama series known as D.R.E.A.M.S written by Evelyn Saliba la Rosa and Michael Vella Haber with music composed by Maestro Ray Agius.  The series has revealed a number of tangled webs and this evening will not prove to be any different as social situations continue to delve even further especially amongst the younger generation in the storyline.

Following last weeks' episode, it seems that the attention once more turns on the characters who have become a part of the routine clique including Alex (Luke Brincat) who is given yet another assignment with Jade Vella Petroni (Rachel Genovese). The issues between these two characters have never been fully resolved due to the fact that Alex does not want to giveaway his life secrets and thus leaves Jade in the dark. It will be quite interesting to see whether they will be able to work together this time round. Nevertheless, Alex continues to make enemies in the form of Jasmine (Rachael Tedesco Triccas) after telling her something which causes her to worry, seemingly seeking the comfort of Alex (Mikhail Attard) but, will he manage to calm her down or will his efforts burn to the ground? In the meantime, many people will definitely be looking forward to the meeting between Antoinette Balzan (Annalise Psaila) and family of Brandon Cutajar (Jean Pierre Cassar) hoping that first impressions will be positive especially having enlisted the help of Tiffany (Kristen Camilleri). Outside of the school walls, there will be another meeting between Emma (Kayleigh Cassar) and her cousin, Dorianne (Maria Farrugia) with more secrets of the past seemingly uncovered. Do not miss this evenings' episode which is set to air just after the news bulletin at around 21:30 CET on Television Malta. Stay tuned to for more news about the musical drama series.

Source: Rewind Productions

Published in Local Music News