January 24, 2020

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escflashmalta.com is currently focusing on the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest whilst keeping dibs on the latest news from the local music scene and one of the features which we promote highly is that of the television series, D.R.E.A.M.S whose script is written by Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber with original songs composed by Maestro Ray Agius. The element of creating original music in Maltese was met extremely well by music critics and this gives the public the opportunity to venture out of the typical drama. Maestro Ray Agius is an established composer noting that he has achieved success locally and internationally with two of his songs in particular, representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest, where they achieved top ten results. These were of course; Keep Me In Mind by Mike Spiteri in 1995 and Let Me Fly by Debbie Scerri in 1997 and both achieved top ten results for Malta. The series which airs on Television Malta, the main organ of transmittion for the Public Broadcasting Services will return for a twenty-second episode this evening.

A plot is known to have a series of twists and they are definitely not lacking at the moment in the case of Karen (Lara Dimech) who recently learned from her mother, Helen (Roberta Briffa) that her father is not the figure she has known for all the past couple of years but Paul (Kevin De Leonardo). This will surely come as a shock to many for the simple reason that his name is not new, and indeed so because he also happens to be the father of Diane (Michela Galea). Karen who is being accompanied by her brother, Jeremy (Mikhail Attard) is dumbfounded at how the cards have played out in what was meant to be the final house of the night. The second story which is receiving a lot of coverage at the moment is the one featuring Frances (Sabina Attard) whose sole is to convince her husband, Samwel (Joseph Fenech) that she is innocent of the fraud charges that landed her in prison in the first place. Pamela (Lara Cuschieri) had played her cards right in a bid to get the former job that Frances had as a high level executive and the man whom she truly loved. Nevertheless, Amber (Celine Cuschieri) was having none of this and she was foiling Pamela's plans in a series of lies. 

Samwel is visited by someone at the door, that someone most likely being Hilda (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa) but this will be revealed this evening. In the meantime, Antoinette (Annalise Psaila) is still seemingly being given the cold shoulder by Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar) over numerous faults created specifically by Tiffany (Kristen Camilleri). Jade (Rachel Genovese), Jasmine (Rachael Tedesco Triccas) and Katia (Jade Cini) will be trying their best to show the evidence they have acquired against Tiffany but will he believe them or will he rather believe his mind. His reaction might be expected but what will it unfold. Antoinette on the other hand is told of the issues at hand and decides to confront Tiffany this evening but the latter might be playing her cards right, so much so that deception might the key to success in this storyline. The social stratosphere has taken an intriguing turn of late but nevertheless, when turning back to the limitation of a classroom with Carlo Francalanza (Joe Tanti), it seems that everyone is seemingly spaced out but what is the reason behind this? Another scintillating episode of D.R.E.A.M.S awaits on Television Malta right after the evening news bulletin at around 20:45 CET. Remember that every part of the episode bears a lot of importance and thus it is vital that one sees it through.

Source: Rewind Productions


Published in Local Music News
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 02:15

D.R.E.A.M.S: More Twists and Turns Tonight

Lemons are existent for a purpose, and that is to be turned into lemonade and whilst situations might look somewhat difficult at times, one has to see the light at the end of the tunnel and encounter the issue head on. Writing is one of the stumbling blocks that an individual may face especially when it is a line of work because being original and creative takes a lot of time and dedication. Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber would like to transcend their thoughts into a script and that is why the television series D.R.E.A.M.S came into existence with a flair for music inspired by international sitcoms such as Glee and Smash amongst others. Scriptwriting is one thing but penning the lyrics to songs composed by Maestro Ray Agius is clearly another and it seems that success is always well attributed. escflashmalta.com has always been proud to support upcoming artists and this is one series which promotes the future of the local music industry. Rewind Productions in collaboration with Television Malta will be airing the nineteenth episode this evening.

Gloria (Joanne Busuttil) and Robert (Andre' Penza) are no longer married according to the recent progression of events noting that separation papers have been filed and it seems that Edward (Manuel Cutajar) is already taking advantage of the situation by virtue of asking her out on a date. Despite the reluctance, Gloria accepts on the condition that they are just friends. Celebration is definitely not a word that comes to mind in her current situation but nevertheless, Edward had other plans and it seems that she is being played big time. The audience knows a bit of the background story but nevertheless, the relationship with Cynthia (Stephanie Attard Vella) is very much difficult to understand. The truth is always revealed at one point and it seems that more will be known by tonight! Relationships in recent weeks have somewhat been extremely messy whether inclined within a family or whether developing in terms of love. The next couple to garner airtime is the one featuring Jade (Rachel Genovese) and Alex (Luke Brincat) who are keeping things at an extremely low profile.


