September 22, 2019

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Lauren Aquilina, the eighteen year old singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom with Maltese roots is still reeling off the success achieved from her debut extended play enitlted Fools which was awarded a gold disc earlier this week for sales of more than 25,000 units. Aqulina has set the standard extremely high for upcoming artists noting that without the backing of a record label, she has achieved a lot in a limited period of time. She has always stated that her fans are amongst the best in the world and such statistics support her claim. She is currently preparing the release of her second collection of original songs.

Mark the dates, on the 22nd July 2013, Lauren Aquilina will be dropping her second extended-play release entitled Sinners which will include four brand new tracks, all of which will reflect the typical musicality and originality that Lauren has become known for. It was revealed prior to the release of her debut extended play that Lauren makes a yearly visit to Malta and following her international success, the organisers of the Farsons Beer Festival have decided to add her to the annual line-up. She will be performing at the Ta' Qali Grounds on the 31st July 2013. We encourage you to visit on a daily basis for all of the latest news from the local and the foreign music markets, inter-relating with local artists as well as the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Official Facebook Page

John Galea, an artist who might be slightly unknown in the local music scene and yet is making a name for himself in the United Kingdom at the moment, collaborating with topnotch producers and songwriters. With Irish and Maltese heritage, the individual has musical prowess that has seen him grow into a singer/songwriter/producer and thus release some fantastic material on his debut extended play, The Scrapbook which in turn also helped him land a supporting gig with the British boy-band, McFly as well as r'n'b star, Lemar.

Natalie Imbruglia, Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, Blue, and Melanie C are all renowned stars who have collaborated with some of the leading songwriters in the music industry. Beluga Heights is one of such songwriting teams who have also been working with John Galea in recent months, as he prepares to release his second extended play entitled Under Attack. At this point in time, the first track off the record bearing the name Golddiggin has already been released featuring Scorcher. Produced by Grammy nominated producers, The Monarch, known for a string of hits such as How We Do by Rita Ora and Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd.

You can purchase Golddiggin from iTunes as from the 8th July 2013 but do not fret as we'll post a link when it becomes available. On his latest collection of original songs, John Galea is also working with Dean Muscat, one of the songwriters behind this years' Eurovision Song Contest entry from Malta entitled Tomorrow which performed by Gianluca reached the charts in Belgium, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Germany amongst others. John and Dean had previously collaborated together on the track Frontline performed by Thea Garrett, which also reached the top of the local singles chart on 89.7 Bay. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about local artists succeeding abroad. 

Sources: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Malta, the tiny nation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea saw to the participation of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for a total of eight years before calling it a day. All of the artists who represented the country have remained in tact within music noting the predominent success of Thea Saliba, Marilena Gauci and Sophie. The latter two in particular have both made it to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with Sophie now based in the United Kingdom working on her debut album after noticeably releasing some of her material with Universal Music as her distribution company. In recent days, a competition was held to select the next supporting act for r'n'b star, Ciara and our very own Sophie was the one chosen.

It has to be noted that the competition was no easy feat having to compete with some aspiring singers from the United Kingdom through social networking website, Facebook. The aim was simple, to garner the most votes from the public and following a promotional campaign led by her management which saw spots on 89.7 Bay, Television Malta and amongst others, it was confirmed that she had been the one chosen for the gig which will be taking place at the O2 Arena in London. Ciara had a string of hits in the beginning of the millennium including Goodies featuring Peter Pablo, 1,2 Step featuring Missy Elliot, Oh featuring Ludacris and Get Up featuring Chamillionaire with her most notable in recent years being Ride featuring Ludacris as released in 2010. We would like to congratulate Sophie on this achievement. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Sophie on Twitter

Sarah Harrison, representative on behalf of Malta at the inaugural edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2003 has sought a different career path since then despite achieving the nations' second most successful result with her entry Like a Star which amassed 56 points and a seventh place finish. Becoming a Disc Jockey (DJ) is no mean feat and it seems that the local artist who is now based in the United Kingdom is making a name for herself at the moment having the opportunity to mix tracks with the likes of Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dog. 

This evening, Sarah Harrison will be making an appearance on The Graham Norton Show on BBC One at around 22:30 local time which means that it would be at around 23:30 CET. Graham Norton is known to the readers of as the commentator for the British Broadcasting Corporation during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest having taken over Sir Terry Wogan back in 2009. Harrison's appearance will be during the performance of Robin Thicke and Parrell Williams who are currently topping the charts in several countries with their song Blurred Lines. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news. 

