October 14, 2019

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First rehearsals for this years' edition of the L-Għanja tal-Poplu competition took place within the Sir Temi Żammit Hall on Thursday evening amidst tension surroundings noting that the University of Malta campus was going through council elections but nevertheless, the stage is seemingly set for another stunning showcase tomorrow night. The themes for this years' competing songs are extremely varied but it has to be noted that there are a couple of similarities in themes such as marriage and corruption for example. We do not intend to release any details of the genres or the performances themselves because the show will eventually be shown on television at a later date but we can indeed promise you that there will surely be a couple to your liking.

During the past weekend, Sir Temi Żammit Hall was filled with laughter as the Student's Fest took place under the hospice of the University of Malta Council. This weekend, it will be quite different with live music and original songs in Maltese taking centre stage. It is important to note that this years' quality is very much in the range of the previous year and given the mixture between newcomers and established performers, one could say that the first phase jury did a splendid job in their respective selection. They also noted that it was difficult to let some of the songs go especially because they felt like they had a special something in either the lyrics, the music or the vocals of a particular individual.

01. Il-Gwardjan - Indri Attard (Kevin Tanti, Chan Vella) 

02. Anġli Bla Ġwenħajn - Romina Mamo (Deo Grech, Heathcliff Balzan)

03. Ibni - Teddie Zammit (Paul Attard, Teddie Zammit)

04. Għal Dejjem - Marie Claire Attard Bason (Emil Calleja Bayliss, Mark Scicluna)

05. Bikja Mid-Deżert - Leanne Attard (Sylvia Caruana, Dario Bezzina)

06. Bit-Tof... Ma Tofx...? - Ta' Verna ( Rita Pace, George Bonello) 

07. Nammetti Li Ma Naf Xejn - Mistura (Antonio Olivari)

08. Is-Sajjied Tax-Xatt Tax-Xlokk - Alwyn Borg Myatt (Alwyn Borg Myatt, Conrad Briffa)

09. Virtwali - Estelle Fenech Imbroll (Paul Attard, Mark Scicluna)

10. It-Tweġiba - Corazon (Corazon Mizzi)

11. Kuluri, Lwien - X-Tend (Charles Dalli)

12. Taħnina - Fiona Camilleri (Robert Carbonaro)

13. Il-Maltin Bil-Politka Medhijin - Justin Galea u Banda Briganti (Keith Muscat, Sylvan Borg)

14. Tinsinix - Maria Debono (Rita Pace)

15. Grajja ta' Kull Żmien - Corinne Caruana (Christopher Azzopardi, Maria Azzopardi)

16. Id-Dar Għal Bejgħ - Charles Dalli (Pawlu Zammit, Charles Dalli)

17. Hawn Siġġu Nieqes - Cherise Attard (Paul Ellul, Mark Spiteri Lucas)

18. Signor Si - Dorothy Muscat (Joe Julian Farrugia, Sammy Galea)

19. Pupazz - Rita Pace (Emil Calleja Bayliss, Rita Pace)

There will be a number of multiple winners tomorrow night considering that apart from the top three placings which will see to performances abroad, there will also be special award given to the Best Social Theme. The opening act for the evening will be none other than last years' winning group, Kultural with the interval act set to be conducted by Alegria, a dancing troupe known for their flamenco genre. The hosting duties have been allocated to Frank O'Neill, a former participant and Valerie Vella, known for hosting the Malta Eurovision Song Contest on three occasions and you may all attend by purchasing your tickets here. We would like to wish all of the participants the very best of luck, especially to the escflashmalta.com Head of Digital Media and Head of Press, Emil Calleja Bayliss who is the lyricist behind two entries this year.

Source: Official Facebook Page, Official Website


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Saturday, 06 April 2013 03:20

Malta: GħTP 2013 Running Order Revealed

In 1973, the Youth Travel Circle organised the first edition of L-Għanja tal-Poplu, a popular song festival in which all of the entries have to be original and specificially in Maltese. Amongst the former winners of the competition, there are several artists who have gained a solid reputation over the years including; Philip Vella, Enzo Gusman, Glen Vella, Eleanor Cassar, Janvil and Corazon. A mixture of upcoming and established performers and songwriters are to be noted in this years' competition which comprises of nineteen (19) entries in total. The shortlist was decided by a professional judging panel who surely looked at several elements including vocals, lyrics and music along with the final product altogether.