The two absolutely hated each other at the beginning as seen when given the assignment by Carlo Francalanza (Joe Tanti) but it seems that the social issues that they both seem to be facing incorporating the element of exclusion has brought them together. Moments are hard to get and during a conversation between Alex and Jade, it seemed that things were steadily progressing until the former gets a phonecall, most likely from Gina (Josephine Fuller), his mother unless it was someone who might be spying on the whole family. The story is once more pretty much in the dark and the audience might have to wait a while until they come to know of all the details. Helen (Roberta Briffa) gave Karen (Lara Dimech) a lot of hefty information to handle especially for a teenager raising a child but despite disappointing her daughter in not giving her the name of her actual father, she is seemingly giving clues and hands her a note with some details scribbled down. Tonight! Another scintillating episode of D.R.E.A.M.S awaits on Television Malta right after the evening news bulletin at around 20:45 CET.

Source: Rewind Productions


Published in Local Music News

Fejn Tħobb il-Qalb and Fjura fil-Kantina are two of the most popular compositions in the music industry and have long become a part of the music heritage that the country has to offer. The individual behind them was none other than Maestro Ray Agius who also contributed to the nations' success in the Eurovision Song Contest with Keep Me In Mind in 1995 and Let Me Fly in 1997. He is currently writing brand new tracks for what has been coined as the popular music drama known as D.R.E.A.M.S with both the lyrics of the songs along with the script written by Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa. Both have garnered experience of scriptwriting throughout the years and their projects have somewhat always proven successful. In the meantime, With original tracks performed each week to a scintillating script, it is no wonder why this series has proved popular finally giving those teenagers a proper line of drama to follow on television. Rewind Productions in collaboration with Television Malta will be airing the eighteenth episode this evening.

Turmoil. Clearly the word that needs to be used to describe the current state of the relationship between Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar) and Antoinette (Annalise Psaila) especially after a meeting with Damian (Andre' Mangion) which was not perceived in the manner it was truly conducted. This was nevertheless another plan set-up by Tiffany (Kristen Camilleri) who is starting to get on the nerves of many of the audience for the simple reason that her plot of bringing Brandon and Antoinette apart is working. Still, it seems that Katia (Jade Cini) is seemingly getting to the bottom of things. Karen (Lara Dimech) is visited by her mother, Helena (Roberta Briffa) after several years of no communication whatsoever and it seems that conscience is becoming more of an issue over what Jeremy (Mikhail Attard) heard his grandmother (Maria Attard) say on the phone whilst passing by her room on his way to bed late at night.


Sue (Ruth Sammut Casingena) has somewhat become a protagonist and an antagonist at the very same time for the simple reason that despite the fact that she has clear feelings for Robert (Andre' Penza) she has never acted on them but others are doing so on their behalf and have led to the dissolution of the marriage to Gloria (Joanne Busuttil). Edward (Manuel Cutajar) is doing everything in his will to make sure that this takes place and thus is working closely with Cynthia (Stephanie Attard Vella). Turning attention to prison where Hilda (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa) is serving her sentence having been part of a robbery, she was visited by her identical twin sister, Flavia (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa). The conversations are far less intense nowadays after the truth of the past was revealed. Hilda cannot do anything from prison and therefore she asks Flavia a favour, one which might be a bit too difficult to carry out but nevertheless, possible. Tune in tonight at 20:45 CET for another stunning episode of D.R.E.A.M.S only on Television Malta.

Source: Rewind Productions, escflashmalta.com


Published in Local Music News

Innovation is key behind the attraction of an audience especially when a series is about to debut on television whether local or foreign. Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa are not newcomers to the scene when it comes to scriptwriting but this particular project entitled D.R.E.A.M.S proved to be more of a challenge considering that apart from writing the storyline to be acted out, they also had to pen original lyrics in Maltese language to songs composed by Maestro Ray Agius. The outcome has been flawless with most of the songs still ringing in my head weeks after their original airing. Critics who might have it compared to Glee would not be correct because in the foreign series, original songs are rare but in this case, they have become a weekly endeavour which many look forward to viewing. Rewind Productions in collaboration with Television Malta will be airing the sixteenth episode this evening. 

