January 25, 2020

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Saturday, 01 February 2014 19:00

Switzerland: Six Track National Final - LIVE

In recent years, Switzerland was always the first country to select both their artist and entry for the Eurovision Song Contest but nevertheless, they decided to hold off their national selection till the beginning of February in anticipation of better promotion. SRF will be hoping to improve their results in the international competition having failed to reach the final for the past two years as both Sinplus and Takasa both reached mid-table placings in their respective semi-final.

The Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen will be hosting this years’ national final as from 20:10 CET and will be featuring a total of six (6) acts, all hoping to get through to the international showcase. The road to this final has not been easy with each respective broadcaster having their own method of selection, ultimately bringing about the best of the best that was offered through public and jury voting. Leading the evening will be Sven Epiney, host of the selection for the past three years, and also commentator at the Eurovision Song Contest. In the end, a 50/50 combination of jury and public voting will decide the winner. You may follow the LIVE webcast of the show on the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Show (Part 1)

Here we are with the show! Had a problem with the connection link but now, we are online and ready to go! Let the Entschediungsshow Eurovision begin! And the presenter tonight has just started out the show and presented us the jury who makes up 50% of the votes for tonight. Hopefully they will make the right desicion for Switzerland!

Christian Tschanz - Au paradis

Let's kick off with the first competitor of the night. His name is Christian Tschanz with his song 'Au Paradis'. He looks rather middle aged wearing a nice grey and black shirt with a guitar on a strap on him. His voice is really nice, a husky voice that is not so usual in Eurovision. The staging is quite usual to me having piano players, drummer and guitarists and like last year the contrabass player, this time not old like with Takasa, is up with them. The song is rather boring and for me it doesn't go anywhere. The audience seemed to enjoy it.

He seemed rather relaxed and laid back for the night which showed that his preparations weren't for nothing. The presenter is now interviewing Christian. Unluckily, I can't understand much of this conversation since this is not one of my native languages! Good opening, in hopes the next competitors would be better.


3 For All - Together Forever

Next up is 3 For All and their song 'Together Forever'. From the name of the group, I believe that this is made up of a trio who sings for everyone and loves to make others feel happy. They look much younger than Christian and I am somehow waiting for a show now. The music is great, hated how in the beginning they were chanting Switzerland Go and stuff like that. The clothing is quite normal and there's nothing special on stage that gets my attention.

The music however is nice and their voices are good, especially the blonde woman. The harmonies are great. I think there might be something missing still. The audience went crazier than in the first performance. I personally liked it more compared to the first one. Another interview here that I can't understand. Oh hey, they just talked in English and Giselle, the blonde woman singing, presented the backign vocalists and their team. Way better than the first one. Let's see what's more to come!


Nino Colonna - La luce del cuore

Next up, we're already half way through this final, we have Nino Colonna and his song 'La Luce Del Cuore'. Oh that's why there are a lot of hearts in the arena! This song is nice, I like it. He is clad all in black and unfortunately this looks a bit monotonuos compared to the song since even the backing vocalists and the guitarist ar all in black. There's a big heart at the back of the stage. He has amazing camera work regardless his age. Is it only me, or do the Swiss have something for old people in Eurovision?

Oh look he just gave a woman a rose, that's so nice. The audience loved this. I loved it too! I'm on his side up till now. My only critic is that vocally he doesn't do much things. During this interview of his, I just noticed that the male backing vocalist is clad better than the singer himself! Should've paid more attention fashion wise next time! Great performance!


Yasmina Hunzinger - I Still Believe

Next up is the first woman on her own up on stage, Yasmina Hunzinger performing her song in English 'I Still Believe'. Her hair colour is so amazing, she'd be hard to miss in the arena in Denmark. What a beautiful voice she has. Wow, her voice is stunning! Still all in black but this time the roses are on the dress, which unfortunately does not fit her so well in my opinion. The song is beuatiful and her vocal is so so good. The staging is good also I like it! What a great competitor. Loved this entry. She's great! Amazing voice and the crowd loved it also! Another interview, poor thing I can't understand these, they look rather intersting.


