December 09, 2019

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Ovi and Paula are back in the public spotlight with a new project called 'OPS' as well as with a sound that is different from what their fans were used to. After a succesful 5 year collaboration, the two launch 'S.A.M.P. (She's After My Piano)'.

The project 'OPS' is a natural progression of a 5 year collaboration between Paula and Ovi. It appeared out of the desire to move forward under one name, so that the solo projects, Paula Seling and Ovi would be more distinctive. "The next songs that are to be launched in the duet formula will be under a new brand", Ovi stated.

"Projects with Ovi challenge me to explore new characters every time. 'S.A.M.P.' is no exception. Just like "Playing with Fire", there is a funny dialogue between us, a sort of play. Because this project is different from what we do on our own, we thought it would be better if it had an alternative name. "So, this is how 'OPS' came out”, said Paula Seling.

Music, lyrics and production belong to Ovi Jacobsen, Simen Eriksrud, Brynjard Buvarp Misvaer, Halloun Philip Paridon/ Harboe. Ovi and Paula have successfully represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest twice; in 2010 with "Playing with Fire" finishing in 3rd place and in 2014 with "Miracle" finishing in 12th place. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from Eurostars across the world.

Source: Press Release

In 2010, Romania were represented in the Eurovision Song Contest by a male and female duet professionally known as Ovi and Paula Seling with the track Playing With Fire which the male counterpart wrote specifically for the international competition. He was definitely on the money with the track, managing to achieve the best result for Romania, a third place finish which is of course tied with that achieved by Luminita Anghel and her entry Let Me Try. Ovi had tried his luck at representing Norway on two occasions, achieving the most success in 2009 as his entry Seven Seconds managed to get through to the final.

In an post on his personal page on Facebook, Ovi Jacobsen who is Romanian but lives in Norway stated 'new and exciting plans for the next album / upcoming singles / esc 2014 and more'. It does not come as a surprise that Ovi would love to return to the Eurovision Song Contest, saying that it was a magnificient experience. Nevertheless, people will definitely ask themselves on whether he prefers to represent Romania or Norway as a solo artist with the former country proving to be a better fit due to his exceeding popularity in the nation. In this years' edition of the Pan-European competition, Norway represented by Margaret Berger and her entry I Feed You My Love finished in fourth place whilst Romania represented by Cezar and his track It's My Life finishing in thirteenth place. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Official Facebook Profile

In the past couple of weeks, Radio International has been somewhat extremely busy with preparing interviews with some of the leading individuals who make part of the history of the Eurovision Song Contest and this week, the hard work will bear fruit noting that Juergen Boernig and Eric Lehmann have been to the Antwerp Pride held in Belgium where they have had the chance to speak to none other than former winner of the competition Alexander Rybak as well as runner-up Paula Seling who are making a number of headlines following the release of their duet entitled I'll Show You which one could buy through the medium iTunes having been released under the CAP-Sounds label, one which has been known to support a variety of artists from Malta in the past couple of years including Fabrizio Faniello, Claudia Faniello and Christabelle amongst others.

Apart from those exclusive interviews which were recorded during the weekend and still yet to premiere, there was another interview taken a couple of weeks back in Sweden with none other than sensation Sean Banan whose entry in the Melodifestivalen entitled Sean den förste Banan reached the second chance round of the competition before falling to  Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern with the track bearing the name Jag reser mig igen. The programme will be supported by a number of interesting features as is always the case so expect a round up of the latest news brought to you by escXtra as well as whilst there will also be a host of new singles to be played for the very first time during the show and most likely debuting on radio and these tracks will be of none other than Lisa del Bo, Lovebugs, Paula Seling, Sandra Nurmsalu and Celine Dion. Radio International airs on Wednesday nights and you could listen to the programme live or even on demand through their official website

Source: Team of Radio International,

The music industry has somewhat been all about contacts throughout the years and one of the platforms which has been used on countless occasions to provide collaborations between singers, songwriters and producers has been the Eurovision Song Contest. In recent weeks, Alexander Rybak and Paula Seling joined forces on a brand new track entitled I'll Show You which in turn is written by the 2009 winner of the prestigious event. Despite the fact that the promotion in several countries has commenced, it was somewhat even more important to make sure that people could buy the track through the internet hence why it is now available through leading online retailers iTunes and Amazon. The track has been signed up by CAP Sounds and thus distributed by Universal Music Germany.

The German company has been extremely faithful to Malta in the past couple of years noting that most of the tracks sent to the Eurovision Song Contest have been rerecorded there and then also mastered to make sure that the final quality is strong and well adjusted. Amongst the artists who have released music with CAP Sounds include; Romina Mamo who was a semi-finalist in this years' edition of the Maltese selection, Mista who finished as the runner-up in the Slovakian selection in 2010, Claudia Faniello who was a runner-up in this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest and two-time representative Fabrizio Faniello. The first means of international promotion will be done in the city of Antwerp in Belgium actually due to the fact that the duo will be performing in the closing ceremony of the Antwerpride. The performance will be taking place mid way through the afternoon in the main square in front of the magnificent looking city hall.
Source: Press Release

There are several elements which prove the point that the Eurovision Song Contest is very much an individual type of competition noting that singers from a number of countries from the European Continent would ultimately be hoping to surpass others but there are a number of contacts made which are normally used after the event comes to an end so that music careers can continue to evolve and flourish. Alexander Rybak has been one of the most popular names in the Scandinavian music industry since winning for Norway with the song Fairytale a couple of years back but nevertheless, the second runner-up finish for Paula Seling alongside Ovi with the song Playing With Fire continued her epic rise to fame status in Romania and surrounding countries. They have most recently worked on a brand new track and they will be promoting it along with their solo work during a special visit in Belgium.

The event which they have been invited to perform in is none other than the 2012 edition of the Antwerp Pride on Sunday 12th August but it has to be noted that they will not be the only Eurostars on show during the event especially due to the fact that the organizers have also been in touch with none other than Kate Ryan who represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2006 with the song Je t'Adore as well as Nicole & Hugo who had done the honours for the Benelux country way back in 1973 with the extremely iconic Baby, Baby. It is expected that Alexander and Paula will be performing their recent duet I'll Show You which was also written by the Norwegian singer/songwriter. We urge you to stay tuned into for all of the latest news about these Eurostars noting that they are succeeding on several fronts in Europe with their respective music releases.


There has been a lot of talk that two of the most notable names to come out of the Eurovision Song Contest had been recording an original duet and many did not know what to make out of the speculation the exclusive premiere which took place in Romania just yesterday. The duet which features none other than Paula Seling and Alexander Rybak bears the name I'll Show You and it is written by the Belarussian/Norwegian performer himself. Both of them had finished in the top three at the European event noting the victory of Rybak for Norway in 2009 with the song Fairytale and the second runner-up finish for Paul Seling alongside Ovi for Romania in 2010 with the track Playing With Fire.

The singers made a number of television appearances in the past couple of hours to promote the track in Romania but the idea was for it to be recorded and shown in various countries. According to our information, it seems that Paul Seling might be asked to return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 as a solo performer so one will see whether this could happen. Apart from being a great performer, many note her as having a spectacular personality and this could be very well the boost she needs for her solo career. One has to add that their popularity in recent months has been quite high so this might end up being a chart sensation in the weeks to come. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news from artists related to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Olivier Vanhoutte