In the past couple of weeks, during the hiatus, many people had been discussing what happened to certain characters throughout the course of the season and as a matter of fact, those who did not make numerous appearances thus far have somewhat returned for their time in the spotlight. Jessica (Maria Louise Wiffen) and Peter (JJ Curmi) have somewhat hit a stumbling block in the form of Greta (Stephanie Vella) although seems to be blindsighted about the fact that her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend slept together following a drunken stupor. Jessica shows a sense of urgency and goes to see Greta straight away but might get to know the whole truth now that she has taken this issue in her own hands. On the other hand, back to the students at the sixth form with a resounding importance towards Maria Sultana (Marie-Claire Sammut) who has always been seen as the outcast due to her shy personality and her coming out which has inflicted a lot of personal problems both at school and back at home. Life is not as one expects it to be and her romantic life is definitely not playing out well it seems. She confronts someone in this episode, but who?


The interesting story that many have somewhat been expecting to see untangle as quickly as possible is the one between Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar) and Antoinette (Annalise Psaila), the first couple to come together in the drama and the one which has somewhat given the best original song thus far, that being Melodija ta' Ħajti and a spin-off version known as Melodija Ġdida. Their devil in disguise is seemingly Tiffany (Kristen Camilleri) who does not want to let go of the fact that Brandon dumped her in order to go on with his life. Nevertheless, the fact that she lies to her father, a dimensia sufferer that she is still dating him explains her intentions clearly. Jeremy (Mikhail Attard) is quite surprised over what he overheard in the telephone coversation between Barbara (Maria Attard) and his own mother, Helen (Roberta Briffa). Nevertheless, it is still unclear whether he would be ready to tell Karen (Lara Dimech) about it. Back to the adults and indeed, Audrey (Marisa Zahra) and Anton (Sam Cutajar) who are of course the parents of Jade (Rachel Genovese), are still working out the issues between them or rather the mental issues which have come to affect Audrey a tad too much. This and much more on this evenings' episode of the series, D.R.E.A.M.S which airs on Television Malta from 20:30 CET onwards!

Source: Rewind Productions


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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 02:50

Malta: More Drama Airing This Evening

Five years ago, a student reading for a degree at the University of Malta was still in secondary school, preparing to sit for the Ordinary Levels which in turn lead to post-secondary education and this particular element denotes that whilst the years speed ahead, the individual grows older and wiser. At this particular point in time, students are getting ready to sit for their examinations, ones which will make or break the future and sitting down on the sofa or an armchair at the end of a hard working day will surely be pivotal to the relaxation of the being. One of the best ways to relax is surely through watching the hit drama musical series known as D.R.E.A.M.S written by Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa with production credit going to the notable company, Rewind. Original compositions by Maestro Ray Agius are a definite aid to getting the whole point across and considering the questions that have been raised since the beginning of the series, it is not wonder why the audiences just cannot help but tune in and watch. This evenings’ episode, the fourteenth of the series will be airing at 21:30 CET on Television Malta, the national broadcaster.

On this weeks’ episode of the series, the focus will be on the students attending sixth form noting that they continue to face situations which are true and very much real. Amber (Celine Cuschieri) is a first year student and part of the trio that are emerging as quite dynamic but she seems to be the one missing out on all the positives in life and as she continues to explain her bruises to her father, Samuel (Joseph Fenech), belief might be too strong a word. Speaking about first year students, then comes Saidah (Drizilla Bakoush) whom as many have realised in the past couple of episodes, has shown a lot of interest towards Keith (Leander Schembri), although the male teen definitely has something else up his sleeve having started conversations which instil him as a true racist and unwilling to accept diversity in society. This relationship, if it could be really called that is just a ploy which she is falling to rapidly despite the positive advice given by her best friends. 

