November 11, 2019

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Chiara, a female singer/songwriter who has represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest on three occasions; in 1998 with "The One That I Love", in 2005 with "Angel" and in 2009 with "What If We" has recorded several demos for Marc Paelinck over the years, and it is heart-warming knowing that her big belting voice is still pretty much existent.

In recent years, the balladeer has taken up a brand new genre, focusing more on dance, and pop rather than stick to what she has always done best. "Until I Find You" was one of the competing entries in the 2014 edition of the Festival Da Cancao, sung by Rui Andrade in Portuguese as "Ao Teu Encontro". It finished in 3rd place, just behind Suzy and Catarina, earning several positive comments from the international fan community. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Olivier Vanhoutte (Facebook)

Rui Andrade, one of the most well respected male vocalists in Portugal, having finished as the second runner-up at the Festival da Cancao in 2011, 2012 and 2014 has recently recorded a cover version of the song 'Angel', which Chiara had sung on behalf of Malta in the 2005 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. It was 9 years ago today, that 'Angel' had finished as the first runner-up following a stellar performance by Chiara on the Kiev stage. 

In the past couple of weeks, Rui had the opportunity to join the Russian Delegation at the international song competition, having been asked to be a backing vocalist during the performance of 'Shine' by the Tolmachevy Twins. The song which eased through the first semi-final managed to finish in seventh place, despite the public outcry against the Eastern country. We urge you to stay tuned to even on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Rui Andrade (Official Facebook Page)


Rui Andrade, a male vocalist who has finished as the second runner-up in the Festival da Cancao on no less than three occasions including earlier this year is set to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark as part of a team of backing vocalists. In yet another exclusive, we have learnt that the singer/songwriter from Portugal will be accompanying the Tolmachevy Sisters during their performance of the song Shine composed by Philipp Kirkorov & Dimitris Kontopolous with lyrics by Ralph Charlie, John Ballard & Gerard James Borg.

Participation in the Portuguese national selection was handled by none other than Olivier Vanhoutte, a longtime friend and editor who has declined to give a comment with regards to the story. Nevertheless, other outlets have confirmed this story which will add to the international intrigue surrounding the Russian entry at this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The question which many will ask is whether this will turn up to be a wise marketing move or appear to be a desperate attempt at trying to secure votes. We urge you to stay tuned to for all the latest news about the 2014 edition of the continental competition.


On Saturday, the Festival da Cancao will be taking place in Lisbon, Portugal with five (5) acts set to compete for the right to represent the country at this years’ edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which will be staged in Copenhagen, Denmark. The only male act through to the final phase of the competition is no less than Rui Andrade, the second runner-up (2nd) at the national selection in 2011 and 2012 respectively, who hopes to improve on those two top three (3) finishes.

Ao Teu Encontro (Until I Find You) co-written by Rui alongside Belgian songwriter, Marc Paelinck who is known in the circles of the Eurovision Song Contest for Sister, 1 Life, What If We and Solayoh, the entries for Belgium in 2002 and 2004, Malta in 2009 and Belarus in 2013. In the meantime, Rui Andrade is also working with international manager, Olivier Vanhoutte who is also an editor who has established a portfolio of artist representations in recent years including; Ani Lorak, Dima Bilan, Hadise, Sakis Rouvas, Ruslana and Alexander Rybak, representing the latter two in benelux countries and Malta at the moment. The official music video for Ao Teu Encontro shot shot most in a music theatre could be seen below. Stay tuned to for all the latest news.

Source: Official Facebook Page

In Portugal, the return of the Festival da Canção has proven somewhat popular amongst the local and the international audience and therefore, it comes as no surprise that everyone is awaiting to see what RTP, the public broadcaster has in store. has had the pleasure to speak with Rui Andrade, one of the competing artists, who is hoping to become the first male since Rui Bandeira in 1999 to represent Portugal in the continental competition. The male singer/songwriter is known in Portugal for taking part in a number of reality shows, along with starring in musical theatre shows. He is hoping that following two third place finishes, it is his time to shine and take the spotlight having been close in 2011 and 2012.

