January 23, 2020

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Yesterday in France, one of the elite big five countries to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest saw their OGAE fanbase meet up to view and listen to the songs competing in this years' edition of the international spectacle. The event which featured around sixty people took place at the Adyar Theatre. In the morning, the fans chose the twenty songs from the semi-finals, before finally submitting their votes for the final round of the competition.

After a lunch break, the guests of the afternoon were revealed to be none other than the group Twin Twin whose entry Moustache was selected by a mixture of jury and public voting to represent France in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. They took to the main stage and performed an acoustic version of their entry for the international competition as well as two songs; Je Vais Très Bien and Moi-Même from their upcoming album set for release on the 14th April 2014. 

1 point: Denmark

2 points: Norway

3 points: Greece

4 points: Ireland

5 points: Austria

6 points: Italy

7 points:  Sweden

8 points: Belgium

10 points: Hungary

12 points: Israel

Fans in attendance were clearly overjoyed at this surprised and Twin Twin promised a colourful, fresh and surprising performance in Copenhagen. It is worth noting that those in attendance believe that the group could achieved a very good result in Denmark. They finished their visit by answering a couple of questions and then performing the Eurovision version of the song Moustache. Only time will tell whether this success will happen of course, but in the meantime, we urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more of the latest news.

Source: OGAE France


Thursday, 06 February 2014 14:50

France: Interview with TwinTwin

Earlier this year, escflashmalta.com had the pleasure of speaking to Joanna Lagrave, one (1) of the three (3) artists hoping to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest, and today, we are proud to present another act who is competing to try and become the first winner of the western nation since Marie Myriam back in 1977. The act, TwinTwin has received a lot of positive feedback prior to the presentation of their entry Moustache yet the follow-up has been rather mixed. Patrick Strouk speaks to the group about their career, their Eurovision Song Contest plans and what lies ahead in the future.

TwinTwin, would you introduce yourself to the readers of escflashmalta.com and explain how you came about in the music industry?

The band consists of Lorent Idir (lead singer and composer), François Djemel (bass) and Patrick Biyik (beatbox and guitar) . We have been composing our songs together for three years now and we have started  TwinTwin story by playing in squats, then on bigger scenes, like the Ricard SA live tour (VV Brown, BB Brunes), festivals , (Francofolies, Printemps de Bourges, Solidays, Rock en Seine…) and we have support artists for many artists (Philippe Katerine, Catherine Ringer, Martin Solveig, Stromae, Soprano, Shaka Ponk and Nina Hagen amongst others). We are also directing our own clips and I have to say that we enjoy it very much.

Who influences your music the most, and what kind of music do you listen to the most?

Our musical influences are very broad and rich. We love Music overall so we  can list French singers like Georges Brassens or Bobby Lapointe, rap (NTM, Lunatic), rock, metal , Deftones, Pantera, Noir Désir.  Electro music also influences us and we can name Major Lazer or Daft Punk. In fact, music is so interesting and wide that we could spend hours  speaking about it.  Oh yes, I forgot, we get influences from Folk music ians also (Neil Young, Bob Dylan), as you see that’s an unending subject (laughter)


How did you decide to partake in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest and was Moustache especially written for this purpose?

We first started talking with our Team then with our record company which sent our song Moustache to France 3. The song and participation were validated and hmm…here we are !!! We are delighted with this project and really expect to bring our up-to-date and dynamic touch to the very Top.

What are your feelings about Eurovision? Do you watch it every year?

We watched the show last year and Eurovision is really a big extravaganza  and we want to be part of it this year . It’s a fun event  where you can get another image of Europe. Countries are uniting to offer together a massive show. This is a totally unique moment.


Several artists have stated that participating in the Eurovision Song Contest is not a smart move due to the aftermath of a possible negative result. Don’t you fear that your participation might affect the positive image that you currently occupy in the national media?

We have always enjoyed to face new challenges and  actually we are absolutely not afraid as in France,  is not as popular as it is in some neighbouring countries. Younger people are rather watching reality shows like Nouvelle Star or The Voice. We think that promotion mainly matters but also the background is essential.

We have more than 250 concerts in two years behind us and we did the first part of many famous artists. Whatever people may think and say, they just have to look at our  career but we are focused on the future! We played in festivals, in established concert halls, in Colombia, Canada, Reunion Island. We toured in jails and even in retirement houses.

The song in itself might have a deeper lyrical understanding; hence, we would like to know what that message actually wants to define. Would you tell us?

Lorent Idir has written the lyrics . It is based on a true story . A friend of us told us once the story of a guy he knew. He was a very handsome guy, wealthy, with a nice apartment and many friends. While having a drink, he once made this surprising confidence. Well, I enjoy my life very much, I have everything which I need but there’s something  I  really miss ; … a moustache. I am dreaming to have a moustache.

At first it made us laugh to death. However, when we thought back about this anecdote, we realized it could be an interesting song theme which summarized the current era. People always dream to get  what they are not able to get. Even if you have everything which you need, you still want to get more. In fact, if you listen to the tracks of our album « Vive la vie »,  behind cheerful tunes, all the texts tell stories about our daily life and the world in which we are living.


In France, you are famous as a scene band, do you think that it might be an advantage with a lot of contrived performances with very little space for improvisation especially at such an international stage?

TwinTwin is a whole package, it is the visual, the sound, the live and the style. Live music is something you intensely feel with your audience. Sometimes you are connected, sometimes you are not it depends. TV is something more organized, you cannot fail, therefore there will be no improvisation. We are preparing a tailor-made show ! Dance, Fun, Energy this is our cocktail for Eurovision!

One of the most important aspects at the Eurovision Song Contest is the look, and therefore, this leads to the main question; how did you choose yours and do you think that this particular look will help you garner a positive stance with the juries and the viewers?

Only a very strong project and and a good performance can make the difference in Eurovision. We are a band with a strong image, our music aims at international audience mixing electro codes, hip hop and rap and lyrics in French. Foreigners who don’t understand French, immediately adhere to the image and the energy, this is our strenght in a music contest mixing so many countries and cultures.  Our taste for entertainment and brightful show is also an asset to touch a wider audience. We have had many positive feedbacks from various countries like U.K , Finland, Sweden, Russia or Spain. The secret is to stick into people’s mind with something strong and innovative

Do you already have a precise idea of the way you wish to present your entry in Copenhagen, Denmark should you be selected to represent France?

Oh Yeah! We already have so many ideas, we are working hard on it ! So send us to Copenhagen!


Why should people vote for TwinTwin to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest and what is the message you wish to send to our readers at escflashmalta.com to vote for you?

We have so many support for foreign countries. They greet the creativity and the modernity of our project. This is great ! We have toured in several countries like Colombia and Canada and have received a warm welcome everywhere. We believe in us !!  We wan’t to travel, visit new countries and our goal for 2014 is to visit Denmark !! So please send us there and we can be a big surprise.

Do you think that the Eurovision Song Contest would prove to be a career springboard for TwinTwin in the hope of reaching fame as well as a wider audience?

We really feel a strong infatuation for our song on Twitter and Facebook. In addition and for the first time in many years, France 3  is putting a lot of efforts in order to generate interest. This is really important. We do not see Eurovision as a springboard but we would be very proud to represent France and to prove that our country can be amongst the top ones with a powerful artistic proposal.

Source: TwinTwin (Twitter) 


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