In the meantime, Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar) and Antoinette (Annalise Psaila) are feeling very uncomfortable as they come across each other in classes after dinner with the parents and the relationship is very much hanging by a thread at this moment in time. It will be quite interesting to see how it will evolve in the next couple of episodes. The story behind Alex (Luke Brincat) will be evolving more in this weeks’ episode with his mothers’ confidante Alistair (Karl Schembri) seemingly analyzing his every move. The last four individuals who will seemingly be involved this week are Patsy-May (Analise Mifsud) and Maria (Marie-Clare Sammut) whose relationship might be rekindling as well as Letizia (Cherylis Camilleri) and Mandy (Nakita Grima), the latter who has been told to stay away from the formers’ house but somewhat disobeys orders. Do not miss this evenings' episode which is set to air just after the news bulletin at around 21:30 CET on Television Malta. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news about the musical drama series.

Source: Rewind Productions


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Saturday, 12 January 2013 01:45

MESC 2013: A Review of 'Let Your Heart Talk'

Malta will be taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest for the twenty-sixth year according to the record books and the results have been rather varied during this period noting that there have been first and second runner-up finishes along with a number of top ten placings but non-qualification has also been on the cards as of late even at times when the nation had been tipped of making it through only to be disappointed on the evening by a dismal performance. The Maltese preselection which has been coined as the Malta Eurovision Song Contest has always been really intriguing and some of the best talent turns up to try their aim to represent the nation and indeed, promotion is key, hence the investment of the Public Broadcasting Services in radio and television exposure. IN the meantime, escflashmalta.com is carrying out a set of professional reviews with the points awarded through a Eurovision system seemingly unveiled a winner through the programme Sas-Sitta on NET Television just days after the competition comes to an end. The sixth entry to be reviewed is Let Your Heart Talk performed by Franklin, composed by Ray Agius and penned by Alfred C Sant.

Franklin is a relatively up and coming performer in the local music scene noting that his fame came about throughout the summer months by virtue of competing in the reality talent show known as Don't Stop Me Now hosted by Eileen Montesin on NET Television with one of the four resident judges being none other than 1994 Eurovision Song Contest representative; Moira Stafrace. At the end of the series, the male performer had been dubbed as one of the artists to watch out for in the future especially having had the opportunity to performer a duet with another former representative in the form of Ludwig Galea during the final. He was revealed as the winner and that was just the beginning of the fan craze behind the performer that has become Franklin. It is important to denote that despite not taking up singing in recent years in favour of other skills such as modelling, Franklin was one of the finalists in the Malta Junior Eurosong competition a couple of years back, with the track Give Me Time which had only managed to finish in fifteenth position out of the sixteen that were eventually competing during the evening. Nevertheless, Franklin then and now is completely different and this shows through his extremely wide vocal range performing on the weekly show Ħadd Għalik which is produced by Where's Everybody and hosted by Angie Laus.


Franklin had originally spoke of his intentions to participate in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest to escflashmalta.com before it was revealed that he had indeed submitted two entries to the competition and was somewhat blessed to have been selected as one of the semi-finalists that will be competing at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali on the 1st February. The entry that he will be presenting entitled Let Your Heart Talk is well written to show off his vocals and somewhat reminiscent to some of the best songs released by Leona Lewis as heard above in the form of Here I Am but it is more a case of staying true to his main genre. Songwriting credit in this entry goes to Maestro Ray Agius who is responsible for the music and Alfred C Sant who took care of the lyrics. Both individuals have been to the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions, the latter having penned the track Keep Me In Mind (1995) and In a Woman's Heart (1996) and the former having been the composer of Let Me Fly (1997) and Keep Me In Mind (1995). They have worked with a number of artists through the years as a team including Amber, Claudia Faniello and Lawrence Gray amongst others with a number of runner-up finishes in the local competition, the most recent being last year with the track Answer With Your Eyes performed by the aforementioned Amber who has decided to work with a new team in 2013.

The Critics Speak Out

Rating: 64%

Sharon Vaughn: Impressive song … really impressive singer. Well done.

Martin Isherwood: Chorus pretty but unremarkable. Nice voice with a good range although tuning wobbles in a couple of places. Nice overall but not really special enough to win.

Stano Simor: Franklin has charisma and good voice. This is a good song within it's genre, but a bit old-fashioned. The song is unnecessarily difficult. Falsetto is still not strong enough. Definitely looks good on stage, and that is quite important.

Roberto Meloni: This is the type of song that would suit a musical but I am not sure about it competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. His vocal skills are unremarkable, although the end looks like a tribute to Whitney.

Lina Eriksson: A really beautiful ballad with lovely lyrics. Franklin is a great technical singer. I think this song can sure appeal to Europe. 