Earlier this year, you were selected as one of the ten (10) artists taking part in the Festival da Cancao with a song offered by Marc Paelinck, a well known Belgian songwriter and producer. How did you get in touch and how did this journey commence?

So, I met Marc, through my international manager, Olivier Vanhoutte ... He liked my voice and my attitude on stage ... and offered me this song ... when I heard that song for the first time, I cried for hours… and always believed: “This is the song that will take me to Eurovision”… :)

In the media, you have gone on record stating that the song will be in the genre of a ballad, but different to what has been presented by Portugal over the years. What is different and what can the public expect on the stage during the semi-final and hopefully the final?

The people can expect my voice, my strength, my desire to represent Portugal in the Eurovision, all this combined with a beautiful melody, and lyrics that bring tears to our  eyes or a huge smile ...

In recent months, several eurostars such as Ruslana, Zlata and Anna Vissi have decided to openly endorse your participation to represent Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest. How do you feel about such a matter, does it add any extra pressure?

The support I receive didn’t really add to my tension ... only the will and the   that my work is recognized by people who already lived the dream I want to live ... Some of these videos of support were received by me with  tears in my eyes ... And I leave here a special thanks to all those who support me in this participation in the Portuguese national final ...

Marc Paelinck is a renowned songwriter who has already been to the Eurovision Song Contest on at least four (4) occasions and has worked with a variety of Maltese artists such as Domenique, Raquela and Chiara, the Queen balladeer. What do you think of the music scene in Malta and have you met any of the stars mentioned above?

I already knew many of the works of Marc before I met him, because I'm a eurofan ... And obviously I got to know even more songs and works after meeting him ... I have to admit that I am completely captivated by Marc’s lyrics and ... I'm so happy I’m going to sing this song written by him, and this is the song that can bring  me, I hope, to Eurovision ...

When did your passion for the Eurovision Song Contest start, and are there any artists in particular to whom you look up to and maybe one day wish to collaborate with?

My dream of representing Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest, began when I was only a child ... but I felt I wanted to achieve this dream, with a specific song, ironically the song that France took to Copenhagen in 2001 in the voice of Natasha St Pier,  "Je n'ai que mon âme" ... 

Since then, there have been various eurovision stars that made me dream about possible collaborations…. I remember the most recent, the fantastic Zlata Ognevich, who charmed me in his interpretation of “Gravity”. I also remember the powerful Ruslana, the fantastic Helena Paparizou, and many others :)

How could fans from all over the world, including our Mediterranean Island of Malta follow the latest updates about your musical career?

You can follow my work via my facebook page, the videos posted on youtube ... And, I hope, that my work will be followed even more closely, after getting my passport to Copenhagen, and who knows, there is an album for release :) who knows J that’s my dream!

Would you like to say something to our readers and your fans at

I have to thank all of the escflashmalta team for their support and for giving me the opportunity to show my work to the  Maltese people, and  all of Europe in general to get to know me better ... I hope you enjoy my song, and I hope to visit and meet Malta very soon ... Thanks ... a big Kiss ... Rui Andrade :)

Published in Interviews

RTP, responsible for the participation of Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest held a press conference with regards to the upcoming Festival da Cancao which will be held on the 8th and 15th March 2014 in the Convento do Beato. In 2014, Portugal have decided to invite songwriters to partake in the competition rather than opening up the competition to everyone with each respective songwriter inviting artists to performer their respective entries. Most of the artists had already been known prior to the press conference, but nevertheless, all official information has now been revealed.

The most notable artists to garner entry into the Festival da Cancao are those of Rui Andrade and Carla Ribeiro. The latter was one of the backing vocalists of the song Vida Minha performed by Filipa Sousa at the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. On the other hand, Rui Andrade took part in both the 2011 and 2012 at the Festival da Cancao ending on both occasions on third (3rd) place. His entry this time round is written by Marc Paelinck, previously responsible for the Maltese entry in 2009 (What If We), the Belgian entries in 2002 (Sister) and 2004 (1 Life) and the Belarusian entry in 2013 (Solayoh).

