December 14, 2019

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 18:10

MESC 2013: Annual ESCflashmalta Awards Return

The Malta Eurovision Song Contest has become a well respected event in the local music calender with several artists trying their luck to be amongst the elite showcase in which twenty-four acts compete against each other for the right to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest which in 2013 will be taking place in the city of Malmö within Sweden. The preparations by the Public Broadcasting Services are well underway and each respective participant is receiving ample promotion through all their representative media outlets including Television Malta, Radju Malta and Magic Malta amongst others with appearances on lifestyle programmes such as TVPM, current affairs programmes such as TV Hemm and TVAM and of course on radio breakfast shows. Nevertheless, whilst the result for the actual competition is decided, will engage a series of awards which for the second year running will then be handed out on television.

2013 will definitely prove to be an important year considering that many foreigners find our selection process quite positive. As a matter of fact, criticism has been very minimal and this will ultimately show the country moving forward musically. We have decided on three awards for yet another year starting with the Public Award which will be a public poll set to be engaged pretty soon where our system will record each IP Address so that one could only submit one vote, the Media Award which will be the choice of personnel from radio stations, television broadcasters and print media and last but not least, there is also the one which bears the most work, the Critics Award which will feature heavily in January due to the daily reviews we plan on publishing. Five members of the foreign music industry have been contacted and have gladly accepted to listen to the entries and judge them accordingly. Their criticism will appear in the reviews published daily but all the results will be revealed after the competition comes to an end. Therefore, no trouble there.

Our collaboration for 2013 will be taking place with NET Television noting that the editorial team of have been in contact with Spiteri Lucas Entertainment in the past couple of days securing the announcement of the three awards on the popular magazine programme which airs on Saturday afternoon and is hosted by Ray Attard and former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Debbie Scerri. The international critics which we have engaged barely need any introduction noting that we have managed to garner the likes of Sharon Vaughn, a songwriter who written songs for Delta Goodrem, Agnes, Emilia, September, Joe McElderry, Jedward and Charlotte Perelli as well as Roberto Meloni who has been to the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Latvia on two occasions, the first time on 2007 with and their entry Questa Notte which reached the final and finished in fourteenth place and also the following year with Pirates of Sea performing the track Wolves of the Sea which also managed to reach the final and finished in twelfth place. Since then, he has been working on a number of solo tracks so this is definitely one of the many artists to look out for.

Another individual who has gladly accepted our invite is Stanor Simor from Slovakia who is a producer and has worked with a number of popular artists in Eastern Europe, amongst them Tereza Krendlova who represented the Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2008. His work has been certified platinum on a number of occasions and considering the growing influence of the East, it is imperative to get an eat to analyse such music. The fourth and very respecting member of the critics is Lina Eriksson who has written for a notable amount of Swedish artists throughout the years including Jessica Andersson, Marie Picasso, Thomas Di Leva, and Nordman. She also co-write the 2010 Irish entry; It's For You performed by Niamh Kavanagh. She has made it to the Melodifestivalen selection for a number of years and is signed to EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia. The final member of this years' team is a welcome return of Martin Isherwood, a leading figure at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts who was also the songwriter of the British entry back in 2003. 

Just in case, anything goes wrong including a possibility that one of the critics worked with local artists in the past, Knut Oyvind-Hagen who is a singer/songwriter, known for his hit track Rocket Ride which finished second in the 2007 Melodi Grand Prix is also on stand by. As one of the main figures at the Norwegian broadcaster; NRK, he surely knows a thing or two behind the selection of the right song. He is standing in for Sharon Vaughn on the track Needing You by Kevin Borg due to the fact that they know each other professionally. We would like you to stay tuned to in the coming days, weeks and months because the coverage of the 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest is surely going to be cracking and we would like you to support all of the artists as much as possible so keep sharing their videos. We would also like to thank Spiteri Lucas Entertainment for their kind support through the programme Sas-Sitta.

Source:, Spiteri Lucas Entertainment

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Sunday, 16 December 2012 16:29

MESC 2013: Television Promotion Begins Today

The preview videos have become an annual tradition noting that their existence has become vital as a means of promotion and the Public Broadcasting Services should be commended for their effort in this regard. As a matter of fact, the clips are being shared even international and become even more popular as they are coming on related tags even on viral website, YouTube but nevertheless, the focus will now turn to local television as artists try to garner as much exposure as possible through a pre-planned schedule of appearances planned by the broadcaster through some of the major programmes. This is a means where the people will get to watch the video of the respective performer whilst also getting to know the artist a little bit better, something which is always quite appreciated.

