January 22, 2020

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Sunday, 08 July 2012 16:00

Malta: Say by Christabelle on iTunes

The local music scene seems to pick up during the summer months noting that a number of artists prefer to release their music during this period in time for the simple reason that it would be further exposed to foreigners who would be listening to the radio whilst at the beach or in the sanctity of their rooms whilst here on holiday. One of the tracks which has been receiving a lot of attention through 89.7 Bay Radio is none other than Say performed by Christabelle. The renowned performer had earned a name for herself through the years noting that she had started from local music competitions such as the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and also the Għanja tal-Poplu amongst others. Things changed when she grew up, taking up the r'n'b genre as her vocation so to speak. This brand new track has been leading the local airplay charts for three consecutive weeks now and is defined as a new starting chapter for Christabelle.

In recent weeks, it seems that Christabelle and the track have garnered some international attention noting that the track has been given a local and international release through the medium of iTunes. The infectious track will definitely continue receiving exposure in the next couple of weeks and therefore, those who have the luxury of buying the single, you can do so through this link here. Christabelle has continuously shown promise in the music scene and will therefore look to releasing more music in the coming months, with more singles in the wings as well as a debut album which is set to follow in a couple of months. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news from the local music scene as well as the Eurovision Song Contest, especially now that it has been confirmed that it will be taking place in the city of Malmo.

Source: Trevor Fenech (Bubbles Media & Entertainment)


Published in Local Music News

It has been noted how many young artists have grown to become well known in Malta with contacts being made with foreign songwriters and producers who ultimately help in creating or rather shaping up a career. Two of the most notable names are surely those of Brooke and Christabelle, both of whom have a number of followers due to the fact that their genres are very different from each other and have succeeded in racking up awards for each of their specialities respectively. They are currently working on promoting their most recent singles Fairytale and Say which are being played on local airwaves. 

Looking back through the confines of time, one would remember a young, beautiful and talented Brooke taking part in the Junior Song for Europe remembering that she was robbed of the top position when she performed the heart out of the song Forever Love only finishing in sixth place. Nevertheless though, she showed prowess and just a couple of months later, the singer seemed destined for success and began performing with the Italian up and comer Daniele before then even duetting with the renowned winner of Sanremo Giovani Tony Maiello on the track Echo which was also performed on the likes of RAI DUE. Later on though Brooke decided to embark to London and from there onwards, she has not looked back releasing wonderful tracks such as Achilles Heel and Love Not War amongst others. Her latest single Fairytale is already a hit peaking at number #4 in this weeks edition of the Bay Radio Local Chart.


It was somewhat of a similar beginning for the beautiful Christabelle whose charming smile has managed to capture the memories of many individuals. Her initial participations in the Junior Song for Europe mostly her last one ended in dismay but set the tone for the future noting that the first major competition she competed in outside of this was actually a victory with the song Aċċetani Kif Jien in the 2006 edition of the Għanja tal-Poplu. Since then though, she has decided to take up an R'n'B genre which has proven extremely successful especially at the Bay Music Awards where she has managed to rack up the Best Female Artist accolade on a number of occasions. Some of the songs which she has released and have peaked at number #1 include none other than Everything About You, I Wanna Know and Everytime I Bleed amongst others. She seems to be destined for another top spot with her latest single Say which is currently at number #2 in the latest Bay Radio Local Chart.


The two ladies have been quite busy in recent weeks and escflashmalta.com would like to wish them all fthe very best of luck with their endeavours in the music scene noting that they are two of the artists who seem to be very much taking our local efforts in the best possible direction. Working with some of the most recognizable people in music is surely helping but their sense of style and their talent goes a long way and ultimately represents them and the country well. Stay tuned for more features about local artsts in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

Source: 89.7 Radio, escflashmalta

Published in Local Music News
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 04:19

Malta: Christabelle Back with Say

Christabelle is one of the leading ladies in contemporary local music and she returns to the music scene with a brand new track entitled Say marking her sixth sing in total and one which has been recorded in Washington in the United States of America. The Maltese singer has been in the music scene since the age of four. Christabelle has participated and placed in numerous Maltese festivals. One can mention the song ‘Aċċettani Kif Jien’ (Accept Me as I Am) with which she won L-Għanja tal-Poplu Junior 2006. Christabelle was also a participant in the Malta Junior Song for Europe, but nevertheless, her latest local achievement was when she was crowned as the winner of the Best Solo Artist Award at the Bay Music Awards for the third time.

“This is my favourite single, so far”, Christabelle confesses. “The song speaks about love and that when you actually experience it you know how it feels.” She continues saying that although it is a very common subject, this is the main reason why she has decided to tackle this topic. Say is an urban song, written by Christopher Lawrence Carter (Millrace Music/ASCAP) and Christabelle Borg. On the first week of its release, SAY managed to achieve the number 7 on Malta’s Top 10 chart. More information about Christabelle can be achieved from her own website. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news regarding not only Eurovision, but also about other local artists who are achieving success away in the music scene.

Source: Press Release


Published in Local Music News