Natacha & Stéphanie - Une terre sans vous
Natacha & Stephanie is up next competing in the Swiss Final with their song 'Une Terre Sans Vous'. They look so looking forward for this night as from their opening. First performers wearing not black clothes but white. This is nice. Their voices are so nice and angelic at the same time. The song is a bit boring for me. I find it way more than just simple.
I don't think this will do it, but you'll never know. I don't get these kind of balls on stage. It looks like nearly everyone wanted a band up on stage with them or at least s guitarist. Their voices are so nice and angelic but the song is so so boring. Mostly for a competition like this of such a high level. The audience loved it somehow, they are still cheering during the interview. This isn't normal I think, I didn't like it that much. Maybe, it's the wrong song decision for them. Hope they would come back with a better song.
Sebalter - Hunter of Stars
Last but not least is Sebatler and his song 'Hunter Of Stars'. This is the last entry for tonight and this may be the one which does the others bad. I love how in his opening he is playing 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on his violin. That's different. On stage there are some kind of Christmas Lights maybe they represent the lights he is hunting for. The whistling in the begininng is so good. This song is far more entertaining than the one before it. 
His voice is good. The song is good. The clothes are not bad, he played it safe. Staging is really good with another full band on stage. There he is playing his violin. There's fire on stage and everyone's clapping while his voice is not strong at all here. Now, he is playing the drums. Whistling, singing, playing the violin, playing the drums, I think it's a but too much for just one guy to do in three minutes. The audience seemed to love it. It wasn't bad at all. I understood something from this interview, he feels relaxed!! This is an entry to look out for in my opinion, it's so in time.
The Stage (Part 2)
And those were tonight's competitors for Switzerland. Like pd half of them and I think that the competition is mainly between Yasmina, Nico and Sebatler. The voting opens here. Funnily enough, who votes can win €10,000. This is the first time I saw this in Eurovision Song Contests. Here we have the first recaps. Back to the arena where we find the presenter talking to the jury.
Back on after having some connection problems again. We find people, from different sectors, talking about the Eurovision Song Contest and about Loreen's success.
Going down the the road of Switzerland Eurovision and others, for example having Aliona Moon on our screens and Krista Siegfrids' intriguing kiss. The clip shows the different sides of Eurovision, how many themes it attacks and how many subjects it touches. From La La La and Na Na Na songs to sexy, up tempo ones. 
Once again, the front man of this show, is interviewing and talking to the jury! One of them is most probably Italian! He told them good luck!
And well have the competitors of the night talking about the past Eurovisions. Having Christian Shantz talking about Pleut De L’Or amongst other songs.
Christian Tschanz is back on stage singing for another time. Once again he's a scarf around his neck but this time he is worn a bit colourful, purple. I personally prefer this song much more than the one he had to perform for the competition. This is entertaining. Still with his guitar on him. He's singing 'All You Need Is Love' now. Was this another lingual version of this famous song? It was nice anyways!
3 For All are back on screen commenting on previous Eurovision songs. Talking about one of Latvia's performances which caught my eye. They are back performing! The staging is brilliant with fire along the edges of the stage. Is it only me or are these performances better than the competition ones? For example, this is amazing!! Pity, they didn't pick a song of this genre to perform for the competition. This blonde one here, Giselle, has a marvellous voice. I love it!
Up on the screen is once again Nico, talking about a previous song in Eurovision from Italy in 1990, 'Insieme', which was a great hit afterwards. Now he is performing 'Lasciare Mi Cantare', still with the same staging as before even clothes, apart from him who's wearing a white shirt, a bowtie and a black plain trousers. With an exception, I prefer his competing song, it suits him more. The audience loves this. It was a great performance.
And now Yasmina Hunzinger is on screen with her dog talking about 'Kisses For Me' and their hand movements like Beyonce's. Now she's talking about our very own Chiara and her song 'What If We'. Pity I can not understand everything but from what I got, she loved the perofmance. Thank you Yasmina, we all appreciate. After missing half the performance because of the connection, Yasmina hit a really high note from a beautiful song. She was still wearing the same dress as before.
Natacha and Stephanie are talking about 'J'Aime La Vie' from Belgium from 1864 and comparing her to Michael Jackson because of the moves and dancing. And back to the stage, we have these girls performing a much better song than before. This genre might have been much better for them. The clothes are so colourful based on orange, white and purple. The band is up with them again. They are barefooted, maybe that's the trick. The chorus is so nice. I liked this, maybe it will make them good at the end.
And now the violinist to sum up this part. Sebalter talking about Lena's 2010 win with 'Satellite' which he seems to like so much. I don't blame him, it was one of those near perfection entries. He is playing Alxenader Rybak's Fairytale on his own violin. Maybe that's a trick!? He seems to be the most up to date singer from them all. He is performing Avicii's hit 'Wake Me Up'. He is wearing a green shirt and a black trousers with what seems to be a blue tie underneath the shirt. This is a great rendition of the well produced song by the amazing DJ. This guy might be the trick for Switzerland this year. He is amazing! This performance is undoubtedely the best from this part. Well done!!
Loving 3 For All, got used to their song also now! They just seem better all of them now! If there was an award for the best voice, it would surely be given to Yasmina, her voice is beyond amazing! Natacha and Stephanie's second peformancenwas great. Sebatler, I love these performances! If they don't win, I am still surely going to follow them on their career. Less than a minute to vote! Hope the Swiss made up their mind by now! And the voting is CLOSED! Now, the deadly part to wait for the rsult beign!!

