January 25, 2020

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The very first winning country at the Eurovision Song Contest, Switzerland, will hold their national final on 1st February 2014.  The national final is a linked between four broadcasters in Switzerland that are the Swiss-German broadcaster Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF), the Swiss-French broadcaster Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), the Swiss-Italian broadcaster Radiotelevisione Svizzera (RSI) and the Swiss-Romansh broadcaster Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha (RTR).

In a diffentiated approach to the one that has been used in recent years, a set of experts will now be called upon in order to ascertain the quality of the entries as selected by either the general public or another professional panel of judges. For example, with regards to the Swiss-Italian broadcaster, one well known figure was Paolo Meneguzzi whose Era Stupendo at the 2008 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was a clear fan favourite, unfortunately falling at the first hurdle.

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)

3forAll – Together Forever

Arxpendida – Mercurii Diei

Gosia – I’m Not Afraid

Hot connection – Music From The Sixties

Martin Kirchberger – Yourope

Nino Colnna – La Luce Del Cuore

One day remains – Alpha

Swissters – Celebration

Yasmina Hunzinger – I Still Believe

Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)

Christian Tschanz – Au Paradis (In Heaven)

Lola Sparkes – Baby Can’t You See

Joël Murner – In My Life

Natacha & Stéphanie – Une Terre Sans Vous

Paula Marengo – J’Ai Envie De Toi

Tanita – Another Day Alone

Radiotelevisione Svizzera di lingua italiana (RSI)

Jasmine Mossier – Higher Love

Sebalter – Hunter Of Stars

Valentino Alfano – 103 Parole

In the final set of the competition, set for the 1st February 2014, in the Bodensee Arena of Kreulingen, there will be six entries, three (3) from SRF, two (2) from RTS, and one (1) from RSI. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news and also about the revelations happening at the 2014 Swiss National Finals. It is also worth pointing out, that today is also the final day for broadcasting members of the European Broadcasting Union and several countries are either confirming their presence of withdrawing from the competition completely.

Source: RTS, RSI, RTS, SF


Switzerland, a tiny nation in the middle of the European continent is one of the founding members of the European Broadcasting Union and therefore, has only been absent from the Eurovision Song Contest on a handful of occasions. RTS, one (1) of the three (3) broadcasters which coordinate their musical effort, and representative of the French speaking part of Switzerland is gearing up to select two (2) entries for the national selection set to take place on the 1st February 2014, in Kreuzlingen.

Apart from these two (2), the Italian based broadcaster, RSI will be selecting one (1) entry to put forward whilst the German based broadcaster, SRF will be putting forward a total of three (3) songs making the final a small, six (6) track competition. Whilst both the Italian and the French broadcaster will be picking the songs through an internal selection, the German based broadcaster will be involving the public with a 50% weighing in order to select the best nine (9), out of which the jury will then come in and select the best possible three (3). You could listen to the songs from which the French speaking broadcaster needs to select through the official website. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: RTS (Official Website)


One of the first countries to kick off their national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in the past two years has been Switzerland noting that they do eventually make the first choice and it seems that this will be the case for Malmo, Sweden in 2013 noting that the three main broadcasters who represent the nation at the annual event, those being SF, RTS and RSI are gearing up to select the nine songs that will ultimately be competing against each other on the 15th December when the final takes place within the city of Kreuzlingen, most notably the Bodensee Arena which has been hosted for the same period of time that this procedure actually begun.

On Saturday at 08:00 CET, the first submissions can be sent in through the online platform which has seen entries from all over the world including the likes of the United States, South Africa and Canada amongst others remembering Ultra Nate, Romanz and even eventual finalist Katherine St.Laurent. The songs that will be sent in through the online platform will be subject to a public vote in October between the 15th and the 29th, out of which four will eventually make it through to the final. In the meantime, three (3) of the finalists will be picked by the French regional broadcaster, RTS with the last two (2) eventually chosen by the Italian regional broadcaster, RSI.

The broadcasters have commonly stated that they will be looking for tracks which comply with the current music trends abroad but then again, must also respect the rules set forth by the European Broadcasting Union meaning that the tracks cannot be longer than three minutes and should involve a maximum of six people on stage who must be at least sixteen (16) years old by the time of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Last year, the Swiss-Italian band Sinplus represented Switzerland failing to get through to the final by virtue of finishing in eleventh place in the semi-final but then again, Anna Rossinelli had qualified in the previous year at the expense of Malta who missed out by just one point. 

Source: SF, RSI, RTS