Source: Public Broadcasting Services, escflashmalta.com


Published in Editorials
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 23:15

Malta: Musical Drama Returns This Evening

Patience has indeed been the virtue of many individuals in the past couple of months especially due to the fact that despite the summer months bring about peace, relaxation and frivolous moments, it is known to be a deadpan when it comes to television with most of the notable prime-time series slots that are aired during the autumn and winter months going into hiatus as more filming is completed prior to a return. This has been the case with the popular musical drama series known as D.R.E.A.M.S which has been worked upon by Rewind Productions having a script written by Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber who also pen the lyrics to the original songs which are composed by Maestro Ray Agius and aired weekly as per the requisites of the episode. Another week has gone by and the fans of the series unfortunately had to wait slightly longer for the ninth episode as current affairs took over the national broadcaster but nevertheless, make sure to tune in this evening at 20:40 CET because it has been well worth the wait.

In the previous episode, the focus seemed to be on the election which was hotly contested by a series of candidates including Jade Vella Petroni (Rachel Genovese), Chloe Stafrace (Michela Dalli), Philip Roger Triganza III (Damian Buhagiar), and Lenny (Daniel Testa) but there was a surprise winner, someone completely unexpected in the form of Alex (Luke Brincat) who seems to have made far more enemies than friends by virtue of winning the election. There is something fishy about him that does not really bode well and it will be known in time. Nevertheless, the focus quickly turns to the several storylines in this episode with Hilda (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa) visited by Sally (Nicole Azzopardi), her daughter with a friend, someone completely unexpected, but who? Will she ultimately send them away or will she accept their visit as a means of reconciliation? In the meantime, Emma (Kayleigh Cassar) seems to be having some issues, thinking that her imaginary friend might have returned. She decides on her own will to visit Stephanie (Chelsea Refalo) for a favour, or a heart to heart chat. The problems between Robert (Andre Penza) and Gloria (Joanne Busuttil) continue to grow and it seems that there are heading for disaster. Tune into Television Malta this evening for yet another episode of intrigue of D.R.E.A.M.S where the story keeps on getting deeper. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news about the musical drama series.

Source: Rewind Productions


Published in Local Music News
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 14:20

Malta: Let the Revelations Continue This Evening

During the summer months, there had been a growing sense of impatience between fans of the series who have once more become inclined to know the latest about every particular character with many even asking what happened to others who might have not been seen in recent weeks but in actuality, things unfold at a relatively normal pace had it been everyday life and that is why patience becomes an extremely important virtue. Writing becomes part of a person rather than a daily chore and this is surely the case when it comes to the individuals behind the weekly music drama series, with Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber working in unison to create something which teenagers could ultimately relate to within their daily lives. It is imperative that television is seen as a means of how to get particular messages across and being shown on the national television station is definitely a positive. Rewind Productions will be hosting their eight episode of the second season of the music drama D.R.E.A.M.S this evening on Television Malta just after the eight o'clock news.

It has been noted that the present could easily be a reflection of the present and this is surely the case within the storyline that involves the supposed love triangle that involves Robert (Andre Penza), Sue (Ruth Sammut Casingena), Cynthia (Stephanie Attard Vella), Gloria (Joanne Busuttil) and Edward (Manuel Cutajar). It seems that Sue is in some manner trying to rekindle her emotions towards Robert who confronts her and tries to have a conversation with her with the details somewhat mysterious but just as this was set to go further, they are easily interrupted by Cynthia who stops by for a surprise visit. Back to the sixth form, it seems that things are heating up on several levels, the first with Saidah (Drizilla Bakoush) and Keith (Leander John Schembri) who have now officially went out on a date and have learned several things but ultimately, were her friends right about him and how will his character evolve within the general storyline? That is yet to be scene but focus in this episode will be on the day of the election with Chloe (Michela Dalli) and Jade (Rachel Genovese) going head to head against each other. There is clear rivalry going on between them but will one of them win or will there be yet another upset? Another point of attention is in prison with the inmates faces some issues and with somebody somewhat getting hurt. In fact, the focus will is none other than Frances (Sabina Attard) whose former history will be revealed this evening. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com and watch Television Malta at 20:40 CET this evening for another thrilling episode of D.R.E.A.M.S.

