December 13, 2019

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Sabina Babayeva is the representative of the host country in this years' Eurovision Song Contest and she will be performing the song When The Music Dies. She is preparing to go out on stage for her first rehearsal later at the moment but she will be one of the few who has everything prepared for the final directly by showcasing how traditions, art and technology are fused together within the Azerbaijani context.

Sabina is reheasing in her full attire for the final and is one of a handful to reveal it and the only reason why she will ultimately reveal her outfit is because it includes a number of special technological effects which will be used for the very first time, noting that the project on the backdrop will also be on the dress. The task at hand for the production team is to make the performance tell a story in the best possible way. Testing of the equipment is mandatory and of course, that is why she will be in the outfit today and tomorrow. 

The director of the stage, Lars Bethke states 'This is something on the edge of technology and art. We use Sabina’s dress, and the whole room, as huge canvas where the flare draws the story of song When the Music Dies'. Sabina will be joined on stage by none other than the legendary singer Alim Qasmiov as well as another three backing vocalists, presumably women. Stay tuned for more news on which is covering the rehearsals live from Baku, Azerbaijan.

Source: Euromedia