February 19, 2020

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As we previously reported a few days ago, the Switzerland 2014 pre-selection is getting interesting with 2 former Eurovision participants submitting an entry. These artists are Annet Artani who represented Cyprus in 2006 and Daria Kinzer who represented Croatia in 2011. Alongside with those two artists, a number of popular names emerged that they have indeed submitted an entry on the Swiss portal.

The first group that people might recognize is Diva Fever. This duo had tried their luck on the UK version of The X Factor in 2010. Diva Fever were mentored by Simon Cowell and were eliminated during the 2nd live show. They are now back with Dancefloor Lover hoping to represent Switzerland in Copenhagen 2014.

Another name which has submitted an entry is Gosia Andrzejewicz. Her entry is called I'm Not Afraid and has already more than a hundred thousand (100K) views on YouTube. Back in 2011 Gosia has already tried her luck in the same preselection with a ballad entry You. Now she is back with a great dance track.

Past Participants from The Voice of Switzerland Season 1 have also submitted an entry but as a duo. Gisel de Marco & Gabriela Grossenbacher have submitted Born to be Child. Both ladies weren't lucky enough to win the voice but were mentored from big names in the music industry. During the show Gisel was on team Philipp Fankhauser and Gabriella was on team Stefanie Heinzmann

Another The Voice participant has submitted a song but this time from the German edition of the show. Yasmina Hunzinger will be trying her luck with a song called I Still Believe and during her time on The Voice, her mentor Nena, helped Yasmina gain popularity.
These are a few names which are known to various people but from the entries submitted in this selection there are a number of songs which would shine in Copenhagen for Switzerland. The Public voting for these songs will commence 4th November 2013. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the Swiss Pre-Selection for the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: SF


In recent years, Switzerland has always been the first country to select their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest but that has not proven to be a viable option according to the final results which the nation has achieved, including two non-qualifications and a last place finish back in 2011 at the hands of Anna Rossinelli and her entry In Love for a While. This time round, there have been a number of amendments introduced within the selection process in the hope of improving the recent results. Two particular submissions which deserve our attention are those of two former representatives.

Annet Artani, female vocalist who represent Cyprus at the 2006 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the track Why Angels Cry finishing in a disappointing fifteenth place with just fifty-seven (57) points has recently re-located to the United States where she has been working on a fresh new sound, a mixture of r'n'b and pop. This is exhibited in her latest song You Got What I Need which is an official submission within the online Swiss preselection coordinated by SF, the regional broadcaster responsible for the largest audience share, which has also managed to garner more than one hundred and seventy entries (170) in total.


Also joining the proceedings is none other than Daria Kizner, the female artist who took to the stage on behalf of Croatia at the 2011 with the track Celebrate. As opposed to her entry within the international competition two years ago, Daria is looking to start afresh, and hence comes the song Somebody Like You, co-written by Michael James Down, Andreas Anastasiou, Jonas Gladikoff and Primoz Poglajen. SF, the broadcaster with the largest audience share in Switzerland has the largest say when it comes to the preselection process with the final round set to take place on the 1st February, seeing other countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Albania and Belarus all selecting beforehand. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: SF


The 1956 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Lys Assia has been hoping for a return to the continental event since last year having tried her luck with the track C'Etait Ma Vie, a chanson in the true sense of the word which despite making it to the televised showcase, failed to get anywhere near the top three at the end finishing in eighth place with around 5% of the votes of the evening as opposed to the winners, Sinplus whose Unbreakable achieved around 18% of all of the respective phone calls with the result based only on tele-voting. It seems that the performer is not willing to give up at this point in time and stated that the song she presented last year was not current and that is why, she would like to give it another go to see how the people react with a song which is much more in the vein of the music released today.

The brand new track entitled All In Your Head has been written by Eurovision Song Contest winning composer; Ralph Siegel and features the group New Jack who could be described as typical rappers. Many people have already been passing their judgement on the song with a number of individuals pointing out that indeed this is a better effort whilst others fear that the legacy of the performer is under jeopardy due to the fact that she might not make it through to the televised final of the selection which will be taking place on the 15th December at the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen. It will be quite interesting to see what the online voting will eventually bring out especially now that the total number of songs has risen around 117 as opposed to the just over 70 a couple of days ago. The extension of the deadline has somewhat been important and it seems that there are some really quality songs. You can hear the track Lys Assia and New Jack here and stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news in the coming days.

