January 18, 2020

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"No Surrender", an entry in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011, and also title track of album number #6 for male singer/songwriter, Fabrizio Faniello might be taken more to heart, rather than rekindling his career in music, after going public with a drug addiction problem, from which he is still recovering. During a recent television interview with Peppi Azzopardi during "Xarabank" on Television Malta, the male vocalist revealed that the main aim behind the chat was for people to acknowledge their problem and seek support.

Fabrizio Faniello represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions, first in 2001 with "Another Summer Night", composed by Paul Abela to the lyrics of Georgina Abela and then in 2006 with "I Do", a song which he co-wrote with Aldo Spiteri. Since his comeback in 2011, with the aforementioned "No Surrender" co-written by Johan Stentorp and Johan Bejerholm, Fabrizio has gone onto win the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the song "Aħfirli Jekk Trid" composed by Dominic and penned by Rita Pace. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the local music scene.

Source: WE Media


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Fabrizio Faniello, winner of this years’ edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the track Aħfirli Jekk Trid composed by Minik to the lyrics of Rita Pace has been a regular within the local music industry following his comeback back at the 2011 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the song No Surrender written by Johan Stentorp and Johan Bejerholm. escflashmalta.com is a position to confirm that Fabrizio Faniello is hoping for a return to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.

This does not really come as a surprise having already been there back in the 2001 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Another Summer Night composed by Paul Abela to the lyrics of Georgina Abela. It is important to note that the last time that Fabrizio was part of the line-up was back in 2012 when his entry I Will Fight For You (Papa’s Song) finishing in sixth place, failing to get past the second eliminatory phase for the very first time in years. It is no secret that the male vocalist and two time former Eurovision Song Contest representative is currently working on a brand new studio album which is set for release throughout 2014. Stay tuned to this portal for more news as it becomes available.

Source: escflashmalta.com


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Fabrizio Faniello took to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions; the first time in 2001 with the track Another Summer Night composed by Paul Abela and penned by Georgina and the second time in 2006 with I Do which he co-wrote alongside Aldo Spiteri. Since his final rendition in the international competition, he has returned to the local music scene and built his image with the release of a brand new album brilliantly entitled No Surrender featuring a host of hit singles including his 2011 entry in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest of the same name as well as the recently released track The Hardest Thing written by Wayne Hector and Gary Barlow. escflashmalta.com was proud to take up the video exclusively last weekend as you can view here and we were also the first to announce about the upcoming visits in Italy and Germany where the two time representative was invited to attend the respective OGAE Meetings.

In an interview given to OGAE Italy, Fabrizio Faniello confirmed that he will be submitting an entry into the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and many people will be surprised by the genre that he will be taking up because he would like to mix it up from what he has come up with thus far showing that music can revolve and even reinvent itself. Fabrizio said that not everyone agrees with his intentions to take part and this is due to the fact that he should give his place to upcoming performers but then again, not everything should be about the artist, but more about the possibility of having a hit song. The two time representative went onto add that he would love to be in the Sanremo competition with his Italian heritage coming to show on countless occasions. The editorial board of escflashmalta.com would like to wish Fabrizio Faniello all the very best of luck with his current career endeavours and we hope to see him in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in the months to come. Stay tuned for more news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: OGAE Italy


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Professionalism is the key to success in the music industry and one of the artists who has definitely showed strength and compassion in returning to what he does best is Fabrizio Faniello, the man who represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest on two separate and distinct occasions; in 2001 with the track Another Summer Night finishing in ninth place and in 2006 with the song I Do finishing in a languishing bottom position which many somewhat disagree with nevertheless. Following a couple of months and years away from the music scene in order to settle a number of issues, the male performer returned with a bang at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 with the track No Surrender which later on throughout the year would also become the lead single off his latest album of the same. The compilation features tracks written by local and foreign writers but then again, one of the songs, a cover of the Toše Proeski hit; The Hardest Thing stands out from the rest for the sheer power that Fabrizio has given it. The song which was the last single from the Balkan performer and was written by Wayne Hector, Elliot Kennedy and Gary Barlow of Take That fame, was also set to launch the artist but unfortunately, he passed away far too quickly. escflashmalta.com has the pleasure to exclusively reveal the video for Fabrizio's version of The Hardest Thing thanks to CAP-Sounds, Universal Music Germany and Spectre Media.

Since returning back to music, Fabrizio has shown clear dedication in this respective field, launching a brand new solo career in Asia where he has become a star in the likes of Indonesia after releasing his debut album over there, a compilation of hits from his last couple of albums in the official language of the respective country. Nevertheless, his fan base in Europe has never forgotten him and he has been invited to attend two spectacular OGAE Meetings in the next couple of weeks; the first one being held in the town of Bologna, Italy on the 27th October and the second one being that organised in the city of Cologne, Germany on the 24th November. The editorial team of escflashmalta.com has also spoke to Fabrizio to learn the idea behind releasing this song as his latest single considering that it is a cover and this is what he had to tell us 'This is coming at a right time in my life as really I am going through something similar of what the song is talking about. I’m honoured that I’m singing a Gary Barlow song and thanks & respect to Toše who walked away too early…' Fabrizio Faniello maintains an outstanding reputation by virtue of putting the past behind him and looks towards the future. He is always described as a hard working performer by his manager; Manfred Holz of CAP-Sounds, based in Germany under the watchful eye of Universal Music Germany. It is yet unconfirmed on whether he will be submitting any tracks to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 but stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news.

Source: Universal Music Germany, Spectre Media, CAP-Sounds, Manfred Holz


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