December 09, 2019

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Ovi and Paula are back in the public spotlight with a new project called 'OPS' as well as with a sound that is different from what their fans were used to. After a succesful 5 year collaboration, the two launch 'S.A.M.P. (She's After My Piano)'.

The project 'OPS' is a natural progression of a 5 year collaboration between Paula and Ovi. It appeared out of the desire to move forward under one name, so that the solo projects, Paula Seling and Ovi would be more distinctive. "The next songs that are to be launched in the duet formula will be under a new brand", Ovi stated.

"Projects with Ovi challenge me to explore new characters every time. 'S.A.M.P.' is no exception. Just like "Playing with Fire", there is a funny dialogue between us, a sort of play. Because this project is different from what we do on our own, we thought it would be better if it had an alternative name. "So, this is how 'OPS' came out”, said Paula Seling.

Music, lyrics and production belong to Ovi Jacobsen, Simen Eriksrud, Brynjard Buvarp Misvaer, Halloun Philip Paridon/ Harboe. Ovi and Paula have successfully represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest twice; in 2010 with "Playing with Fire" finishing in 3rd place and in 2014 with "Miracle" finishing in 12th place. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from Eurostars across the world.

Source: Press Release

As preparations for the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest continue with rehearsals for the constestants of the second semi-final, Dilara Kazimova and Ovi Jacobsen, representatives of Azerbaijan and Romania got together for a short acoustic session in the Eurovillage. We're proud that was present for this remarkable event and we're even more pleased to show you some exclusive footage.

On the night of the first semi-final, Dilara Kazimova will be representing Azerbaijan with the song Start a Fire, released through CAP-Sounds, the German Record Label with distribution through Universal Music Germany. On the other hand, Ovi will be joining Paula Seling in representing Romania for a second time as they take to the stage during the second semi-final with the song Miracle. They had finished in third place on behalf of Romania back in 2010 with the song Playing With Fire. We urge you to have a look at the three videos through our YouTube Channel whislt also staying tuned to all the latest on even on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: ESCflashmalta Team

Playing With Fire performed by Ovi and Paula Seling finished in third place to equal the best result ever achieved by Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest. Ovi, the male performer has spoken of his love towards the international competition and in an article posted last week on, his intentions to return were published. Ovi Jacobsen garnered a name for himself in Norway when he made it through to the finals of the Melodi Grand Prix 2009 with the track Seven Seconds co-written by Eriksud and Larsen.

Eventually, he moved to Romania and has become a household name following his participation at the Eurovision Song Contest earning a masterful accolade by finishing as the second runner-up. The following year, Ovi was asked to host the national selection in Romania and it seems that his music has also proved popular throughout. It is yet unknown whether a return to the Eurovision Song Contest will be on behalf of Norway or Romania but nevertheless, it seems that it will be another duet entry. 'I need to wait for all the details until all goes official', was the statement that received in anticipation. Stay tuned to this portal for all of the latest news.


In 2010, Romania were represented in the Eurovision Song Contest by a male and female duet professionally known as Ovi and Paula Seling with the track Playing With Fire which the male counterpart wrote specifically for the international competition. He was definitely on the money with the track, managing to achieve the best result for Romania, a third place finish which is of course tied with that achieved by Luminita Anghel and her entry Let Me Try. Ovi had tried his luck at representing Norway on two occasions, achieving the most success in 2009 as his entry Seven Seconds managed to get through to the final.

In an post on his personal page on Facebook, Ovi Jacobsen who is Romanian but lives in Norway stated 'new and exciting plans for the next album / upcoming singles / esc 2014 and more'. It does not come as a surprise that Ovi would love to return to the Eurovision Song Contest, saying that it was a magnificient experience. Nevertheless, people will definitely ask themselves on whether he prefers to represent Romania or Norway as a solo artist with the former country proving to be a better fit due to his exceeding popularity in the nation. In this years' edition of the Pan-European competition, Norway represented by Margaret Berger and her entry I Feed You My Love finished in fourth place whilst Romania represented by Cezar and his track It's My Life finishing in thirteenth place. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Official Facebook Profile