And a clip showing Eurovision voting throughout the years, from black and white to big stages and arenas. Eurovision has improved so much through the years. Ruslana, wine and mistakes in voting all over the place. Lena's last year vote mistake still shines.

And the six finalists are now all up on stage with their teams. Everyone is cheering but the artists and we are dying waiting to see who is off to Copenhagen next May. My favourite two are on the top of the list, having Yasmina and Sebalter. This is a tough competition!
And the winner is Sebalter! Well done, amazing desicion Switzerland! I loved the performance! Well done! Thanks so much for tuning in to my live report, hope you enjoyed following this! Goodluck Switzerland and Sebalter!

The very first winning country at the Eurovision Song Contest, Switzerland, will hold their national final on 1st February 2014.  The national final is a linked between four broadcasters in Switzerland that are the Swiss-German broadcaster Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF), the Swiss-French broadcaster Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), the Swiss-Italian broadcaster Radiotelevisione Svizzera (RSI) and the Swiss-Romansh broadcaster Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha (RTR).

In a diffentiated approach to the one that has been used in recent years, a set of experts will now be called upon in order to ascertain the quality of the entries as selected by either the general public or another professional panel of judges. For example, with regards to the Swiss-Italian broadcaster, one well known figure was Paolo Meneguzzi whose Era Stupendo at the 2008 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was a clear fan favourite, unfortunately falling at the first hurdle.

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)

3forAll – Together Forever

Arxpendida – Mercurii Diei

Gosia – I’m Not Afraid

Hot connection – Music From The Sixties

Martin Kirchberger – Yourope

Nino Colnna – La Luce Del Cuore

One day remains – Alpha

Swissters – Celebration

Yasmina Hunzinger – I Still Believe

Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)

Christian Tschanz – Au Paradis (In Heaven)

Lola Sparkes – Baby Can’t You See

Joël Murner – In My Life

Natacha & Stéphanie – Une Terre Sans Vous

Paula Marengo – J’Ai Envie De Toi

Tanita – Another Day Alone

Radiotelevisione Svizzera di lingua italiana (RSI)

Jasmine Mossier – Higher Love

Sebalter – Hunter Of Stars

Valentino Alfano – 103 Parole

In the final set of the competition, set for the 1st February 2014, in the Bodensee Arena of Kreulingen, there will be six entries, three (3) from SRF, two (2) from RTS, and one (1) from RSI. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news and also about the revelations happening at the 2014 Swiss National Finals. It is also worth pointing out, that today is also the final day for broadcasting members of the European Broadcasting Union and several countries are either confirming their presence of withdrawing from the competition completely.