It has to be noted that in the past two years, things have been rather intriguing with the interviews ranging from anything from the song to typical questions which relate to personal life. One of the shows which has been chosen to promote the entry is none other than TV HEMM produced by Where's Everybody, the popular company which makes several programmes for the national broadcaster, Television Malta. It is expected that daytime television will also be incorporating the elements that make the promotion viable due to the various demographics that each programme manages to reach. It is yet unknown what will happen but of course, from Monday to Friday, last year Television Malta proudly promoted the tracks through the programme Sellili hosted by 2000 Eurovision Song Contest representative, Claudette Pace but now another show known as TVPM has taken the time slot and it is hosted by Eurovision Artist Coordinator, Peter Carbonaro and Malta Eurovision Song Contest semi-finalist, Corazon. We will be keeping you posted with the schedule as much as possible so make sure to stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source:, Public Broadcasting Services

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Thursday, 29 November 2012 14:45

Malta: Theme Song for 'L-Istrina 2012' Recorded

In the past couple of years, charity has been one of the most pivotal aspects that create a successful nation which despite being limited in resources is somewhat not lacking in generosity with record funds being targeted and somewhat achieved every year. The most popular charity event has surely been L-Istrina from which the funds are divided to various organisations with several beneficiaries. One of the methods on how to aid in the collection of the funds is the recording of a theme song which returns for another year in order to keep with the recently started tradition. This time round, a group of five singers have come together to record a song entitled Stay with the songwriting credits belonging to Steve Compagno and production being done by DJ Toby.

The five performers certainly do not need any introduction with the first being; Marilyn Mifsud, the lead vocalist of an upcoming band by the name of Cruz who have already been featured on in the past most recently with the release of their brand new single Good On You, the second artist is also a somewhat newcomer and is the songwriter of this track; Steve Compagno who has been working on a number of charity singles, moving onto the third artist; a runner-up in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest back in 2011 with the song Finally comes Richard Edwards and swiftly from the same edition of the competition is the fifth placed Raquela. Both artists are awaiting their faith for the upcoming edition of the showcase with the results set to be revealed during Xarabank tomorrow evening. One last name to have been added to the fray is that of Kurt Calleja who represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year with This Is The Night qualifying to the final for the very first time in three years. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news and the actual release of the song as soon as it becomes available.

Source: L-Istrina 2012

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Thursday, 08 November 2012 00:20

MESC 2013: Bright Skies for Richard Edwards

In about three weeks time, the names of the twenty-four semi-finalists competing in the 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest will be revealed to the public through the popular television programme; Xarabank which is hosted by Peppi Azzopardi on a Friday evening but before that, a clear analysis of the people who have submitted their entries in the competition is being made by the editorial team of due to the fact that history does tend to play a very important role in Malta for the simple reason that the country is small and preferences do not tend to differ except amongst different demographics. One of the names who has been garnering support across the board in the past two years has surely been none other than Richard Edwards, the younger brother of Wayne Micallef who has emerged as a star in his own right picking up votes from the public at large and also the mixture of local and foreign judges. This time round, it seems that the stars might align for him becoming the most tenacious competitor.

It is yet unknown whether Richard Edwards will indeed qualify either as a soloist or in a duet because it is worth noting that in recent months, he has revealed on television that he had been working on a song with which girlfriend; Petra which could have been submitted into the competition. We have no clue about this matter but according to our sources, he was present and did submit some tracks. For the past two years, he has managed to keep consistency and with the general public, there is quite an element of faith noticeably giving him a lot to think about should he really want to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2011 with the track Finally, he managed to win the jury and finish third in televoting and earlier this year with Look At Me Now, he finished in ninth place with the jury as opposed to another third place with the public. It is worth point out at this stage that it is unknown whether the tele-voting runner-up in 2011; Baklava has submitted an entry even though initial reports seemingly do not show that but it is known that the tele-voting runner-up in 2012; Gianni has not submitted a track therefore putting him in pole position to win the tele-voting this time round. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news from the 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest.


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Unexpected announcements have become increasingly more subtle in recent days noting that artists who were thought not to be submitting any tracks for the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest have changed their minds and thus worked on something extraordinary with the hope of ultimately representing the Mediterranean nation in one of the most important showcases in pop music culture. Following the exclusive announcement of Claudia Faniello, the runner-up of this years' competition and a winner in the eyes of many following her emotional rendition of the track Pure composed by Philip Vella to the lyrics of Gerard James Borg, it seems that the runner-up of the year before; Richard Edwards will also be marking his return making this his fourth consecutive submission noting entries in 2010, 2011, 2012 and now even in 2013.