Source: Sarah Harrison (Official Facebook Page)

In 2001, Innocent Records, a sub-division of the EMI Music Group emerged with a brand new boyband known as Blue whose success took the music market in Great Britain by storm. Three studio albums entitled All Rise, One Love and Guilty managed to peak at number #1 in the United Kingdom whilst also hitting the top ten in several other European markets including Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand. In 2003, it all came to an end but nobody was expecting them to return in 2011 as the British Broadcasting Corporation announced that they would be representing the country at the Eurovision Song Contest with the track I Can

The support of the public was clearly identifiable noting that on public votes only, the United Kingdom would have achieved fifth place but the juries thought otherwise and pushed them down to eleventh place with a hundred points. Nevertheless, they have used the Eurovision Song Contest as a platform to relaunch their career, releasing the album Roulette through Island Records. Their fourth studio album has been a modest success peaking at number #14 in Germany and number #13 in the United Kingdom apart from other top #100 positions in Austria, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland. Their latest cut from the collection is entitled Without You and it is co-written by the group themselves alongside Cutfather, Wayne Hector and Jason Gill. The latter two were responsible for two entries at the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years, Wayne for Standing Still (Germany 2012) and Jason for La Noche Es Para Mi (Spain 2009). Stay tuned to for more of the latest news.

Source: Blue Official Twitter

Saturday, 01 June 2013 16:45

Sweden: BBC Radio 2 Airplays Interval Act

One of the artists who had the opportunity to perform at this years' Eurovision Song Contest as an interval act was none other than Sarah Dawn Finer, a two time finalist in the Melodifestivalen competition. Producers thought it best to include a tribute to the legendary group, Abba during the showcase and enlisted the balladeer to perform The Winner Takes It All just before the revelation of the votes which ultimately saw Denmark triumph with their entry Only Teardrops performed by Emmelie de Forest. It seems that Graham Norton is still on a high following the annual event and decided to play Sarah Dawn Finer's version during his programme on BBC Radio 2 earlier today.

BBC Radio 2 is one of the most popular broadcasters in the United Kingdom has has playlisted some of the most influential stars of all time across the years apart from upcoming talent such as English/Maltese artist, Lauren Aquilina amongst others. Graham Norton, a fan of the esteemed European competition supported Bonnie Tyler in her dismal showing with her entry Believe In Me co-written by Desmond Child, Lauren Christy and Christopher Braide. Sarah Dawn Finer took to her Official Twitter profile stating 'WOW! Graham Norton playing "The winner takes it all" on his Radio bbc2 show in the UK at the moment!! Amazing!' Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: BBC Radio 2

The British Broadcasting Corporation, responsible for the participation of the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest enlisted Andrew Lloyd Webber for their bid in 2009 noting that the talent show which found Jade Ewen was a huge rating success with the country also achieving fifth place at the end of the voting. One man who would like to have a shot at selecting both the artist and the entry is none other than Simon Cowell, the entrpeneur responsible for creating the franchises of Got Talent and X Factor. He is an A&R Executive with Sony Music and also has a private record label known as SyCO music which releases material by stars from the shows. 

Some of the artists who have been on the X Factor stage and achieved international recognition include Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Rebecca Fergusson and One Direction but nevertheless, in reply to a tweet asked by a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, Cowell replied that he would find the right artist if the British Broadcasting Corporation let him. The issue at hand is that Simon Cowell has a management agreement with ITV, the rival station to the BBC and thus, conflict of commercial interest is seemingly seen. Simon Cowell works with some of the best songwriters in the music industry and thus having him on board could only help. Creating stars overnight has been his forte and with a strong publicity machine, things will definitely move forward. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Digital Spy

Since the introduction of the jury and tele-voting system, it seems that the anticipation for the split vote is relatively high by viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest, which this year amassed around one hundred and seventy million according to an earlier press release issued by the official website of the international event. In the past four years, the European Broadcasting Union had released the total points of each entry as given by both the jury and the tele-voting but due to the implementation of a brand new system, they have decided to publish the average placing of each nation through both jury and tele-voting.

The results of the first semi-final were quite predictable to be honest noting that Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest for Denmark was the varage with both the juries and public at large with Russia's entry What If finishing second in both as well. The juries and the public agreed on seven of the ten qualifiers in general witht he jury opting to select Austria rather than Lithuania and the public preferring Montenero and Croatia over Moldova and Estonia respectively. Montenegro have somewhat managed to gather favour with the public whilst Austria still hold the cards in their hands when it comes to the juries stating tele-voting was rigged a couple of years back. 

Denmark - 167 (1 / 1)

Russia - 156 (2 / 2)

Ukraine - 140 (4 / 3)

Moldova - 95 (3 / 11)

Belgium - 75 (7 / 7)

The Netherlands - 75 (6 / 9)

Belarus - 64 (9 / 8)

Ireland - 54 (10 / 6)

Lithuania - 53 (11 / 5)

Estonia - 52 (8 / 13)

Serbia - 46 (15 / 12)

Montenegro - 41 (14 / 4)

Croatia - 38 (13 / 10)

Austria - 27 (5 / 15

Cyprus - 11 (12 / 14)

Slovenia - 8 (16 / 16)

In the second semi-final, things were rather enticing and this was very much what several opinionists had stated when it came to discussing the quality of the tracks competing. As a matter of fact, the jury and the tele-voting agreed on six songs in total, including jury winners Malta whose entry Tomorrow performed by Gianluca managed seventh place with the public.This was a coup for the Mediterranean nation who had never secured any type of first place result in the past. The jury opted to send through to the final acts such as Israel and San Marino rather than Romania and Hungary whilst the public at large preferred Bulgaria and Switzerland to Armenia and Georgia. For the second straight participation, it seems that Armenia is continously losing the public appeal which had originated in their initial participations. 