Source: Rewind Productions


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Wednesday, 14 November 2012 09:50

Malta: The Musical Drama Returns for Another Week

The management of time has to be well setup in order to reflex the skills of any individual and considering the work loads that many currently have to concur with, it does come slightly as a surprise to see that everything is ultimately finished with careful, strategic planning. Another week has passed and Wednesday nights, the middle of the week has been known to become lit up with drama during the evening due to the fact that Television Malta has slotted one of their most popular drama series in the prime time slot, making people more anxious to put up their feet, have a rest and enjoy all of the drama as it unfolds on their screens. D.R.E.A.M.S began as a pilot project last year featuring a stellar cast made up of true performers as most of them have the element of being a triple threat meaning that they could act, sing and dance but nevertheless, the emergence of talent has always been exhibited in the script written by Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa with original songs airing each week composed by Ray Agius.

For the past three to four episodes, the focus of the story has surely been on Gloria (Joanne Busuttil) and her husband, Robert (Andre Penza) who seem to be having a lot of underlying issues just about as she made the announcement that they are as a family expecting their first child. Things are marred when they receive photos of Gloria kissing Edward (Manuel Cutajar). Unfortunately, the situation has been getting rather worse but now that Robert has confronted Gloria, will things change back to the way they were? Moving on, another intriguing concept that has been quickly developing is the story between Flavia and Finnigan (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa) who had a falling out because the latter believe that the former was sleeping with her husband, Henry (Stephan Saliba) but in reality, he was actually sleeping with Frank (PJ Xerxen) who just happens to be Flavia's husband giving rise to a seriously complicated matter of sexuality. Student life continues with new character Saidah (Drizilla Bakoush) planning to go out on a date with Keith (Leander John Schembri). It is iimportant to note that Jasmine seemed very tired in the last episode but will she continue to push herself into achieving success for Jade Vella Petroni (Rachel Genovese) with aid being given by several people including Katia (Jade Cini), Jeremy (Mikhail Attard), Karen (Lara Dimech), Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar) and Antoinette (Analise Psaila) amongst others. One last note is that someone will celebrate their birthday, but who? Stay tuned to Television Malta and catch the latest episode this evening at 20:40 CET on Television Malta.

Source: Press Release


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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 01:07

Malta: The Drama Delves Further This Evening

Decisions have to be made in everyday context but sometimes reality does tend to offer alternative strategies which tends to put the individual in an even more precarious position. Television has become a means of how to explain various life experiences and whether it is local or foreign drama that is giving the being a little bit of that extra comfort, it should not matter. The focus of Wednesday nights for more people is surely Television Malta as the hit music drama series known as D.R.E.A.M.S has not become an integral part of the routine for a wide audience who have become somewhat attached to the several storylines that are being exhibited week in, week out. Fall has kicked in quite a while ago and with winter coming in a couple of weeks, many will start feeling the chills that tend to surround the Maltese Islands and snuggle up in front of the television with a mug of tea or coffee watching their favourite characters facing their life and the problems that they have to encounter. The script of the series is written by Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber whilst the music for the songs that are broadcasted each week is done by Maestro Ray Agius.

Turbulence could be used to describe the catastrophic reaction between Gloria Soler (Joanne Busuttil) and her husband Robert Soler (Andre Penza) following the arrival of an addressed envelope which had within it a number of pictures depicting a kiss which was never meant to happen but was planned in order to tarnish their respective relationship with Robert possibly turning back to Sue (Ruth Sammut Casingena) following realization that Gloria might have been lying to him all these years. Nevertheless, as this story continues in the background, attention turns back to one of the students at sixth form, a certain Philip Roger Triganza III (Damian Buhagiar) whom many people will surely recall to having an active imagination, as inherited from his father, which he has been controlling with a rubber-band on his wrist. In the preview, it was shown that Philip is apparently required by the Prime Minister on an urgent matter so is his imagination somewhat out of hand or has something which no ones knows about eventually took place? At school, things for the election are heating up with Chloe (Michela Dalli) and Jade (Rachel Genovese) both fighting it out against each other, being front-runners but someone is currently topping the polls and the other one does not seem too happy. One closing remark will definitely be on Hilda (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa). She seems to be slightly adjusting to life in prison but then again, has she made any new friends? You will have to watch the episode on Television Malta at 20:40 CET this evening in order to see what happens!

Source: escflashmalta.com, press release, Rewind Productions, Evelyn Saliba La Rosa, Michael Vella Haber


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