January 28, 2020

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Sibt Familja, a brand new programme produced by Spiteri Lucas Entertainment in conjuction with Net Television is set to take to the television screens for a second episode during the course of the afternoon as the autumn/winter schedule settles in. Ray Attard, alongside former Eurovision Song Contest representative, Debbie Scerri host the entertainment programme which features laughter, music, interviews and games of all sorts. One of the biggest disappointment to tele-viewers is that the show will be running less noting that whilst it starts at 13:30 CET, it will officially come to a close at 16:00 CET calling for just two and a half hours.

Nevertheless, one has to denote that the programme will always be filled to the brim. Ludwig Galea and Amber from the world of the Eurovision Song Contest alongside the father-daughter act of Ivan and Krista Spiteri Lucas will performing with the live band under the direction of Maestro Mark Spiteri Lucas. A one on one interview will also be conducted with renowned local author, Trevor Zahra. On the other hand, one cannot forget Rita Gatt and Clint Gerald who will be discussing the latest female fashion trends. escflashmalta.com is glad to support the project and will be bringing you all the latest news about the weekly show at the earliest convenience. Thus, there is only one thing to say, make sure to tune into Net Television within the hour for an exciting season on Sibt Familja.

Source: Press Release


Published in Local Music News