Source: SF

The seventh performance of the night during the first semi-final has been given to none other than Switzerland who were the first country to select their representative and entry altogether for this years' Eurovision Song Contest. Our critics are yet on board to listen to this track within the respective running order as drawn a couple of weeks ago thinking that the songs have actually been put in quite an interesting order due to the varying song styles in this respective showcase. The small country in the middle of the continent will be represented by a pair of brothers who call themselves as Sinplus and the song that they will be performing is entitled Unbreakable written by the brothers themselves, therefore Gabriel and Ivan Broggini. Switzerland are infamously known amongst the locals as the ones who took away the success of Glen Vella by surpassing our entry by just one point during last years' event.

Ivan and Gabriel Broggini: Two brothers, both musicians, both with a natural talent for songwriting. They grew up listening to Queen, Bob Marley and U2 and began playing music at an early age. Ivan’s passion was the guitar from the very first. Gabriel played keyboards and drums, but soon picked up the guitar too and discovered his passion for singing. At the age of thirteen, both brothers were already playing in their own bands and were spending hours practicing in their father’s practice room. When Gabriel left college, he decided to head to San Diego.


He was able to sample the city’s underground music scene. When he returned from America, the brothers decided to form a band on their own and to write songs together. Thus they established the inFinity project. Their first single, entitled Without Identity, made it to the charts, and the corresponding video clip was broadcasted by several television stations including VIVA. They also had the chance to perform at major venues throughout Switzerland such as Kofmehl and Dynamo and won various contests.

Meanwhile the band was named “Sinplus”. The two brothers recorded a new EP entitled Get Control, produced in Zurich featuring a single entitled "1984", which is included in a prestigious Californian compilation. At that point, the brothers felt the need for a change of scene and so set off for LA where they recorded another EP entitled Happy And Free. The single was aired on various Swiss and Italian radio stations and the video clip was broadcast in both countries. Meanwhile, the brothers wrote Shoot, a track that became one of the official anthems of the 2009 World Hockey Championships.


Their song was included in a compilation featuring the top shots of the swiss music business like Krokus. Furthermore, Sinplus were given the chance to perform in front of thousands of people at various ice rinks including the BernArena in Switzerland. On December 10th 2011 Sinplus were elected to represent Switzerland in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with the single Unbreakable. The duo has just finished recording their first LP entitled DISINFORMATION, featuring eleven tracks, which will be released at the end of April 2012. Sinplus are currently performing in several cities all over Europe.

The Critics Voice Their Opinion

 Jan Van Dijck

  • So far, Switzerland has one of the best songs in the first semi-final. This song could make it into the European Charts and do well in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Definitely one of my favorites! Hear, Hear, eight (8) points for this entry.

Knut-Oyvind Hagen

  • This song reminds me of some Turkish rock entries. I get a bit offput by the bad English pronunciation, but musically this works. Especially the production sounds awesome coming after Romania. It isn't a masterpiece, but deserves to qualify and deserves a full six (6) points.


  • Very nice intro with the guitars. Male vocals works really well to this uptempo rock song. The ‘Unbreakable’ hook could be slightly better. I think that this song will qualify and gets seven (7) points from our end.


Entry Background

Performers: Sinplus

Composers: Gabriel & Ivan Broggini

Authors: Gabriel & Ivan Broggini

Song: Unbreakable

Language: English

Broadcaster: SRG SSR idée suisse

History of the Nation

Switzerland is one of the founding countries of the Eurovision Song Contest and actually playing the host of the event during the inagaural edition which they would eventually win thanks to Lys Assia with the song Refrain. Their results would not really be not be as good during the years by racking up seven last place finishes including in 2010 within the semi-final and in 2011 in the final thanks to Michael Von Der Heide and his track Il Pleut De L'Or and Anna Rossinelli with In Love for a While. Something that the nation will be remembered by is their victory in 1988 when Canadian born Celine Dion took to the stage with her song Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi and winning the competition by just one point. The performer would go onto become one of the biggest selling artists of all time and also recording one of the leading soundtracks of our generation, My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic.

Source: Eurovision.tv for the Biographical Information and all respective media

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