November 13, 2019

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Ira Losco, and the original song “Chameleon” which she co-wrote with Howard Keith, Peter Borg and Matthew James Borg, collectively known as Talkback, was crowned the winner of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016, receiving the maximum 12 points from three (3) of the five (5) professional judges, and the tele-voting.

Brooke, and “Golden”, the original song which she co-wrote with Aidan O’Connor, Sara Biglert, and Christian Schneider finished in 2nd place, ahead of Franklin with “Little Love”, composed by Cyprian Cassar with lyrics by Matt ‘Muxu’ Mercieca which finished in 3rd place. 

On behalf of the editorial team at, we would like to congratulate the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) for putting on an impressive production in light of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016, whilst thanking them for their ongoing hospitality towards the local and foreign members of the press.

We urge you to stay tuned to even on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about Ira Losco and her journey towards the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden.

Source: PBS / TVM /

It is a fair comment to pass that bands whose sound does not evolve, are somewhat archaic and stuck. Red Electrick have definitely made this their mantra, having developed a sound which, whilst instantly recognisable, is also very current. Their latest release "Young Again", echoes a similar aura to "Paul", their hit single from 2013, but this is bigger, and better, not too mention, featuring the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

Matthew James Borg, Raphael Tonna, Ivan Borg, Jonas Delicata and Peter Borg are without a doubt extremely talent musicians, with a true penchanct for live performances. Yet, the standout element surely has to be the distinctive vocal performance of Matthew James Borg, who has proven on countless occasions, that when the music is stripped back, his voice is vulnerable to the surrounding air, creating gooseflesh, leaving a mark, a deep meaning and an eventual yearning for more. 

Winners of the Best Band and the Best Song accolade at the 2014 Malta Music Awards solidified their position in the local music industry. In support of the single release, Red Electrick have issued a music video, produced by Stargate Studios, one which has already amassed more than 12,000 views on YouTube. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Red Electrick (Official Facebook Page)

Published in Local Music News

On the 21st and 22nd November, the Public Broadcasting Services will be hosting the 2014-2015 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest at the Marsa Shipbuilding. 20 acts will be taking centre stage, in hope of representing the country at next year's edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, being held in Vienna, Austria. Over the next couple of weeks, will be publishing a series of interviews with all the participants. Whilst thanking the Public Broadcasting Services for this opportunity, Let's continue and follow things up with Chris Grech.

Would you kindly introduce your entry to our readers and also identify the meaning behind the lyrics?

The song, penned by myself, speaks about those times when you ought to do good and work really hard to achieve things in one’s life, to improve, to be a better man.  Unfortunately sometimes, not everything’s within one’s powers to make it all happen. That’s when the closed doors come in.  No matter how hard you try, sometimes, it’s still very difficult to get through.  However, adding to this, one must never give up on their challenges… they will surely make you a better person once you succeed!

In Malta, the Eurovision Song Contest is considered to be a major outlet for the music industry, and you stand here as one of the semi-finalists. What does the whole experience mean to you?

As an artist I see Eurovision as a very big opportunity to kick off one’s musical career.  It is a great way to meet other artists and potentially collaborate with some of them.  You get the chance to expose what you love doing to millions of people and above that, represent your own country, which is truly honourable.

Recently, Malta has been rather successful at the Eurovision Song Contest, making the final on four of the last five participation attempts. What do you think is the reason for this success, and do you believe that your entry has what it takes to continue this positive trend?

I think that PBS, rightly so, are taking this competition very seriously and they’re investing a lot of time and money to make the best out of this.  This can be seen even more, now that the Junior Eurovision contest is being hosted here in Malta.  The preparations already give off what a great show this will be!Oh! and we’re getting the chance to perform on this same stage too, which is awesome! :) 

With regards to my entry, yes, I strongly believe that it has all of the elements to do justice to all of the efforts that PBS are doing in order to improve year after year.  Coming from a different musical background I feel I can give something different which is nevertheless of high quality.  This can be something that can make Malta’s entry differ from the rest which can potentially make it stand out.  We have tried with a lot of variations and genres, why not this one this time? Besides, I’m very easy to work with and can adapt really well to whatever is needed :)

If you were given the opportunity to sing another one of the competing entries in the 2014-2015 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, which one would it be and why?

To be honest, unfortunately I didn’t really have the time to sit down and listen to all of the other songs, so giving you a reply on this would be unfair in my opinion :)

Do you have any plans to release more music in the future, and do you have any particular projects in the pipeline?

