January 23, 2020

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Saturday, 12 May 2012 01:21

Malta: Success for Young Stars in Poland

In the past couple of years, there have been a number of influential individuals who with years of practice have taken up the role of vocal coaches. Experience is surely an important asset and in fact, one of the most popular teachers in the country is none other than Kaya otherwise known as Priscilla Psaila who boasts a strong repertoire of original songs in both Maltese and English. She has been quite successful with her students actually and she has just returned from another showcase in the city of Czestechowa within Poland in a competition called the May Festival. The students who took up the position in the competition were Anhelica Pace of nine years, Rutger Scicluna who is ten years old, Maria Christina Desira who is thirteen and Grezia Urry, the eighteen year old teenager.

The performances abroad were mostly of cover versions as Anhelica for example finishing in third place following her rendition of the song I Surrender having been chosen to represent our country due to the her previous experiences in a number od competitions including Lithuania and Romania. In the meantime, Rutger and Grezia were doing their country proud for the very first time with yet another third place finish with performances of the songs Hero and Con Il Tuo Nome. The last participant being Maria Christina also competed and received the best result of all of the children finishing in first place with the performance of the song Gli Uomini Non Cambiano. All of them are extremely happy with what they have managed to achieve and on behalf of the editorial team at escflashmalta.com, I would like to congratulate them on sublime results. Stay tuned for more of such news in the days, weeks and months to come.

Source: Press Release


Published in Local Music News

Like in the previous years, SVT is making four preview shows featuring all the 39 countries participating in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest which will be held on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May respectively.

These shows started on April 27th till May 18th. There are five experts reviewing the songs weekly. The show is hosted by Melodifestivalen producer Christer Björkman. Last April 27th and last night, these five experts voted for all of the 17 songs participating in the first Semi-final.

These are the results:

19 Points to Latvia
18 Points to Portugal
18 Points to Albania
16 Points to Iceland
16 Points to Moldova
16 Points to Malta
13 Points to Greece
13 Points to Slovakia
13 Points to Belgium
13 Points to Belarus
12 Points to Russia
09 Points to Bosnia & Herzegovina
09 Points to Finland
09 Points to Poland
08 Points to Serbia
04 Points to Estonia
03 Points to FYR Macedonia

The five experts are none other than: Lena Philipsson (2004 Swedish Eurovision representative), Kayo Shekoni (singer, former member of Afro-dite, 2002 Swedish representatives), Rennie Mirro (musician), Thomas Lundin (Eurovision expert, TV host ) and Marie Serneholt (singer, former member of A-Teens). You can watch the latest show here.

Note that the reviews for the second semifinal will start as from May 11th and will take up till May 18th.

Source: SVT

Sunday, 09 May 2010 18:22

Poland: Remixes Galore

Marcin Mroziński, who represents Poland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has prepared a special surprise for his fans just a week before his departure to Oslo. At the request of many DJs and radio stations in Poland Marcin, with cooperation with Mafia Mike, presents 3 remixes of his entry Legenda. We provide them for free use and hope as Marcin Mroziński does that you will enjoy the music.

Preparation of the Polish team to Eurovision Song Contest is well advanced. In the last episode of Marcin’s show ‘Coffee or Tea’ on Friday morning viewers have known among others Dariusz Lewandowski who is choreographer of the performance and a new hairstyle of Polish singer. The weekend continued on final matching of the stage outfits.

On Sunday morning Marcin said goodbye to listeners of Polish Radio One in music program ‘Lazy Sunday’ as well. The Polish Radio One traditionally supports national artists during the Eurovision in special reports. Being the guest of the radio show, Marcin announced that TVP prepares a special weekend devoted to Eurovision and its representative on May, 22-23. He also presented some of this year’s Eurovision entries underlining among others his friendships with Niamh Kavanagh and introducing her music carrier.

And finally in connection with the participation of Marcin in the contest a special postcard will also be published in Poland with his photo and Legenda’s lyrics. Download the material just by clicking here.

Source: Oikotimes.com

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