Frank O'Neill and Valerie Vella have been chosen as hosts of this years' competition as revealed exclusively by escflashmalta.com earlier on whilst Sir Temi Żammit Hall will be the venue as has been the case in recent years. Tickets which have been priced at €10 could be purchased here. L-Għanja tal-Poplu is a competition which prides itself on having live musical instruments during every performance. As a matter of fact, despite having other competitions in which original songs in Maltese are exhibited, it is the only one with such an element, thus making it truly unique. In the meantime, the committee responsible for the organisation of the local competition has also unveiled the running order of the entries as certified by Notary Dr.Paul Callus. 

  1. Il-Gwardjan - Indri Attard (Kevin Tanti / Chan Vella)
  2. Anġli Bla Ġwenħajn - Romina Mamo (Deo Grech / Heathcliff Balzan)
  3. Ibni - Teddie Zammit (Paul Attard / Teddie Zammit)
  4. Għal Dejjem - Marie Claire Attard Bason (Emil Calleja Bayliss / Mark Scicluna)
  5. Bikja Mid-Deżert - Leanne Attard (Sylvia Caruana / Dario Bezzina)
  6. Bit-Tof... Ma Tofx...? - Ta' Verna (Rita Pace / George Bonello)
  7. Nammetti Li Ma Naf Xejn - Mistura (Antonio Olivari)
  8. Is-Sajjied Tax-Xatt Tax-Xlokk - Alwyn Borg Myatt (Alwyn Borg Myatt / Conrad Briffa)
  9. Virtwali - Estelle Fenech Imbroll (Paul Attard / Mark Scicluna)
  10. It-Tweġiba - Corazon (Corazon Mizzi)
  11. Kuluri, Lwien - X-Tend (Charles Dalli)
  12. Taħnina - Fiona Camilleri (Robert Carbonaro)
  13. Il-Maltin Bil-Politka Mehdijin - Justin Galea u Banda Briganti (Keith Muscat / Sylvan Borg)
  14. Tinsinix - Maria Debono (Rita Pace)
  15. Grajja ta' Kull Żmien - Corinne Caruana (Christopher Azzopardi / Maria Azzopardi)
  16. Id-Dar Għal Bejgħ - Charles Dalli (Pawlu Zammit / Charles Dalli)
  17. Hawn Siġġu Nieqes - Cherise Attard (Paul Ellul / Mark Spiteri Lucas)
  18. Signor Si - Dorothy Muscat (Joe Julian Farrugia / Sammy Galea)
  19. Pupazz - Rita Pace ( Emil Calleja Bayliss / Rita Pace)
Source: Għanja Fest

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The subject of music represents universality and what better way to celebrate such an important talent such as vocal prowess through a bond which could only be created by siblings. The local music industry has had a fair share of individuals who have joined forces together through the means of music noting substantially people such as Natasha and Charlene as well as the Micallef trio featuring Richard, Wayne and Michelle respectively. It has to be noted that both have been part of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza in the past, each leaving their mark on the evolvement of the competition so to speak. Media.Link Communications have greatly acknowledged all type of artists throughout the years with the appointed jury notably voting for the best entries and ultimately performers whether they are competing as soloists, duets or even groups. Following the trio that was presented last week, attention is turned to a duet between a brother and a sister, Dario and Grecia Bezzina who will be performing the track Se Nibda Jien composed by Dario Bezzina himself with lyrics written by none other than singer/songwriter Rita Pace. All of the artists and their respective entries are receiving a lot of exposure including on NET Television and through viral website, YouTube following an official video recorded for all respective entries. In the meantime, escflashmalta.com is also giving their readers an insight into the tracks of this years' competition.