Source: RTS, RSI, RTS, SF


Switzerland, a tiny nation in the middle of the European continent is one of the founding members of the European Broadcasting Union and therefore, has only been absent from the Eurovision Song Contest on a handful of occasions. RTS, one (1) of the three (3) broadcasters which coordinate their musical effort, and representative of the French speaking part of Switzerland is gearing up to select two (2) entries for the national selection set to take place on the 1st February 2014, in Kreuzlingen.

Apart from these two (2), the Italian based broadcaster, RSI will be selecting one (1) entry to put forward whilst the German based broadcaster, SRF will be putting forward a total of three (3) songs making the final a small, six (6) track competition. Whilst both the Italian and the French broadcaster will be picking the songs through an internal selection, the German based broadcaster will be involving the public with a 50% weighing in order to select the best nine (9), out of which the jury will then come in and select the best possible three (3). You could listen to the songs from which the French speaking broadcaster needs to select through the official website. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: RTS (Official Website)


SRF, the broadcaster responsible for the German speaking part of Switzerland have launched their online video portal in anticipation for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which is taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Whilst last years' winning entry, You and Me performed by Takasa did not bear any success, finishing in thirteenth place within the semi-final, it was one of the songs originally submitted to this video portal which has seen submissions from all over the world across the three years, including from the United States, Poland, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Serbia, Africa and Malta.

As from today, and until the 28th October 2013, possible entries could be submitted to the video portal through the official website. Following the end of the deadline, the general public will be asked to vote for their favourite entries and that would have 50% weighing in the final vote, the other 50% weighing will be given to a panel of music professionals who will be sifting through all of the entries. Ultimately, there will be nine (9) entries selected from the online voting portal which will go through a second judging phase from which the top three (3) will make it through to the final. The final, slated for the 1st February 2014 will comprise of six (6) songs in total, three (3) as chosen by SRF (German), two (2) as selected by RTS (French) and one (1) as decided by RSI (Italian) in order to make sure that all ethnicities are represented. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: SRF


One of the first countries to kick off their national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in the past two years has been Switzerland noting that they do eventually make the first choice and it seems that this will be the case for Malmo, Sweden in 2013 noting that the three main broadcasters who represent the nation at the annual event, those being SF, RTS and RSI are gearing up to select the nine songs that will ultimately be competing against each other on the 15th December when the final takes place within the city of Kreuzlingen, most notably the Bodensee Arena which has been hosted for the same period of time that this procedure actually begun.

On Saturday at 08:00 CET, the first submissions can be sent in through the online platform which has seen entries from all over the world including the likes of the United States, South Africa and Canada amongst others remembering Ultra Nate, Romanz and even eventual finalist Katherine St.Laurent. The songs that will be sent in through the online platform will be subject to a public vote in October between the 15th and the 29th, out of which four will eventually make it through to the final. In the meantime, three (3) of the finalists will be picked by the French regional broadcaster, RTS with the last two (2) eventually chosen by the Italian regional broadcaster, RSI.

The broadcasters have commonly stated that they will be looking for tracks which comply with the current music trends abroad but then again, must also respect the rules set forth by the European Broadcasting Union meaning that the tracks cannot be longer than three minutes and should involve a maximum of six people on stage who must be at least sixteen (16) years old by the time of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Last year, the Swiss-Italian band Sinplus represented Switzerland failing to get through to the final by virtue of finishing in eleventh place in the semi-final but then again, Anna Rossinelli had qualified in the previous year at the expense of Malta who missed out by just one point. 

Source: SF, RSI, RTS