Song 01 "Mea Culpa" - Catarina Pereira

Music: Andrej Babic / Lyrics: Carlos Coelho


Song 02 "Eu Vou" -  Ivo Lucas

Music and Lyrics: João Só 


Song 03 "Nas Asas da Sorte" - Zana

Music: Jan van Dijck / Lyrics: Paulo Abreu Lima 


Song 04 "Mais Para Dar" - Carla Ribeiro

Music: Hélder Godinho / Lyrics: Marina Ferraz 


Song 05 "Emoção" - Ricardo Afonso

Music: Ricardo Afonso, Luís Fernando, Rui Fingers / Lyrics: Ricardo Afonso 


Song 06 "Ao Teu Encontro" - Rui Andrade

Music: Marc Paelinck / Lyrics: Rui Andrade 


Song 07 "O Teu Segredo" - Lara Afonso

Music and lyrics: João Matos / Miguel Ferrador 


Song 08 "Sonhos Roubados" - Raquel Guerra

Música: Nuno Feist / Lyrics: Nuno Marques da Silva


Song 09 "Coração de Filigrana" - Madalena Trabuco

Music and lyrics: Tozé Santos


Song 10 "Quero Ser Tua (como a lua é do luar)" - Suzy

Music and lyrics: Emanuel

Rui Andrade is also internationally managed by Olivier Vanhoutte, one of the members of the editorial team, with major support from international artists such as Anna Vissi, Zlata Ognevich and Ruslana amongst others. In the meantime, it is worth pointing out the participation of Jan Van Dijck who wrote the Portuguese entry in 1990 and also co-wrote the song Finally for Richard Edwards back in the 2011 Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Nevertheless, another established individual is Andrej Babib with Eurovision entries for Slovenia in 2007 (Cvet z Juga) and 2009 (Love Symphony) as well as Portuguese entries in 2008 (Senhora do Mar) and 2012 (Vida Minha). Stay tuned to for more upcoming news.

Source: RTP

RTP, the public broadcaster responsible for the participation of Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest is set to announce a return to the competition within the next couple of weeks. The nation which is yet to win the international showcase has not managed to enter the top five thus far, with the best result being a sixth place finish achieved by Lucia Moniz and her entry O Meu Coração Não Tem Cor back in 1996. Ruslana, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 recently stated that she wants Rui Andrade to represent the country and take the crown back home. The male vocalist who is a known figure in Portugal has recently covered Fabrizio Faniello's song I Do during an open air concert in Setubal.

Ruslana, a famous artist in the Eastern side of the continent is fully backing the artist to represent Portugal upon their return and technically speaking, the public would definitely show their support noting that Rui was a second runner-up within the Portuguese national selection on two consecutive years; in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Headlining an open air festival in the city of Setubal, Andrade showed his love towards the Eurovision Song Contest by choosing a song from the 2006 edition to perform. He had three songs during the course of the evening and thus the selection was very much thought of in advance. With crystal clear diction and a strong vocal repertoire, it is easy to see why Ruslana recommends him to do the honours for his nation. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Press Release, Official Facebook Page

Ruslana, the female vocalist who won the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2004 was a special guest at the World Outgames held in Antwerp where she performed a mixture of old and new material, including Wild Dances and This is Euphoria. She spoke to several media outlets and revealed that she would like Portugal to return to the international competition with Rui Andrade as the representative. The talented vocalist was a two time second runner-up at the Festival da Cancao receiving support from both the professional jury and the general public alike.

Filipa Sousa and her entry Vida Minha was the last representative on behalf of Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in thirteenth place with just thirty-nine (39) points. In 2011, Rui Andrade took part with the song Em Nome Do Amor whilst in 2012 he presented the track Amor a Preto e Branco. The international audience fell in love with the former and believe that it would have made a much better representation due to the uplifting manner in which the song is presented. RTP, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Portugal at the spectacle is yet to make a formal announcement about their future within the event, one which is seemingly positive for the time being. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Oikotimes