Yes for sure! I see the Malta Eurovision Song Contest as a means to expose my music rather than being a means to create music in the first place.  Being with my metal band or as solo projects, my schedule is always busy.  Funds permitting, I’d really like to write a full length album now as a solo artist so that I can make more of music on the lines of this year’s entry.

Would you like to say anything to our readers at

If they’re reading this, then first and foremost, I’d like to thank them for taking the interest and time to read my interview.  I look forward to hearing their opinions on my entry and hope that it brings them a good vibes :)

Daniel Genuis, a singer/songwriter who is mostly known for being the lead vocalist of award winner band Bitterside has just launched his solo career, starting off as one of the contributors to the Beatles Tribute Concert held at Smart City a couple of weeks back and now releasing his debut single; Something New to Me.

The adequately entitled debut solo single; Something New To Me, which Daniel wrote and produced himself, was recorded at Railway Studios by Peter Borg of Red Electrick fame. In support of the track, a music video directed and shot by Nick Morales of No Sweat Productions has also been released through viral website YouTube. The song has a mellow sound, which would have not sounded out of place on any of the albums released by The Beatles is a beautiful piece of art which deserves mainstream radio airplay. We urge you to stay tuned to even on Facebook & Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Daniel Genuis (Official Facebook Page)

Published in Local Music News
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 17:00

Malta: Singing for Bay Kids '13 Single Released

Throughout the years, the Bay Music Awards have acquired a sense of belonging, and also a major role in promoting the best of the local cultural calendar by managing to attracts several individuals from the music sector whose aim is to bring music to the masses. 89.7 Bay have been one of the sources on how the music is being passes on from one generation to another and the public have previously noted this on several occasions considering that the network has always enjoyed a steady audience, keeping it at the top of the surveys for consecutive years. In the run up to the event, one could easily note the recording of a track which would be done with a big heart representing the charity that the country has been known to offer to those who are in need and in fact, the Singing for Bay Kids single returns for yet another year and this time bearing the name Today.

Today, co-written by Ivan Grech, Peter Borg, Wayne Camilleri, Matthew James Borg and Raphael Tonna is performed by five artists in total; those being none other than Christabelle; a multiple Best Solo Artist Award winner, Rick Scicluna; lead vocalist of Gypsy Genes (nominated for Best New Artist), Ivan Grech; lead vocalist of Winter Moods, Victorio Gauci; lead vocalist of The Crowns (nominated for Best Band) and Matthew James Borg; lead vocalist of Red Electrick (nominated for Best Band). You could view the music video of the track below which has been directed by V SQUARED Media and Entertainment. It is a stunning piece of work and we at for starters are proud to be promoting this track as part of the spectacular event set for the 21st December 2013 at the Bay Arena. Stay tuned to as we cover the categories of this years’ Bay Music Awards in the coming days.

Source: 89.7 Bay

Published in Local Music News
Wednesday, 16 October 2013 11:12

Exclusive: Cryptic Street Release New Single

Promise! That is the first word that came to mind when Indecisive, the debut single from Cryptic Street was unveiled to the general public at the beginning of October in 2012 and it seems that despite being away for the most part of the last year, the group has been working night and day on a fresh sound, one which will solidify their position within the industry. Their sophomore single entitled Retrospect is a joint effort in songwriting with Peter Borg responsible for the production and the mastering at Railway Studios (MT).

For those who might not remember, Cryptic Street is made up of five young yet extremely talented girls; Julia on drums, Chiara on bass guitar, Denise on keyboards, Janelle on lead guitar and Leona as the lead vocalist. is proud to present a forty second snippet of their new single Retrospect which has just been picked up by 89.7 Bay who are supporting the group following their Best New Artist accolade at the Bay Music Awards in 2012. We believe the sound and the direction that the group is heading and look forward not only to more singles but a fully flegded studio album in due course. In the meantime, will also be exclusively publishing the video in a matter of weeks, so we urge you to stay tuned!

Source: Official Facebook Page,

Published in Local Music News

A couple of months back, Cheryl and Chris released their debut single Sweet Sister, a wonderful ballad with an emotional message which surely everyone got the opportunity to understand. The production of the song was handled by Peter Borg at Railway Studios but was never thought to be the last of the collaboration noting that a follow-up single was always in the works. As a matter of fact, the duo have just released a brand new song entitled Room Full of Tears with the Red Electrick member also responsible for the final mix.

