November 17, 2019

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Sinners, an extended play released by Lauren Aquilina managed to peak at number #66 in the United Kingdom with fan support through social media including Facebook and Twitter. It wasn't the first success though noting that her debut release, that entitled Fools also peaked at number #72 suggesting that her fan-base is on the increase. As the rules of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 were published by the Public Broadcasting Services in the past forty-eight (48) hours, it comes as no surprise that local fans would like her to put her name forward. Those who think it's not possible are wrong especially due to the fact that Lauren could very much apply for a dual citizenship and thus making her eligible. Nevertheless, this will not be the case at least for next year according to a post on social networking website, Facebook.

Darren Cassar posted the article about the release of the regulations on her wall asking her to possibly consider a role within the selection process but his efforts proved futile with her reply being a categorical 'hahahaha noooooo I can't! xx' and in technical terms she might be right considering that she has a tour planned in February, one which might not allow her to take up any more commitments for the time being. One artist who has already stated her intentions in favour of a second participation within the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is none other than Davinia, the second runner-up at this years' edition of the competition. A photo with the tag #eurovision was posted whilst in the studio with Matt Mercieca signalling that she is working with the same individuals behind Betrayed. Stay tuned to for all the latest news.

Source: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

In Malta, Lauren Aquilina has already been denoted a star and made several appearances on both local radio and television stations in recent days since she landed as she prepares for her performance at the Farsons Beer Festival on Wednesday, 31st July. Her debut extended play, Fools was a major success managing to peak at number #1 on both the Maltese and British versions of digital store, iTunes. Nevertheless, everyone has been hanging by the skin of their own teeth as the second extended play Sinners was put out a couple of days ago. Success in the United Kingdom is quite difficult but only through digital release, Sinners as a single has managed to enter the official music charts.

At number #66, Sinners is actually the fourth most successful new entry of the week following One Direction at number #2 with Best Song Ever, Scouting for Girls at number #52 with Millionaire and Nina Nesbitt at number #55 with Way in the World. Lauren Aquilina is surely a talented eighteen year old but also hard working in every possible way noting that she interacts with her fans on a daily basis on both Twitter and Facebook where she has Official Accounts. Lauren whose father is Maltese is the third artist in as many months with Maltese heritage to enter the charts following Joseph Calleja, a leading tenor and Gianluca Bezzina who represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Official UK Charts

Lauren Aquilina, the eighteen year old vocalist who has defied the odds of succeeding without the backing of a major recording label. The secret to success has been relatively simple, attract a loyal fanbase and make sure that they are always kept on top of the decisions made and it seems to be working considering that her debut extended play Fools was awarded a Gold Disc apart from making the Official Charts in the United Kingdom. Her sophomore release, Sinners slated for release on the 22nd July is currently available to pre-order through iTunes.

At this point in time, Lauren Aquilina is looking to promote her music as much as possible and following the release of the music video for Sinners, she has now recorded a beautiful live version of another track, entitled Irrelevant which is also found on this brand new extended play. Lauren will be performing for a local audience here in Malta during the Farsons Beer Festival, on the same night when Airport Impressions will be making their much anticipated comeback performance. Irrelevant is described as an emotional song with the female vocalist 'hoping that the emotion comes across'. The recording of the performance took place at the Bush Hall found in London.

In a recent article posted by Eurovision Ireland, in collaboration with, it was reported that Lauren Aquilina would definitely be one of the most fantastic choices to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014, if she were allowed to do. The rules for next years' edition of the competition are yet unknown, and so is the format technically but nevertheless, a number of artists have taken part without living in Malta including Michelle Farrugia, Kelly Schembri and Saska Hunt amongst others. The public has warmed up a lot to Lauren Aquilina and seeing her on the stage of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest would be amazing. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Official Facebook Page

Published in Local Music News
Tuesday, 02 July 2013 22:00

Malta: 'Sinners' Hits Top Spot on iTunes

On the 22nd July 2013, Lauren Aquilina will be officially releasing a second set of original songs in an extended play entitled Sinners following her highly successful debut bearing the name Fools. It seems that the public is warming up to Lauren quite quickly considering that the extended play is currently released on pre-order and is already topping the chart ahead of Gianluca and Ira Losco who are at number #7 and number #8 respectively. Her previous collection which is still available to purchase through iTunes as well could be found at number #13.

As already noted, Lauren Aquilina has a predominantly strong fan-base in Malta and has also been contacted by organisers of the Farsons Beer Festival in order to be added to the strong line-up which is yet to be fully revealed. Sinners, as an extended play seems to feature the genre that is attributed to the performer featuring strong synths in a pop/ballad type of manner. The single off the four track compilation is the eponymous song for which an official music video has also been recorded. In just a matter of hours, the accompaying video managed to garner more than 10,000 views which is astonishing within itself. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available and do not forget to purchase your copy of Sinners

Source: iTunes

Published in Local Music News

Lauren Aquilina, the eighteen year old singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom with Maltese roots is still reeling off the success achieved from her debut extended play enitlted Fools which was awarded a gold disc earlier this week for sales of more than 25,000 units. Aqulina has set the standard extremely high for upcoming artists noting that without the backing of a record label, she has achieved a lot in a limited period of time. She has always stated that her fans are amongst the best in the world and such statistics support her claim. She is currently preparing the release of her second collection of original songs.

Mark the dates, on the 22nd July 2013, Lauren Aquilina will be dropping her second extended-play release entitled Sinners which will include four brand new tracks, all of which will reflect the typical musicality and originality that Lauren has become known for. It was revealed prior to the release of her debut extended play that Lauren makes a yearly visit to Malta and following her international success, the organisers of the Farsons Beer Festival have decided to add her to the annual line-up. She will be performing at the Ta' Qali Grounds on the 31st July 2013. We encourage you to visit on a daily basis for all of the latest news from the local and the foreign music markets, inter-relating with local artists as well as the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Official Facebook Page