Azerbaijan - 139 (2 / 3)

Greece - 121 (3 / 2)

Norway - 120 (4 / 4)

Malta - 118 (1 / 7)

Romania - 83 (13 / 1)

Iceland - 72 (8 / 8)

Armenia - 69 (7 / 11)

Hungary - 66 (11 / 9)

Finland - 64 (6 / 10)

Georgia - 63 (5 / 13)

San Marino - 47 (10 / 12)

Bulgaria - 45 (17 / 6)

Switzerland - 41 (16 / 5)

Israel - 40 (9 / 14)

Albania - 31 (12 / 15)

FYR Macedonia - 28 (14 / 16)

Latvia - 13 (15 / 13)

In the final, things somewhat remained pretty much the same noting that the countries which had performed well in their respective semi-finals managed to enter in the top ten with the inclusion of Italy who performed brilliantly in both the jury and the public vote. This was not the case with their entry last year noting that Nina Zilli had managed to get her top ten score thanks to mostly jury support as the public put her in a lower mid-table position. Marco Mengoni and his entry L'Essenziale managed eighth and tenth respectively to finish in seventh place just ahead of Malta whose entry this time round finished in ninth place both the jury and public vote. On average, Spain has managed to finish last in both the jury and the public vote but unfortunately the disappointing result was given to Ireland with Ryan Dolan managing a decent mid-table with the public as opposed to a bottom three with juries. 

Denmark - 281 (1 / 1)

Azerbaijan - 234 (2 / 3)

Ukraine - 214 (6 / 2)

Norway - 191 (4 / 6)

Russia - 174 (10 / 5)

Greece - 152 (14 / 4)

Italy - 126 (8 / 10)

Malta - 120 (9 / 9)

The Netherlands - 114 (7 / 11)

Hungary - 84 (21 / 8)

Belgium - 71 (11 / 17)

Moldova - 71 (5 / 19)

Romania - 65 (24 / 7)

Sweden - 62 (3 / 18)

Georgia - 50 (13 / 23)

Belarus - 48 (22 / 13)

Iceland - 47 (17 / 12)

Armenia - 41 (19 / 15)

United Kingdom - 23 (15 / 22)

Estonia - 19 (16 / 24)

Germany - 18 (20 / 16)

Lithuania - 17 (25 /21)

France - 14 (12 / 25)

Finland - 13 (18 / 20)

Spain - 8 (26 / 26)

Ireland - 5 (23 / 14) has also noted two predominant differences between the jury and the public vote in the final noting that Sweden managed to gather a strong representation thanks to the professional panels in the participating countries managing a third place whilst Romania climbed up the board thanks to the general public. Unfortunately both entries were drowned down by the other half of the score as Sweden could only manage eighteenth in tele-voting whilst Romania was third from last in the jury. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest but in the meantime, keep following for news about the local music scene.


RTVE, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest is seemingly aiming to achieve success with their internal selection format following successive disappointments when a national selection took place. Nevertheless, following the top ten finish of Pastora Soler with Quedatè Conmingo, the nation found itself in a penultimate position a couple of days back with their entry Contigo Hasta El Final performed by El Sueno de Morfeo. One of the artists who has seemingly been asked yet is waiting for the right time to decide on taking up the offer is Ruth Lorenzo.

Ruth Lorenzo, was a finalist in the British X Factor back in 2008, finishing in an extremely respectable fourth place. behind successful acts, Alexandra Burke and JLS. At a special screening of the movie, The Big Wedding, Ruth Lorenzo was in attendance and spoke to Lizzie Cundy of The Express stating that she has been asked to represent Spain but is waiting for the right and opportune moment to see whether the offer is worth taking up, although truth be told, she added that she would love to do it for the United Kingdom. Ruth Lorenzo will be dropping her first single in the British music scene quite soon although her very first release following the X Factor, a single called Burn was released in Spain peaking at number #16 on the official charts. This is quite sensational considering the lack of promotion. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: The Express

Sophie, semi-finalists in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 which took place the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre has definitely had a positive couple of months touring across the United Kingdom whilst working on her debut album which will be released in due course. It is also worth noting that the teenage performer had also represented the country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2006 with the song Extra Cute achieving a mid-table position.

At the moment, Sophie who lives in London, the United Kingdom and has shared the stages with the likes of former X Factor runner-up Marcos Collins is hoping for the opportunity to perform with r'n'b star, Ciara. The renowned artist who is signed to Epic Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment is known for a string of hits including Lose Control, and Takin' Back My Love amongst others. In order to cast your vote and support Sophie, we would like you to visit this page and then just press the word 'like' on Sophie's video. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about local artists as well as their experiences in foreign territories. 

Source: Sophie on Twitter