The subject of romance has somewhat become predominant in the local music industry especially when dealing with the likes of Maltese lyrics but then again, this is quite a different type of subject, going against the norm and coming up with something which is outside of the typical box. The title of the track can be translated into I Am Going to Start and it deals with a particular individual, which one can identify with personally who is not giving up for what he believes in and will continue to go against the will of the people in charge for the sake of being right and in favour of the positive and correct way of doing things. The track is performed between two and therefore, it is somewhat quite notable that it is seen more as a conversation. Nevertheless, the topic does not change and they continue debating that the individual should always hold his head up high as long as he is in the clear. The composer of the song as mentioned above is none other than the male singer and it is to be recorded that Dario has not really been writing for a very long time with his first track coming back in the Għanja tal-Poplu of 2009 having written the song Kamra Bla Ħitan before penning the music to the song Tal-Komma Twila for his sister in this years' Għanja tal-Poplu with lyrics by escflashmalta.com editor Emil Calleja Bayliss. Rita Pace is the woman behind the lyrics of this years' entry and she has already been mentioned on countless occasions in this years' analysis having penned quite a hefty amount of tracks in the competition.
Her success in the local music industry has come mostly as a songwriter despite being a veteran singer. The most notable successes which she has are surely a third place finish in the Malta Song for Europe competition in 2007 having written the lyrics for the song She Gives Me Wings performed by Klinsmann and composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas whilst also coming in third place just last year having written the lyrics for the song Eternita' performed by Janice Mangion and composed by Mark Scicluna. The performers of this song need not be introduced having already made their way in the local music scene with Dario Bezzina first stepping out of the 2004 edition of the Junior Eurosong with the song Eviva L-Mużika missing out by just one point prior to making it through to the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza as well as the Malta Eurosong. Grecia Bezzina on the other hand has had less experience but is quickly rising to the occasion having been in the finals of the Malta Hit Song Contest, the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, the semi-finals of the Malta Eurosong as well as finishing as the runner-up in this years' edition of the Għanja tal-Poplu. She was a backing vocalist to Francesca Borg in this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest as well. You can see the official video of the song just below and stay tuned to escflashmalta.com as well as the page of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza for more updates in the coming days.

Over the years, there have been a number of competitions on behalf of the arts especially when it comes to promoting the national language of the country being Maltese. Unfortunately, lately there has been a drought in such events with only the Għanja tal-Poplu and the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza keeping to their name of promoting the language. The former was actually organized last Saturday at the Sir Temi Żammit Hall within the University of Malta. This was the thirty sixth edition of the esteemed competition and it was hosted by none other than multiple winner Corazon and veteran presenter Alfred Zammit. The event will be shown on ONE Television next Saturday but in the meantime, we can let you know the results of the evening nevertheless.

The evening was a whirlwind of excitement actually featuring some of the best singer/songwriters in the Maltese Islands. The festival went forward without any glitches from start to finish including the opening act featuring the last winner, Corazon with the song Mill-Għajnejn ta' Tifla and the intervals which included none other than British singer/songwriter Sarah Class who has worked with the likes of Soprano; Hayley Westenra, Eurovision Song Contest Winner; Eimear Quinn and also wrote tracks for the soundtrack of the Harry Potter movies.


The excitement during the guest performances was surely gearing up and the judges which included the likes of literary scholars such as Manwel & Immanuel Mifsud as well as musicians such as Paul Abela and Joe Tanti made some interesting decisions. One could easily note that the tracks were the best that have been presented in recent years as the awards were divided equally amongst a number of musicians.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the awards on Saturday evening but also to the other competitors. The Editorial team would like to send their special wishes to two of the acts during the evening, Clive Muscat who performed the song Umani written by Paul Attard and Anthony Camilleri as well as Grecia Bezzina whose song Tal-Komma Twila was written by Dario Bezzina and Emil Calleja Bayliss. Both have connections to escflashmalta.com and thus we are proud of their performances and slightly prouder of the latter for finishing in the first runner-up position. It is an achievement which will surely be highlighted by more in the years to come.

Source: escflashmalta, Għanja Fest


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