September 21, 2019

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Daniel Genuis, a singer/songwriter who is mostly known for being the lead vocalist of award winner band Bitterside has just launched his solo career, starting off as one of the contributors to the Beatles Tribute Concert held at Smart City a couple of weeks back and now releasing his debut single; Something New to Me.

The adequately entitled debut solo single; Something New To Me, which Daniel wrote and produced himself, was recorded at Railway Studios by Peter Borg of Red Electrick fame. In support of the track, a music video directed and shot by Nick Morales of No Sweat Productions has also been released through viral website YouTube. The song has a mellow sound, which would have not sounded out of place on any of the albums released by The Beatles is a beautiful piece of art which deserves mainstream radio airplay. We urge you to stay tuned to even on Facebook & Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Daniel Genuis (Official Facebook Page)

Published in Local Music News

A couple of months back, Cheryl and Chris released their debut single Sweet Sister, a wonderful ballad with an emotional message which surely everyone got the opportunity to understand. The production of the song was handled by Peter Borg at Railway Studios but was never thought to be the last of the collaboration noting that a follow-up single was always in the works. As a matter of fact, the duo have just released a brand new song entitled Room Full of Tears with the Red Electrick member also responsible for the final mix.

The release of the single is being accompanied by a music video of whom Matthew James Borg, also of Red Electrick fame was responsible. Within the video, Cheryl is seen singing heartfelt lyrics whilst walking through the woods as well as sitting down in a room whilst Chris is playing the guitar in front of a fire. The whole affair is very heart wrenching and applies directly to the lyrics. Once more, this is a very subdued type of song but nevertheless, the vocals are ideal and instantly capture the attention of the listener. With the likes of Tom Odell and James Vincent McMorrow taking over the international music scene with a similar style, it comes to show that the local scene is also adapating. Stay tuned to for more of the latest news.

Source: Official Facebook Page (Cheryl and Chris)

Published in Local Music News
Monday, 18 February 2013 14:02

Malta: Sensitive Skin Release Debut Single

Individuals have somewhat become skeptic of the material that local artists can offer within the world of music but nevertheless, it seems that behind the scenes, Peter Borg of Red Electrick fame is working with some of the nations' leading forces especially after listening to Sweet Sister, the debut single of a brand new duo known as Sensitive Skin. The track which was recorded and produced at Railway Studios in Malta has been receiving a lot of traction since it's release a couple of hours ago and this is surely due to the personal message invoked with the beautiful female vocals on offer.

As a matter of fact, Sensitive Skin is a duo made up of Chris Tanti and Cheryl Balzan with the male counterpart responsible for both the music and the lyrics of the debut release leaving all of the emotional vocal acrobatics to the female. It is quite astonishing to see Cheryl Balzan literally come out of her recent experience as a backing vocalist at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with Chris Grech and his entry Never Walk Away to take on such a daunting number. Sensitive Skin have noted the positive feedback received on the track thus far with several artists within the scene taking to social networking website; Facebook to share their views. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news on new songs within the local music scene.

Source: Facebook

Published in Local Music News
Tuesday, 09 October 2012 04:08

Malta: An Original Song with a Message

One of the most difficult roles in the music industry is surely songwriting and whenever a vocal artist performs work which he/she wrote, it becomes something special as has been noted on several occasions by the likes of 2011 Malta Eurovision Song Contest finalists; Corazon and Wayne Micallef who have been writing several of their tracks for a very long time. Nevertheless, the focus of this piece is a brand new original track entitled Destiny's Call which has been composed and penned by Mark Micallef, whom I have just found is keyboards player with local band; Negative Spaces who are looking forward to releasing their respective material onto radio very soon. This particular song though features his raspy vocal performance alongside that of Simone Gauci who is best known for being the winner of the first edition of Passport 2 Indifest organised by Spiteri Lucas Entertainment last year and thus made it through to the 2012 edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza where she performed the song Id F'Id composed by Renato Briffa and penned by Keith Zammit.

Destiny's Call is a beautifully written track with a deep message which might bring heartache to those who not only listen to the true meaning but also have somewhat lived with the person in question, Sarah Agius who loved to travel alongside her mother and father and ultimately whose faith was unfortunately decided during a trip to Valencia, Spain last year bringing her life to an unexpected end at an extremely tender age of eighteen. The pop/rock sound does the song justice in a variety of ways to be honest and the guitar solo just before the bridge is a stunning addition to well penned track. In the meantime, the lyrics themselves are absolutely brought to life by the impressive vocal interpretation by Mark Micallef and Simone Gauci who are seemingly professionals in their line of work. 

Time has gone away, Sarah

You have found a away

Cause if you stayed with me

You would smile again

but not for eternity. 

It has to be said that such songs have always been in question on whether they become real due to the message at hand and it is to be noted that the song in itself could definitely be a standalone track, a possible single to kick start both of their respective careers in Malta. Professionalism is key and this is surely the case when it comes to the recording and the production which has been conducted by Peter Borg of Red Electrick fame within Railway Studios. In recent weeks, the renowned band member has worked with the likes of Aaron Benjamin, Cryptic Street and Kurt Calleja amongst others. Ultimately, we invite you to listen to the track just below in a lyric video that has been posted online by Mark Micallef himself. The editorial board of supports this song wholeheartedly and ultimately hope that you share it with your friends and families to always remember the memory of the girl with a daily cheery disposition.


Published in Local Music News