The release of the single is being accompanied by a music video of whom Matthew James Borg, also of Red Electrick fame was responsible. Within the video, Cheryl is seen singing heartfelt lyrics whilst walking through the woods as well as sitting down in a room whilst Chris is playing the guitar in front of a fire. The whole affair is very heart wrenching and applies directly to the lyrics. Once more, this is a very subdued type of song but nevertheless, the vocals are ideal and instantly capture the attention of the listener. With the likes of Tom Odell and James Vincent McMorrow taking over the international music scene with a similar style, it comes to show that the local scene is also adapating. Stay tuned to for more of the latest news.

Source: Official Facebook Page (Cheryl and Chris)

Published in Local Music News
Saturday, 21 September 2013 17:15

Malta: Acoustic Girl Band Release Debut Single

At last years' Saint Aloysius Soiree, a girl band by the name of Karma Skies took to the stage and impressed the audience present including a couple of gig organisers present who sought to include the talented acoustic group within their respective line-ups. The concept is original with four female vocalists; Annalise Bellizzi, Odelsie Camilleri, Loredana Grech and Michela Scerri along with Sheryl Camilleri and Caroline Caruana on guitars and piano respectively. A couple of days ago, the acoustic group unveiled their debut single, Bittersweet September and it surely will be the beginning of a long, successful career for the girls.

Peter Borg of Railway Studios and one of the members of the popular band, Red Electrick is the main individual responsible for the track having been the engineer behind the recording, mixing and the production. Upon it's release, Bittersweet September was accompanied by a music video, directed by Stephan Zammit which is aiding promotion through social media such as Twitter and Facebook respectively. Impeccable vocals, a thumping bass line and a lovely melody line is what to expect with regards to the song but beware that the individual might have to be in the mood because it could be thought to be a tad sad. The lyrics are heartfelt and the pain could be felt through the vocals. Nevertheless, the final product is stunning and I can assure you that this could be one of the most notable songs of the year. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Karma Skies (Facebook Page)

Published in Local Music News

Andi is a young female singer/songwriter who has just published her debut single entitled We Can Try produced and mixed by Peter Borg at Railway Studios. The song is a melodic piece with a simple structure, one which is normally appreciated with an orchestra but nevertheless, the producer was crafty enough to make it radio friendly in order to garner airplay. An official music video directed by Keith Falzon, has also been published to aid with the promotion. It is artistic and features Andi playing the piano along with a ballerina in the background.

Peter Borg was one of the songwriters behind the track Never Walk Away alongside David Cassar Torreggiani, Matthew James Borg and vocalist Chris Grech. It finished in fifth place behind Gianluca, Kevin Borg, Davinia and Amber respectively. It is worth noting that he is also part of the group Red Electrick whose latest single The Runaway has been a radio hit, climbing up the chart relatively quickly and actually peaking at number #3 on Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D broadcast on 89.7 Bay. In recent months, Peter has been working with a series of upcoming artists, honing their skills, dabbling in songwriting and acting as a producer. Andi follows Kevin Paul Calleja and Cheryl Balzan and is surely set to be a hit based on just the comments of the general public through YouTube. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Sources: YouTube, Facebook

Published in Local Music News
Monday, 18 February 2013 14:02

Malta: Sensitive Skin Release Debut Single

Individuals have somewhat become skeptic of the material that local artists can offer within the world of music but nevertheless, it seems that behind the scenes, Peter Borg of Red Electrick fame is working with some of the nations' leading forces especially after listening to Sweet Sister, the debut single of a brand new duo known as Sensitive Skin. The track which was recorded and produced at Railway Studios in Malta has been receiving a lot of traction since it's release a couple of hours ago and this is surely due to the personal message invoked with the beautiful female vocals on offer.

As a matter of fact, Sensitive Skin is a duo made up of Chris Tanti and Cheryl Balzan with the male counterpart responsible for both the music and the lyrics of the debut release leaving all of the emotional vocal acrobatics to the female. It is quite astonishing to see Cheryl Balzan literally come out of her recent experience as a backing vocalist at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with Chris Grech and his entry Never Walk Away to take on such a daunting number. Sensitive Skin have noted the positive feedback received on the track thus far with several artists within the scene taking to social networking website; Facebook to share their views. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news on new songs within the local music scene.

Source: Facebook

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