Richard Edwards, the younger brother of Wayne Micallef first took part in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest along with his siblings as part of the group known as The Mics in 2003 and 2005 respectively but his second solo outing with the track Finally co-written with Jan Van Dijck proved to be extremely successful because he finished in third place within the tele-voting sphere and also first with the jury, only to miss out on victory by just a mere two points. In the meantime, he did try to change the style up a bit earlier this year with the track Look At Me Now also co-written with Jan Van Dijck and received the support of the public which put him in third place once more. Nevertheless, the juries did not feel like the track was entirely suitable for the Eurovision Song Contest and thus finished in an overall sixth place. With the announcement of his brothers' engagement late last year and the timing of the competition yet to be known, it was not yet revealed whether he would actually be entering the competition but nevertheless, Richard will be one to pose trouble for any artists. The announcement of his submission came through his Official Facebook page which stated 'Malta Song for Europe 2013 applications are closing tomorrow, I'll be trying my luck again this year and would like to wish the rest of the singers and songwriter a good luck .... May the Best song win. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Official Facebook Page

Published in Local Music News

The Malta Community Chest Fund is the largest charity in the country which is proudly represented by His Excellency The President of Malta along with his wife in order to give it more of a dignified stance in the respective aim which is put forward time and time again. The largest event which benefits this organization takes place around this time in the form of a spectacular showcase of local talent known as Rockestra involving live music played by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Sigmund Mifsud. There is a general promise that the event would be bigger each year and thus far, the promotional adverts that have been shown are making it look like the most astonishing showcase that has been put up. This year, the date has been set for Saturday, 15th September with the venue being the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre, home of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year.

The line-up for this years' showcase is as impressive as it has been in recent years but then again, it has to be noted that the flair of artists from the world of the Eurovision Song Contest continues to increase with the inclusion of three time representative, Chiara joining the likes of Claudette Pace, Glen Vella and Ira Losco as well as other talented individuals from the Malta Eurovision Song Contest including former runner-up Richard Edwards who will be joining the flaming haired Mikaela and the mellow vocals of Ivan Filletti. Seated tickets are already sold out and therefore, only standing tickets are available at €10 for Adults and just €2 for Children. It has to be noted that all of the money will be going directly into the funds of the Malta Community Chest Fund which require a lot in terms of daily running fees. You can purchase your tickets either by accessing the official website. We urge you to get your tickets as soon as possible with proudly supporting this event for yet another year.

Source: Official Website

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Saturday, 02 June 2012 15:00

Malta: Richard Edwards Ready for a Change

Richard Edwards has become one of the most prominent male artists in Malta by virtue of his classic runner-up finish at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest back in 2011 with the song Finally which even managed to rank first with the jury and third with the tele-voters which means quite a lot for someone who had previously appeared only once as a soloist and twice as part of his family group known as The Mics. He is quickly garnering a reputation for having a stunning vocal range which was even heard during this years' edition of the same competition as he competed with the track Look At Me Now. He is known for writing the lyrics to his tracks whilst Jan Van Dijck is the man behind the music. Nevertheless, Richard has shown that he has a career outside of the world of the Eurovision Song Contest.

He has released two tracks which have been equally successful amongst his fans, the first being You're Gonna Thank Me and then the second being none other than My Mistake. Now he returns with a completely new sound one given to his debut solo track actually. The track entitled Change was his very first entry into the Malta Eurosong competition in 2010 and made it to the television stage of the competition before being eliminated completely unfortunately. Nevertheless, there had been a lot of positive acclaim and it showed because Richard returned with an even stronger track and continues to be successful to this very day. The re-working of the track has been done by DJ Toby and as always, the music video has been directed and edited by Karl Alin who was also the same individual behind the videos of Finally and My Mistake respectively.

Source: Facebook

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The 2011 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest continues to be hailed by national and foreign press as one of the best national finals in terms of song quality and definitely the best with regards to the show production but the number of artists which presented themselves is astounding and the fruit that they planted is being reaped quite well. The latest name to release new material onto the music scene is none other than this years' runner-up Richard Edwards.

The singer who has become ultimately one of the most recognized people within the industry has just released his brand new single 'You're Gonna Thank Me' onto the radio stations including Bay Radio, Radio 101, ONE Radio, Radju Malta, Calypso, Smash and even RTK amongst others accepting it within their play-list. It will also headline the play-list of XFM as of next week. The credits for this song surely go to the composer Jan Van Dijck and to the singer himself who penned the lyrics, the same team behind the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 entry 'Finally' which won over both local and foreign people.

The song can be seen also through the video link found on youtube below as uploaded by the artist himself. We would like to wish Richard Edwards the very best of luck with his new material noting the fact that he is currently working on his debut solo album which should be out early next year most probably.

Source: Facebook

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